Battlezone! Philosophia/Thor vs. Damborgson/Hal Jordan

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-Classic Thor will be repped by Phil. Hal Jordan will be repped by Dambo.
-3 posts each .
-Match to conclude next Saturday .
-Opponents start 0.5 km from each other in a cell games ring:

Phil's OP:

Here we are.

Ragnarok has come and, in the dying embers of Thor's reputation, tarnished by so many years of beatings and shortcomings, echoing from darkness, the John Williams theme is heard.

And thus, a new cycle begins.

Is the thunder God worthy?

Chapter I. Hammer and nail

In the end, what better way than to face his complete opposite, the one whose reputation has seen the biggest rise - Hal Jordan, the greatest Green Lantern of them all.

I mean, an energy wielding character against Mjolnir should be a proper..........wait, what?
"*Freeze frame*
You're probably wondering..."

Judges, in advance, thank you for your effort. And it will be an effort, because throughout this match you will hear plenty of things. You will hear stories of krona busters, universal will, of different kind of constructs, of defenses, of grand feats.

But... this discussion isn't about 'who has done the most impressive stuff'. No, this discussion is simply about how their individual abilities match-up. And...

Contrary to popular belief, a Green Lantern's main weakness is not the color yellow.

It's Mjolnir.

Everything a Green Lantern does is by using energy

Their constructs, their energy projection, their shields - all of it, raw energy from the emotional electromagnetic spectrum:

You might see where this is going, so I'll jump right in..

The fight

With that said..

1). The very moment we are transported to the battlefield, I instantly race towards Hal , hammer in hand.
Travelling by Mjolnir is fast:

2). Simultaneously, I omni-directionally absorb energy.]
So in that split-second, if he tries to conjure anything I absorb it.
The range in which I can do that is planetary :

3). As I close down on him and absorb his defense and offense...
Like here, where he absorbed energy from Null Bomb :

Green Lanterns and energy absorbtion? Yummy.

For a proper visual representation:

4). ....I also hit him with all-out strikes, the likes of which can shatter the world underneath me and a nearby moon.

I aim the blows at the head :

....and at his ring-hand. And legs. And ribs. Why? Because I want to break him.
It's not a coincidence that I posted a scan of somebody breaking his hand as he was draining him, too. stick out tongue

Loki can tell you that it's not pleasant:

Now, at this point he is dead. I'm pretty sure the first head-strike on a defense-absorbed human would turn him into pudding - all-out Mjolnir strikes - not a good afternoon. But I go on.

I break his bones, but I also want to short circuit his mind. So I hit him with lightning :
...or messed up the Infinity Watch :
...and mix it up with the winds of a thousand worlds which hurt Glory:
Hal, obviously, has a nervous system like any other human. Lightning of that amplitude would kill/fry him:
Stop, hammer time!

Of course, if I don't want to be such a party pooper, I can just spin my hammer to protect myself from blasts, impalement spikes! .
I can make forcefields around me that protect me from Phoenix:
I can spin around and shatter everything around me as I stand in an impenetrable mystical vortex which contained the life-bomb:


I can end it in a display of god power:

I can also return all of what I absorb, 100 fold:

Hal Jordan, what do you think about that?

thumb up

In short:
His defense/offense are nullified and turned back on him by Mjolnir
He is physically and mentally shattered/killed.



Good luck, gents!

Wow, what a start. You came swinging right at me. With energy draining Mjolnir and the mighty strength of Thor.

Thankfully, I anticipated it with my shielding.

And Hal Jordan doesn't fold easy under pressure.

Here's a recent example

With a single blast of the Phantom Ring, Hank Henshaw layed out a group of Guardians:

And he tries the same exact maneuver on Hal Jordan once the pressure was bearing down on him:

Hal takes and survives a continuous assault from his overpowered ass.

So this idea that you're going to walk me down and break me...

