What will happen in Matrix Revolutions?

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Lets take some mature guesses. smokin'

well, i think Neo will have way more cool kick ass fighting scenes. and the HUGE one is gonna be with smith. i also heard that most of the 300 million used to make the movie is for the last 45 minutes or so of revolutions. there is supposedly an all out war of Zion against the machines. Yep that's right folks. you notice that mech warrior in the docking bay? more of those, and more high tech weapons vs the sentinals

What do you think Mr. Smith/Dude will do in the real world?

Well without a doubt we'll see more action. I'm looking forward to the Neo/Smith showdown. All i really want is some of my questions answered!!! smile I hope we get to see some more machines other than the, as dozer put it, squiddies. Looking head to Revolutions....Its going to be a LOOONG six months.

as i posted in another thread. damn cliffhangers. i wanna see revolutions now dammit!

I know unlike LOTR I have no idea what is going to happen and I'm tearing my hair out.

damn cliffhangers!

When u beat the enter the matrix game it show a clip of neo fighting smith in the rain and all the cloned smiths are standing around them watching. It was pretty cool.

Capt Dub
I think neo will turn out to be a program. It maybe far fetched but it could link neo and agent smith in comma states as well as the stopping of the sentinels, the emp would have nocked them out, also the title is revolutions, so you could say that as a program he revolts from the main system. more so than a program he is a virus, his purpose is the begining and end of zion. all the progs in the movie were explained to have a purpose, and they did not no why it was just there purpose.neo's purpose is to return to the source so zion can be eliminated and rebuilt. but why rebuild some thing if you know that you will destroy it? because the machines need it.when the one returns to the source why choose to rebuild? because the one is a program that is created to search for and remove the systemic anomalies of the matrix described by the architect, because if left inside they could jepordize the stability of the matrix. those anomalies are such characters as trinity morpheous.
The prophecy by the oracle helps those released search for the next "one" in doing so they release the 1% of those in the matrix who given the choice would not accept the program. when they population of these gets high enough the program of the one is reinserted. and the process again begains. What would happen if the program of the one was inserted into a person who was that 1% who would reject the matrix if given the choice--neo-which is why smith now has choice to disobey the rules, because neo is a virus which spread to the prog for agent smith. I think it makes a little sense, maybe far fetched though

Captain REX
Good theory, Capt Dub.

Welcome to the boards. smile

i thought about that to but then that would mean that zion would have to be part of the matrix for neo to exist in it and i dont think that is the case. it would be kind of trippy though.

Captain REX
yeah, it just skimmed it, so I wouldn't know. big grin

Capt Dub
i thought about that also Turin, but if you remember from the first matrix when he learned kung fu, that it was loaded from disk. also agent smith is now in the body of the guy with the go-t in the so called real world, so why couldnt the machines just load a program in a person similar to what agent smith has done-- the architect, when speaking to neo did say "It is interesting reading your reactions. Your 5 predecessors were, by design, based on a similar predication--a contingent affirmation that was meant to create a profound attachment to the rest of your species, facilitating the function of the One."
so there fore why couldnt he also just be a program that was loaded into a body in the matrix.

In the third Matrix, I believe, that we will find out that Neo believes to be reality is not. There are three levels to the Matrix; the first being the reality that Neo woke from. The second, the reality he believes he is in now. The third, the real world. At the end of the second film, I believe when Neo was able to stop the sentinels it was proof that he still is asleep and connected still to the matrix.

I believe, the third installment of The Matrix we fill find out that Neo's choice to save Trinity ( the first time the 'one' choose this path ) unlocked his ability to see that the Matrix is in two levels and he only woke from the first program to be inserted into the second program and that he is still asleep somewhere in a field of humans. The proof, I believe, of this is that Agent Smith was able to assimilate into what we thought was the 'real world'. How could this be possible?

At the end of this trilogy, I believe, that when Neo 'breaks the code' it will unlock the 'Matrix' and release humanity from the sleep it has been in plugged into the 'Matrix' and the machines will loose control.

Capt Dub

Having seen the Matrix Reloaded, I belive that Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and the poeple of Zion is still in the Matrix. And that Earth has recovered from the nuclear fallout.

capt dub, i get what you mean, "the one" program was downloaded into a human, very interesting. initially i thought you meant he was a program like Smith. there isnt enough out there to convince me of there being layers to the matrix, but i like the idea of him being programed. check this, perhaps the architect knows there is going to be an anomoly so he created a program that was the anomoly and he programed it into people thinking that he had solved that problem to his equation. well now that Neo has come along he programed neo to be the one version 6.0 but in reality neo is really the one and only true one. just a though, with a little help from capt dub.

Capt Dub
another reason i think that neo may be a program is the fact that the agents and the manivigian guy keep refering to him as only human. why state the obvious like that, they dont do it when morpheous fights. and they only say it when he does some thing out of the ordinary like stopping a sword with his hand or dodging bullets. wouldnt you have to be something else at the same time to be refered to in this way.

They don't say it when Morpheus fights because they do not need to. It is when Neo DOES do super-human things then some reminding that he is only human- like when he bleeds- is in order.

