Grand Finale - abhilegend vs Scoobless

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Power Level & Format: 2-character amalgam. Low Herald each.

Post Limit: 5

CIS & PIS is OFF!: We are drafting 2 characters, and its abilities. You the participant take ownership of how said characters & abilities will be realized in combat.

Character Knowledge: Contestants are fully aware the characters drafted, including its history, and weaknesses.
Also the Amalgam can use powers as good as the originals.

Amping Rules: Disallowed. Materials that aid a power (i.e. Jeffries/adamantium) are allowed. Power amping is not (i.e. The Ray + Kara)

Note: Amping is a state of empowerment fueled by some source source, that increases a characters physical prowess or ability.

Banned: Power Unlock. Going forward No form of amping, or power unlock will be allowed.

Tech Creation & Non-Autonomous Constructs/Summons: Low Herald limit.

No you can not summon an entire realm or dimension.

Interchanging Feats: You are in control of the character, but you are also confined to what that character has accomplished historically.

You can't borrow feats from someone else, even if your similar characters.

X-Man can not Borrow Feats Cable.
G.L. Hal can not Borrow Feats from G.L. John.

Prep: You are given time to raise shields. Otherwise NO prep time.
Clarification: Only traditional shields are allowed during prep (as in repelling external forces). Cloaking, masking, or shielding your presence are NOT allowed during prep.

Creating gear can only take place in the heat of battle, after the bell has rung.

TP: Low Herald

Speed: Up to lightspeed.

Banned Powers: Reality Warp, Time Manip., Duplication, Power Copying, Autonomous Constructs (tech or magic), Memory Retention

Note: Space Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, and the Speed Force is allowed provided that the drafted characters are low herald and below.

Functional Immortals are Banned: Functional immortals such as Lobo, Mr. Immortal, Deadpool are disallowed or voided.

Standard Gear Rule Character comes in with what he is historically known for caring.

Non standard gear must be created you NOT grab it from your lab, and equip yourself with it.

BFR BFR is banned.

Self BFR is only good for phasing.

Good for 1 second.
Match Start: September 23
Match Ends: October 10 (8:00 am US Central Time)

abhilegend: Magneto + Jade + Starhawk
Scoobless: Enchantress + Pre 52 Jay Garrick + Brit
Location: Earth - Roman Colosseum
Judges: One_Angry_Scot, Digi, Blair Wind, Bently, Prof. T.C McAbe

Ok, guys and girls. Here we go.

Ok, my three picks are Jade, Magneto and Starhawk and I chose amalgam of all three.

First, I'll raise Jade's famous shields.

And then will raise Magneto's equally famous shields which have never been broken.

Attacks from Phoenix?


No problem.

Attacks from Thor and She-Hulk? No problem.

Blast that's shockwave nearly koed Thor are blocked by a hasty, thin force field.

Now, I've chosen Starhawk as the third character. For those who don't know about the character, he's like Firestorm that two characters share the same body i.e. Skatar and Aleta. Sometimes Skatar dominates the combination and sometimes Aleta's does. Feats from both are totally viable as they are the half of the same character. Just like Firestorm.

Now, I will raise shields of Starhawk which absorb and go stronger everytime they are attacked.

They were able to hold with someone who had the entire power of Korvac.

And now I go lightspeed instantly. As fast Jay is, he has to take time to go even near lightspeed and he can't go lightspeed at all.

There I went instant lightspeed and even beyond when blitzing. Blitzing at lightspeed is nothing compared to that.

Also I have the nifty power to know all you will do even before the match starts as I've the power and knowledge of One Who Knows.

Essentially, I know every attack you are going to use because my future selves have already done it and I can use that knowledge as they are al connected to me.

So, I'm essentially untouchable here with my shields and the knowledge I already have.

Let the fun begin.

The Final

My Trimalagam will consist of:

Amora, The Enchantress
Jay Garrick, The Flash
Brit, The Guy You Never Heard Of

Last round I went for pure versatility, and it paid off (in a split decision) So this time around, instead of loading up on exotic powers in the hopes that something will stick *coughmagnetojadestarhawkcough* I'm going to be keeping things a little more simple, impenetrable defence, undetectable stealth and unrelenting, herald smashing, attacks.


First off, as the scales of tourneys can easily be tipped by lack of knowledge of the characters being used *looks at Digi and Raven* I feel I should fill the judges (and spectators) in a little on Brit.

Brit is old, not ageless or immortal, but old, roughly 120 years old, his powers slow his ageing. He became a soldier during World War One and has been in the military more or less ever since. His powers are simple; he ages slow, he doesn't tire out and he doesn't get hurt. By anything.

That's it - Invulnerability - no super strength, speed, blasts, tk, tp, none of it, just invulnerability. Now I don't mean "invulnerable" like Colossus or the Thing are invulnerable, they are just highly durable. Brit is "invulnerable" in the truest sense.

Nuclear Bomb1
Nuclear bomb 2
Nuclear bomb 3

Chemical weapons

INVINCIBLE (who was being controlled)

Electricity (Becky, the same "person" who took out Invincible)

Another nuclear explosion 1
Another nuclear explosion 2
Another nuclear explosion 3

I can go on and on with instances of him being shot, stabbed, blown up, crushed, hit by a train, in a plane crash, exotic energy beams, life drains, gas attacks.... you get the idea, this boy don't break.

