neo vs. twins

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Who would win neo or twins.
They're pretty tough and they can heal any time wink


morpheus took them out. I doubt they survived that explosion...thus they wouldn't be such a problem for neo

think they're still alife

maybe..but still..even morpheus handled them pretty well.

I'm sure they are alive and Morpheus was just lucky-it wasn't even a fight

no..that was anything BUT luck. REmember..he even handled them both with the sword.

the two flew away in their ghostly forms

more likely were blown away

Still neo is strong but he can be killed , twins are invincible which is a big point

there is nothing invincible in the matrix. Adn even if it is..neo's the closest thing to it. he can just immagine things and they happen. The twins can just walk through walls and cars and...bullets

What made you think everything he immaging can come true

I don't think they died in the explotion.
Maybe the twins can die if they are cought by suprise and don't turn into ghosts.
Neo would win. He is the One.

zimbo I doubt they are invincible
I think they can get hit, I assume they have to dematerialise (which is what they do) themselves, if they were to do this too late I think they can be hurt and killed by any weapon, kinda like an agent who could "die" if you could hit him

Same with neo he can be cought behind his back
For you people word ''the one'' changing everything

Neo has died. But he came back alive. I doubt the twins could do the same.

neo can influence the matrix at a code level..wich is PRETTY MUCH. Hence what he did to trinity at the end. I doubt the twins can trouble him that much.

Neo would beat the shit outa them

I don't think Neo can be surprised; he can sense things around him.

As I was saying in another thread, the Twins are obviously dangerous and very flashy, but not as directly lethal as an agent (though possessed of rather more self-will than most Agents, for whom the Smith types seem to be the exception rather than the rule).

In fact there are many many things for which I would rather have the Twins working for me than Agents but when it comes to simple hardcore twatting, Agents are your people.

Neo can beat Agents relatively easily, so the Twins shouldn't be much effort for him. He may have to learn about how they work first, though. But when he does me might be able to bugger in their insubstantiality.

Neo is invincible. He would beat them for sure.
And if the twins ever kill anyone, Neo can just resurrect them.

Captain REX
Not that Neo would try to resurrect them. He resurves that for friends and loved ones. big grin

Yeah, the Twins shouldn't be too hard for Neo. Morpheus handled them pretty well.

I should think that neo can still harm them in their code level.

ya, because if they phase out (or what ever you call it) they are still code in the matrix, no way around it. and neo can directly alter any code in the matrix. I dont think they would be to tuff for Neo.

C'mon you can't stop Neo!!!

Neo all the way. Nothing has been hard for Neo (physically within the matrix) in reloaded. He could take them easy

Neo would win. I'm not gonna argue because everything I've thought of to support that statement has been stated above by other people and I'm lazy.

Even though the Twins are.. >cough<rapid fangirl>cough<

Oh c'mon... Sure Neo's the one and all.. but I think that the twins would stun him w/ their highly superior sense of style... then take him out smile

yeah-- I said it, The Twins kick neo's *** hee

:::: skittles dodges the heavy objects neo's fans throw at her:::::

Yeah, I'm with skittles. The British hotties in silver would stomp the man in black! I guess we'll see...

me to
silver rules!!!

I can't see any reason for the twins to fight Neo; their purpose in Reloaded was to retrieve the Keymaker, who's now dead. I could see them seeking revenge on Morpheus for almost destroying them - that would be a fairer fight.

lol how could u consider that they could take on neo....
i mean they might stand a little chance as they can go translusive thingy and theres 2 of them. But i mean neo would kick there asses.

and did u know they used to do a home re decorating programe with carole vordiman?

It has come to my attention from lurking aroud that there is a hidden hex code Its quite interesting, but not coo and deep as I had originally suspected. Basically, theres a "Binary Access" mode of the official matrix website. Goto flash version. Click the yellow button on the right. You will see also now a green button, Click it . Switches will become available. Knock(flip the switch) the switches to enter binary numbers. Enter the binary representation of 6F which should be 01101111 in binary (if you thik im wong goto run on your computer type i Calc.exe choose the scientific calculator choose Hex and enter 6F and it should give you the binary code). Now a bigger panel will appear. Enter the binary representation of 0xA3B1A428. You'll get a downloadable 3D model/puzzle of the ship neb.

thank me later smokin'

Neo would win he is the best....he would kick their ass!! love

MC Mike
It's called bumping the old thread Galadir. wink

Hear hear!! wink

firstly can the twins be killed?
i would say no-
they can heal themselves
they can 'ghost' to avoid danger.

Also, according to 'Sifer', the Wachowski's said this about the twins

"They are rogue program's who will wander the Matrix forever."

notice the use of the word forever.

i think the only way they could possibly be killed is what 'turin' said;

turin>ya, because if they phase out (or what ever you call it) they are still code in the matrix, no way around it. and neo can directly alter any code in the matrix.

so if neo had fought the twins instead of Morpheus in Reloaded he MIGHT have been able to kill them by messing with thier code. however neo is gone now so the twins cant be killed (expect them to appear in Matrix online)

can we know y there wasnt any fight between them in reloaded? bros. could do dat

cos they wanted the freeway to happen without neo - he fights in the chateau and then has to fly 500miles.

this leaves morpheus+trinity in danger on the freeway and makes for a great scene which wouldnt have been if neo was flying around during it and easily beating people.

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