High Meta 2v2 Championship Battle

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The competitors in this battle are,

Team 1

Mandarin's Rings with Mandarin as Host (leonidas)

Machine Man (Sentinel/Nanite) (Decter)

Team 2

Fantomex (DarkSaint85)

Eric Masterson (LordofBrooklyn)

The OP's will now follow.


Team 1

leonidas OP

Decter OP



(For some reason I can't edit the above OP but that is Lordof Brooklyn's OP)

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Good luck with the match everyone!

As we have shown, both Mandarin and Machine man have counters for both our opponents character. With Mandarins dark force energy and my ability to lose all my sentient. This all in all counters Fantomex, and seeing how we both have mind control abilities Eric should be useless as well.

Like what was early misdirection can't work on a non sentient being giving machine man a huge advantage. Misdirection has worked at long distances. However, he has never been shown to misdirect something he can't see, nor be able to misdirect something extremely far away without already being under the illusions.

Both our characters are faster than fantomex to, both of us have teleportation, both of us are getting the big drop on your characters. So even if your misdirection is instantaneous it will be a useless attempt seeing how we already and countered it.

Now on to the Flash delivered by Eric. Again like Leo posted he has Dark energy allowing nothing to get in and can surround me in it as well. So both your opening attacks are now useless. While my attacks (and/or mandarins) are enough to easily one shot Fantomex leaving Eric and his weak mind against top mind controllers.

So let's recap here for a second.
1. Most of your plan has been countered
2. Fantomex without misdirection is useless in this match. And is now a giant weak link in this match.
3. Eric's opening Flash is completely useless due to Dark energy. And will be easily controlled by us

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.