KMC Tournament of Power

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Tournament will start once I have everyone's write up via PM.

I want to personally thank all the participants who stuck it out. I also appreciate your patience.

Two members dropped out.

Sin I Am and JBL.

Please keep that in mind when considering the validity of strategies, outcome, and votes.

Note to Judges and Participants. I allowed deathslashto supplement book material for the lack of comic book appearances for his character (Darth Sidious)


bluewaterrider - Wonder Woman
Biggest threats are probably Zoom, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Thor, and Energy Superman in about that order. Realistically have to allow some players to eliminate each other. I am assuming I have my lasso in hand even as Green Lantern has ring in hand. Strategy: Immediately ascend while stamping the ground silently praying for the Godwave and asking Hermes if he would allow his name as the God of Speed to be mocked by Western heathen (Flash and Zoom).
While flying as fast as possible around the dome, I would wrap my fist and forearm with the lasso as a boxer pre-wraps with tape before putting on gloves.
Note this leaves fingers exposed and free to grasp, but palms, fists, and arms protected. This also protects me to some extent from mental assaults and illusion. I have prepared Proteus' gift of illusion and my Morpheus touch. I am seeking to lasso Martian Manhunter above all else. I will partner with any JLA teammate against the rest of the field, so if someone says to me "Wait, let's do this together!", I will accept, though first probably lasso them to see if they're sincere. Now ...
If Hermes has granted me speed great enough to counter Flash and Zoom directly, I knock out Zoom. I'll let Flash handle as much of the rest of the field as possible before taking him out, unless he teams with me, via simple lasso command or sleep touch, which is the method I'll use by default for every opponent regardless, unless I can get J'onn to sleep everyone.
Ditto for Godwave granted.
If Martian Manhunter partners with me, I'll have him mind-whammy everybody. If that doesn't work on Flash, have J'onn disappear and, while invisible, ambush Flash the way the White Martians did earlier. If MM won't cooperate tries the Injustice phasing, etc, pray to Hermes to allow air friction physics to resume around me and create the heat neccessary to weaken and subdue MM or force his surrender. Lasso him as partner
If cratered by an occupied heavy hitter, feign unconsciousness or death while using Proteus' illusion to hide my open eyes and unscarred features. Surprise them with Morpheus touch if they follow up. Please note that my bracelets block magic lightning (see Wonder Woman #600), and that Thor's presence with overpowered Mjolnir along with the speedsters make Wondy's gods granting Godwave near-automatic.






carver9 - Zoom (Hunter Solomon)- Team Carver & Reality Warper
Alright, so I'm sure everyone knows what my plans are but they are entirely unsure on who my partner is... My plan is to take out everyone as fast as possible while at the same time using my partner as back up. I AM the fastest person on the field and the battlefield is only 4000 miles long. I have all of the time in the world. Let me explain why...
I'm so fast that Zoom is a blur to the Jay. Jay thought that he was hit by an invisible enemy. Didn't even see what hit him.
Let me guess. Since this is Jay, you're not impressed by it??? Here we have blood lusted Wally attacking Zoom and Zoom is blocking all of his attacks with one hand.
Wait, let me guess, that still isn't impressive. How about this. Flash stole speed/power from Jay and Bart. Let me guess, you all think that is still too slow? Even with the added speed, Zoom still appeared as a blur to Flash.
I can also post him living (yes, living) within the ticks of a second. I'm not going to do it because I know you all believe it.
I have to be relentless during this match, I have to kill (yes, kill), everyone before they even realized what is going on and I am capable of doing it. People here is probably thinking that they are safe due to this fight being on an arena 4000 plus miles wide. Probably thinking they can react before I got to them. As I said before, I have all of the time in the world. While fighing, combating flash, I was capable of covering EVERY INCH of the planet a THOUSAND TIMES in less than a second.

