BEATBOKS vs SMURPH (mid herald tournament)

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psycho gundam

psycho gundam

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Dr Occult


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size=4]post # 1

First lets settle this myth right out of the gate.

In day of Judgement Occult is one of only two mystics who holds the Spectre at bay while the others prepare a plan

Here references when he fought a "hell Lord" in their own realm and won

here (and yes it a COIE appearance) Occult along with Alan Scot are the focus to use the magic power of EVERY DCU mystic. He literally shares in wielding half the power of all the most powerful mystics in DCU.

For the record Dr Occult got powered up by COIE not down and this was the first showing of this type of thing.

Here he blasts the demons three (you do recall those demons who casually stomp the big 7 of the JLA) and has them screaming like pigs

Or another of Day of Jusdgement's feats (already posted above in my reposted links) where he absorbs all the magic of Phantom Stranger, Zatanna and every other DCU mystic present and gives it to Hal Jordan's soul so that he can fight the Spectre.

How is it possible that he wields such power !!!

Well in fact he doesn't. his disk can absorb magic or natural energy and use it (it's better at magic obviously).

You made the horrible mistake of bringing not one but TWO highly powerful magical talismans into a fight with someone who can wield their very own energy against them.

I'm sorry but there is simply no way you can say your magic weapon is more powerful than mine because mine uses ALL others magic. It will be in this battle powered by Stormbreaker and the soul sword.

Now to your contention that you can cloak yourself from anything.

Your feats of cloaking from Galactus (which I'll be honest I never even opened - I trust you) are great and all.
However in doing so was he in possession of two powerful artifacts that emit great magical energy??
Does Galactus have a power that is attuned specifically to that energy?

Your own scans show that the Soul Sword can sever the bands of Cyttorak. Is Cyttorak not pretty close to Galactus equal??
Just because your able to conceal yourself from Galactus doesn't mean you'll be able to hide your powerful magic talismans from the guy who possesses a talisman that can sense and wield all magic.

To further prove my point during Reign in hell Occult was able to find a way out of hell when No other could. when the ways were concealed so the other "more powerful mystics" couldn't find them. Reign%20in%20Hell%20%20%20%20%20%20TheLastKryptoni
an-DCP%208%20-%20Page%209_1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 Reign%20in%20Hell%20%20%20%20%20%20TheLastKryptoni
an-DCP%208%20-%20Page%203_1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 Reign%20in%20Hell%20%20%20%20%20%20TheLastKryptoni

1. You wont be undetected.
2. All Your Stormbreaker Attack is going to do is strengthen Occult's shields as they absorb the power of Strombreaker to power them.
3. The same is said for your soul sword attack.

So far you've produced nothing that can harm my build and I haven't even evoked the powers of my more powerful characters.

My speed advantage over you is an immense one

While that one is Hyperbole this isn't
Reacting to a Flash level Speedster

Here he catches up to Sinestro (who had a head start) in moments. Somewhere between earth and Mars, in MOMENTS. It takes light 18 minutes to get from Earth to mars. let's be generous and say that they're only a 1/4 the way and moments was a couple of minutes. Still a couple times the speed of light. 1%201%20A%20Catches%20up%20to%20sinestro%20in%20sp

In strength and durability he wouldn't be far of BRB (though I'll admit BRB nay have the slight edge)

Then we have Comet's TK/mind over matter. Power that he has used repeatedly to control high energy power sources AGAINST the will and control of their master.
Control's Sinestro's own ring against him ( a feat that is extremely hard to do, Just ask Mongul. even wielding 10 rings Sinestro turned them against him)

The Combination of Comet, Occult and Starman makes me pretty much the supreme energy manipulator. Able to simply use the energy of anyone against them

A judgement your divine warrior made in error much to their chagrin

Smurph Post 1

Originally posted by beatboks
The Combination of Comet, Occult and Starman makes me pretty much the supreme energy manipulator. Able to simply use the energy of anyone against them

Well judges, we've seen Captain Comet manipulate Lantern energies and we've seen Dr. Occult shield/absorb (?) against the energy blast from DoJ Spectre. Truly, Beatboks' energy manipulation is impressive... I guess I'm glad I didn't use an energy attack!

