BLAIR WIND vs DECTER (mid-herald tournament)

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Blair Wind


Blair Wind


Blair Wind


Final post on why I win

Nth metal isn't that strong. It's more focused on healing than durability. And even his healing factor isn't that fast.

A nth metal weapon (without amping from the EM spectrum) was broken by using it to hit superman.

Took minutes to heal from a simple gun wound

Another time it was destroyed and took minutes to reform and regenerate (most likely even longer).

The claw of horus (which btw isn't apart of Hawkmans standard gear) was able to destroy Onimar Synns nth metal body. How did a couple pounds of nth metal destroy Onimar? Easily explained my friend because I was right from the get go. The claw is actually the most powerful nth weapon ever made and was the only thing that could stop onimar.

And his healing factor took an entire day (probably more) to heal an arm back and he still wasn't in any condition to fight

A nth metal ship that crashed from orbit had some serious damages on the side it landed on. Guess what? It didn't regenerate. Turns out nth metal needs a living source to make it properties work at fullest. Becoming nth metal itself means you aren't alive and can't use some of your abilities

Hawkman died by a tiny bomb and not only did he the nth metal not absorb the explosive energy it didn't heal him either while also destroying some of his nth metal.

Even with Iron man with his counter with the EM spectrum. Cable still easily read his mind with 0 effort and didn't even want to fight him

Hanks mental problems

When the avengers confronted him on his lunatic behavior Antman stooped down to creating Ultron because of his mental break downs.

He even felt to overwhelmed that he had a mental breakdown and took his anger out on Janet

Even ultron was able to easily manipulate him into attacking his friends

Hank's unstable mind makes him a lot easier to manipulate. It also makes you lose focus and also hinders you from countering. I can literally post a illusion of Dr. Light banging Hank's girl and Hank will have a mental breakdown making him easier to control.

Nth metal can't absorb explosive energy

Skrulls antimatter control is a huge advanatge since

1. Touching it will cause absorbing man to turn into it especially if I continually bomb you with it due to my speed advantage.

2. Nth metal doesn't absorb explosive energy or anything too hot

He doesn't do it here

Nor here

Not even here

Hawkman is a lot slower

Even while dive bombing he'd only hit 500 mph

Blitzed by deathstroke and was even conifdent enough that DS could kill him. Meaning he's knows the limits of his healing factor

Even here deathstroke blitzes him

Couldn't dodge gunfire

Nor here

Couldn't dodge them here either
Weaknesses in his team

Caught by Green Arrow

Even if nth metal does absorb energy. He needs to remember that abosrobing man IS the nth metal. Adding extra absorbing power would make it worse for his team not better. Hank has had many mental breakdowns and absorbing man is an idiot. Your wanting to combine thousands of minds with Hank who created a dangerous weapon (and slapped Janet) just because he was stressed and having a bad day.

My character is far faster. I'd be able to go 1.999 times the speed of light (since we can't go double) and blitz you with a bunch of shit

Blair states all he needs is a moment of hesitation to enact his attack with gravity. Judges he fails to realize that my character could do my entire opening before he even touched himself (insert scoobless here). Not only do I have amazing reaction and speed feats. I have the ability to sense danger.

Blair states that because hank pym knows how to create black holes then that means he can easily make them in battle. What he fails to realizes is that no nth metal (I don't even think onimar did) has ever made a black hole. So how can he make a black hole with nth metal when no one has ever made a black hole with nth metal?

Blair states his combo is not amping since it follows the materials rules and said that a Lightray/superman would be amping. What he fails to realize is that Growing to increase his OWN strength doesn't qualify as amping (which it is even tho he denies it), but growing to increase AM/Hawkman's strength DOES qualify as amping just as a Lightray/Superman combo would. Same principal in both cases, one characters powerset is being used to geometrically increase the powers of another character. I said this already. He will deny facts.

Blair states that since its absorb all kinds of energies (expect explosions, Antimatter, hyperspace, and hasn't absorbed pure kinetic energy either from what I know) that he has the right to automatically assume he can absorb all energies. That is a legitimate No limits fallacy. Rulk, Vulcan, and superman have all absorbed a shit ton of different energies. But I wouldn't argue them being able tp absorb all of them.

Blair states that since onimar have similar knowledge and abilities with nth metal that he can use onimar as a basis to share feats. This goes against the rules seeing how hawkman must historically do them himself. That's like saying you can share martian manhunters feats with Miss martian.

In fact, a better example is the green lanterns. Let's take 2 random GLs for example real quick.

Both green lanterns have access to their rings which are both equal in power. They can't share feats.

Both Green lanterns have the same amount of will power. Rules state they still can't share feats.

Both green lanterns have they same knowledge on the Rings and willpower. Rules state they still can't share feats.

So no matter how bad you want to you simply can't share feats. They must have historically done it themselves.

Blair states that Goku using his Ki and hawkman absorbing energies from the earth are similar since he used it as a example. This is false. Goku's ki comes natural and is apart of his body. Hawkman needed to absorb the energies of the earth to do anything to superman. A better example is Goku's spirit bomb which also gathers energy from all living things including the earth. Both the spirit bomb and thw Claw absorb energy from the earth to amp its power. That is illegal. The claw also isn't even apart of Hawkmans standard gear.

He's numeresly brought up Emma. Who stated by pym, said he was sure if she knew about his devices that she could have overpowered them. This is also Emma with 1/5 of the Rachel Summers Phoenix. Someone who is listed as mid herald in our tier list.

Blair states since he has nth metal he can cancel out my TP and TK (well I haven't seen a counter for TK yet so....). This is false. Based on feats there isn't anyone on Cable's level whose TP failed against nth metal. Even fadeaway man tricked hawkman into almost killing hawkgirl by using illusions. Also Hawkmans thousands of minds aren't nothing to Cable who read billions and some of the top tier telepaths at the same time.

Now back to my opening

I should be able to accomplish everything in my opening post before hawkman even moves a inch. Including Dr. Light's spam of light rays. Blair has no shields and is moving far slower than me. Hawkman only has a few notable speed feats which are highly inconsistent. There was one where he had to focus his entire mind on one spot on flash (who was just barely moving a couple times faster than supersonic so he didn't **** up the place they were in) and even then flash was there for a while and it took minutes for hawkman to find him. Not only that Flash was only moving side to side so it wasn't like flash was going fast.

Dr. Light was only countered if you were able to do your stuff. But seeing how my speed advantage is far greator I should be able to complete my opening thousands of times before you even touched yourself. So bombarding you with light isn't out of the question. And even if that didn't work I'm still fast enough to bombard you with anti matter and hyperspace energies. Not too mention cables Badass TP being at work.

Face it Blair. You can't win this one.

Blair Wind

Blair Wind

psycho gundam

psycho gundam

psycho gundam
Winner: Blair wind

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