Very well said.

hayden's minx
I read that theres a kick ass fight at the end at the of the movie (maybe not the ultimate last fight) between Neo and Smith which involved Keanu Reeves being in a crater in a street that is filling with water from pipes ... sounds familier...

Yeah i think i heard about that too.

Some Questions:

- What if Mr. Smith is not a bad guy after all?
- What if Mr. Smith is the only one aware of the real reality.

Zion can't be a part of the real world - otherwise Neo wouldn't have been able to save his friends from the machines in the end of movie II.
(at least i see it that way)

- and one last word - live your live and not your movie-dreams ;-)

I what believe is that there are two Matrix's. The Architect says that he had created two Matrix's. He says that 99% of all subjects accepted the first Matrix and that the 1% rejected it. I think that this 1% are the people like Morpheus, Trinity etc. This 1% is then moved to the 2nd Matrix and what they believe to be the "real world". The Architect then goes on to say that the 2nd Matrix he created wasn't entirely perfected. Let's say for example purposes that 99.9999% of all subjects accepted the 2nd Matrix and 0.0001% rejected it. This 0.0001% (ie Neo) are uploaded with the program of 'The One' to keep them from realising that they are in the 2nd Matrix and so that they can release the rejectees from the 1st Matrix until it reaches critical mass, where they are then "taken" to the Source so they can choose to "restart" the system. But because the machines do not experience human feelings they never excepted love to be a factor which would eefect the running of the The Matrix. The Architect expects Neo to choose the right door which would lead to the salvation of Zion but because this time love is a factor 'The One' this time chooses the left door.

Evidence of the 2nd Matrix is the fact that Neo feels the Sentinels like he does the agents and stops them like he does a bullet. Another piece of evidence is that Agent Smith was able to exist in the "real world", it is not possible for a program to exist in reality. So he must have just transfered from the 1st Matrix to the 2nd.

In the 3rd film I believe Neo will awaken from the coma and begin to see the code as he does in the 1st Matrix. I also believe that Smith will help the humans. When Neo enter him I believe that a piece of human feeling was left behind and he has a sense of what it's like to be free. I don't believe that the EMP was an act of betrayel but infact he was trying to help in some way. I may be wrong about this but I do believe the 2nd Matrix theory

Sorry for dribbling on but I'm gonna stop that because its hurting my head trying to get around the idea of Matrix.

But what everyone must understand is, as a machine, you are as efficient as you possibly can be. There is no "want" there is only necessity. If something MUST be done, then it will be done. In otherwords, there is no desire.

Essentially, they do everything as efficient as they possibly can do. Why would they create a 2nd matrix for only 250000 people. (Actually even less than that, some humans are natural born) When there are so many others. Think about it. There are renegade programs all over the matrix right? And agents and other "maintenance" programs are doing their best to try and keep things in order. The oracle says that there are programs running around all over the place. So how effiecient is it to make an even higher evolved version of the matrix to simulate Zion? The matrix itself is horribly complicated, but the machines need it to survive in the most efficient way possible, us. What is the point for making another "super matrix" for those one percenters? It would be easier to just breed 250000 more humans.

Zion is the place where those one percenters get dumped so they won't screw up the system. That is the purpose of Zion.

As for Neo, it has to do with Smith. Bane (human Smith took over) was unconcious just as Neo was. He was also the only survivor. Why is that?

Good point Tev. This also begs another question. When Neo was "unplugged", in hte first film, the machine that unpluuged him was that part of the Neb or was that a machine unloading a 1%er? Flushing him out to be taken to Zion?

Tev ur last point just proves that there must be a second matrix. In the first film we see that as soon as the agents are "killed" they just rejuvenate this is what Bane has done. As for the "naturally" born people of Zion, they are just like the "naturally" born of the 1st matrix.

What is the basic function of all intelligence? To reproduce. What is needed to reproduce? Energy and where do the machines get their energy? From the humans in the matrix. And with even more machines even more engergy is needed. So why would they just dump the bodies who couldn't accept the 1st matrix into Zion (which would be a waste of valuable energy), when they could just transfer the 1%er's to another matrix they would accept and gain from the energy made from them and the people who are "naturally" born in Zion.

This isnt are desire of the machines but a MUST or even a need because they need energy to survive

As far as I am concerned the Architect made it very clear that people whi disrupt the Matrix cause its destruction, and this happens whether they THINK they have escaped it or not- it's subconcious. If it is in fact another Matrix then they did not really have a choice about it at all- and this GENUINE choice is essential to the Architect's plan. Just dumping them in a different one would not work, it would still crash.

Zion is most likely real. The whole 'matrix inside a matrix' thing is the plot of Existenz, not this. People have lept to the most dreadful conclusions.

Incidentally, the basic fucntion of intelligence is not to reproduce. Intelligence is nothing to do with reproduction, which occurs in single-cells who would not know what intelligence was at a MENSA meeting.

The basic function of intelligence is to aid the species and it i up to the machines whether re-production is an important part of that. They may want a stable population, especially as they are in many ways immortal.

And your idea that Bane 'rejuvenating' (which is not something I saw) therefore proves there is a second Matrix strikes me as a very odd idea.