I'm happy that Beatboks is happy that he's used three drafts to achieve what Vulcan could do for one. Vulcan would be great against, say, Captain Atom. My approach, however, is more primitive, and more effective.

While he prepares to redirect a wide variety of energy blasts, a cloaked Stormbreaker will blow a hole through his torso.

First, because this is a debate, I'm going to tackle some of the clashes between our OP's, as well as points Beatboks raised in his post. Then I'm going to get back to why this match inevitable ends with Stormbreaker-through-the-torso:

Occult's Disc of the Seven vs. Soulsword

OK, I'm going to expand on how powerful the Soulsword is, but I really don't think it's necessary:

All of Dr. Occult's noteworthy feats have to do with redirecting, or manipulating, magical energy. Beatboks only posted one feat that actually affected a magical item: that is, not a magical blast of energy:

Dr. Occult amplifies the energies of Wonder Woman's lasso.

He does not drain them.

Obviously, adding to the power of the lasso is a very different beast than undoing the enchantment that powers the lasso. Judges, unless, based off that scan, you believe that Dr. Occult could simply remove the power of the lasso with a wave of his magic symbol, then the scan has no relevance here. Beatboks claims:

...but we have no scans to back up that nonsense.

By all means, Beatboks, amplify the Soulsword and Stormbreaker! Either way, this match only ends one way.

As for comparing the Soulsword to the Disc:

The Soulsword has a wide range of feats that demonstrate its position as the basic antithesis of magic in Marvel.

"No magic entity or spell can withstand it."

The Soulsword has:

Exorcised forces including the Demon Bear (X-Men psychic/supernatural team wrecker), the sorcerer Gravemoss, Kulan Gath's spell, and Magik's own uberpowerful Darkchylde persona:

Threatened Mephisto in his own realm

Reflected spells of Belasco (Hell Lord), among others

Easily severed the Juggernaut enchantment (while in Limbo -- more on this in a moment)

Delivered the killing blow on Archenemy

Been sought after by Dr Doom, among other sorcerers, demons, etc.

When wielded by the ruler of Limbo, the Soulsword is significantly more powerful - which is why severing the Juggernaut enchantment was so easy for Magik to do. Previously, she wouldn't be able to accomplish that outside of Limbo.

However, in Uncanny X-Men volume 2, Magik absorbed the entirety of Limbo inside her.

She no longer needs to port to Limbo to access its power, she now carries it with her. She doesn't know how to wield all that power, so she's currently being tutored by a Dr. Strange from the past:

It's been shown that, in the future, Magik may become the Sorcerer Supreme for the Galaxy... or something crazy like that.

Now, I want to be really clear here: Magik, with her new power, has not, to my knowledge, done anything beyond the capability of a Low Herald. Further, there isn't a basis for me to extrapolate on all the potential power she might have in order to get a sort of loophole amp for this tourney. I drafted Magik as a low herald because, at this point in time, it's where I believe she belongs.

That said, the only reason I'm going in to all this context is to be upfront about all the little details, as well as to make the following, simple argument:

We know that, in Limbo, Magik's sword is powerful enough to dismiss Juggernaut's enchantment. We know that, outside of Limbo, Magik has done similar feats with similar ease to beings of much less power than Cyttorak (Kulan Gath, Gravemoss, etc), and even accomplished similar highs such as threatening Mephisto, or killing Archenemy.

Therefore, while we may not be able to nail down the average power of the Soulsword - especially now that Illyana carries around Limbo inside of her - we can see that it is a very high average. Dr. Occult, as a caster, simply doesn't measure up. By Beatbok's own admission, Dr. Occult is only powerful when he is able to wield opponent's energy against them - and I am not giving him energy, but rather the pointy end of my sword.


There are some oldschool scans that claim that the Soulsword cannot affect physical beings. The sword has changed, and now this is very far from true:

Renders Black Widow unconscious, not unlike Psylocke's blade)

Cleaves through Sentinel 1
Cleaves through Sentinel 2
...and it's a gigantic Sentinel, and Magik doesn't have super strength.

Beta Ray Bill, however, does. happy

Beta Ray BEAST! lifts Asgard (with Thor), not only will the Soulsword destroy Beatboks' magic, it will also just obliterate him physically.

