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High Meta 2v2 Championship Battle
Started by: One_Angry_Scot

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Gender: Male
Location: Scotland

High Meta 2v2 Championship Battle

The competitors in this battle are,

Team 1

Mandarin's Rings with Mandarin as Host (leonidas)

Machine Man (Sentinel/Nanite) (Decter)

Team 2

Fantomex (DarkSaint85)

Eric Masterson (LordofBrooklyn)

The OP's will now follow.


Team 1

leonidas OP


leonidas wrote on Dec 21st, 2015 02:35 PM:

so, a team battle, eh? should be interesting. let's have at it.


****note that in my draft i drafted the RINGS, with mandarin acting as host.**** that is different from saying i drafted mandarin w/rings. it's a small but important distinction. the reason (as i explained to our host, OAS) is simple and tricksy--i wanted the RINGS more than mandarin, but more importantly, i wanted access to the RINGS' feats, not just mandarin's with the rings. the problem with drafting JUST mandarin is that mandy seldom showcases the full power of individual rings because he is too busy trying to use ALL of them. but EACH ring is very powerful, and it's only when they are shown acting individually that we can see just how cool they are.

with the distinction explained, it really wouldn't have mattered WHO was using the rings:

as it states on panel, "ANY mandarin can use ANY of the rings' powers...." in a comic where the villain has ltd screen time though, it's hard to focus on ALL the rings. so during this BZ i'll be showing what each is capable of when given a little bit of the spotlight. smile

for those unfamiliar with how the rings have changed, here is a recent description of the rings and their abilities:

in terms of coolness, they are vastly underrated. thumb up

now, introductions and explanations out of the way, let's take a look at the battle plan.


pretty simple stuff, really. FANTOMEX is a bit of a pain in the ass. that misdirect can be pretty haxx. at the start of this battle though, he has a couple real big issues to deal with:

(1) the starting distance. his misdirects can be very extensive. they can even carry over planetary distances ONCE BEGUN. but, to my knowledge, he has never misdirected anyone from half a km away. he is always close to his intended victim. even his most audacious misdirect (against apoc's 4 horsemen, that, with EVA's helped, carried over to another PLANET!) only happened when he got into close proximity to the horsemen. and THAT particular effort took nearly everything out of him.... so, unless he can show fantomex casting a misdirect over the starting distance, we have nothing to worry about at the start of the battle.

(2) just in case he CAN cast the misdirect over said distance, i appear encased in a large shroud of DARK FORCE cast by nightbringer. the energy will prevent me from seeing outside the shroud at the outset, and prevent him from seeing me directly. i can say with certainty that he has never misdirected someone he can't see before.... a couple feats of nightbringer:

(the above is essentially what i do, only i cover MYSELF in the darkness)

as you can see, having the ring to cloak me in darkness is less than child's play.

so i appear shrouded in darkness, but then i immediately teleport away, well behind their team, and cloak myself from their senses:

note how malekith was directly beside IM and he STILL couldn't sense him. he was only found by the other rings, which are able to locate each other....

so, i would be perfectly concealed from their team--neither of whom have any special sensory abilities that could possibly be used to locate me.

once i'm safely away from them and outside the misdirect range for certain, i make my way back toward them. if mm has NOT dealt with fantomex already, i focus on him first. i simply teleport behind him and disintegrate him: the force of the ring is capable of dropping IM even with his shields up:

and is easily able to tear apart tony's armor:

fantomex has zero chance of surviving that kind of power.

if fantomex HAS been dealt with, i engage thunderstrike first. again, i teleport behind him but this time i command him to stand still, defenceless, using the mento ring:

masterson has next to zero tp defenses. he'd be easy prey to the ring. or i could simply paralyze him:

old, sure, but masterson is equally defenceless against the ring's power.