I feel like taking a blue pill. Any one got one ?

this discussion made me realize kind of an important point that troubled me with the first film. i always wondered why the machine that unplugged neo didnt kill him. well thanks to yall i remembered the question at the same time i was pondering the answer. thanx. blue pills all around!!!!

Ush speaks the most likely explanation. As for Bane "rejuvinating" himself, that never happens in the movie, even to agents in the matrix.

Agents are "sentient programs that can move in and out of any software still hardwired to the system"

in otherwords, if you're plugged in the matrix and not hacking in, an agent can take over you. This is how the agents never really die. The body dies, but the program just takes over another body plugged in the matrix.

Chico, I think when Neo took the pill, they said it disrupted his input/output carrier signal, so when the matrix lost Neo's signal, they thought he died. That machine was there to flush the body and unhook all the mechanical connectors.

Well, it looks like there is the safe way to plug out of the Matrix. As they can do that in ship. I guess that they receive some code over the phone which prepares mind for turning simulation off. The pill could do the same.

Anyway, a question - how it is possible that anyone survived the crash of the first Matrix?

Yes, the whole rather obscure (but metaphorically pleasing) telephone and hardline things...

Still, we are straying off subject a little here.

i felt there had to be something queer about neo's godlike strenght...it was kinda dry to know he could anything( even raise the dead) but i figured he's gonna end up being the bad guy and smith's gonna help the humans.

maybe i'ts just me but i thought there was a scene in reloaded when they reached zion and the people came to neo for miracles. then if it's possible for him to perfom miracles, it means his powers work in the real world so his contact with the sentinels in the end didnt mean he hadnt used his powers before but that he does have a connection with the sentinels. he says he can feel them, because a part of smith's in him.

i think zion is also a program.

i think they will all die in the end. Or atleast zion will be destroyed.

The real world isnt the real world....
the architect and oracle talk about the importance of the illusion of choice, and as the french dude explains there is only causality,
The architect heavily talks about the illusion of choice, although never talks about what that choice is. The choice is simple whether a person remains in the matrix or not. so the real world was programmed in as a saftey net to allow for people to leave the percieved reality to percieved freedom, the only time this becomes apparant is in neos use of powers against the sentinals at the end of reloaded. So why do the machines want zion destroyed then re-built - evidently in the creation of a 'free' world it is possible for the human mind of those militant enough to think they have left the system to do damage to that system, effectivly turning themselves into a virus. But why would they let them rebuild? - because the machines need zion to exist, it is a means to keep the anomoly under control, and as previously mentioned, it gives the illusion of choice,
We are going to see Neo do crazy stuff in the real world, simply because it is not real

The Omega

there's one thing i know for sure........our raging appetite for the movie's climax will end...lame but true innit?

The Omega

yeah in the mean time we've got the comics and the animatrix to feed on, and then there's the hulk...

I think in M3 neos really wiil free his mind and end with all this

The Omega

well, i dont beleive the matrix in a matrix thing. i beleive that thanks to the bond neo has with smith he is linked to the machines in both worlds. by the same token smith is linked to neo and from what it appears in revolutions Smith is going to become much more powerful. therfore, i beleive that the matrix is going to be falling apart. Smith is going to pretty much take over the matrix. Neo is stuck between the real world and the matrix so trinity and the crew are going to have to venture into the smith filled matrix to free neo from his coma. once this is done the final conflict between Neo and smith is going to take place. Smith wins it means the destruction of man and most machines. neo wins it means freedom for mankind. just a hunch.....

His take on the ending seems the most plausible to me...

The Matrix Reloaded Decoded



zeppelin flower
hi everyone, im new and i feel unworthy of this wonderful discussion but i have a question that im curious to know about...
they said tank died, was it from burn wounds or something else i might have missed. i dont want to assume anything but thats what seems most logical to me. rolling on floor laughing rock

yes ur right

This is my prediction:

The 250,000 sentinels will draw closer and closer to Zion and destroy it little by little. Then more sentinels will come and render a heavy-inflicted Zion. Neo will have the power to stop these sentinels, but he won't be able to take on all of them. Since Neo is making the destruction process slower, Bane (who is actually Smith) will then just be in time to try to morph Neo into an Agent Smith. Then walla...Zion is gone forever!!!

I am just kidding. That's not how I will end it. So as Agent Smith tries to morph Neo into another Smith, Neo will acquire the power of multiplying into more Neos or maybe Agent Smith's trick will backfire and make Agent Smith Neo, then there's two of them. Or Neo will be able to morph others into Neos. Since Neo can fight the sentinels, then those other Neos will be able to, thus destroying the sentinels.

When all that's done, Neo will find the Source inside the real world, send Bane (who is now like Neo and Smith combination) and himself to be the ultimate virus of the Matrix. The Matrix destroys itself without affecting those who are connected to it.

I think that it's true that nEo may find out that he's a program.
I mean i love the matrix movies, but i did find it hard to work out what the architect was talking about?
Something like there were these 5 Neo's b4 this one?
Can anyone explain it 2 me?


To the damatrix dude, i think the architect guy was trying to say that there has been supposedly 5 Neo's before but they werent because they died.

And for seraph, yeah, your probably right.

tell you what's gonna happen...the sentinels are gonna totally destroy zion( to the ground) and neo's gonna bring the city back and all it's inhabitants. infact he's gonna restore the sun and create a whole new world..he can do it now can't he?