Sensors vs. Stealth

...not much to say here. Firstly, these scans didn't work for me:

but, those scans sound totally irrelevant anyways. Basically, if Beatboks is going to argue that Occult can sense precise magical energies in order to track down concealed opponents, then he needs to prove that Occult can do that. Finding a mysterious route in hell doesn't sound like remotely the same thing, and probably has more to do with the fact that Occult is a f*cking supernatural detective, but hey, what do I know anyways.

It's worth noting that, if I need to conceal magical energies, Magik can cast Cyttorak's Spell of Invisibility, but until Beatboks provides some sort of weight for an argument that Invisible Boy's stealth isn't enough, I'm going to assume that this scan alone will suffice:

"No breach of our defenses by anything detectable by sight, sound, or any electromagnetic frequency whatsoever"

... so Starman and Comet's powers should be utterly useless.

Regarding telepathy:

Smite is shielded by Johnny's shields, which are super versions of Sue Storm's shields (Johnny and Sue swapped powers prior to Johnny's heraldization). Sue's shields have a long history of blocking out mental powers entirely. Johnny's invisibility also apparently blocks out Galactus' own cosmic awareness. I can get further into this if necessary.

Comet's Squishy Stomach vs. Stormbreaker

This is how I imagine the battle ending:

This is a reckoning, Beatboks.

SMITE! has judged you unworthy.

Post #2

Oh since when does Vulcan have 100++ Strength, invulnerability, FTL speed and reactions and TP/TK?? All these things are brought by Captain Comet to my amalgam.

How about unmatched knowledge of the history of an opponent (or anything) instantly, intangibility, teleportation, and the ability to cast magic spells, create illusions, control others through "magical hypnosis ?? all these thing are brought to my amalgam by Occult.

Clearly just two of my character choices bring a LOT more than what choosing Vulcan alone would bring. Starman brings what Vulcan would (though I've never seen Vulcan create an anti matter duplicate of anything), with the added advantages of a lot of what a GL can do, plus gravity manip and apparently control of the earth. Well it is after all "cosmic power" his rod taps

Occult's Disc of the Seven vs. Soulsword 2.0

Judges let me ask you how can it be that a character who struggles against Vampires, serpents and robots 1%20low%20durability%20vs%20low%20end%20characters

can produce shields in Reign in hell that withstand explosions that laid huge areas of hell to waste (these very same explosions I might add destroyed the prison that held Lobo in check)

He can shield himself from the Spectre but a robot can "beat him to a bloody pulp".

The answer Judges is simple when he faced those things there was no significant energy to draw on for the disk to use. That is why when he faces Vampires his disk is of no more use than a crucifix.

Also Judges re the "drain of artifact's" and lack of evidence. Last time I checked ALL of the power of Dr Fate came from Artifacts. The Helm of Nabu, the Cloak of Destiny, and the Amulet of Anubis. In the scan I showed of Occult blasting the demon's three he stated that he was using the "combined power of Order .......". The only agent of order present was Dr Fate. If Occult couldn't draw on the power of an artifact then he couldn't be using the power of Order. So I guess there was another feat of a "magical item being drained" that you missed.

Here is where I expect Smuph to say "but all those characters are touching Occult". To which I have a simple question, How do your attacks work without connecting. Even if it required Occult to touch the source of a magic to draw on it then (which my other scans belie) than the manner of attack chosen would still allow Occult to power his own very protection from the magical artifacts used against him.

If All I had was the speed an reaction of Occult, that might be a problem (this is the defense always thrown up when I used Occult as a solo character in tourneys the attack will hit before you raise the disk to repel it). In this instance however I have the reaction of Captain Comet who is loads faster than all your build combined, combined with Occult's "danger sense that even detected the cloaked threat of the Anti-monitor etc

Added to which even without the disk Richard's own body has a "natural resistance to magic"

So Occult's own body is resistant to the magical aspects of these artifacts. The bullet plucked from Superman in Black Reign was slowly killing him even though it struck in a non vital spot (his shoulder). Yet for Occult it was a minor annoyance. Oh I guess this is where we hear all about Superman's "weakness" to magic, but his weakness doesn't make him more vulnerable to magic than others he just doesn't have a defense any better than anyone else. Occult on the other hand does.

