Trying to establish/rank Darth Zannah's Sith Sorcery (Gauntlet Included)

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Keep in mind I'm not too familiar with Zannah's combative abilities.

Ever since watching Antoine's video on Anakin and Obi-Wan VS Bane and Zannah which I'll link here;

In my initial Thread about the video, I had fellow (superior) member DarthAnt66 explain to me his assessment and understanding on how her "Force magic" would combatively work.

The discussion and debate with other members is here:

(Link may not work due to my computer ****ing around)

While I have a better idea on how it works, I still don't quite understand the overall effectiveness as I AncientPower brings up how Zannah's sorcery may be "explicitly" different from the explanation Ant gave where he responds he doesn't think it'd come into play because she was dealing with characters less powerful than herself.

Antoine seems to suggest that without in-depth knowledge of Sith Sorcery, targets are completely vulnerable. While this would work on someone like Ezra Bridger or ESB (Maybe even ROTJ) Luke, this would be due to their lesser power.

Well, obviously Luke's raw power > Zannah's, although I'm not sure if he'd be able to actively repel it. Someone like Kanan's who's chill as **** I don't think would be effected by it, but it'd still be a good distraction.

Zannah's ranking seems to be heavily debated among the versus community. Some say she's Ventress level whereas I've seen others have her above Dooku and Vader.

Which also reminds me of how I've wondered how her Sith spells would do against Vader.

I haven't read any books with Zannah in it but have seen enough of the Forcecast to get a general idea of her capabilities.

I'm just curious on where people rank her and put her combatively.

Sith Sorcery Gauntlet:

Zannah must penetrate the opponents Force shield as Ant suggests or must be directly effected although she does not have her saber and wins by dominating someones mind outright.

In fact lets say she's on the other side of the red shield doors from the Duel of Fates and wins each round by

Note: Order isn't supposed to be exactly accurate

Warm up: Ezra Bridger (Either version it likely won't matter lol)

Round 1 - Kanan S1 at the time he gets over Ezra's supposed death.

Round 2 - Kanan S2 right before his blinding.

Round 3 - Kanan S4 as of the most recent episode.

Round 4 - Later TCW Asajj Ventress (Antoine has a video where Zannah's able to use her magic against Ventress to take a 7/10 (I think) majority against her)

Round 5 - Legends Quinlan Vos

Round 6 - Dark Disciple Asajj Ventress (Where she becomes more stable)

Round 7 - Qui-Gon Jinn

Round 8 - TPM Maul

Round 9 - TCW/SOD Maul

Round 10 - Rebels Maul

Round 11 - Savage Opress why the hell not

Round 12 - ROTS Obi-Wan Kenobi

May think of more I'll add later.

Stops at TPM Maul.

TCW Maul should be 11, by the way.


TPM Maul.

Freedon Nadd
I want a Force session with her. I would tap into her depths. And show her the true Power Of The Dark Side!

Probably TPM Maul.


Originally posted by S_W_LeGenD

Even ROTS Kenobi.

Stops at Jinn. If generous, stops at Maul.

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