Did u see that neos can fly and make the clouds move. Well if he will have his powers in Real World hes be able to fly to the sky and move all blacksky contamination. AFter, of course, he fight Smiths and find the real source, the one that gonna make Zion free at all.

someone in a post above mentioned that Neo is a program, impossible!!! no just kidding it is possible but Zion would have to be another level of the matrix and i dont think that is how it is based on the facts.

zeppelin flower
man, have u read capt dub's guess on the first page? im very impressed and though the guess is a bit far-fetched it all fits. i had to read the passage several times to fully comprehend what his overall message was. it is very interesting. u should check it out. it all makes sense.


I think that the matrix had been around a lot longer then anyone thought and that only a few people no that because
-when neo is in the architect's room and whenever the architect says something that neo doesnt like there is a differnt reaction on every tv screen. Each of the reactions could be a reaction that neo had the time before and the time before and the time before etc... so the system could have been around for a lot longer then anybody thought it to be.
Just a thought........

matrix dude
i totally agree. what neo first thought was the real world is actually another matrix which means there is a matrix within a matrix. because the only way for agent smith to enter zion is that it's another matrix. remember when morpheus told neo that the first "one" could go in and out of the matrix as he pleased. i think that that means that neo doesn't need a plug to go in and out of the matrix , which means he will go out of the second matrix and free everyone else, and they';ll have a huge battle with the machines and everyone will love the movie.

Your probably one of the best understudy's i've ever seen.

May i ask why you all think smith couldn't come out of the matrix. The rebels have brought back messages out of the matrix. When they train they download the info directly to their brain. So why couldn't Smith do the same download his info onto bane's brain. It is an easier explanation than the two and three matrix theory. And the easiest answer is almost always the best.

Theres another understudy again. Well said.

the one thing that i dont get is why people think smith is going to end up helping neo?
- in the preview for the Revolutions there is a final battle between them in the matrix so if their fighting then i dont think there gonna end up on the same side
just a thought...

nickdirtrider, that is a most astonishing review....it does make a lot of sense...yep someone's gonna die in revolutions and i bet it's neo 'cause if he's playing messiah, he's gonna have to die and take the sins of the world...kinda..and the bit about the seraph being an angel is true...which is why he's glowing. but notice when he battled neo, they were of the same strenght..........????????????????

But if he dies hes gonna resurrect

smith took over bain's mind. a mind is a lot like a computer with electrical signals and such, so it doesnt seem so far fetched that smith could take over a mind in the real world. now the part about a previous "one" could get in and out of the matrix as he pleased, well developing that ability is what Neo is going through right now and he is kind of in limbo, hence the coma. i dont think that is evidence of the multiple matrix theory, i think it is evidence of the power of the one, it is like the "one" developes a wireless modem and can link up whenever.


Originally posted by Tevesh
yes. actually a friend of mine suggested that to me. i dismissed it thinking that he'd be way to old. besides, wasn't he supposed to start zion? so why would he be here.

I just saw the first movie, and Morpheus says that the year is closer to 2199. AI was created in the early part of the 21th century. So even if we take a 200 year time span, it's still only 200/6 = about 33.33 years on average. now that's pretty feasable. Maybe we'll find out what Saraph is all about in the next movie.

33 years.... that was Jesus age. So every 33 years the one died and resurrect agin and again. But EVERY 33 years.

Only one matrix
There is only one matrix. I will try to make you understand, so you will know where the third matrix starts. Two ships are left in the fleet the logos and the hammer. The logos is Captian Niobe's ship. The Hammer is the strongest ship in the fleet, which can launch an EMP while still operating its hovercraft mobility. At the end of Matrix reloaded the Hammer was sent to find survivors of the counter attack. When it arrived the machines tried to attack them, but they let off an EMP destroying the machines and knocking the human in which agent smith was in the body of out cold. Once the Hammer picked up it's survivor it headed north on the orders of Commander Lock to bring in the crew of the Neb, so that they could have more ships to defend the front gates of Zion, besides the powerful Hammer. When the hammer comes to the NEB., the NEB crew are running though the tunnels away from the sentinals. This is when the story gets interesting. The Hammer goes into action. The Wac Brothers decided not to show this in the movie, so all you fans could have your random thoughts. The Hammer pushes forward and launches an EMP, YES WHILE STILL MOVING, Neo turns puts up his hand and gets shocked by the EMP and the Sentinels and himself fall to the ground. Now this is how NEO got shocked.

In the first movie Neo destroys agent smith by going inside of him. Agent Smith though is thrown out of the agent society, The Arcitect confronts agent smith and gives him special powers letting him control and feel other robots. Now this is what you don't know, after NEO talks to the Oracle agent smtih comes and fights. Agent Smith tried to take neo over, but neo overcomes him. Smith's powers to control of robots is placed inside of him, but neo does not know that yet. This power has to be awakened by a huge emotional push through the body. That is what makes this "the one" different from all the rest. NEO receives the kiss of emotion from Persephone, which is the other maker of the MATRIX that the Artchitect was talking about.