Judges I don't believe I said anywhere that Occult depowers anything, only that his disk can be powered by any magic around. There is simply no other way most of his feats against high end opponents are possible when you take into consideration his showings against the more mundane. His disk has always only ever been a stalemating factor against superior forces, and has as yet failed to match any high end magic it has faced. Smurph stated that the disk was not in the league of the soul Sword and to combat that fact has simply offered feats in the EXACT same league of those I've shown for the disk.

So scratch the magical significance of the artifacts that Smurph's build wields. they are completely insignificant. That brings us down to the physical damage they can do.

Well they didn't work for me either, and having just tried to reload them it appears the address is too long as when i preview half the address isn't in the URL. So I'll try a different link
Basically he was able to detect what none of the other mystics could. Let's put some context on this.

Dr fate couldn't detect a way out. Yet the previous Fate when not much more experienced than this one at the time of Reign in hell could watch every high end magic user, only the Phantom Stranger was aware of it.

Sargon Jnr couldn't find a way out. Yet his Grand Father was able to be completely aware of every action undertaken by Kullak even though that powerful entity could hide his actions from the Spectre. Jnr had a MORE direct link to the jewel because he embedded it in his forehead.

Occult pretty much states (more than once) that all he has to do is want it badly enough and he can find anything.

The way he managed to "find that mysterious way through hell" was that he detected the magic being done on earth by Jason Blood and a few others
A concealment spell that prevented anyone from finding a way out of hell couldn't stop Occult from detecting a magical power far and away below the power of your two artifacts.
Can't break magic
you may have missed
And that was teh same Enchantress who a couple of issues before wielded all magic users power to amp Billy Batson

Come in Captain Comet's durability
while parasites that had no enhancing of his abilities controlled him he fought Lobo and the Legion core team for 7 pages tanking everything they could dish out. Thie same Lobo who stomped a team of JLAers including MMH, Guy Gardner and others in a page and a half.
Tanking repeated blows of Superman.
His "futuristic body" has always managed to adapt to any new type of attack quickly (there are literally hundreds of scans like these).
and regeneration
Using his mind over matter he could heal himself from brain damage is seconds.

Smurph Post 2

First some quick rebuttals re: Occult's magic. After, I'm going to explain why speed is a nonissue, and I'm going to expand on Johnny's Cosmic Awareness, including why its critical role in undoing Beatboks:

The Quack Occult

Beatboks doesn't present any new evidence for Dr. Occult, substituting scans with a lot of wishful thinking.

Originally posted by beatboks

Judges let me ask you how can it be that a character who struggles against Vampires, serpents and robots 1%20low%20durability%20vs%20low%20end%20characters

can produce shields in Reign in hell that withstand explosions that laid huge areas of hell to waste (these very same explosions I might add destroyed the prison that held Lobo in check) to takeaway:

Beatboks argues that Dr. Occult would be slain by Buffy. Again, the first link doesn't work, but I think we understand that Occult < Vampires.

Not all parts of an explosion hold the same power. Experiencing an explosion/fall upon entering hell is different than being in the middle of the blast zone (ie, Lobo's prison).

These scans are, as before, totally irrelevant to Beatboks' defense. BB needs to prove that Occult can tap into the power of an opponents' magic object and use it against them -- draw out energies that are stored, and unwilling to be tapped into.

Showing Dr. Occult shielding himself from an explosion, and arguing that he is being powered by the energies of the explosion -- manipulating those energies for his own purpose is obviously different.

As I said before, Occult manipulating a magic blast that's targeted at him is a very different beast to, say, drawing the energy out Mjolnir (or, obviously, Stormbreaker) as it hurtles towards his head.

Could Occult stop Diana's bracelets from being invulnerable, or use the lasso's power against Diana?

To beat this nail down further: unlike Diana's lasso (which was given to her, and powered, by the gods), the Soulsword is actually a part of Magik's soul, and powered by her, the Hell Lord of Limbo. Beatboks has a high bar of evidence to reach to prove that Occult can use the sword/its energies against her.

Once again, we just have a feat of Occult manipulating ambient magical energy.


Here's the scan in question

Hosts gain access to Fate's powers through the helmet. That's not to say that those powers come from the helmet themselves.