So Brit is invulnerable, it's a great defence, but how is that going to help win the match? Well, if you have a club that will never break, it may take a while, but you could eventually use it to break through a concrete wall, now accelerate that club to virtually the speed of light, throw a little asgardian muscle behind it and you've got yourself a hell of a wrecking ball:

Check this out

Invincible Vs Robot 1
Invincible Vs Robot 2

Round 2 (1)
Round 2 (2)

Try again, on the moon this time

How did Brit deal with this problem?

So a supertough, superstrong guy like Invincible can't even dent those tin cans, but Brit's body, given sufficient momentum/force can smash right through them.

Jay Garrick, The Flash

This dude is fast, like, wicked fast. I feel confident in stating that he brings a level of speed to this match that nobody on Abhi's team even comes close to. Sure, he's got a couple of intersteller types who can fly really fast in a straight line, but between Magneto, Jade and Starhawk, are there any high end speed feats? even a single "bullet time" feat? What is their standard? below Batman/Cap level reactions? probably significantly below those guys. I will provide feats during the match to support this, but technical difficulties are keeping me from those scans right now (some of which I stole directly from Leo's usage in my previous match, so go have a look there if you need the scans immediately)

Amora, The Enchantress

Magic. If you've been following the tourney you will have seen that she's quite useful at mind control and stealth, She also brings a decent level of offensive power and strength that, when combined with Flash level speed, will be devastating to my opponent.

Here's a few of the many options I can cycle through at super-speed

Able to kill the Hulk (in one shot)

Can magically blind Ahbi's senses

Can hypnotise with a look...
... or without line of sight
... or from half a world away

Creating a kick-ass magic sword
and using it to defeat Nightmare in his own realm

Can paralyse with a gesture
Trapping machines, mystics and speedsters alike
even freezing other gods

Can floor Thor with a single blast
...and again
...and again (again)
and she like to brag about it too

Burning the face right off of an elder goddess (Hela)
That's a mean woman


Like I said, I'm keeping it simple. My defence is that I'm next to impossible to hit at Flash speeds and even IF I did get hit, I'm just going to shrug them off like bugs on a train windshield.

Abhi opted for city sized green shields last time around, the problem with those is they are not practical for battle, they don't wrap around the body and they don't even let your own energy out for attacks. If he tries to "shield stack" he would have to prove his own energy bypassing his own shielding, which would only point out their weaknesses.

Starhawk's ability to "see the future" is not actually that, and he has been hit/defeated many times.

As for my own strategy, it goes like this: Dump Jay's helmet, enter the match, accelerate to top speed, become invisible, make my opponent seem to be standing still and basically try out every attack option I have, including mind control, before he can do anything to retaliate. There are other attack options coming in future posts.

So that's it:

I'm invulnerable
He's my punching bag

holy sh!t you guys suck.....

Prof. T.C McAbe
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holy sh!t you guys suck.....


long pig
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holy sh!t you guys suck.....
thumb up

Post 1

Originally posted by "Id"
The Final

My Trimalagam will consist of:

Amora, The Enchantress
Jay Garrick, The Flash
Brit, The Guy You Never Heard Of

Last round I went for pure versatility, and it paid off (in a split decision) So this time around, instead of loading up on exotic powers in the hopes that something will stick *coughmagnetojadestarhawkcough* I'm going to be keeping things a little more simple, impenetrable defence, undetectable stealth and unrelenting, herald smashing, attacks.

If you think this is chosen on random, you are falt out wrong. Just like always. But we'll fisrt see how that works.

Blah, blah, blah. First thing, Brit isn't truly invulnerable. Just like everyone else in comics. He has been hurt by simple attacks before. Like here where he cried in pain by a simple boot to the guts.

Or even koed here.

And you can tank nukes? Good thing, I can fire blasts equivalent to stars exploding and so powerful that even LT takes notice.

Or blasts powerful enough to stalemate Keeper (Silver Surfer with quantum bands).

Or breaking a barrier which even mjolnir couldn't.

Brit might be invulnerable to nukes. He isn't invulnerable to stars exploding.

Well, good thing is I am even faster than you and have a little trick which I already spread over the entire arena. Near absolute zero level cold. It saps away a Flash's momentum.

It has already brought a running Jay to his knees.

So you have no momentum to do anything what you described.

You know I'm already faster than you. You know why? I can actually fight evenly with beings who always travel at faster than light speed instantenously.

I also have the advantage of knowing exactly where you are at every time. Which is a devastating thing to have against a Flash. Even Wally was taken down by such a tactic.

You stand no chance against me in speed.

You know, here I bring the most devastating thing I have here. I can absorb anything you can throw at me. Just like Jade absorbed Power Ring's entire power.

Just like I absorbed all of starheart's chaotic magic.

You blast me, I'll drain you dry.

Invalid as per new rules. No cloaking. Not that it matters. I have knowledge of Starhawk and I know exactly where you are all the time.

