BATTLEZONE! Superman vs Spectrum, Leonidas vs Baziemarc123

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Once more, the Fates have intervened. Once more, these characters' destinies have intertwined.

Whilst on an exploratory mission for the Ultimates, Monica Rambeau, Spectrum, was sucked into a portal. Dazed, confused, she quickly recognizes her surroundings, and is ready and alert for battle.

16th Century Venice.

0.5km away, from another portal, falls the Last Son of Krypton. Superman quickly realises his predicament and is also ready and alert.

It is at this point both characters are taken over by our esteemed posters.

1. No BFR
2. Post-Crisis Superman, no energy Superman
3. Three post limit per poster
4. 2 week post limit from today - so it ends 30th of June
5. Loser stays off the forum for two weeks.
6. Judges will be Darksaint85, Damborgson, and one other (tbc).
7. Baziemarc123 will post first, then Leo, then Baz etc until both sides have had a total of three posts.
8. No prep

May he who dies, die well.

I'll start it off real simple, what's gonna stop superman from spectrum going inside of him and exploding like here for example when she did it against a minion of the infinities who is powered by extra dimensional energy

no. go use google


First and foremost, Leo's ignorance is astounding so I'll just ADDRESS the nonsense that a simple emp can stagger her

emps by her OWN admission give her a 5 second migraine:

in the scan Leo provided it just show Monica being surprise she was hit while she was intangible She BARELY finched and it didn't effect her negatively, not even close, as we see her just fine next page:

an EMF never stopped or held Monica at bay, ever period. each scan provided was just an energy opaque field which Supes has never shown to produce as seen in the above scan

even here, Anti-Man used super dense energy field which AGAIN isn't an EMF

Again, ENERGY opaque field, this isn't the same thing as an EMF, period:

****Now The Monica Human form and the part where she can supposedly be "Caged", "phased out of existence by counter vibration****

Let's address this:

Monica doesn't ACTUALLY have a human form:

here it confirms Monica's "human form" is just a hard light construct as confirmed by Blue Marvel:

Her hard light form or "human form" had been destroyed by a beyonder shown here:

And she reformed moments later:

BTW Superman isn't the only one that can use counter frequences; here Spectrum (Monica) USED her cosmic awareness to do JUST THAT:

more than one occasion Monica's used this ability to penetrate and destroy extremely powerful fields like here where she broke the shields of sanctuary II by expanding herself miles wide:

Oh and this was pre amped Spectrum too

for reference Santuary II shields are durable enough to tank the destruction of a star with casual:

she's dodged thousand attacks AT light speed while trapped, and would be alot faster than an object standing still allowing itself to be trapped:

Monica would absorb the EMF and just amp herself BASED on the fact she can absorb anything in the electromagnetic spectrum seen here:

Monica was also able to penetrate the field of an infinite bigger than a planet with zero injuries:

your entire argument is done with, period. keep trying


okay so let's start


Your ARGUMENT that an EMP FIELD can trap her is baseless. oh, and its funny you used Iron Man as an example when Monica RIPPED away from one of his best suits to date ( after being absorbed thanks to Some help from scarlet watch) i.e Tony having help/amp from Wanda still couldn't contain HER LMAO as we see here:

""There, my power to Alter probabilities has altered yours, Iron Man" -Wanda

"So my armor can absorb her like a sponge before she changes it, what are the chances, huh? Must be One in...Oh I don't know... Thanks to you, Witchie Poo."

Heh... well you're right Tony, MAAYYBE, EVEN WITH WANDA HELP, But--- DIDN'T WORK, and she still managed to rip through the armor LOL:

and once again Leo's ARGUMENT is baseless, EVEN if Spectrum WAS hit with an EMP there's ZERO evidence to support it wouldn't do more than annoy her. it CERTAINLY had never took out her in the past post blue marvel amp, and THAT'S assuming Superman hits her while she blitzes at light speed.

In EVERY scan you posted Superman uses his FIELD on objects that's standstill and EVEN if he can perceive her movements, EMF arent faster than light and shes proven she can dodge Thousands of attacks at light speed in close quarters at that.

