How is Neo different from his predecessors?

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Assuming Neo is the sixth anomoly, what drives him to be different from the others? There is something though, in response to the architect's first question, the architect says "that was quicker than the others". Later when he makes his choice between left and right Neo prsumably makes a choice different from the other anomolies - love, and the others had a more general response.

Also the Merovingian says "I have survived your predecessors and I will survive you", but he was surprised when Neo stopped his henchmen's bullets.

Lastly who is the mother of the matrix???

princess leia
the 'mother of the matrix' as the archictect put it was the oracle. there is a lot of question as to whether he was lying, we really dont know.
and i think that his reaction was different to the previous peoples reactions, i think the other six chose to save zion, not their trinity. i dont know exactly, wait til raz or yersott or dexx or someone answer. they seem to know an awful lot big grin or alternatively you could just wait til revolutions.

Neo is definately different than the others as it is pointed out by:

The Architect (Which you have already mentioned)

The Merovingian:

You're predescessors had much more respect &
Ooookay the boy has some skill (with an expression on his face as if he has never seen it happen before) EDIT: I just noticed you already said this after I typed it.

The Oracle:

You have made a believer out of me kiddo.
I know the only way to get there is together - which leads onto what I think the Oracle is doing

I think she used to be a bad *****...basically creating the Prophecy etc. But now I think she has turned exile just like the Keymaker etc. I believe this because:

a: When Neo, at the beginning of the film, does his Superman thing. He is visiting where the Oracle used to be (in the first film). But he then say's "Where are you?". Why wouldn't she be there if she is the Mother of the Matrix?

b: Why does she need a Guardian? (Seraph)

c: Why is she in a park in what seemingly looks like in the middle of a cheap area of the city. If you notice Seraph is keenly looking about the environment looking for danger. Then he knows Smith will appear so takes her away from danger smile

There are alot more I feel, but they are definately some of the major points.

Neo is different from the previous ones as he has love, love for Trinity that is. Hence he chose not to reload the Matrix, a choice that no other one had made before.

I think love has quite a big theme to play in the Matrix, surely it's an emotion completely unknown to programs, which is why smith is so unique, he has hate, he is Neo's alter ego. Smith is as important as Neo i'm sure, they are different sides of the same coin...

As for the Oracle, I still think she's working for the Matrix, why else does she eat a red tracer pill (the candy she offers to Neo) before departing just before Smith finds them, coincedence?

BTW, there was never any idea that the Architect said the Oracle was the mother but might be lying. The Architect did NOT identify the Mother; he seemed to scoff at Neo's idea that it was the Oracle and the question ois over whether that means she is or is not.


Ushgarak I thought the same thing at first. But after watching the film about 10 times I feel the way he says it is simply mocking in a sense. Watch it a couple more times, you will know what I mean. I can't actually think of the word at the minute cause I have been awake for nearly 48 hours straight...LOL

when i first saw it i definetely thought the architect meant the oricle was the mother of the matrix, but gowing back for a second time i paid special attention to that part (as well as many other) and the architect does seem very harsh to the though of her being the mother.

back to the thread topic, it is not only love that makes him different, but it is also the link he has to a program which i assume no other versions of the one had. what i mean is that him and Smith are connected, which wasnt present in the other versions.

I wasn;t being decisive one way or another, Sifer, I was just mentioning it is a disputed point.

Fairy muff smile

It's like hamman says, we need machines and they need us. You can't have one without the other. I don't think we'll see the end of either in M3. Maybe something new, Smith holds the key...

Maybe Neo and Smith have a baby together..... er, sorry. : )

The Oracle also says:

All that matters is the future
And the only way we'll get there is together.

Or something similar.

She is trying to work towards peaceful coexistence?

I also believe Smith is the key smile

The Omega

princess leia
oh. sorry. well i only saw it once.

oh was that a tracer pill she ate? i thought it was just candy.

Well, it may have been just candy, but it did look exactly like a red pill, I don't think the brothers would have had it that way without some significance.

Nope the mother of the matrix is not the Mother...the Architect laughed when Neo said it was her...She is the chick that Neo kissed...The Merovingian Wife...As far as his predessors choosing to reload the matrix..there's no proof that they made that choice...they could have chosen the same part as Neo and just failed cause they didn't have the skills he possess...the matrix would have still reloaded...u can't trust every and any word that came out of the architect...rem he is evil and tries to control Neo's progress...trickster like...

Love blinds all logic, what the architect has feared, thus this matrix will take a path that has never been trodden before, and maybe Neo's coma is him actually Neo evolving into something more. Or he has not left the matrix yet and is trapped in another reality and it is up to the remainder of the crew to save him.

princess leia
im sure you are right. but maybe the architect was scoffing cos it was obvious. i dont know. i cant remember.
but why is everyone saying its persephone? why would they think that (again, not disputing it. just wondering.)

Persephone is supposed to feature quite a lot, but we only saw her briefly in M2, so she'll probably have more importance in M3. Plus, she's the only other female 'program', so if its not the oracle, it could very well be persephone?
I don't think anyone can say for sure though?
The Architect laughed, but didn't actually say no...

The Omega

right omega, you take the blue pill and...

The Omega

neo's purpose is also 2 choose the right door, but he doesn't cos he faces deletion aftawards and has the choice of going into exile-programs choosing to go into exile is the 1 thing that can't be accounted for in program parameters. thus, he chooses the left door instead this time. how was neo able 2 choose the other door? because of his extreme willpower? - even the architect indicated that he'd noticed this "interesting. that was quicker than others".. or more likely, because the oracle upgraded his coding with the candy on the bench. the candy/cookie (from M1) i think was a method to change the one's program. she said he has made a believer out of her - this is quite human-like and perhaps the previous one's didn't accept the upgrade candy, now she has hope... hope that neo will finally choose the other.

another thing, apart from trinity's door number in the hotel or whatever reading 303, trinity-3. could her name also hav some significance to the holy trinity- 1)the father 2)the son 3) the holy spirit? jus a thought.

The architects response to neo's assumption about the oracle being the mother can be viewed either way.. meaning he could find the idea of her being the mother of the matrix stupid.. . or the fact that she was once the mother and is now not working for the matrix anooying...

I think that persephone and the oracle are probable candidates for the mother position... it could also be someone we haven't seen yet, though I find that unlikely smile

Just a quick point.

Architect = Old and Grey
Oracle = Old and wrinkly :P
Persephone = Young and sexy big grin

I think Persephone would look rather out of place as the mother. Yes I know they do not age, but why is the Architect old looking along with the Oracle...they could very easily be young but they aren't. For a reason? Possibly smile

princess leia
maybe they just want to be wise.

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