Now lets get to the point NEO talks to the artchitect and runs and saves Trinity causing the emotional rush and the robot that was already inside of him trigger, now the robots awakeness was a cause of all three. Agent Smith, The Emotional rush, and Persephone. Now heres the trick that nobody seems to see. The program was already inside to NEO. THe oracle knew this everytime she talked to him. The oracle kept saying is that what you want to hear. This is where the third movie starts. Inside to neo is a renegade program, that the architect thought he could control, but he couldn't because the maker of emotion persephone hacked the program and made it a renegade, like the oracle, keymaker and other which you will see. The revolution takes place when the renegade programs and the humans fight back. I am sorry, but I will get in trouble if i tell you anymore information.

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but NEO is the link he is half robot and half human. ZION is still around. There is only ONE matrix. I didn't like the story on the set either, but the end of the trilogy is unbelievable. I think all of you will be amazed. I WAS

I think you can give us more hints.

i think that matrixknower has a lot of intresting facts but i dont no if he is for real or not.
I heard somewhere that Morpheus is going to turn into a bad guy, is this true,
i was watching the first movie again(For the hundreth time) and i noticed that morpheus always says to Neo "I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it" this is kind of the same concept that the creator has, he can only show neo the door but neo has to make the choice to go threw it. Could it be possible that Morpheus is the Creator? If you look up Morpheus it says Greek god of dreams and sleep: in Greek mythology, the god of dreams and sleep, and son of Hypnos, Well the creator basiclly has everybody in a sleep(FROM THE TRUTH) also somewhere else a saw a defanition that Morpheus also meant like clay and able to form so it all fits but i dont no so...

Morpheus can't be the creator, unless he is doing a good job of acting while in and out of the Matrix. Look at what happened in the 1st matrix and the 2nd. Morpheus was getting beaten by a sentienel. Matrixknower does add alot of good insight to the idea of one matirx, but the question is, if Neo is the renegade program, what is his purpose? How is he able to use that program outside the matrix?

I mean agents, when I said Sentinels.

O.... ok you sort of through me off there. Thanks for the correction.

i am almost possitive that neo is going to die and then he will be reserected again(or someone else like trinity) because in an article Keana Reeves said that the first movie is about "birth" the second movie is about "life" and the third movie is about "death" hint hint so that kind of explains itself, but he also said that they were thinking of naming it reserection instead of revolutions so there is a spoiler for you.
Also i believe that before trinity was not the one but now i believe that she is part of the one because when she died neo did the same thing that he did to agent smith in the first movie, insert himelf into the agent. Remember what happened when he did it to agent smith? Thats ight he left a part of "the one" program inside of Smith. I believe that this has also happened to Trinity and she will now have part of "the one" program in her also, i guess we will find out....

matrixknower, what you explained does make a lot of sense...i think when he said 'i feel them', he probably felt their fear, fear of being destroyed by the EMP...not feeling them in the sense of their presence but their fears, cause he's half one of them. if this is so, then there might be a little problem in revolutions as he may be reluctant to destroy the machines..so neo may go bad for a while, but i think trinity's love would bring him back and sustain him..and then i fear morpheous will die......

matrix dude
i think the renegade program thing where neo can use his powers outside the matrix is interesting. i think many of us would agree that it sounds logical, but i don't know about the whole "they set off an emp RIGHT when neo was doing his whole i feel them thing". That sounds a little cheesy to me. What does that mean? that he really did not feel them when he stopped them...he was wrong? i think that there has to be another matrix, becasue look at the previews! the wachowski brothers said that revolutions is taken place 90% out of the matrix, but they're still defying gravity!!!! i don't know, just a thought...reply if u agree or disagree

I have a question for the MatrixKnower- So the EMP knocked out Neo but why didn't it knock out Trinity or the others? huh

i am waiting for matrixknowers reply to that question,
but here is my reply....
There is one matrix, but sion is still in that one matrix, its not like everybody else said, that there are two matrix's and zions in the second one. There is only one, but zion is in the first one, now neo is half machine and half human, so if the emp went off it would disrupt his half machine part and that is my guess of what happened.

Oh..okay I see thanks Nicky

The Omega

Ok now listen people I know exactly what is going to happen in the Matrix 3 because I am The One.

Ok first of all Neo stopped the Sentinels how you ask? All in all Neo has four power: -

1. Superspeed seen at the end of the first film before he destroys Agent Smith.

2. Flight Control seen at the end of the first and during the second film.

3. Time Control he's having dreams when time doesn't exist i.e. he can she into the future when time does count but not for Neo, or as The Oracle says The Sight.

And the last power which was mentioned by Morpheus in the first film which was the............

4. Jacking Inn (not officially called that) Neo at the end of the second film has the ability to transform his powers from The Matrix into the real world i.e. he stopped the Sentinels. Just like Morpeus said in the first film "he had the ability to move in and out of The Matrix as he saw fit" without plugging into The Matrix.

Ok now that is done, The Matrix Revolutions will be the one film which even if you people didn't like the second will have to see BECAUSE it will house some of the best battle sequences ever put on film, i.e. if you have heard about a 14 minute-long, 40 million dollar sequence then you are in for a treat!!