But, HEY let's ASSUME she's staggered, there's NO "human form" for her to revert to and you keep IGNORING this fact:

BTW, in Monica's earlier years, just literally her first day as captain marvel unofically she used her OWN body to cap off the energy of an entire universe from spilling into earth 616 universe stated if left unchecked, it would've destroyed the universe:

Monica's just as good, if not FAR better at transmuting energy and IDENTIFYING frequencies than superman.

here was she capable of absorb transmute and find the correct frequency of energy for Galactus incubator to except all at light speed. The ODDS of finding the right frequency for alien tech to except that is older than the universe itself is astronomical:

To accomplish this, she absorbed energy from Blue Marvel Captain Marvel and ENERGY from an Iso 8 which is the energy USED to create REALITY and is what cosmic cubes are made of:

She used this ability along with her cosmic awareness to find weaknesses before. as seen here when she perceives things happening in the universe all around her:

Even remote viewing things taking space outside of space and time:

This can be used to figure out Superman's weakness to red sun radiation or she can hit him with the entire electromagnetic spectrum when an assortment of different energies has taken Superman out before seen here:

she also doesnt need to enter through superman's eye to enter his body shown here when she becomes gamma energy and took control over She hulk as well as amping her:

She did the same thing with blue marvel where she states shes moving his limbs

Monica can avoid any "soul cancellation" based on the fact supes does htis with his voice meaning the attack travels at the speed of sound that of which she can avoid. EFFORTLESSLY

Along with creating light images of herself has a defensive strategy

And again Superman has NEVER trapped anything within an EMF while it was moving at Light speed. period.

Durability wise Monica's been able to Tank the explosion of an anti matter bomb ment to destroy a planet to the face

And in her Light form she has one shotted a Mindless one blowing through his chest

for reference Mindless ones are capable of withstanding the gravity of a Neutron Star

Game over kid

oh and almost forgot

she could Freeze Superman's brain to absolute Zero

"absolute zero total absence of molecular motion.. brilliant"

Or Scramble his brain ...evidence of this is when she did the opposite and helped blue marvel adjust to the mental feedback while trying to capture Shapers ghost

oh and about superman's "will"

both her and America chevez were seemingly immune to the telepathic will of an alien warlord who was using Galactus incubator to amp himself subjecting an entire planet to his will


Okay so given the nature of the BZ and that one of the posters is now banned, I'm just going to directly post my verdict lol.

Baz (since I know you're watching)

The good: Well debated, you convinced me that Monica can't be trapped, as she'd just shift her energy out of the containment field and escape. You also convinced me that Monica doesn't really have a fragile human form that can be easily shattered by Superman. Good showing of cosmic awareness for Monica, I believe she would possibly be able to dish out some weak point attacks.

The bad: You completely wasted your first post, and then did very little to follow up your offense. You played very counter-like after your first post and given you went first, that shouldn't have been the case. You did bring up some offense later, but nothing that wasn't counter able.


the good: You proved that Superman is significantly faster and would be able to avoid Monica as much as he'd like essentially. You also proved that an EMP would at the very least stun her and then Superman could take it away from there, despite her not really having a fragile human form.

the bad: Your containment strategy won't work enough for a victory in my opinion, that seems to be area where Monica can get away from Superman and while Superman wastes some time with it possibly even harm him.

How the fight would go down:

Monica blitzes, gets evaded, Superman tries to trap her, Monica escapes, eats an EMP and is dazed for enough time that Superman can vibrate her or sing her out of existence and what not. Even if Monica manages to slip past Superman and attack him during the containment attempt, she wouldn't be able to put him down before being stunned and then killed.

Verdict: Baz, you did fine which shows you have good potential debating skills. But my vote goes to Leo, not because I hate you or whatever reason you're stalking right now, but because you had no answer to Leo's speed, no answer to his durability and wasted your first post so basically started a post behind. When you inevitably sock into another account, you'll have more experience and improve even more. Not a bad showing at all on your part, you have some stuff to be proud of thumb up

Again though, my vote goes to Leo.

laughing out loud

me am shocked. thumb up

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Originally posted by leonidas
laughing out loud

me am shocked. thumb up

If you're not a judge, then keep your judgments out of this thread.

thanks bada. thumb up

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