What will The Matrix 3 ending be?

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Take a guess. What could the surprises be?

maul's woman
I think everybody will be shown to be totally hooked up to the big machine still.

If not then everyone in Zion who is still alive will emerge upon the surface of the earth. Very strange though. How will they survive?

i think that neos gonna found a secret city in the earth surface and he'll
clean the sky, like he did with the clouds in M2

Jared "The Man"
My Think how it will ALL end is the guy will wake up who has dreamed the WHOLE thing....Thats how it's gonna be because I say so mad


Anyway, i think that the matrix will end with Neo waking up from the Zion world, and finding out that it was all an experiment by the US Government to understand the human psyche, in order to control it better...Or something like that...

I think that smith will wake up. That he is just an accoutant and jump out the window trying to fly.

I beleive they will still be hooked up to the Matrix, and by the way, that waking up part is the ending of A novel I beggan to write scince 1998, 1 YEAR bfore the matrix. Simialr, yes, but all with dreams, and different levels of subconsciousness, I titled it "Journey to the center of the mind"

More than a novel, It's been on every scifi show. My favorite was Red Dwarf's version of the dream world that they wake up from, but then they realize they still dreaming and realy wake up. There are no new idea when it come to movies out of Hollywood, just better special affect and with luck, better cast and writers.

There ARE original movies, but they are few and far between...for instance, how many of you knew that the movie "You've got Mail" is the 2ND remake of a movie from the thirties, i believe

Movies are original, But not the ideas.
They are all out there in old movies. You think the matrix is original?

the matrix is more original than most of the movies i have seen in the past four years...even if it just old ideas rehashed into one super plot...

Please be warned this is a SEMI-SPOILER, I did not see the movie yet, but I came across this and well with the recent release of new trailers for the movie it all makes sense. Appearantly they have already had screenings of the movie in the UK.

The Special effects are great. The best parts are when Smith and Neo fight in the air and then crash to the ground causing major devestation in the city. The machine city and the squid factories looked great especially when the machines drag a blinded Neo through the city to plug him back into the matrix. The fight with Neo and the two ghosts on the train was really spectacular. The dialogue was pretty good and there were several nice lines like the part where Morpheus kills Bane and says "welcome to the real world" or when Smith is threatening Neo and Neo says "It ends tonight!" But all the talk with the homeless guy and the little girl on the train was to long and a little hard to follow. The plot twists are shocking. Like when the kid who saves zion becomes the new architect I flipped out. And when Trinity died flying the spaceship and the machines pull her body off of Neo's I was stunned it happened so fast. The sad part is the death of Neo and Trinity didn't really end the slavery of humankind. I guess that the people of zion that survived are free now but the new architect has to preserve the matrix to save the machines or the machines will wipe out zion. And poor Morpheus is still trying to free minds and save humanity. Based on this ending I expect more matrix movies in the future. And I will be happy to see what else they have up their sleeves.

wow, another spoiler, and, im REALLY getting this sense of Deja VU, like i've READ THIS BEFORE!!! Come on, people, do we have to set up a never moving thread that states NO SPOILERS?!?! This is getting rediculous...

I don't read spoilers, if you too much of a coward to say this is my thought, it's not worth it.

The matris is not original, but it is good. The idea of being slaves to a computer is not original, the idea of being connected to a giant matrix is not original, and stealing the plot from religion and mythology is not original. Even having a old black person be the wise one is not original.

What makes the matrix good is that it has great writeres and great cg. Sort of like Jurassic park. It was not original, but it was and still is good.(just the first one)

I think all he people of Zion are still in the matrix. Neo will free them, but will see that there are many more zions that need be free. I also think that he is a program. And that he can never be free. He will be copied and distributed to the other matrices

I know if i was running a power plant based on people or a computer system, I would have them devided in case a batch went bad.

Errr this is the exact same paragraph that MasterofMatrix posted - It's a load of shit smile <- reference to chacko

Now Lord of the Rings is original - and don't dare say it isn't smile

Uhm no there are no meta-matrices. This is the only Zion.

and tolkien says its not an allegory roll eyes (sarcastic)

i've writen a book and am in the process of getting published, it has the same premises as matrix, that AI becomes more powerful and the machines take over. But it is not nearly as mind boggling as matrix or others, but its got its own twists and i'm super excited that its getting published!! I'm sending the contract off tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes!

Cool man, respect. Book being published - When it's released be sure to tell us all...I know I will buy it.

The Ones
off topic but could you tell me when matrix revolutions is premireing in the uk
(you know with film cast there and all that)

got to matrix countdowns thread, im sure its there

i think this is all shaping up to be a futuristic version of the second coming of christ... really think about it... there would be frauds (the other "one's"wink but one that would save the world. i just think people wanna stray from th religious theme, but its undeniable

The Lord of the Rings was not entirely original, remember that Tolkien was a history scholar as well as english. He used alot of factual history to design his races, and languages. However, without his leap of faith, we would not have modern fantasy the way we do.