Meaningless. Not even a telepath like Mantis can sense me.

Not even Zatanna can breach my shields.

There is nothing you can do here.
Useless. Not even Zauriel's magic sword can cut through my shields.

Meaningless. You have zero chances of breaking through my shields. Even Loki couldn't when it was reinforcing a novice magician shield which Loki could've broken easily. This is 616 Loki as he confirms beating Dr. Strange and is noted in footnote.

No, really? If you do anything, you are just playing in my hands.


I seriously doubt it.

Haha, what? What kind of reasoning is this? They are my shields and I can make them so that only y attacks pass through them. Otherwise Green Lanterns would die everytime they blast and shatter their own auto shields.

Haha, no. Have you even read about the character?

Oh really? Your momentum is sapped, you are totally at my mercy if you use any magic, I can casually ko you with a star level blast etc.

You have no offense or defense or any chance of winning.

Good day.

post #1

Amora, The Enchantress
Jay Garrick, The Flash
Brit, The Invulnerable Man


I mentioned Abhi's multiple shield strategy in my opening, and he obviously posted the scans again. Here's something to think on.

Has Jade ever used that level of shielding in practical way (body wrap) that could be used in a fight?
If these shields all block energy, how can one shield be projected above another?
How can Abhi's energy attacks exit through his shields?
Can Abhi's character even see through his own shields?
If no energy can bypass Jade's shields, how has Abhi done anything other than imprison himself?

Moving on


Not the first character that springs to mind when considering drafts, and not everyone is overly familiar with him (which can hurt your drafts if you don't show a lot of scans for him)

He likes to refer to himself as "One who knows" Abhi is mistakenly interpreting this as Starhawk always knowing what will happen next, he doesn't. Starhawk has a pretty general idea of events due to past lives, but every action he takes moves his current life on to a different path from his previous lives, like turning left instead of right, it alters every action thereafter, and it is certainly not useful in battle as Starhawk gets hit by almost everyone.

Here's a bunch of people smacking the old "one who knows" upside the head:

Major Victory
Pesky kids
Hammer (or Anvil?... honestly don't know)
Majory Victory again
Some fat guy
Those darned kids again
Major Victory..... again
"Taserface" ... lol

So let's go ahead and call BS on any assumption of Starhawk having a cosmic spider-sense, the guy is a walking punching bag.


So now we've eliminated the assumption of prescience from the battle and highlighted the folly of trying to raise so many types of shields.

I presented a few of Enchantress' attack options in my opening post which included a few types of magical energy blasts, now perhaps they wouldn't smash right through Magneto's shields in a couple of blasts, but over 1,000 blasts a second without giving Mag's a moment to reinforce them, they may well crumble.

I'm ignoring Jade's and Starhawk's shields because:
A) Jade has yet to prove she can use these shields in a battle situation
B) Starhawk doesn't use shields, the scan Abhi provided was an attempt to contain an enemy, not shield himself.

As for Magneto's shields, the only shields proven battle worthy by any of Abhi's characters, here's what happens when they go up against magic:


Basically put; Magneto is defenceless against magic, Scarlet Witch at far, far, FAR, less than her full power level, completely pwned his shielding, then forced him to his knees. Enchantress has thousands of years of training on the Witch and much higher power levels (than the Scarlet Witch of old) with the lightning fast reactions of the old Flash, she'll knock out those shields in a fraction of a heartbeat, leaving Abhi' monstrosity vulnerable for a speed blitz killing.


Yeah, heels have been dragged in this match, I've had a lot on my plate recently, maybe Abhi has too, or maybe he's waiting on me to go first so he has something more to reply to. The ball has been set rolling now, hopefully we can keep it moving through to the end.


Post 2

First of all as Scoob is confused as to how I can use both Stakar and Aleta here. here is the origin of Starhawk.

As you can see, both Aleta and Stakar only posses half of Starhawk's power and half of his body too.

That's how I can use both of their showings.

Originally posted by Scoobless

I mentioned Abhi's multiple shield strategy in my opening, and he obviously posted the scans again. Here's something to think on.

Has Jade ever used that level of shielding in practical way (body wrap) that could be used in a fight?

Yes, here she shields herself from Omega Man who was the darkness of entire multiverse and was destroying realities.

Because I manipulate them. Just like all green lanterns and Magneto and Starhawk do.

Haha, this is just hilarious. Auto shields mean you are just trapped in there.

Good shit there bro.

This is just totally false. Starhawk can gather information in a timeline by just existing in it. He doesn't has to live in it. Like he learns instantly of Black Celestial saga by just being in the same timeline.

And he always knows what's going to happen. The only way to eliminate the knowledge is to destroy the timeline completely.

He can even gather knolwedge from his future selves directly as they are all interconnected.

You're simply trying to wave away the very fundamental of the character. Its like saying Superman can't run because he choses to fly all the time.

Hahaha, this is just pure comedy gold. In comics everyone gets hit, be it the Flash or Spider-Man with his spider-sense. I could post a hundred times Spidey gets hit by normal characters and it wouldn't do anything to his spider-sense being able to warn him of dangers. Anyway as per the rules of both the tourney and the forum, I am now controlling the character.