At the end of the second film Neo was in a coma, and Trinity was beside him, Neo is in the Real World but is lost/trapped in Hell literally. If you play Enter The Matrix, Niobe goes and sees The Oracle and she tells Niobe that The One has gone to hell and only one person can help him and that person is Trinity. She has to go to a place called Club Hell where she must go and rescue Neo. Now this place also has a really good action sequences in which the protectors of the club fight on the ceiling not on the floor. Clear some room for an all out Martial Arts Gun Battle, with Seraph and Morpheus in toe.

Now the actual storyline of Revolutions is a tightly guarded secret but from what I've heard will be the better of all three of them (lets hope). What I've heard is that when Neo is rescued by Trinity he has to destroy Agent Smith so that the humans can be free, (As Morpheus said in the trailer of Revolutions). Not only that while this is happening Zion has just been penetrated with Zions freed doing whatever they can to survive and give Neo time to do what he has to do. But some of the rumours I've heard on this site is only 3/4 true like the one with Trinity also being the one, now that rumour is also a TGS because from what I've heard he imprinted something in her when he rescued her in Reloaded meaning that she MIGHT (I'm expressing this OK) be able to multiply herself (I very much doubt this).

One rumour which I have not heard you people not talk about is the one about "The Kid" yes the little skinny kid who annoys Neo and thanks him for rescuing him from The Matrix. Now, if some people here have not seen the Animatrix called "The Kid", I will explain what happens in it and how he affects The Matrix. The Kid gets a personal invitation to escape The Matrix he accepts but as he does the only way to escape is by escaping the Agents, Yes, erm......... No he commits suicide and actually wakes up in the Real World. Then we hear Neo talking to Trinity and she is talking about how commiting suicide doesn't work but it did for him. How is this possible well he could be The One NOT like Neo but the REAL ONE instead of the being like Neo who is a Systematic Annomly he could be "The REAL One" which means the machines didn't notice that he was an Annomly like the rest and ignored him BECAUSE he hadn't matured like he had to to be The One meaning he could be the "Real One".

Thats all from Me!!!!!

And oh yeah The Matrix Reloaded is a Masterpiece so dont diss ok!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing for all you Matrix Haters out there

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Plent yof people have discussed the kid- there are entire topics on him.

The Serpent

Yeah the animatrix was pretty cool but some was hard to understand.


"Thus there has to be a second Matrix"? That's is a non sqeuitur, thus there is no such thing.

I also think NEO will die, and TRINITY will stay with GHOST.... Play ENTER THE MATRIX to know more!!!!

There cannot be 2 Anomolies! Even the architect say's that Neo is the one so the Kid DEFINATELY isn't the One. He is important I am guessing! (after watching Animatrix I actually came to the same conclusion as you at first)

It took me nearly an hour to look over the whole thing... ^__^;;;

I must say I really, really like the "matrix inside matrix" theory. That explains a lot of things. However, if there can be 2 matrixes, there can be a lot more of them. (Someone suggested 6, as there's 6 versions of Matrixes.) In addition, if the creators of the film made two full-length movies to play this trick, lots of audience will not be too happy. Therefore, my instinct is that "Matrix inside Matrix" isn't an unlikely answer, though a very appealing one. (P.S. If the Matrix inside Matrix theory is true, then the Kid can simply unplug himself by getting himself killed again, and again, and again. He will come into real world eventually.)

Matrixknower did a great job. Love it, except the "Hammer's EMP knocked the Sentinels and Neo off" part. If that is true, that scene, the climax of the 2nd movie, turns into a joke. Again, not likely for the creators to play this kind of trick.

So far, I like the "half-machine-half-human" theory, and that makes sense with the current setup. (Good guys are still good guys, and bad guys are still bad guys. Nothing too complicated to confuse the already somewhat confused (and therefore, unhappy) audience, who hates the Matrix movies because they did not get it...)

I think the Oracle is the Mother of Matrix. Some people dislike the idea because the Oracle is actually quite weak, but then again, Architect never says that the Mother has the same status as the Father. Architect said she stumbled on it, without denying Neo's guess. I guess the Architect's sentiment is somewhat like some ancivent emperor: this woman became the queen simply because she got pregnant first, among all other concubines.

I am starting to fear that the final movie is going to disappoint. Look, we fans generate so many interesting, fascinating, and unbelievable ideas. Hope the final movies' script can match the quality of some posts in this forum wink

(This is a mod, mod world...)

its interesting that you should say that, u actually came to the same conclusion. but there can not be a matrix within a matrix. because it would take another 2 movies to sort it all out

cool Happy Dance cool Happy Dance

We will just have to find out when Revolutions appears on screens.

They can tell us alot between the revolutions movie.

Smith takes over the entire matrix and neo has to kill him, its simple. go see the movie again and wait till after the credits. it shows you a cool preview. GO, GO NOW! I COMMAND THEE!

Crap it does i didnt even know about that.

its a cool preview, not to long but it shows some wacky sheeeaaat

I like the game preview, hearing Hugo weaving (A.Smith) laugh like a madman cracks me up. kinda reminds me of Austin Powers doctor evil laugh.

Also Morpheus has to fight Seraph (believe to see the Oracle)
Smith can fly, Whoaa!
Too much stuff to see in that 1 little preview, you have to see it a couple times.
The battle between the sentinals and humans (no not flying around in ships)
A few new characters, 2 I have seen from the preview.

