Favourite type of fights

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Okay, so I've been wondering about this.

What type of fights do you enjoy the most?

1 vs 1

As in Thor vs Surfer, Batman vs Captain America, etc.

1 vs Team

Like Superman vs The Elite, Spider-Man vs the Sinister Six

1 vs A LOT

Like Punisher vs 50 mobsters or Superman vs parademons, etc

Team vs Team

Like Injustice League vs Justice League or Avengers vs X-Men

Or All Out Battles

Like the battle for metropolis in Infinite Crisis.

One on one battles where a hero has to use his wits or smarts to take down someone more powerful than themselves. Superman vs Wraith has become one of my favorite fights of all time because Snyder wrote a complete badass Superman who doesn't just punches things and wins.

I actually meant to add some stuff like 'underdog fights' and so on, but the edit timer ran out stick out tongue

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Insane Titan
The Zeus vs Hulk fight was a good example of a classic beatdown I like to see.

Insane Titan
The other type of fight I like to see is the likes of Beta Ray Bill vs Stardust type.

The Galactus/Franklin/Celestials showdown was an epic. Though generally I prefer 1 vs team battles.

I actually think I might side with Epicurus on this one.

I often like fights where there's one or two taking on larger teams.

I quite like 1v1 fights, especially as you can generally get a whole lot of focus on a character. Like you have with a Hulk vs Sentry or a Beta Ray Bill vs Stardust fight like Insane Titan mentioned.

But also team battles like Thanos and a certain amount of the Black Order vs the Avengers in Infinity is also awesome as if you get it right you can portray a huge amount of story in it while getting in cool bits of action.

For example you have the pieces in Infinity where Thanos is goading Thor.

1 on 1 equal street levelers ala Cap vs BP
Underdog fights ala Spider-man vs Juggernaut
Complete ownage ala Sentry vs Terrax

Long complicated cosmic battles where characters pull plot device powers and fight on "various plains of existence" or some other similar crap.

I like all types, as long as they're done well (especially those 'underdog' or 'complete ownage' fights). Also, the fight depends on the character. Eg, I like seeing Surfer take on multiple opponents, flying around, blasting things, whereas Superman I prefer in 1 on 1 combat.

Endless Mike
I like knock-down, drag-out battles where one or more sides take a serious beating and get severely beaten up in the process, and whether they win or lose you know they gave it their all.

WW Hulk was pretty good. Lots a variety in the characters trying to take Hulk down, and enough time given to most of the fights to make them interesting.
Once the roster gets too big and the fights become brawls, there just isn't enough time or space on the page for the writers/artists to do the confrontations any real justice, so you get dumb outcomes like in Avengers vs JLA, where big names get beaten down in one panel by someone with no business winning like that.

Khazra Reborn
I like 1v1 ultra brutal fights, like Invincible vs. Conquest.

I really enjoy various kinds, but I see 1v1 are getting a lot of votes.

Invincible vs Conquest was great, but I actually think Invincible/Nolan vs 3 Viltrumites were even more enjoyable!

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