So not even a nice attempt. Moreover I can teleport.

And phase.

Combined with my far superior speed and precognition, there is literally zero chance I will get hit.

You have done nothing but bore everyone with your yapping.

Oh, he doesn't? What's Aleta doing here?

Right, using her constructs as a shield.

First off, feats aren't transferrable between characters.

Second, that's not even magical, that's one of her hex spheres.

Third, that's not his energy shield. he just made a shield out of ferrous particles which Wanda transmuted. In the same issue, Wanda could do nothing against his actual energy shield.

Magneto is without his shields there. Pietro was able to impale him with a pole right after.

Haha, what? Are you even listening to yourself? I've countered all of your points. Your speed is sapped, your magic is drained, you are completely defenseless against my psychic assaults which I'm going to post and you're going to be blasted to shit along with your blood manipulated by by magnetic powers.

You've already lost. And you know it.

Now for some offense. I will attack Scoob on all the level of existence including physical, menatl and soul just like against Korvac.

Mind you Korvac won but Starhawk even able to rock him on all three level of existence and putting out so much power that entire reality was shaking. And it was done only after Korvac killed Aleta in soul plane and her love wasn't strenghtening Starhawk.

And even Moondragon is called a lesser psychic than him.

Not without reason, here both Captain Marvel and Moondragon fail to recognize Korvac.

But Starhawk immediately knows who Korvac is.

Here, he actually mindraped Moondragon albeit a weakened Moonie.

Combined with Magneto's psychic abilities which can oneshot Jean Grey.

And who combined with Xavier can breach even Galactus' mind.

I'm going to tear you apart on every level.

Face it, you're done in every way here.

post #2

Amora, The Enchantress
Jay Garrick, The Flash
Brit, The Invulnerable Man

First off: Misconceptions

"Jade's" impenetrable shields - Turns out that this feat was performed with a lot of borrowed power that is not available in this match. I was just about to produce the scans of her absorbing Power Ring's Volthoom power, thanks for saving me the effort

Part was her own power (Starheart) Most of it came from other sources; the Multiverse and all the energy she sucked out of Power Ring, which he had to later ask her to return to him:

All subsequent feats against Omega Man were performed with the Power Ring boost, so none of them are viable in this match.

Finally, she could not manipulate that energy dome at all, she didn't even manage to turn it off, that was done by a talking ape.

Dome is up
Dome is down
Jade had no idea what happened. So the idea that she could suddenly manipulate this type of shield to any size/shape she wants is simply rediculous, she was partly responsible for its formation, but she had zero control over it.


Jade is also powered by the Starheart, which has a gaping flaw in its weakness against all things wooden. I happen to have a character who specialises in transmuting matter in wood:
Got wood yet?
Reforestation, you're welcome.
So, at super-duper-speed, I can transmute huge sections of the battlezone into wood. This serves two purposes. 1) I now have an ample supply of starheart killing material. 2) I just reduced Magneto's usefuleness by half.

Furthermore, Jade is all but useless against magic:

So her constructs and shields will be far less effective than against a non-magical opponent, lucky me.


Pointing out that Magneto has no defence against magic is not transfering feats, it's exposing exploitable weaknesses.


Brit actually is totally invulnerable. You went through Brit's entire list of appearances and the only guy that managed to do anything to him was a world conquering, dimension hopping reality warper.... and he still didn't manage to damage Brit's body.


laughing out loud @ Starhawk "stalemating" the Keeper, the entire team did nothing but annoy him.

"We can't handle him"

Then immediately after that we get yet another chance to see Starhawk being surprised by something (One Who Knows my a$$) and proving he isn't fast enough to cover 50 feet or so before rocks can fall.

How does that compare against Garrick's speed?

Faster than a god can see
Just... bloody fast
You get the idea

It's pretty clear to see that Jay is by far the faster of the two in terms of reaction and combat speed. I'll freely admit that Starhawk can probably do point A-B travel through space faster than Jay can run, but he has no showings at all of speedster style feats.


Starhawk's version of phasing is basically turning himself into light. This is what Enchantress does to people made of light:

Turning to light will not help you, I'll just turn you back, lock you there and use the surprise to gain a further advantage.


Please, I have an invulnerable Asgardian who has spent time flying through space, a little cold means nothing.


Not gonna happen, firstly, Jade sucks against magic, second, I'm not some kind of battery, third, you'd never have time to try as I'm moving so fast (and invisible) you'd never see me coming.

Oh, and cloaking is not against the rules, it was only banned as a prep tactic, after the match started it was perfectly viable


laughing out loud @ calling magneto a psychic, but good job using that feat, it's completely useless against me and leaves your body unconscious and completely defenceless, an easy kill.

Enchantress completely sh!ts on Xavier's powers, Magneto is nothing compared to that. So while you're floating around impotently, I'll just go snap your neck while your body is sleeping.

TP is not doing it here people, Enchantress blocks the mightiest mutant minds and faces off against immortals on the Astral Plane, going this route is probably your worst course of action so far.