Anyways. Yes, Thor is very fast when he travels with Mjolnir. But the difference in our speed is about to become apparent:

Jay flash admits that Hal Jordan is faster than him

Barry Flash warns that he's about to whip out the super speed, and Hal Jordan keeps up with him every step of the way

Upstaging the flash again

And Hal can fly so fast that he nearly enters the speed force and can outrace Omega Beams, as that's how fast Lightray was moving and Hal Jordan CAUGHT UP TO HIM.

So as fast as Thor is, he's still a ways behind there.

Next...let's talk about that energy drain.

I suspected it was coming. And you fully committed to it. But as I posted earlier:

You will be attacked by all sides, and while Mjolnir could probably get a lot of it, as soon as you're hit, you're going to get rocked:

Mjolnir for all its shielding capability is still not always capable of covering blasts that engulf the entire body:

So while Mjolnir is indeed an energy sponge...all it's going to take is one hard shot to the back, and Thor will be sent reeling, interrupting the absorption process.

And when you're literally getting attacked 360 degrees:

There's simply no way I can't hit you once.

That scan you posted of Thor protecting against the Phoenix is good, but Thor still took tremendous damage, he wasn't properly shielded, nor was he able to absorb all of it:

It should also be noted that draining energy from direct attacks puts a strain on Thor, it's not that easy:

It took Thor's full concentration there, and that was from a one sided attack.

Suffice to say, you will get hit.

And that's not even everything you need to watch for.

At any given point during the fight, you run the risk of:

1. Being tied to the ground by weights:

2. Losing your limbs:

3. Getting shredded:

4. Having your weak points exploited:

Etc., etc....I detailed the how more in my OP. But suffice to're in trouble God of Thunder.

Chapter II - The broken filter

Halfway through Damborg's post, I was unsure whether he momentarily forgot that he was repping Hal and not Thor.

To start..

So his position is that Mjolnir 'couldn't redirect all of Glory's blast into his hammer'. This is not only false - but literally the page he posted proves his point as false.

But let's start from the beginning, because this is actually a ridiculous feat for Thor . I will posted the full sequence and with relevant information about Glory.

1. What is Glory? It's an abstract entity that contains the power of an entire patheon of Gods - ten thousand of them to be precise:

2. Thor flies straight through it as he's assaulted on all levels :

3. Thor calls out the winds of a thousand worlds to create a cosmic hurricane inside of it:

...and now, we get to the sequence that he, inexplicably, tried to use as an argument.

4). Damborg cut off the previous scan, in order for you not to see the situation Thor was in when he was blasted. Glory restrains Thor in its palm just as he's escaping its body, and blasts him with "a torrent of COSMIC FIRE that contained the totality of its power" . Mid-blast, weakened Thor, "his entire body trembling from the effort, raised Mjolnir high - absorbing Glory's fire into his hammer" and one shots the cosmic being with its own power in a blast that "tore through REALITY ITSELF".

In short -
- weakened and hurt Thor only used his hammer to absorb the attack after he had already been blasted by it as he was restrained in Glory's palm ..
- Not only he absorbed the totality of the power of the abstract entity..
- He redirected it back and one-shot it

This is a crazy feat of energy absorbtion and redirection by Thor - hell, I was about to use this just in case the 'Godblast' was used.
All of this, after I already showed that Thor can omni-directionally absorb energy:

And the countless other examples of Mjolnir forcefully drawing the energy in. Null-Bomb, Kang, Presence, etc.

Since I have it at hand, here's Silver Surfer's cosmic power being drawn in: summarize how I feel:

He then goes on to bring up shields. And constructs. Again - as I made clear - all of this is just energy. I will absorb his constructs, his shields, his power, his everything. The durability of the shields is irrelevant - as Magneto found out on short notice:

He tried to use Parasite when the latter wasn't actively absorbing Hal's power - he was distracted after he had absorbed Diana's power/connection with Olympus. But once he resumed absorbing energy, Hal was drained completely:

It's, again, baffling to use this example, since Hal was btfo by draining twice in that instance:

Bonus random point that was misunderstood:
- unless Hal is running away from the fight in the opposite direction, it doesn't matter who can fly faster, the point was that I can cover the distance between us instantly

His plan is 'shield myself, become Leatherface and chainsaw him to death'. I can feel Bran laughing uncontrollably somewhere.