once he has been...mastered (heh) i disintegrate him. if i have used the disintegration ring already (the ring HAS been used to shoot multiple blasts in the past, as shown above) i try it again. if you think it takes the traditional 20 mins to recharge, i have a number of options--i could try to incinerate him or encase him in ice at absolute zero:

in half a second, even IM couldn't move. the ice is also strong enough to hold MALEKITH:

or the impact beam could ko him, especially considering he is leaving himself defenceless:

or crush him in a gravity field:

given that he is essentially my paralyzed puppet, i have an almost limitless number of options that can be used to take him out. once he's frozen, maybe i just beat him to death with a giant fist:

or a mountain. no expression

yeah, that should do it. thumb up


starting distance should prevent misdirection, but it doesn't matter as i am cloaked in darkforce and can't see OR be seen making me misdirection-proof. i'm also only present for a moment before i teleport and cloak myself, making myself undetectable. hidden from their senses i teleport behind fantomex and kill him with the disintegration beam.

IF mm has already killed fantomex, i go straight for masterson and use mento ring to take control of his mind before using the variety of powerful offense afforded by the rings to kill him (fire, ice, reanimator or any others i may need).

given the powers available to me on the instant, the rings allow for nearly limitless versatility. if something doesn't go as planned, i have the luxury of being able to switch strategies in mid-battle instantly and adapt to whatever they decide to try. they are GROSSLY out-powered in this match. that advantage, coupled with our ability to adapt on the fly, essentially ensures our victory in this match.

vote team LECTER. thumb up


Old Post Dec 27th, 2015 12:09 AM
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Gender: Male
Location: Scotland

Decter OP


Decter wrote on Dec 23rd, 2015 08:05 PM:
Alright this should honestly be quite a fun match. Fantomex is a badass and Eric is just straight up awesome.

Now before I do anything offensive, my guy will instantly go into sentinel mode. Why is this important? Well once he goes into a sentinel like state he basically becomes a weapon with no feelings. Basically, he loses all sentient value. This version of machine man was the perfect one for dealing with Fantomex.

While he was looking for help cause he knew the sentinel programming was taking over. He is okay and calm at first. And nothing was wrong until Justice and Firestar showed up automatically making him lose it.

So after trying to recieve help he went into sentinel mode and no longer felt anything. And thus attacked the people he went to help for

If memory serves me correct Fantomex can only do it to those who have some sort of sentient. Or at least some kind of brain. I have neither. And what happens when someone shows no sentiment as well as having no brain?

His misdirection fails

Battle Strategy:

I am then going to teleport behind Fantomex amd unleash my concussion blast that hurt Vision at maximum density. And not even the solar gem could absorb the energy. Fantomex has no real way to survive this.

Now before the "he can't control where he teleports" argument begins I will admit that classic version could not. However, in his upgraded version (the one I chose) he has complete control over it.

He does it here against Vision.

And to prevent himself from killing Vision, Justice, and Firestar he instantly teleported himself far away into space. Where he knew he wouldn't hurt them.

After Fantomex is taken care of that just leaves Eric. I instantly use a type of hypnotism on him. How strong is his hypnotism? Well it's strong enough that not even hulk can resist.

So let's recap a bit

1. I instantly go into sentinel mode
2. Misdirection will not work on me
3. I am behind Fantomex at the start of the battle and blast him to oblivion
4. I use hypnosis on Eric sealing the victory for our team
5. Even if misdirection somehow does work on me (most likely will not) Mandarin can also surround me in darkforce energy. And I'll use my implanted scanners to detect where you are and end the fight that way.


Old Post Dec 27th, 2015 12:10 AM
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Gender: Male
Location: Scotland

Team 2

DarkSaint85 OP

High Meta tourney OP
Prepare for trouble!
And make it double!
To protect to world from devastation
To Unite all people within our nation
To denounce the evil of truth and love
To extend our reach to the stars above..
The Lord of Saints blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Interesting, that. A team fight. Let’s see what mischief we can do.

