EmperorThanos vs MartianMind- The Greatest Hero

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Here's the DA RULES

- Winner by incapacitation (restrained for an unreasonably long period of time, knocked out, otherwise taken out of action, etc.) or death.

- BFR is OFF

- No summoning of tools or outside assistance. Only what is reasonably considered standard gear may be used.

- Prep Time (5 seconds of prep before each match, then both character will hear the "ding" and the fight will begin)

- And for the fun one.....ALL FIGHTS ARE IN CHARACTER. That's right, you'll have to argue as you'd argue in the VS section. Just a lot better.



The room of spirit and time. Essentially a featureless environment with a ring the size of the planet earth. You will start on opposite ends and then find each other.



A custom signature and the title "the greatest hero"

Any questions?

Edit Match Format

3 Posts

Blind Opener



3 judges, or two vote majority victory

Emperor Opener:



So my opponent seems to rely totally on telepathy because based on his other showings he clear has nothing else going for him. I'm going to address some his showings against Surfer being TPed and then mention why Surfer wins at the end.

First in regards to the 3 instance of Surfer being tped. First the cable example, nothing in those scans really suggest he was being linked against his will. If cable could really have TPed Surfer he would have done so during their fight but Surfer still beat him and he lost.
Then there's the feat with the goddess where you conveniently ignore all the context behind what happened there. Like the fact that the person who TPed him was the goddess who was using more than 2 dozen cosmic cubes to amp her TP on a universal scale. Her Tp reached across multiple realities.
https://2.bp.blogspot.com/ IeehKys72ZuI9D31ehRDOa4EM4JkHSX6hax3DJMVi1c1_gWdXb
https://2.bp.blogspot.com/Wowk- JFHcYNab4zFlMaVS1A2ZA_Ya8qWk17mwEQOrQKkudddnZAy2bO
https://2.bp.blogspot.com/ i6V8YN5rnKfA_z4MiavcuC9TIuJm9CK4RRAUWn1F20jGXqquJI
She is way above MMH in TP. And despite all this Surfer still managed to dissobey her orders and free himself of her. On top of dealing with Moondragon's telepathy.
https://2.bp.blogspot.com/ ak0acnHjS4vLmCF2jY37MLveO5QGZRjwH0IK6rpk3fmzUqzmsO
And speaking of Moondragon. She was unable to enter Surfers mind while at the same time was able to TP Charles.
Same Xavier who fought and beat Dark Phoniex in a TP battle over every plane of existence.

Finally there is Strange instance. While Strange did enter his mind Surfer was more than aware and the two talked and Surfer just lets Strange show him everything. He doesn't try fight back.
https://2.bp.blogspot.com/Bll5-6JjuLxEy0gNtzcJ04VOuZI2k- 7LOVh0mEJZ93ZwSUDVCmBxEy0weA66lFJTEbTG60ctJXcS=s16

He has also fought back and resisted the other by channeling his cosmic energy through is concisous. The other are extra dimensional beings capable of facing Galactus.

As for how Surfer wins. Well my opponent has shown about 0 durability feats in both his posts. A single planet busting blast is honestly all that is needed for surfer to win, and he can casually produce that. He could probably do it physically to since he was able to take down BRB that way a person who has tanked planet busting attacks before.
Manhunter also doesn't have a good track record against energy attacks. Breach was able to one shot him and he doesn't have planet busting showings.
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/ rVW8B9jK2VTBv6hMDjcrkPtUo9xeexNA3t47xUm7iqJiu8mCTj
I am aware MMH has regen but Surfer has means around that. He can simply disperse his atoms.
He can also attack MMH's soul and kill him that way.
Really Surfer has multiple ways of winning. But the basic involving using his superior speed to simply blitz his opponent and then one shot with an energy attack.
This just address your opener I know you showed some speed feats and strength feats in your rebutal which I will address in my closer.

Was told some of my scans were not working. Here are the Goddess Telepathy Scans.

The strange clarification scan.

And the Breach scan




Cheers for judging DS! Hopefully we can get PR's verdict in soon, and hopefully that can inform our next step.

Ok, I'm going to post directly in the thread.

First of all, thanks for the fun read, it was a lively debate despite of the boring *ss characters you both picked.

General thoughts: Both Martian Mahunter and Silver Surfer are battlezone beasts, so I had hight expectations on how this debate would go. Despite being only vaguely familiar with the Manhunter Martianmind did a decent job using DC's trademark retcons to explain how his character was stronger than years and years of comics showed us. That was random but fun. I'm less impressed by the showings SS was shown to do, it came to your random blasts mostly but it could work for a straightforward case. None of you did outline a clear plan of attack in your original post, but it came clearer during your replies.

Debating: MartianMind did a pretty good job not fully relying in his TP and calling into question the feats that were relevant for his game plan. I was swayed to believe Surfer is not a physical behemoth nor a solid anti-telepath argument. He even questioned his fighting speed, going as to claim that his character was faster, which is wow, a bold claim that went unchallenged. EmperorThanos's went more into the defensive as his claims were challenged more, which imo played into MM's hand, who wanted to enhance the idea he had an advantage here.

Vote: I think that Surfer had the potential to win this battle with the right scans, but his strategy was probably too straightforward and not backed as much as it could. Potentially I can see Norrin bullrushing Martian Manhunter, but he's a character that is bulky and able to multitask, so a more complex strategy was needed to really deal with him in my opinion. As such, Martian_mind wins this round for me. Congratulations!

Fantastic! Thank you so much for judging Bentley, and thank you for the match, Emperor!

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