I have that too, but I'll be using mine 10,000 times faster than you, also mine is magical so it won't be blocked by your shields and I can port in and..... kiss you.


Pucker up baby
You know you want it
Here it comes
Just let it happen
Awww yeah... take those lips honey

Victory via liplock, all it takes in one instant and boom, you're sucking my spit and begging for more! How does it taste? Yeah, you know you like that!



Your TP is useless
Your light form is useless
Your starheart energy sucks against magic
Your wood weakness has been exposed
Your amalgam is far, far, too slow to connect with mine
Your body has been left defenceless by poor tactics
Your best feats aren't even yours, and so can't be replicated
kiss, kiss, kissy kiss... mmmmwaaahh!

PS. just looked again, Scarlet Witch is not transmuting "ferrous particles" she is "transforming the force field shielding Magneto" it's an energy shield, not little pieces of metal.

Post 2

Originally posted by Scoobless

"Jade's" impenetrable shields - Turns out that this feat was performed with a lot of borrowed power that is not available in this match.

Which was her own power as made clear in the comic. Omega Man even says that her power is like his, coming from all the multiverse.

Why? Because interaction with White ring and starheart had changed Jade's power.

Once again out of context scan, Power Ring was killed on the very next page. So the power was never returned and its all mine.

Totally false.

Haha, what? Do you have any idea at all of what you're talking? It was flat out stated that Jade created the shield.

Its not even off panel. Second the reason, Jade needed help from Malavar, the ape was that she didn't had the power left to destroy the shield by herself.

Haha, seriously? Jade's energy was what keeping the shield active.

She was weakened by her fight with Omega Man, but it was she who created the shield and she can manipulate it by her own will as she stopped it dissipating.

Haha, you'd think by now you would've learned that after absorbing Starheart's power Jade had no weakness to wood. Just like Alan.

In a far less powerful version. Here she has the entirety of starheart at her disposal. Even Zatanna, the premier magician of DC had no success against her shields.

Yeah, right. Just look at the way she treated the personification of Starheart itself.

To think her power doesn't work on magic? Ridiculous.

Hex spheres are not magic. And they had no effect on Magneto's actual shields.

This is just terrible.

Haha, sure. I already showed him getting KTFO.

Cropping scans is fun, right? Why don't you see the several scans of Starhawk stalemating him in energy blasts?

****ing terrible way of lowballing. The timeline was ending and that's why starhawk wasn't able to see anything.

Surfer wasn't able to do anything too. Now he's slow too?

Starhawk can actually fight FTL being and blitz at several times faster than light speed. You've shown nothing but random scans of speed with no quantifiable speed level.

Like this?


No, Starhawk doesn't turns into light while phasing. He can attack physically while being intangible.

Good thing is Jade can phase too.

So good luck doing anything to me in that state.

You can't even touch me as I'll just absorb all your attacks. You can't turn me solid from light as I don't turn into light anyway.
Its for sapping your momentum you dunce. Nothing you can do about that.

"Waah, waah, you can't do this". Both starheart and power ring got drained. You are slow as a snail to me.

Try and argue Enchantress has more magic than ****ing Starheart, why don't you?

Then, not even Loki can hide from my senses.

Good luck trying to hide from me.
Its an astral self because Magneto's body was incapacitated. Doesn't means my attack has to go by astral self.

You simply forgot about Starhawk who is a more powerful psychic than Moondragon herself. Good going bro.

Moondragon>Xavier. And starhawk mindraped her casually. So, no.

Meaningless. I know where you are at all time due to my precognition. You are doing nothing against my shields.

That's just laughable at this point.

My TP is greater than what you can block, I don't turn into light, my power has beaten magical beings like a red headed step child, I don't have any wood weakness, my amalgam is far faster than your slowpoke turtle, I'm just about untouchable by you and my feats are just that, my feats.

Why don't you go and post some more out of context scans while you're at it.

The shield which is made of ferrous particles. And its not magic, its her probability altering hexes.

She could do nothing against his energy shields. Plain as day.

Your wails of desperation are delicious as you know you can't do anything against me.

post #3

Amora, The Enchantress
Jay Garrick, The Flash
Brit, The Invulnerable Man

Originally posted by abhilegend
Post 2

He means #3

Not to get overly picky (well, maybe a little) but you drafted Jade with Starheart powers, which is the bulk of her "career" all this extra multiverse stuff that happened after her resurrection is a different powerset, not entirely, but diffrerent enough to make it a new powerset for drafting.

And yes, she had the Volthoom power (Power Ring's power source) during the Omega Man showings, but no, she didn't keep it afterwards, the ring and power source return to their own world as the story closes.

You're posting a lot of hyperbole and opinion scans because their is no proof set in feats - Batman's opinion, Supergirl's opinion even Jade's opinion (when she states later that she didn't know what happened)

She didn't take it down because she lacked power? so what about all your claims that she can just drain energy from anywhere? why not just drain "her own" power back into herself? that should be the easiest power to absorb, right? She couldn't because she no longer had the power used to create the dome and she never will again.