Fantomex is, well, Fantomex. From my previous encounter with LoB:

The main ability I draft is of misdirection:

Which can work across long distances (note: the Horsemen KNEW what Fantomex was capable of, having learnt about it in an earlier encounter; they even remarked that the next time it wouldn’t work. Well, guess what, it did. AND he was injured as well):

It’s instantaneous:

Works on CELESTIAL machinery:

And can fool Professor X, and Jean (he created an entire world, complete with little old ladies):

It took a future Jamie Braddock to BREAK reality, in order to see past it (AND, just prior to this, Fantomex had been badly tortured):

Sure, AoA Wolverine could see past it (as I’m sure Decdas will try to use) – but that’s an alt. Wolverine, who had been upgraded by Celestial tech to be BEYOND Apocalypse, who could also teleport, fire energy blasts, and tank Wolverine’s claws:

Who knows what else this upgraded AOA Wolvy could do? IOW, inadmissible.

However, when Betsy was upgraded with Celestial tech, she was also fooled:

616 Wolvy, despite his enhanced senses, was still fooled:

Now, no doubt the sneaky sneak sneak team of Decdas will attempt something cute and sneaky. Machine Man’s hypnosis? A telepathic attack? Wouldn’t work.

Why? Well, IF they try a hypnosis attack, it would fail. As in their OP, they would be directing their attacks at poor old me (and possibly LoB?). Machine Man’s hypnosis, for example, works through eye contact, and takes seconds to work.

But I am using EVA to see through:

So whilst I stand there on the battlefield, you’d first have to realise you’re attempting hypnosis on the wrong person, THEN you’d have to actually hypnotise all three of my brains, which I can easily switch between:

In that time, my misdirection would have taken hold. Any attack the Mandarin attempts, would actually be directed at poor Decter (and vice-versa). Meanwhile, we have free rein to attack with our own weapons. I have sentient bullets, that do not miss. EVA, with weapon systems of her own. A shrink ray that I stole from Doom.

The main point to take away is, is that WE, the Lord of Saints, are able to have a first strike advantage whilst you two are fighting amongst yourselves.

That’s if you two don’t kill each other first.


Old Post Dec 27th, 2015 12:12 AM
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Gender: Male
Location: Scotland

Eric Masterson wields two weapons that will spell the END for the opposition.



While distracted by Fantomex’s illusions, Masterson, launches a Flash attack which blinds the opposition.

After this offensive , Masterson unleashes the DEATHBLOW!!!



Old Post Dec 27th, 2015 12:15 AM
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Gender: Male
Location: Scotland

(For some reason I can't edit the above OP but that is Lordof Brooklyn's OP)

Every other post is editable but I can't edit that.

Good luck with the match everyone!


Old Post Dec 27th, 2015 12:18 AM
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Senior Member

Location: United States

As we have shown, both Mandarin and Machine man have counters for both our opponents character. With Mandarins dark force energy and my ability to lose all my sentient. This all in all counters Fantomex, and seeing how we both have mind control abilities Eric should be useless as well.

Like what was early misdirection can't work on a non sentient being giving machine man a huge advantage. Misdirection has worked at long distances. However, he has never been shown to misdirect something he can't see, nor be able to misdirect something extremely far away without already being under the illusions.

Both our characters are faster than fantomex to, both of us have teleportation, both of us are getting the big drop on your characters. So even if your misdirection is instantaneous it will be a useless attempt seeing how we already and countered it.

Now on to the Flash delivered by Eric. Again like Leo posted he has Dark energy allowing nothing to get in and can surround me in it as well. So both your opening attacks are now useless. While my attacks (and/or mandarins) are enough to easily one shot Fantomex leaving Eric and his weak mind against top mind controllers.

So let's recap here for a second.
1. Most of your plan has been countered
2. Fantomex without misdirection is useless in this match. And is now a giant weak link in this match.
3. Eric's opening Flash is completely useless due to Dark energy. And will be easily controlled by us

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