I don't want you to get bored judges, so at this point, in order to keep the talk going, I'm going to move on to the next chapter...

Chapter III - Let's nerf Thor

Energy absorbtion is a cop-out. He can't blast me without getting it turned on him, he can't make constructs that I won't absorb, he can't make defenses I can't absorb, his power source itself is absorbed etc.

It makes the rest of the discussion redundant.

I win.

But that makes for a short discussion. So I'll leave it aside for a few moments, in order to address some of his other arguments, and just pretend that's not what I'm doing, for discussion's sake.

Think of it as "speed equalized".

With that said, let's move on to:

a). Defensive constructs

As I said, throughout this talk, I found damborg to be using weird and faulty arguments, both against my character and his. He shows Black Lantern Superman grabbing him by the neck as a random durability feat when we have 'normal' holding back Superman one-shotting him into a concussion with a single strike .

He uses an army of kryptonians, being held back by his shield, but fails to mention that they literally just got their powers at that very moment:

Aquaman and Flash were treating them as hand-ninjas, even as they were getting stronger than what they were initially:

What happens when they get even stronger? Just 1-2 of them are breaking Hal's shield:

Batman in a mech suit and Aquaman were holding them off by the dozens, even then.

So the question is -- how do Hal's constructs handle Thor using all-out Mjolnir strikes ?
Or ones like this?
How do they handle lightning the likes of which has staggered CK? Infinity Watch? Glory?
The likes of which have staggered Gorr:
The likes of which have one-shot Hulk?
Cosmic hurricanes?
Anti-force blast?
How do they handle bullrushes that can shatter Galactus?

All of the above simultaneously?

History says - not very well.

For example, how casually can Orion, Thor's closest proxy in DC, crush Hal's constructs?
This casually. Perhaps he does better in the rematch?

b). Offensive constructs

Out of all the examples in the world, he used Hal using a chainsaw to cut a restrained Amazo Red Tornado morphing in Amazo while - literally in the same panel - Batman is using his utility belt laser to do the same thing. I guess Batman would cut Thor's hand off thumb up

Damborg also seems to think he's a lumberjack, and Thor will just stand there as constructs try to cut him. Not that Thor's durability against the epitome of cutting in fiction isn't up to par, as Wolverine only gives him scratches:
For comparison, Gladiator:

Thor can fight with his organs transmutated:

But it won't even get there - constructs don't get the opportunity to hurt me. As I made clear in the first post, I can shatter them with my hammer, with energy projection, I can make forcefields or I can even make an indestructible mystical vortex:
Or like this:

If I get hit? Thor is a tough m-fer when he's all out against energy attacks.
Ask Silver Surfer:
Ask Scarlet Witch who can only BFR him:
Ask Celestials:

Now, after you read all of this, imagine that everything I said I will do is valid, while everything he tries to do is absorbed.

Next: Final post!

Phil's Final Post:

Final thoughts

First of, let me just say - I appreciate Damborg taking the match against his favorite character. It certainly exercises the argumentative muscle to go against what you believe in.

By the same token - I have Hal Jordan, outside of this match, taking the fight. Maybe we'll even do the reverse some day.

The truth is that you have to know Hal inside out and be very careful with your strategy. Thor is an extremely bad match-up for him - so it's not enough to simply show how powerful Hal is .

But within what was argued here? I don't know if it was Damborg's heart not being into this fight - or whether it was too on short notice - but Thor, imo, won this comfortably.

Energy absorbtion

The energy absorbtion part of the debate was barely - if at all - contested. Weirdly enough, the arguments he brought up ended up actually being some of my strongest points.

I had many other scans to bring to the table, but they were not needed. For example, here's Hal and Sinestro having their constructs absorbed and being drained to zero by device Atrocitus built:

At the very least, I expected to see Krona. Just in case he brings him up in his final post -- or I just end up talking to myself, either way - some context. Did Hal Jordan kill Krona? Yes. But that's because Krona got cocky and drunk with power, goading him - knowing full well that a Green Lantern ring cannot kill a Guardian, and didn't expect Hal's will to override the command:
When Krona actually engaged Hal , he casually drained his ring - needing Hal to be saved - then one-shot him along with the rest:

If he actually mentions the Krona Blast - see Glory. Turned back on him and one-shotted.
Or I could just make a portal and send the blast to the outskirts of existence, as he has done with Phoenix's power:

I didn't even have to bring up Thor's greatest absorbtion feat - namely, the GodBomb.