You drafted it, so you get its weakness:

Whether or not Alan ever overcame that weakness is not relevant to Jade, as you stated earlier, feats are non-transferable.
Originally posted by abhilegend
she has the entirety of starheart at her disposal
So Alan Scott level or greater? he's at High Herald level for sure, stated as being the most powerful human on (DC) Earth

You really think your LOW HERALD draft has that kind of power? if so just DQ that part of your amalgam right now.

There is no way you have " the entirety of starheart", just no way.


Keeper not wanting to kill Starhawk does not make it a stalemate


The ONE scan that exists of Starhawk doing any kind of blur-motion and he still has time to complete a sentence and everyone reacts to what's happening (the one time) Seriously, go find something that really makes him look like a speedster, bet you can't.


A phased guy hitting another equally phased guy is not proof he can affect the physical world while in his light form (as that is what it is)

Even if it was some other form of phasing, Amora has restrained Vision and others with ease so they could not escape. Also including Quicksilver, who has faster reactions than Starhawk.

Phasing is not a problem.


You are still trying to play the precog card? Dude, it's not even in the deck:


The Shehawk found Loki while he was standing around talking to a snowglobe, not while he was invisible moving close to lightspeed, hardly a comparable situation.


Phasing means dropping energy shields, which may be the only thing protecting you from my enchanting mind control enslavement trick as seen in previous matches... ah hell, I'll go copy it over to here so you don't have to go looking:

I say "may be" ... truth is there's really nothing protecting you from my mind control, just wanted to lay out a different approach this time around, but what works, works. If I can't get in close enough for a kiss early on, I'll simply take control of you from a slight distance.

This is not simple telepathy, so Magneto's helmet doesn't become an issue, it's sorcery and it doesn't care about magnetic fields or tinfoil hats.


Once again:

You have no precog
You do not have the entirety of the starheart
You are not a speedster
You have not erased your wood weakness
You are attempting multiple contradictory tactics (astral, shields, tp, etc)
You have no counter to my love powers
You can't even see me, possibly sense a presense, but not see me.
You are secretely begging for --- kiss, kiss, kissy kiss... mmmmwaaahh!

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He means #3

Well of course.

No, it doesn't. If you had any objections, you could have brought them up earlier. I've picked up Jade with starheart and her latest incarnation has the power of the starheart as she absorbed it all from Alan.

That only shows Volthoom returning to its earth, where did the power go to it?

Unlike you, who is posting just lies? I mean you've lied what, three times already?

Because she didn't have the power at that moment. That's the reason comic gives us.

I'm not going to question why or how.

That's Alan. Post Jade being affected by wood after she absorbs the entirety of starheart.

Also because Jade did what Alan did to overcome the wood weakness. She was never affected by wood afterwards.

She absorbed the chaotic part of Starheart.

What you believe or not is of no consequence.

Starhawk directly stalemated him in energy blasts for several pages. Lulz at this.

Heh, its like talking to carver "Only speedy line makes a speedster." Well, look at their speed, why don't you?

Starhawk goes instant lightspeed and blitzes at several times speed of light.

Goes instant FTL again.

Intercepting a blast from Firelord at near light speed casually.

Dodging blasts at FTL speed.

Just for a comparison, it took Wally himself to absorb Jay and Bart's speed to go lightspeed instantly.

To think Jay can go anywhere near that level of speed? Laughable.

He needs to build up his spped to go anywhere near light speed.

Going near lightspeed on his own is impossible for him. In fact he could only see Barry and Wally go near lightspeed and couldn't follow at all.

Your speed is already sapped by my cold field. At this point you might as well be a statue for me.

Just to be clear, i'm not phasing by outset. I'm ony phasing in the remotest chance that you are ever going to be able to break my shields.

And no, Amora freezing Vision while he wasn't phasing isn't a proof of her capabale of hitting phased characters.

Of course it is.

Dude, you are so desperate its not even funny. Yeah, in comic Starhawk can't avoid his predetermined actions as it only creates an alternate reality.

Here I don't have any such restrictions.

Here starhawk knows before an attack happens.

You can't hide from me.

Even then Doom was unable to locate him. And no. you are not even capable of going near lightspeed at this point.

But more to the point, you can't hide from Jade. I can track you by your heat.

See you anywhere.

Not to mention, bright light negates all of her illusions.

And I can give light like sun itself.

So, your invisibilty means nothing to me.

Like I said, its not phasing by default. I'm only going to use iton the last resort.

Yes, it does. I'm absorbing all your magic, my mind is closed to telepaths like Mantis and Moondragon.

And Red Onslaught broke the spell on the very next page.

Oh you don't care for anything in your make believe fantasy worlds. In reality though? Magneto has blocked magical telepathy just fine.

And magical attacks from Dr. Doom are repelled easily too.

And Doom shits on Enchantress in terms of magic.

Yes, I do.

I have both. Repeating yourself wouldn't make it true.

I've no wood weakness at this point. And no, my attacks are pretty simple. Blast you to shit, break your mind in half, crush your soul and drain all magic from you.

Yes, I do. I can absorb all magic, remember?

Of course I can.

You still have to break just one of my shields. I have three and two of them can stop teleportation easily.

You're basically defenseless and have no option of winning here.

