What did you last repair??

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I last repaired one of my 8 track tapes smile

I got volume 2 of "1950s rock and roll collection" and the pad was no good so I went out to find a good pad...... I found one and last night I went about fixing it....

When I opened the cartridge the tape came off the spool a little and I thought I lost the tape but I managed to get it wound back on the spool and into the cartridge and she plays fine smile

Now to get volume 3 of this amazing set.... Its a 4 record set,3 8 track set (Im not sure how many cassettes or CDs in the set)

That's pretty rad. My dad taught me how to repair guitar pickups the other day, next time I should be able to do it myself.

Tha requires a delicate hand I would think smile

Good for you!!

Worked on my bike a little this morning before heading out.

Oh, i fixed my doorbell yesterday!
It was making a low steady humming sound that was driving me insane (my PTSD makes certain sounds/loud noises almost painful) , so i got out the the toolbox and went for it.

Surprisingly, i stopped the humming!

A computer.

I fixed...myself a sandwich! eek!

Urine stream after ejaculation

Nuke Nixon
Fixed my attitude, I no longer give fvcks.

Helped a friend fix a flat this afternoon.

Helped out putting a grill together. It was me, two kids, and my friend's spouse. She took charge.
He better appreciate that damn thing tomorrow!

I wouldnt call it repairing, but the door to my garage got stuck today.
I figured it'd be a quick fix to unscrew/remove the knob. Wound up having to tear it out in pieces, and even peel back part of the frame.
After that i said **** it, i'll go buy a new knob tomorrow.

Fixed that damn door like a boss!

I last fixed an 8 track tape I got...

The foil was bad and the tape came apart so i took some clear masking tape and cut slightly smaller width than the tape and put it back together... The foild was OK so I just left it there.... She thankfully runs fine past it..... *Barry Manilow II)

Washing Machine. Damn thing needed a new belt...and I find a good BELT fixes a lot of things...

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