For those unfamiliar, what is the Godbomb? It's an omni-temporal death bomb built to kill all gods in existence across time.

That is not hyperbole.

In order to save everybody, Thor uses two Mjolnirs and omni-directionally absorbs the bomb after detonation:

Flat-out insane.

There's plenty other scans here, but the point is so clear -- and was for a while now, that it feels like I'm just yelling 1+1 = 2 over and over again.


Ignoring the energy absorbtion entirely, I had other scans of Hal's constructs being broken by Thor analogues - and even though I said Orion is a good proxy - the very closest one would be Wonder Woman. How does she treat shields/constructs?


I could also post countless scans here - but Orion/Wonder Woman Superman in the first post] gives you a pretty clear picture of the constructs/shield handling of the blunt force Thor would bring. I don't even need the energy absorbtion - his shields, 'chainsaw' or 'plane' constructs would be shattered by raw blunt force/energy projection. Besides omni-directional energy absorbtion - I can also spin in indestructible vortexes , make shields that can bathe in Phoenix power etc. There's plenty of options even when we take out the obvious winning hand here.

Scans have been posted of Hal's wrist being broken as he was drained by a manhunter in the first post, of him being concussed by a single holding back Superman punch - as well as his nervous system being short circuited. Just because I had it at hand - here is Zod breaking his wrist by squeezing and one-shotting him:

I brought up other factors - energy projection, concussions, broken bones, etc.

Why? It's because my opponent - Hal - and Green Lanterns by definition are very dependent on their mind and focus.


Lightning would fry their nervous system:


In summary:
- I make his defense/offsense redundant as I absorb all energy all around me - his constructs, his blasts, his shields, his power itself which I can redirect back at him at will 100 fold
- .. as I simultaneously bullrush him at the start
- .. and I spam him continuously with blunt force , lightning , cosmic hurricanes etc. breaking every single part of him.



Excuse me, but...

I have to take a shower, to remove this Asgardian smell.

Dambo's Final Post:

Thank you to Phil and everyone who decided to read the BZ. I had a lot of fun, great character I'm repping.

Now let's finish off my sweet prince of Asgard.

To all reading...I seriously hope we're not going to underestimate Hal Jordan as hard as my opponent is underestimating him.

The Purpose of the Scans

1. The Glory scan served my purpose.

- True, it's a great absorption feat. BUT it's a feat that shows that a large enough quantity of energy, such as one where he's covered from all angles, can still affect Thor DESPITE his absorbing of it. In other's got past in the instant suckity suck which Phil is attempting to perform on me.

2. The Parasite scan shows, that even on the character that is literally a walking absoption machine, Hal Jordan was able to land blows.

And no, Parasite wasn't surprised by anything other than getting massively assaulted. Hal literally talked to it before he attacked:

3. Thor is unearthly strong at energy surviving energy blasts. But while the green lantern constructs are made of energy, the airplanes that I'm striking Thor with are blunt objects. And that is NOT a field where Thor is that resistant in.

ESPECIALLY if any kind of surprise is involved.

1. Surprised by Taurus:

- knocked out

2. Surprised by Tutinax:

- Incapacitated

3. Surprised by Hulk

- Concussion

4. Surprised by Gladiator

- lights out.

And I'm being generous calling some of those surprises.

Hal is going to be hitting him from 360 degrees, with attacks that are capable of knocking out COLD 2 sun powered Zod:

and when it's proven that despite being an energy absorbing machine like Parasite, my attacks from 360 degrees can at the very least affect him...

So let's be honest with ourselves...

