Leo's Secret Wars!!1! Leo vs Borgson!

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Damborg's opening post:




QUICK HOST NOTE: bada, pr and celey will be judging this one. will send pm's tonight and let them know the match is ready to be ruled on as soon as borg finishes up. no rush dude, you got til saturday if needed. great match you put together, win or lose. thumb up



Solid posts and plans from both of you. But this vote will be shorter than my typical assessments.

At the open, Leo had shields up with invisibility and intangibility, while initially planning to make sonic weapons, energy daggers and mutant suppression. Damborg went for a large scale mental/spirit attack, a large lightening storm attack and hammer throw which will absorb energy and cause damage if it hits Fire Panther..

Damborg and Leo backed their claims for the most part, with some of the usual hyperbole. I pretty much ignored any counters which seems to be lowballing, PIS, CIS, etc.

So we have Thinister making large scale attacks while Fire Panther is playing defensive and waiting for the counter punch. I believe that Fire Panther would have stayed undetected for several moments. I believe Thinister would have eventually worn down Fire Panther's defenses.

The fatal flaw. Thinister had no shields up. I had to read his OP several times to make sure I didn't miss him raising shields. This gave Fire Panther an almost instant attack which would have left Thinister vulnerable to Fire Panther's "finishing move". As I said earlier, I believe Fire Panther would be undetectable for several moments. No shields for Thinister and he'd only need a single moment. Had Thinister's shields been raised at the go, Fire Panther likely would have had to materialize to break the shields and the match would have gone down a lot differently.

My vote goes to Leo.

A lot of points and counterpoints from both. It seemed each combatant could throw a lot at the wall to see which one would stick(Dambo's style mainly). He threw a lot pretty much nigh simultaneously at the onset. Leo's opening seemed a bit more well thought out mainly because of shields and read more like a step by step plan. I saw some really downright interesting stuff like Fire Panther creating some of BP's array of sweet tech and Thinister using Mew Mew as a "heat seeking missle/vacuum".

It would take a dozen page essay to break down each and everything that each combatant had proposed so I'll stick to the ones I thought were the most important...

At 50k I think Fire Panther can get shields up even with Mjolnir flying at light speed. Dambo did have Mew Mew at a "heat seeking" and energy draining state, but it still has to find its target. That small moment I think gives Fire Panther the time to shield up then go intangible. This should give Fire Panther the time to reach Thinister's vicinity and possibly launch an attack. I said possibly because even though Thinister seemed to throw a lot out there to see which one sticks, a few things seem to be sticking. More on that later...

Ok now on to the issue of Thinister's tp capabilities versus Fire Panther's tp defenses... I think it's a wash. Though Dambo showed Thinister as a quite uber telepath, Leo showed enough for me to muddy up the waters for this avenue of attack. I don't think Thinister's mind is so weak that he would "hurt himself" trying the tp route, but Fire Panther I think has enough roadblocks to fend off outright mind whammies. This also goes for Thinister getting an exact bead on him early. And all this even though Dambo brought up the multiple minds issue. I especially liked the "psionic aegis" at the end. Tricksy... Though I said "it's a wash", wash generally favors Fire Panther here.

So back to the opening. We have Fire Panther shielding up, then going intangible. I said earlier both used many points and counterpoints. Dambo mentioned one thing that seemed to really stick... Fire Panther's ghost/intangible form and item creation. He would have to go tangible to create his main set up for his finishers as well as some of the finishers themselves(Leo himself seemed to acknowledged that fact). That is the mutant supressor. For the record I think Thinister's make up will not be easily erased just like that based on Dambo's explanation. It could probably work, but over time. The main obstacle would be the storm. The storm is another one of Thinister's throw a lot out and one may stick opening that seems to be sticking. That storm based on Dambo's scans would overwhelm almost anything tangible including a needle with nanites. It looks to me it would be extremely difficult for Fire Panther to launch an effective counter attack with such storms buffetting him the moment he goes tangible. I can see Fire Panther going back to defensive mode when the storms starts to overwhelm him, but then this would end up being an attrition battle(albeit short one).

In a battle of attrition even a mini one, I see things going in Thinister's favor. At light speed, Mew Mew would end up "finding" him soon enough and then energy drain would be more of a factor as moments pass. Maybe even the tp route would open. Leo's tight opening was good, but I think he didn't quite have the finish to finish off Thinister. Having to go tangible to create the much needed tech may have been an oversight? I'm not sure whether this was Dambo's plan all along, but this time the "throw everything out there fast method" actually worked.

Thinister accidently wins.

stick out tongue

Posted here because sending phildo a pm is not working. Not sure if I was or wasn't supposed to. Oh well, too late now.

Posting in here as everyone else seems to be:

I liked the posts for the most part, and I did my utmost to only go by what you'd shown me rather than trying to mentally argue for or against either of your arguments (as there were some things I would agree with, and some things I wouldn't), and I was actually undecided even after I read the final posts, so I had to think about it some more.

As far as the fight goes, I feel like Damborg's main attack has more "oomph" to it. Like it's going to hit harder than what Leo has planned for his attack. That said, Damborgson's argument felt a little like he had more eggs in one basket, and if his primary attack didn't get the job done, his lack of defences when compared to Leo would end up biting him in the ass. I felt like Leo's argument allowed a bit more flexibility (and I liked the acid attack, even if I wasn't sold on it's effectiveness).

I feel like it would have ended up being a more drawn out fight as I wasn't sure either initial attack would get the job done, and that meant I had to go back and read the whole thing again as I just wasn't sure who would edge it. The arguments by both guys were strong, and I liked that everything was at least reasonably backed up. Whether the scan was something I agreed with or not, it was still nice to see where you guys were coming from without just posting a wall of them in lieu of an actual argument.

You both had me on your side at one point, but when it comes down to it, I have to give the edge to Thinister. Sorry Leo. I just felt like I wasn't seeing enough from your side to put down Damborg's combination, and if I'm being brutally honest, I think Mjolnir even in this thread was shown to be broken enough that it would eventually break the tie.

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