Can't wait till Nov 5th to see but in the mean time I'll have a week to get caught up as THE MATRIX RELOADED is available on DVD on OCTOBER 28th YEAH!!

when did it show you smith flying? I must have missed it.

the cinema preview is better. the oracle is talking and saying cool stuff. and it shows neo wake up in the matrix (looks like the architects room) and then it shows everything in the matrix go dark, then he is standing in the rain with a GINORMUS army of smiths on both sides of him and he is talking to the original.

I wounder if it will come with the movie. Probably will have like 3 different ones.

I was first fixated on the Matrix within a Matrix plot, much like "The Thirteenth Floor." However, there is a way that a single matrix can exist:

If the characters that appear in the matrix and in the real world are humanoid machines, the image of their true self would appear in the matrix and they would appear in similar form in the real world.

As machines, they could posses "powers" beyond those of humans.

If that is the case, there are many possible characters that could be machines in the real world. It also would make it probable that the friendly machines who side with the humans will make the difference in overcoming the matrix on this sixth attempt.

I am intrigued however, by the thought that the "Matrix in a matrix" theory could mean that the "real world" is not the hell we've seen, but a future, healed world that could sustain the life of humanity.

Thank you soooooooo much-October 28th?Thats another date along with November 5th that I need to write everywhere I can!!It feels like such a long time away.Do you realise that some of us might actually be seeing Matrix Revolutions at the same time in the same cinema but won't have a clue its the other person?Then we'll all be back here talking about either how amazing or awful it was..... Hopefully the former!

Think ill have to get that movie! 4 Sho.


u probably already know this, but, if you watch the first matrix and wait untill after the credits it gives u a password.
what could it be for????

maybe to get info about matrix relaoded?

maybe, but if will be the same with the second move, then they may give a password that unlocks ne in the game, or maybe not, who knows what those whaky brothers will think up next.

princess leia
isnt it just for enter the matrix?

no its a password to get access to everything on the official site, i think.

pretty coo, you said it was dvd?

i have the tape and the password for mine is "STEAK"

Agent Smith
I have to say, I've now seen two previews for 'Matrix Revolutions' and let me tell you, November 5th cannot come soon enough! Like most of you I'm sure, I went to see Reloaded on opening night, and on a hunch, I decided to stick around to see if anything went down after the credits. I loved Reloaded, but the trailer for Revolutions after the credits gave me the chills. Neo vs. Smith in the rain, in the middle of the street in the most hostile environment possible (Smiths as far as the eye can see on both sides of the street). Now if that doesn't look like it has the makings to be one of the best fight scenes in the history of film, I don't know what would. The only prediction I can make is that Smith will go take a big fat dive off the deep end of sanity into a big cool pool of insanity (hence the crazy laugh). I think this is going to make Smith even more dangerous and powerful than he already was. I mean, Neo pretty much owned Smith in Reloaded, but in Revolutions, when they run at each other and connect at the same time, both Neo and Smith fly backward from the force of their punches. Can't wait for Revolutions.

Ok lemme clear this up, In Matrix 1, Morpheus never Says the the Other "the One" could move in and out of the Matrix as he saw fit. He never said that.

He said he could "change whatever he wanted, to remake the matrix as he saw fit".

And just Cuz the EMP actuaally Shorted Those Sentinels, you guys should realize, NEO STILL has his Powers. The scene is'nt a Joke.

Neo STILL Stopped the Machines With his hand, just Like Bullets....THEN the Electricity of the EMP kicked in.

I can See that being the Case. And Neo went out with the Sentinels, because EMP's affect him too, he has become ONE with the Matrix.

So you are saying he's like one of the machines?

You can say that. He's become one witht he Matrix, and that includes the Machines.

There's only one human like him.

Now there's only one program like him and that's smith.

Also remember when Persaphone kissed him. She could be just saving that Data, until After Neo dies. Think about it. She said, Merovingian used to be like Neo, now look at their distraught relationship. So the scene looks like she's envious of Trinity, when in Fact she could be caring of her. Perhaps in the Future, trinity will be Like Persaphone.

So Persaphone may be saving that Neo Kiss until After Neo Dies. Perhaps sharing a lesbian Kiss with Trinity (LOL), Or Perhaps it will just be another program, where Trinity will get to see Neo one last Time, and that saved Kiss will be For Trinity.

Just Like Persaphone said about it not lasting forever.

The story goes that at one time, Persephone was in Trinity's position and the Merovingian was in Neo's position. They were the first from the Matrix and they were bad, so they were deleted and they faught back. They were banished in the castle where the deleted programs fighting back or doing what they are not supposed to do go, like ghosts or vampires.

*By the way, i got this from an un-named source.

Ok im new and bad with names so you will have to bear with me on this one. This is an interesting site so it made me wonder a couple things.