Who here, is going to HONESTLY tell me...that Thor can absorb every single shot, from Hal's 360 degree attack and drain Hal Jordan so completely, that he cannot retaliate with anything at all. Then tell me that even if he does drain some, that Thor can handle taking shots that incapacitate Zod and STILL keep draining?

Thor already struggles to drain when the energy is sufficient:

And he's taking on 360 degrees of attacks, not just from one side.

And just to make sure no one thinks Zod is some chump. Head injuries are not usually enough to put him down:

For perspective, Zod with a single sun is capable of throwing down with and humliating Superman:

And then when Superman gets his head back in the game and uses a suit from Olympus, Zod STILL stands up to him and gets the advantage:

So he's a tough son of a *****, and he still got put to sleep by this technique.

So Thor is going to wade through every single attack, unimpeded, absorb all of them, even though Thor had never absorbed solid light constructs catch me, an opponent who is far faster, and beat me half to death while all things Hal does are ineffective? *****. Please.

All Hal needs is one shot, and Thor will be sent reeling. One shot, that's all. He might not be out, but Thor can't absorb very well when he's getting hammered by Kryptonian destroying attacks.

It would then leave him vulnerable to my other techniques mentioned which would be already activated at incredibly fast rates.

Contrary to what Phil said, speed does indeed matter, and Hal Jordan has proven to be able to catch the fastest of them, even while they're speeding around:

He's even gotten the jump on Hank Henshaw:

So Thor WILL be hit first, nearly every time. There's no disputing that.

So you think you know Hal/Speaking of Constructs

Hal Jordan has had his problems with draining, but he's never been one to shy away from having a low energy reading on his ring.

Even after his ring recharge attempt fails, leaving him at less than 5% by the start of the fight, Hal jordan attacks to precisely that he manages to knock Parallax Kyle Rayner off of him. And Thor will be facing an entire sky filled with much stronger constructs.

Speaking of constructs...I already posted Hal Jordan's feat of being able to create planetary level protective fields that hold off an army of Kryptonians.

But what feat fest would be complete without...the Krona feat.

It's imporant to anaylyze. Usually, we get this page posted:

Which is really pretty but doesn't actually tell the readers anything.

Hal's will overrided the programming of the rings, to kill a guardian (Krona) and a guardian who was essentially in control of the entire emotional spectrum, notice the raping of Ganthet:

Guardians are immune to the power of the ring in the first place:

And Hal one shot him:

That is next level tactics.

But more impressive than the energy projection is the power of will displayed by Hal. Hal does not have limits. If he can will it, it will happen. And I will myself to win.

Hal put it best before he beat back Parallax infused Ganthet.

Parallax easily defeats 4 elite lanters at once:

Then when he gets to Jordan:

Certain irrelevancies

Orion breaking Jordans shields doesn't mean anything in this case, because I stacked some much more concentrated shields.

And when Hal concentrates, Orion becomes aware of just how upstaged he is:

Hal restrains Yuga Khan's golems, who dusted a solar system in previous issues.

Just becuase Hal's constructs are made of energy, doesn't make them any less blunt.

Phil is trying to equate Hal's constructs to energy blasts from what I can tell, but that is not the case. They hit with blunt force:

Like when Hal broke Black Lantern Spectre's jaw:

or cut like a blade:

Or rearrange molecules:

It's not just simply energy.

In Conclusion...

My opponent is suggesting that Hal will be drained effortlessly, despite being a pro at fighting with low energy ring power, beaten into submission easily, and then played with/killed before ANY of my constructs can affect him, despite having shown vulnerability to area of effect attacks.

What will happen is Thor will get hit HARD and tossed around trying to respond to a faster opponent with one shot mechanics, who can cut, asphyxiate and brutalize him at all faster than the speed of thought

RIP, God of Thunder.

Thanks for everything again ! I hope this isn't the last BZ.

*Judges, please PM your verdicts directly to me.

So based on the 3 votes I have received, a winner can be decided...

It makes me very uneasy to say this, but Phil wins.

Congrats to both. It was... Interesting, to say the least. thumb up

Thank you judges and Galan thumb up

Also thank you to Damborg for a good debate. big grin

Thor > DC

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