I can find everyone, kill them, play a game of solo chess, eat me a happy meal afterwards and still have enough time to spare before they realized they were dead. My main problem here is Flash but I am too fast for him as well. Yes, too fast for him. I was able to visit Linda, who was a thousand miles away and return back to an amped Flash before he realized what happened. He didn't even see me move.
So the combatants start off with standard weapons. My goal here is to take advantage of one person weapon and that is Diana.
I quickly run over to Diana. I take her sword and her rope (remember, everything is at a standstill while I am doing this). Guess who my first victim is going to be? Of course, Flash. Remember, I was able to move faster than an amped Flash could perceive. This version of Flash isn't amped. I run over to him and lop his head clean off (I know, brutal). I then proceed to run over to Blue Superman and slice through his shields, punch at his shields with all of my strength until I am in. I then proceed at laying haymakers, thousands of them until he is dropped.
I run over to silver surfer and I slice and punch away at his shields with everything I have until I break through. Surfer shields isn't enduring a thousand punches more powerful than Superman punches or a blade that can cut through Atoms.
Her sword with just a flick of her wrist damage Superman.
Once I'm through. I punch Surfer with a thousand Superman PLUS level punches koing him and tossing him off the edge with a hard punch to follow. Thanos has killed Surfer is 6 punches... how many all out blows do you think it would take me to drop him?
I then go on a killing spree with the sword. I cut off Sin head. I then cut off Martian Manhunter head and then grab him, push him to the edge, punch him off as hard as I can so I can make sure he touches the bottom. Why did I do this? Because if he grows his head back, he still have to fly back up. I cant see that happening in 2 seconds.
I slice Digi head clean off. We have all witness my blade cutting Superman. I stab him right in the brain with it and push him off the cliff. Stab Odinson in the brain. If he have a shield up, I do to the shield the same thing I did to Surfer Shield and then I cut him to pieces starting with his head. Thor has been stabbed through on many occasions. Here is an emample.
I turn Thor into Chopped steak.
Diana gets her neck chopped off as well with her own blade but just to seal the deal, I grab her tiara as an additional weapon.
Nate gets his shields punched through. His shields can NOT handle my punches. How do I know? 4 punches from Hulk broke clean through his shielding. I will hit his shield with hundreds of Superman plus blows.
Once I'm in, head slice. Run to Godzilla and circle his entire body with the blade. Run up and down his body with the blade. Make sure I have covered every square inch of his body until he is chunks. I turn invincible into Sushi, starting with what, his skull.
Hyperion gets stabbed in the head. If a blade can cut Supes, it can cut him as well. How do I know. Corvus blade sliced
So we have Doom (major problem, thanks a lot ID for giving people prep), Hal, Kang, Darth Sid, Quasar, and Kang. Remember me having a partner. Here is where my partner come into play. Remember me having that lasso, it is needed here. I push all of these peeps once they are found on this flat surface to Elixar. I then wrap Darth Sid, Hal and Quasar in Diana lasso and leave them in front of Elixar. I then put Kang and Doom in front of each other hoping they are not team mates and let them fight it out while I go and help Elixar with her three opponents. I keep all 3 of these people busy solo while Elixar get through their shielding taking them out. I pound away, keep them preoccupied long enough for her to wrap it up against these opponents. I guess I need proof that I can fight multiples of peeps at high speeds. Here we have me fighting the Justice League, hitting them before they could react.
And I was holding back during the scan above. Here is my partner ability which is the reason I put him in front of shield peeps. cGF0aDpDaGFyYWN0ZXIgZmVhdHMvSm9zaHVhIEZvbGV5IEVsaX

Quasar shields can be broken through.
I have the strength to crash them and the punching power to do it as well. Hal Jordan Shields will get ripped through as well because I do have the punching power to do it as shown here when Diana rips through the shields with ease.
If I can punch through these people shieldings, Dark Sid shields are nothing and he gets pummeled to death and stabbed, shanked. I then run over while staying blind to the neck eye (faster than Flash can see) and I check on the fight between Doom and Kang. Whomever wins between those two will be problematic. I stay invisible and I run over and tell Elixar to pretend like he is dead or once he is blasted, pretend like he is out of if he gets killed, (sorry Elixar) I'll still win the fight for us. I disappear from the battlefield while remaining at Superspeed.
Here we see Zoom living in the tick of a second. I will wait it out until the last person that is standing thinks he won the battle. Once he lets his guard down, shields down. I kill him instantly, even if its Doom and Kang.

This was a fast written out paragraph. Sorry everyone. Had to get this out of the way. At least I killed Dark.

RealityWarper - Elixir - Team Carver & Reality Warper
My general strategy is to stay around with Carver scouting while I am hiding like a ninja.

Carver lure the opponents in my vicinity and I destroy them when they are around.

Elixir is an omega-level mutant with Biokinesis. He would have no problem killing everyone here because his powers ignores the durability. He simply destroy totally their biology and disintegrate them.
Died and resurrected himself:

Kills and resurrect one of the DArkriders:








celeyhyga17 - Loki - Allied: Celey with Super-mutant Post 1/2
Loki's plan is to divide and conquer.

Match starts, I put up shields.
Shields powerful enough to go rounds with Seth(skyfather level in his realm). Same Seth who's fight with Odin caused shockwaves in "every plane of reality".

I locate my buddy Victor with extensive clairvoyant abilities.
Telepathic link so we will have synergy with our planning and our moves.

Telepathic link.

Locates the Avengers from the Isle of Silence.

Locates GR and Absorbing Man from afar.

I teleport to him or I teleport him to my location. Then I cloak us with invisibility and keep us phased.

Teleports himself and Osborn while phased and cloaked.

Locates Hulk while in Asgard and teleports him there.

Teleports and visible only to who he wants.

Teleports to Thor's location and is immediately phased and invisible.

Not only teleport you, but also the ground you walk on(w/wards to prevent easy escape).

Can dimensionally phase.

Can molecularly phase others from remote location(Asgard to earth).

Sorcery to keep us extra hidden.

Mephisto cannot pinpoint Loki in his own realm.

Mordred cannot identity Loki's Astral form.

And oh btw, I'm pretty fast when it comes to spellcasting and mobility.

"My speed is that of a god!"

Moves at the speed of thought.

Spell casting at the speed of thought!

Speed of thought trumps the speed of light.

And again.

Can perceive radio waves. Radio waves travel at the speed of c.

So many things me and my buddy Victor can do while completely undetectable by the others. We can easily be upon our enemies and cause havoc. He'll do his thing while I do mine. We can also cause damage remotely.

As for what I can bring to the table, here are just a few.

Power drain. He can take what he wants or just make you less than you are. With Doom's own power draining capabilities, our opponents are double phukked.

Takes Godstorm's power for his own.

Removes Hulk's gamma spawned power.

Drains the Wrecking Crew.

I can matter manip my surroundings to keep things in our favor.

Hell I can outright warp my opponents if I want to.

Tree into tiger.

Humans into "blank beings" and "negatives".

Humans into stone and glass. Remove your innards and leave just skin. Remove your skin.

Storm giant into falcon and back.

Asgardian into a goat.






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