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battlefield is a newly terraformed MARS. Abhi repping strange/living laser, borgson thor/sinister.

judges are smurph, phil and boks.



Ok, let's get this started.

First off, a summary of my defenses which will be up at the start.
Simple shields tank destruction of a planet, tanked a supernova, a pissed off Mephisto, a pissed off Dormammu, even a big bang (confirmed decades later) and even attacks which were ripping entire dimensions aparts. There are just too many such scans so I'm just posting some of the good ones. If need be, I'll post more later.
So forget about breaking Strange's autoshields.
Now, we get to his casted shields. Holds off Dormammu hurling enough force to topple planets, shields from Galactus, shields from Cyttorak in his own realm, Mephisto and Satannish etc. Strange can cast these shields by just a thought.


These shields can even stop the intangible attacks like Deathurge which have pierced the likes of Quasar and Silver Surfer with no issues.



Deathurge attacks are by default intangible.


So Mjolnir is not phasing through the shields either.

Second thing, I'm much faster than Thornister.

Living Laser can of course move at speed of light.


But what you don't know is that Dr Strange can move at the speed of thought as well.


Umar cleaved through Earth in a microsecond with her spell. Dr Strange moved so fast that time stood still while he overtook her spell meant to kill Clea and had enough time to move around and stop the spell by his own shields.

So that takes care of speed issue. After all, Monica made Thor look like a statue when she moved at the speed of light.


Then I become intangible and undetectable by the likes of Brother Voodoo and Iron Man who have actually detected magic.


Next thing, I cast a sphere of nullification which nullifies all magic in it.


It even nullified Darkhold's magic.


And Darkhold is powerful enough to banish Odinforce Thor along with entire Asgard.


This is noteworthy as mjolnir is rendered useless in a magic nullification sphere.


After that I teleport mjolnir into a sun destroying it. Thanks Aaron.

Next I place Thor under an illusion. This has already been done when Strange made Thor believe Strange was dead.


And mindrape Thornister just like I did against Galactus.


Next I immoblize Thornister just like I did with Thor and Hyperion.


Next is strength. Even the mindless Hulk can't breach Strange's autoshields and just gives up.


Now, I use a spell to drain all the power from Thornister, just like I did with Arioch, Shuma Gorath and Odinforce Thor to repair mjolnir. I will only drain power, not ego from Thornister.


And blast the shit out of thor like I did to Hulk.


Next thing is his TP. Just forget about that.

Defeats Umar in her own realm. Umar has easily mindcontrolled Hulk in the past.


Bested Nightmare in his own realm.


And even Adam Warlock using mind gem when he had full IG were not able to do anything to Strange with the eye of Agamotto.


And has dropped HOM Wanda with just one attack.


Even just recently he casually ignored Turk with mind gem commanding for him to forget.


And even a total noob Hood with mind gem stomped Xavier.


And even a depowered Dr Strange fooled the same Hood with his illusions.


Next thing, I rip out Thornister's soul and banish it to another dimension. It has worked on the like of Silver Surfer, Hulk and Dormammu.


So in short, Thornister is immobilized, mjolnir is depowered and destroyed, placed in an illusion, has his soul ripped off and banished, his power entirely drained and then blasted to atoms by Strange.

All at the speed of light+speed of thought. Thornister wouldn't even know what hit him.

This is just for start. Let's begin.



because of possible formatting issues, both competitors are allowed to fix any broken links before any rebuttals are made. obviously they do not count against post counts. good luck gents, and have at it! thumb up




First of all, I never understand the draft of Living Laser. There are literally a ton of much better speedsters in meta tier, ones with actual good COMBAT SPEED/reflexes feats. Living Laser... if you hype him up, you may as well give FTL reflexes to Iron Man, which is BS.
So, I don't believe that increased travel speed will translate to increased combat speed.

Second, while Abhi threw everything and the kitchen sink regarding the feats of Strange, he gave no proof of hiding from Mjolnir guided attack, which at 50 km distance may prove fatal. Had he a speedster like Northstar with actual reflexes/thinking feats, he could have had a chance. As of now, his only proof of increased thinking speed... is the scan of Strange himself. And then the question is WTF Living Laser contributes to other than extra vulnerabulities?

Third, the route of attacks of Damborgson was much more suited to the opening distance, and so...

Damborgson is the winner of the match. Sorry, darling, and I wish the best to you regarding your recovery, but Living Laser was a plain handicap, that contributed literally nothing.



i'll add my vote since the other judges have become tied up for the moment....

i don't have much to add to what boks and cdb have already said. maybe with another couple posts abhi could have countered some of the negative living laser stuff, but in this match in particular he def seemed more a hindrance than an asset. if he had some clear combat and thinking speed feats that would MAYBE have been difference but an energy being vs the hammer? that almost never ends well. too many plausible defenses for the hammer. the hammer is also legendary against magic. again, with more posts maybe abhi could have poked wholes in borg's offense and defense (i did find that borg once again used a little bit of the kitchen sink approach for offense and defense and could maybe have tried a less....scattery approach? lol) but amply showed magical defenses and options and we've seen how well sinister shores up his mental defenses.

in short, i didn't think abhi was fast enough to pull off what he wanted to, nor was i convinced a lot of his magic would work against a proven magic countering plot device. decision BORG

well done and thanks to all who took part. this did not run as smoothly as i would have liked but for those who did their part, a big thanks. i'll remember for the future tourneys. thumb up

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