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Amora, The Enchantress
Jay Garrick, The Flash
Brit, The Invulnerable Man

"If I had objections"? like we're all supposed to know the entire history of every character before the draft? This is a low herald tourney, you drafted the low herald, Starheart powered version of Jade. Just because she has a handful issues at the end of her 30 year (or so) career doesn't make that the drafted version, especially if those showings are high herald. That's just common sense.

It's your job to show that a proven weakness (in this instance Jade + Wood) has changed, not mine to prove it still exists when there's nothing to say it doesn't.

Here's Jade's weakness, go disprove it if you can:

Just because Daredevil hasn't been shot in a while, doesn't mean he is bulletproof, absence of proof is not proof. Or do you believe in the flying spaghetti monster?


Starhawk was a minor distraction for Keeper (at best) not a stalemate


Starhawk flying fast in a straight line scans galore... I already said he could move fast when flying through space, go show him performing complex tasks at high speed or punching someone a rediculous number of times per second

Anything like these:

Performing complex spells in a fraction of a fraction of a second, avoiding your clumsy, slower than slow attacks, negating your phasing, employing your weaknesses, keeping you off balance and on the defensive.
While you are praying your overrated shields hold up against attacks that can level high heralds and tear apart fear gods when struck once, now multiply that a thousand times, then a thousand more.
Before you even finish the thought to consider attempting to "drain my magic" you're already beaten (a feat which, according to your starheart scan, seems to take a lot of effort and concentration, isn't instantaneous and requires protection from outside interference.... not to mention a target that isn't whipping around at crazy speeds while invisible)

Also, Jay "running out of steam" and not keeping up with Wally Flash is an issue that is negated by his massively amped Asgardian endurance.


Amora freezing Vision is proof that she can subdue phasers with little to no effort.


Starhawk has never been precognitive... just.... ok *sigh*


SH: "I'm Starhawk I know everything that is going to happen and can move at the speed of light whenever I please"
Kid: "So what will you do with those powers?"
SH: "Today I think I'll go get my sh!t stomped by Ghost Rider, almost die and put myself out of commission for a while!"
Kid: "Wow... are you retarded or something?"
SH: " Why yes I am small child, retarded to the max!"

Kid: "What a fcuking moron!"


Yeah, doesn't look like old Hawky stands up to well against the mystical either.


As to "bright light negates all of her illusions" ... .clearly Dazzler fired a laser which distracted Amora, the "bright light" part is just your misunderstanding of events.

laughing out loud @ Jade's "crystal ball" trick .... Good use of the thousandth of a second you'll have before being overwhelmed by high speed sorcery.


Red Onslaught got lucky via outside interference... who's coming to save you?

As for Starhawk's mind being "closed" to TP... so is Vision's

Hey, isn't that the Vision, what's he up to?
Oh, that's right, he's being manipulated by the Enchantress

Guess what... Sorcery isn't telepathy.

Don't believe Vision is immune to telepathy? Here:

Vision Vs TP 1
Vision vs TP 2
Vision Vs TP 3

So, even a machine with immunity to telepathy is easily controlled by Amora's magical enchantments, what makes you think your amalgam is so safe?


I don't like reposting scans (so I wont) but go check the list of offensive Enchantress feats in my opening post.

The sword feat -#s 6/7- was while weakened in Nightmare's realm. Destroying a demon lord in his own realm is extremely impressive. Shoving that enchanted sword up Starjado's butthole will be slightly less impressive, but entertaining nonetheless

Ah screw it, I know you guys are too lazy to check for yourselves, here it is again:

Amora Fcuking up Nightmare


And in case anyone forgot, I'm still physically invulnerable with mental shielding that Xavier could only dream about and speed so great that everyone around me appears as statues, giving me all the time in the world to do whatever I please.

I'm leaving this battlezone without a scratch on me.

Coup De Grace

Well, here we go with the last post. I will summarize my points and Scooby-Doo's as well.

Scooby has only two attack options: Magic and Speed. I've neutralized both as I can drain magic and magical spells casually.

And I drain all of his speed away with a cold field.

Scooby has no counters for both and is hoping nobody sees that.

Now my attack. I create my shields and go instantly lightspeed.

Then I start blasting him with star busting energy attacks.

And invade your mind and break it in half like I did to moondragon.

And Jean Grey.

I also attack his soul and destroy it with attacks that can seriously harm someone like Korvac.

All the while knowing where you are exactly all the time and avoiding/absorbing anything you can throw at me.

Now, to briefly educate Scooby again.

Originally posted by Scoobless
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"If I had objections"? like we're all supposed to know the entire history of every character before the draft? This is a low herald tourney, you drafted the low herald, Starheart powered version of Jade. Just because she has a handful issues at the end of her 30 year (or so) career doesn't make that the drafted version, especially if those showings are high herald. That's just common sense.

Who cares? If you had any objections, you should have bring it up in the thread. Now it just looks like whining.

Yes, it is. You have to prove wood can penetrate Jade's shields. Nothing could as per direct statement.

You'd think they'd tried wood after 3 days of shield being up.

Random nonsense. Do you have any proof that Jade's shield is vulnerable to wood? Go ahead and prove it.