Ie, the horse people were based after the Scythians the first aryan horsemasters.

Nothing is really original, haven't you seen that southpark? (Simpsons did it!) smile

Neo wil probably die...........wa miffed mad eek! sad

I have no idea what is soooooo special about lord of the rings. roll eyes (sarcastic)

WTF was this all about.the 1st 1 was great!! excellent story line to go with excellent effects.the 2nd was ok.it had great effects but the story line was a bit vague n slightly missing.the 3rd...WTF??? this confused the hell out of me. how did NEO`s powers transfer to the real world? y was the oracle lying on the floor after agent smith had apparently beaten NEO?what did agent smith do to the oracle when he was in her kitchen?? did he absorb her or didnt he? what was the dude with the white hair yabbering on about at the end? is the matrix destroyed?? or does it still exist?? if so what for i thought the purpose of this escapade to save the humans was to destroy the matrix?? what happened to NEO at the end? did the machines absorb him.are NEO agent smith and the oracle the same thing? if so does that explain y NEO was in love with (the) "TRINITY"

all in all i thought the 3rd film was just a special effects bonanza that had completely lost its way.not impressed at all.il watch it again to c if i missed n e thing as the matrix is always worth a watch but surely the idea of the 3rd film was to explain the 1st and 2nd?? obviously NOT

Spoilers below.

how did NEO`s powers transfer to the real world?
- His scope runs all the way to the source. And that extends to all of the software that is running on those sentinels as well.

y was the oracle lying on the floor after agent smith had apparently beaten NEO?
- Because the Oracle isn't like other entities that Smith absorbed. She maintained her identity even after becoming part of the Smith continuum. You'll notice Smith called Neo "Neo" at the end, instead of Mr. Anderson. And said "Everything that has a beginning, has an end" which is obviously the Oracle speaking through Smith. She was there, inside the Smiths, helping Neo. If you weren't smart enough to figure that out from the clues, they were kind enough to show her lying in the mud so you could make the connection.

what did agent smith do to the oracle when he was in her kitchen?? did he absorb her or didnt he?
- See above.

what was the dude with the white hair yabbering on about at the end? is the matrix destroyed?? or does it still exist??
- Obviously it still exists. That's where they were at the end of the movie. You know because the little girl made the sunrise. She's a program in charge of sunrises, apparently. The Architect said 2 very important things at the end. He said that those who wish to be freed will be allowed to. This most likely extends to rogue programs and human beings. He also said "What do I look like, a human?" when asked if he would keep his word. This is most likely intended to let you know that the promise made to Neo by the machines be kept. Machines keep their word apparently.

The 3rd film did a lot more for the plot than the 2nd film did, if you ask me. Lots of interesting innuendos through the film.

obviously u didn't watch the second matrix...btw i liked the battle sence....exciting and stunning graphics...too bad no more matrix movies but i can stil play the games coming right up big grin

them explanantions r whack.u need a degree in innuendo psycology to watch that shower of shite.face it matrix 3 sucked mad

matrix rev did its job by explaining some mysteries in the second movie....example "how did neo destroyed the machines with jus his bare hands?" the oracle explained that in rev...
if u did not watch the matrix trilogy then stop ranting about the movie...it rules

Quaid> the Oracle's power did not transfer to ALL the Smith's, but she was able to retain her identity in Smith. the Smith that Neo fights IS the Oracle. Just like the Smith that says "Cookies need love too" is Sati. Sati is not in charge of Sunrises. In ANY WAY. However, Sati has no purpose, which is the entire reason she was going to be deleted in the first place. If Sati is created without purpose, then there are no Parameters identifying what she can and cannot do, and she can DO EVERYTHING!!! Also, Rogue programs will not be freed, for them to be "freed", they would need to have a body to be freed into.

I don't remember exactly, but I believe Smith was saying "We've seen it" when he was talking about his premonitions he was receiving from the Oracle. My interpretation of it was that when he absorbs someone, it worked more like the Borg collective. The knowledge and abilities transfered equally to all of them.

As for rogue programs being freed, all that would mean is that they don't have to make a deal with the Merovingian in order to live in the Matrix anymore. Smith even showed it was possible for the programs to get out of the Matrix, so who knows what they can figure out?

The Matrix at the end of the movie probably isn't the same as the Matrix at the beginning of the movie. Did you see the destroyed ground being rebuilt pixel by pixel as Sati regained conciousness? I took that for the Matrix being rebooted. A new start. Maybe Sati has her old abilities back now. I don't know. But as for rogue programs being able to do *anything*... I don't see any evidence that that's a known ability of theirs. Seraph could've summoned a rope to rapel down the wall with to save himself and Sati from Smith, if he were all powerful. <Shrug>

It's a lot of speculation, and it's all open to interpretation. I was just trying to give the guy who couldn't think past "That suxx0red!" a few explanations to work with.

blink this thread is pretty pointless now

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