Who will win, Morpheus or Trinity?

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Ok. lots of philosophical discussions going on, and that's GREAT! Nothing like a movie bringing the intelligence, logical and creative thinking out of people! But, I thought I'd start a "fun" thread.

So who do you think will win in a fight, Morpheus or Trinity? The fight will take place in a "...sparring program, similar to the programmed reality of the matrix."

i think morpheus would, he seems to perform better against the agents

morpheus all the way.

hayden's minx
I vote trinity coz in that cookie little matrix or real world, something like her winning would probably happen plus i prefer her she kinda rocks

morpheus definetly.

personally, i'd say trinity

hayden's minx
woo hoo go tevesh!

not a chance...remember..till neo came..he was the best on the nebuchadnezzar (and don't ask me how i know this..i just dostick out tongue )

Got to go with morpheus on this one although I like trinity more. He does seem to hold up to the agents better.

You can't compare them to the agents though. We always see Human vs Program, but never Human vs Human, save for Neo up against Morpheus in the first movie, but that was a training exercise. Plus, it seems that when someone goes up against a agent in an enclosed area, they lose. the seem to fair a lot better in an open area. Morpheus did a lot better against the agent on top of the truck rather than smith in the bathroom.

Trinity also didn't do to well in the enclosed area of the office building. We haven't seen Trinity actually fight an Agent except for the Office building. She's ran away from them, but not really fought them. Remember guys, this is in the sparring program, lots of open room. So all the instances where they fight in an enclosed area don't count


Bespin Bart
Morpheus. After watching Trinity get worked by the agent, and Morpheus not getting worked, I'd have to say Morpheus.

HELL MORPHEUS, morpheus has more belief in his own abilities and has more wisdom, which is all you require when in the matrix because as morpheus said 'do you really think my muscles would make a difference in this enviroment... you think that is air you are breathing... hmmm.'

go morpheus (sos trinity) big grinbig grinHappy DanceHappy Dance

well..morpheus seems wiser than even neo..so that's not necessarily a criterium

I guess Triniti would start fight better (as she is more agile), but if fight lasted long enough, Morpheus would obviously win (he is much more cold blooded)

ahh, when it comes to agents and people in the matrix they both are pretty cold. think of when trinity beat up the security guards, she was straight faced just going about it like she was watching tv.

Morpheus. He has more faith. He's always in control, no matter how ludicrous the situation. Trinity is less able to cope when the going gets tough. Remember way back, when Trinity was lying at the bottom of the staircase telling herself to: "Get up!". Can't imagine Morpheus doing a thing like that.

very good point

Have you noticed that NEO has the same physical identity throughout all levels (matrix, out of matrix, meeting with architect)? This implies that he is the ONE. The computer versions all have different physical identities (Agents, agent smith, oracle, architect, bad guy in "out of matrix"wink.... just a thought...

Another note... At the end of the movie, NEO mentions that: THE ONE WAS NEVER MEANT TO END THE WAR... meaning they will somehow join together (By the way, I believe this is how he gets his "new" powers in the "real world"... it's an expansion in awareness/consciousness) The oracle even says something between those lines: THE ONLY WAY I SEE OUT OF THIS IS BY JOINING TOGETHER... NEO even says something about this to the chacellor: SO HUMANS NEED ROBOTS AND ROBOTS NEED HUMANS; GOOD POINT...

To emphasize what I'm trying to say... if the bioelectrical machines need electricity.... and if they get if from humans... then by killing humans, they would not have enough energy, therefore they would also die.

I believe that LOVE is the answer to all questions. NEO has that piece of code; the machines do not. That's why the machines don't see any reasons why they would live with humans (also why the MerilVengian doesn't see any reason why he would give up the Key Maker... also why he and Percephone don't "connect" with each other... she has the "love" code but he doesn't. All of this results in causing "failures" in the matrix, and in the real world. NEO bases all of his decisions on LOVE, that's why he's the ONE. That's why he can feel everything in every level of existence.

I truly hope you understand this...

dude, what does that have to do with who'll win between trinity and morpheus?

Morpheus is a old man ;0 trinity joung and shi love nea i think trinity....
but this pool is lol wink

*struggles to understand*
an old man?...he has the hand of a bear....big lad there

trinity is faster and younger than morpheous, and remeber part of neo would have rubbed on her when they had sex!

Morpheus would win

lol alaba stick out tongue

Morph would win, without doubt.

raver <Morpheus.>
<And thats all I'M saying.> raver

Morpheus.....he is alot wiser n would have alot of good tactics...n plus Trinity is just rubbish

Morpheus, no doubt about it. Fo' shizzle ma dizzle.

ya Trinity dusnt stand a chance haha

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