I like how you are just denying it now.

I've proved time and time again that I'm far faster than you in both flight and reflex speed.

Being able to fight a FTL being made of Tachyons.

Complex manuvers at FTL speed.

You are no match for me in speed. But its nice to live in your fantasy world.

Haha, that's not possible. I've already drained all your speed.

With what speed? Already drained by my cold field?

That doesn't increases his speed a bit.


He really does. Its been spelled out in comic for someone like you.

Hahaha, this is just lulzworthy. First of all, after being split with Aleta, Stakar was having trouble with his memory.

And its flat out stated that he was weakened.


Not really. The light clearly dispelled her illusion.

Not that it takes much to see you.

Again dismissal. You're being expert at this.

No, he did not. Enchantress was never distracted. He broke the spell on his own.

Who said Vision is immune to TP?

Telepaths like Moondragon can influence him just fine.

Vision isn't a machine. He's an android who had brain patterns of Wonder Man. Its explained in the same comic that he has become more human than ever.

Do you even read the comics?

Not even Zauriel's heavenly sword and sword of Michael could breach my shield. Your sword might as well be a twig.

Maybe in your dreams. In reality though? You've no chance at all here.

That's all. The match is in your hands judges.

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Wrapping sh!t up

Amora, The Enchantress
Jay Garrick, The Flash
Brit, The Invulnerable Man

The cold thing... again.

Jay was affected because the cold numbed his limbs and slowed his body, Amora wouldn't be nearly as susceptible to cold and Brit is flat out immune to temperature variations.


I've dealt with the magic drain issue in previous posts

The energy Dome was only partially Jade's energy, part from Volthoom, part from parts unknown... and she was completely incapable of manipulating it.

"Fight FTL" - all he did was ... nothing. Feel free to use that standing still and doing nothing tactic here.

"Complex manuvers at FTL speed." - firing once then turning around... wow, so complex (Sarcasm level - Ricky Gervais)

Speed draining? you claim to be chilling the air, though you posted no scans to prove it (or did I miss the part where you drafted captain Cold?)

Seriously, I have no idea where this cold area tactic is even coming from... is it a Starhawk thing? Judges are evaluating this based on no prior knowledge, only what we show can be used to determine their choice of winner and you never once produced a cold inducing scan from any of your drafts here.


I drain all YOUR speed.

Giving myself a minor boost and leaving you statuesque

RE: Starhawk is not precognitive:

Originally posted by abhilegend
Its been spelled out in comic for someone like you.

It really is spelled out, you should try reading the words:

You're kinda doing my job for me with this type of scan post.

Vision was not even targetted by Moonstone in that scan, Only Iron Man, Cap and Thor. Pretty feeble attempt to undermine the clarity of the logic I laid out beforehand.
Originally posted by abhilegend
Vision isn't a machine. He's an android

roll eyes (sarcastic)

More energy Dome stuff.... *sigh* ... JADE. CAN'T. CONTROL. OR. REPLICATE. THAT. FEAT.

I like how you spent the entire match desperately claiming powers and abilities you don't have for Jade and Starhawk and just using Magneto for basic shielding and almost nothing else... truthfully he was the only one on your team I was worried about.

Anyway, on to the inevitable summary list:

You don't have the full Starheart. Only Alan can control that
You have no true speedster feats, only FTL straight line flying feats
You provided scans yourself to show Starhawk is not a precog
You NEVER showed anything to dismiss the wood weakness
You are all over the place with a variety of contradictory plans

I showed each of your characters being punked by magical/mystical attacks
I showed feats of everything I claimed
I have the ability to switch strategies in the blink of an eye due to the speedforce
I can attack a thousand times before you can respond once, and each of those attacks is devestating
I am invulnerable, Invisible and untouchable - you are a roadkill


Match is over.
Good Job guys.
Judges will have 2 weeks to come up with their verdict.





Never mind

LoB would like to present this championship belt to this year's winner Scoobless.

Thanks LoB!

Prof. T.C McAbe
Originally posted by "Id"
LoB would like to present this championship belt to this year's winner Scoobless.

Thanks LoB!

laughing How cruel.

Scoobs won on a sweep. Good job bro and good posts to the voters.

Prof. T.C McAbe
Oh and congrats Scoob AND Abhi, you both did a great job.

Originally posted by Prof. T.C McAbe
Oh and congrats Scoob AND Abhi, you both did a great job.

thumb up

Originally posted by Prof. T.C McAbe
Oh and congrats Scoob AND Abhi, you both did a great job.


GG abhi.

Good effort put in by the judges.

Thanks for the belt LoB.


psycho gundam
A belt that still has his name on it....

That's cool, just using it to level a coffee table anyway.

Originally posted by "Id"
LoB would like to present this championship belt to this year's winner Scoobless.

Thanks LoB!

The PEOPLE gave me that belt and it can ONLY be taken away in combat!

Originally posted by Scoobless

GG abhi.

Good effort put in by the judges.

Thanks for the belt LoB.


If you want to EARN the MOST prestigous of KMC titles you have to DEFEAT the Mighty LOB!

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