Donald Blake struck his cane to transform into Thor =/= the cane is Thor

Everybody touching Occult was willing to transfer power. Fate willingly empowering the Symbol of the Seven is, again, different than the Symbol using Fate's power against him.

Again, this feat deals with magical energies. I am not either blasting or willingly transfering energy to you. I am smiting you with a big sword.

Basically, Dr. Occult's disc is sorta like Black Knight's shield, but Boks would rather that he works like Black Alice...

..which reminds me, power copying is banned in this tourney. Even if Occult could tap into Magik's energies to grow more powerful and use them against her, it would be an illegal move.

Finally, let's address the myth of Occult's mystic senses:

Beatboks: Dr. Cosmos can detect Smite, despite stealth that fooled Galactus, via tracking magical energies mid-battle

Smurph: Prove it

Beatboks: path through Hell, no mention of 'concealment spell', literally requires walking around with a divining rod ]

I suppose maybe Boks is hoping that between this particular 'feat' and Comet's scientific genius, that the process can be sped up to a instantaneous-magic-tracker-that's-better-than-Galactus!.

Without evidence? Wishful thinking.

Thus far, Beatboks has been putting forward an argument that Dr. Occult + FTL speed poses a significant threat to Smite. We've seen that Occult's feats are less than they're built up to be, now let's take a look at the speed edge...

Controlling The Pace

First, let's compare speed. Then, let's chat about how it doesn't matter anyways.

Hah, what?

Beta Ray BEAST! fights at faster-than-light speeds

Those panels involve BRB keeping pace with Surfer while fighting alongside Skuttlebutt, BRB's interstellar ship... Skuttlebutt can travel quickly between planets, and is operating at max speed (as the dialogue indicates).

Let's be conservative and estimate that the ship is traveling at 2x light speed. 2x light speed is the tourney cap - even if Comet's hyperbole really means he can move near-Silver Age flash speeds, it is irrelevant because we are capped at the same speeds.

As I was saying though, speed's not going to make the difference in this match:

Portals are instant, and Magik can make many of them if need be. Captain Comet and Beta Ray Bill may be capped at the same fighting speed, but Smite's method of attack is infinitely faster.

Stealth - unless Beatboks can back up the lofty goal of finding away around Johnny's stealth, then speed doesn't enter the discussion: Dr. Cosmos will only know Smite's location when he feels a blade through his abdomen.

Cosmic Awareness - Thanks to Johnny's universal awareness, Smite will always know exactly where his prey is, negating any advantage in travel speed. It's a simple matter of knowing where everything is, and being able to instantly reach that space (see 'Portals are instant').

This brings me to my last post point:

Cosmic Awareness: What Dr. Occult wished he could access


no expression Stepping outside time is time manipulation, whether or not you can affect the past. Time travel, including traveling outside time, has always been squarely within a forum understanding of time manip.

Judges, I'll leave this up to you. It doesn't ultimately change Dr. Cosmos' fate, but an obvious rule breach is an obvious rule breach.


Unmatched? smile

No, friend. That honour goes to Johnny Storm, the Invisible Boy:

"You needed someone to recognize the invisible--so you've got me doing that on the ultimate level!

I have a whole new way to see the universe!

It's like.. it's like... 'Cosmic Sight'

It just sort of automatically appears to me!

Seeing all things as the actually are"

You cannot hide from Johnny Storm, and you cannot escape Magik.

Here, Johnny uses his cosmic awareness on Galactus:

Here, Johnny's cosmic awareness and power cosmic allows him to actually kill an enemy, put him back together, and bring him/keep him alive:

Here, Johnny's cosmic awareness shows him the inners of an alien warhead, including how to disarm it:

and then to disarm the entire missile array:

Johnny's automatic understanding and awareness of both the physical, energy, and other properties of his environment and opponents guarantees that Smite will know exactly how to dismantle Dr. Cosmos' defense and person.




Smurph Post 4

Reading Comprehension at Super Speeds!

... you showed Captain Comet lift some grass to stop Johnny Quick. no expression

Not exactly a sustained showing of super reflexes, and entirely to do with telekinesis. You are not going to be able to telekinetically hold off Beta Ray Bill (more on this in a moment), so an actual showing of moving at super speed around opponents would be helpful.

Let's not stretch "Flash level" too far, hey?