In the first matrix the guy who tryed killing everyone one the ship when they were in the matrix said the agent promissed him safety as long as he killed everyone right? Well, how did this meeting occur? Was it more like when agent Smith did to the guy "oh god, smith will do" and did that actually take over the guy or give him a deal like the guy from the first matrix? So maybe that guy was only given instructions to kill Neo and not actually Smith in the regular world. I believe Smith thinks he can take over the entire matrix all for himself without all the other agents and programs to stand in his way. When he does this all of mankind would die and that would be the end. So, Neo to the rescue. The idea that the hammer killed the sentinels and not Neo is also interesting. The creators of this film did a great job so far and would probably not want all of history looking at this series as good but a shitey ending so I'm optimistic we will be given a happy ending.

cant wait to go see it.

Yeah all of you sound correct in my books.

Digital Master
in revolutions the climax is the fight of neo/smith the original smith not the copy. so neo will die along with smith thus destroying the matrix and allowing the few survivors of zion to rebuild the world....

Errr the Matrix Online game is based AFTER the 3rd Movie and the Matrix is still going. So I don't think it will be destroyed somehow smile

matrix dude
i defintely agree that it is possible that the merovingian was the first "one". There are many clues. Like when he says " I survived your predecessors and I'll survive you". One way to take it is that he is actually just as powerful as neo and half machine or whatever too. The architect says right when neo enters the room this..." you have entered the door and although the process has altered your conciosness you remain irrevecably human" This one sentence has A LOT of meaning. Look up irrevicably in the dictionary. It means not capable of being called back or turned back. Most people think that it means he is just still human. Wrong. He is not capable of being turned back into human after he entered the door. That means he is a machine and is able to use his powers outside the matrix. Which also explains him being knocked out. If for some reason my theory that i think makes a good deal of sense, you can also take it another way. It "altered his conciousness". That means he is in a state of coma when he exits the matrix, a la using his powers outside it. I think my first theory makes more sense but they both sound good to me. Oh and to clear up the revolution trailer...agent smith does fly...it's a shot of about a half a second but it's him. he flites toward neo and neo does a back flip in the air. i'm out.

Good job guys, any more theories?


That's right, that's why they put the word there. Theyre saying even though the Process has made him very Program or Machine, they cannot take away his humanity.

But everything else you said I agree with.

Indeed - Irrevocably Human means he cannot be anything else but Human.


Incapable of being recalled or revoked; unchangeable; irreversible; unalterable; as, an irrevocable promise or decree; irrevocable fate.

So you could say - Unaltereably, unchangeably, irreversibly human smile

So you cant change him back into a regular human?

No because he already is one smile

So hes human/machine/program?

Did he get knocked out the first time the EMP hit in M1? Or was the ship protecting him?

What you mean, in M1 everyone was ok after the EMP, in M2 Neo got knocked out by the sentinals

The Omega

well on www.thematrixonline.com it talks about what happens after.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??? how did you find this out? blink

What emp?
are you saying that the ship that picked them up after neo collased, fired its emp?
then how is it still going?
wouldn't it shut down? confused

how would morpeus have rebuit his muscles if hr was a robot?

Im confused all of a sudden.

Is the Oracle in the 3rd

Agent Smith
So does anyone besides me think that Neo and Smith are basically going to kill each other when they clash in Revolutions? I was checking out another thread that talked about Smith actually being "The One", pretty intresting points made there. I think there's a lot about Smith that we don't know, and will find out in Revolutions.

princess leia
if neo dies, i refuse to do anything else ever related to the matrix.

Hey "HeIsTheOne" i heard that she died but i think she already lived to make revolutions so.


Thats what i was going for thanks.

Hey, he is THE ONE, he can do what he wants in or out of the matrix, the oracle already said morpheus would die in part one, but not when. Those fruit brothers are just making everything confusing for you,when it is really simple. They are laughing their asses off in a field of money.

Well maybe you should go join em smart guy.

yeah. you doodie muncher. laughing out loud

ps. i am like, soooooo the ONE.

you know, november isn't that far away,how about you just wait and see.

The Second:

Firstly it would be the 2 not the second smile But anyway, the Oracle said in the first film:

One of you is going to die. You're going to have to make a choice, in one hand you will haev Morpheus' life, in the other you will have your own.

Then she goes onto say (or maybe before):

You've got the gift kid, but it looks like your waiting for something (referring to The One).

Neo: What?

The Oracle: Your next life maybe, who knows.

Well Neo DID die (so in turn saved Morpheus' life). This made him realise he was The One and in fact he was waiting for both his next life AND Trinity's love smile So Morpheus may or may not die but what the Oracle said has already happened.

Very well said sifer.


makes you wonder about a lot of things.

*strokes goatee*
ponder, ponder.

matrix dude
go to google and type in the masked reviewer...he has a website and it is soooo awesome!!! it will make us all smarter in the ways of the matrix haha

Got to this thread late - read most of it.

About the kid, I would say no way he is the Real One. The W brothers didn't even write his story - it says in the extra features on the animatrix DVD. The japanese artist/writer wrote the story and the brothers approved it.

Secondly - I don't think there is a matrix inside a matrix....but the "Real World" could be part of the matrix. A "control" built in to give humans the feeling that they are trying to escape, when really they are not. Zion, the real world and what they know as the matrix is all contrived to keep them busy - the humans aree content thinking they are trying to fight back when in effect they are actually inside one encompassing Matrix. That's why Neo could take down those sentinals - thats what Neo will figure out. It is all about controlling the human mind.

Anyone agree?