Here's the scan in question

Bill: "To that imperiled world, Skuttlebutt. Make haste. No matter what, do not halt."

Skuttlebutt: Understood, sir. Slowing down a failure state.

Skuttlebutt is not saying that it is "slowing down to failure state", as you claim. Skuttlebutt identifies that to slow down would be to fail. "Failure state", in this case, refers to computer logic of success states and failure states for determining outcome.

As for the relativity argument, I'm comfortable dismissing that as "comic books". Bill is flying beside a ship at super speed, fighting a character with documented super speed, and yet readers will selectively apply physics to try and weaken the feat. It is what it is.

Time Travel = Time Manipulation

Honestly, I don't see this step-outside-time strategy as having a lot of value for Beatboks, but I do believe in rules being applied broadly and fairly, so to that end:

I don't feel like I should need to spell this out, but, as comic nerds, we don't need to use the broadest definition of 'manipulation' to interpret our rules.

A conventional understanding of comics and tourneys interprets 'time manipulation' as covering any ability to alter time's "regular flow" in comics, for one person, a limited area, or in a broader sense. This includes time travel.

Stepping outside time, even just to passively observe, is time travel. If you, Beatboks, wanted to argue that this specific application of time travel should be allowed, then you should have brought it up in the discussion thread, before this match started.

Further, I'm sure that 'stepping outside time' also counts as self-BFR, and is banned/self defeating.

Moving on...

Concession Accepted

This is absurd.

Basically, Beatboks wants to backpeddle and use his vaunted "lot to know things" (see: time travel, illegal) to argue that, retroactively, he has the benefit of knowing my strategy, and counter-strategizing.

He undermines this tactic even as he introduces it:

Yes, let's.

This, judges, is the point of no return for Beatboks.

He has hastily thrown together a plan to use wide-sweeping energy attacks to try and keep me away, and in doing so, remains prey to my three key advantages:

Advantage One: Stepping Discs

So basically Beatboks is using his opening moves to start launching energy attacks to push me away.

So... Smite ports right beside him and impales him. Notably, the soul sword can tag intangible objects (Kitty Pryde, enchantments, anything magical), so Dr. Cosmos is wasting valuable time using Occult's intangibility.

You can't keep Magik away.

Advantage Two: Stealth

Specifically, not only did I stealth my character, I also stealthed Stormbreaker.

Beatboks has conceded that Dr. Cosmos will need to plan around Smite's invisibility - so we can reasonably extend that concession to the FTL hammer that is homing in on Cosmos' stomach.

Remember, it was stealthed before being thrown:


So, the match is on track:

1) Smite teleports beside Cosmos and impales him via soul sword
2) Cosmos doesn't detect Stormbreaker, loses his torso

which brings me to...

Advantage Three: Motherf*cking Stormbreaker

Beatboks intends to repel Stormbreaker with energy attacks..

Colour me amused.


If you would like to contend that you have superior energy output to Stardust, a high herald, feel free to try and prove it. Despite Dr. Cosmos being a poor man's Vulcan, there's no doubt that Beta Ray Bill has the best energy soak in this tournament, thanks to his hax hammer and godly durability.

Tanks a planetary explosion.

Flies through some stars.

As for your puny shields...

Planet destroying hammer strikes should cleave through your defenses.

Remember, judges, when Stormbreaker delivers its reckoning, Dr. Cosmos will have no idea that it is coming, or where to layer his shields.


psycho gundam
Smurph let me know that he's content with what he's already posted so time for judgement.

Leo, Digi & Sin

just sent in my vote.

Vote sent.

psycho gundam

psycho gundam

psycho gundam
Smurph wins

Congrats to both. Good luck to Smurph in the next round. Boks, Comet's a beast. Nice find there. We all knew his power set, but I don't think I realized the extent of his versatility and power. Drawing that kind of versatility out of obscure picks is a strength of yours; you got my vote in a match in the last tourney when you did the same (Animal Man + Arion, iirc). Tighter plans with less parts prone to interpretation will put you up with anyone in these things. Smurph, not much to say. Nice amalgam. Well-rounded, powerful, and to the point.

Always fun judging these things. Cheers, fellas.

congrats smurph. best of luck in the next round.

Had fun

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