Netflix Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

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4 episodes, 30 minutes each. A meh series.

Like RE2 Remake, I cared little for the voice actors of Leon and Claire.
The CGI was okay
The dialogue was okay
The action was okay
The storyline, which RE is not known for was disappointing since you thought this was a mini movie, they would have put much thought into it.
Both Antagonist were stupid
Claire was useless, she did nothing of worth but scream Leon

Overall, a meh and forgettable mini series. I only continued to watch it because 1. Leon is my favorite of the heroes. 2, I already started watching it.

Also, this series take place after 4, but before all the animated movies, 5 and onward.

Still much better than what that live action Netflix RE is shaping up to be which I'm surprised wasn't cancelled. Infinite Darkness was decent at best (on par with the usual CG stuff for the series imo), but the other show coming will make me more thankful for it in hindsight.

I've only watched 3 episodes of this so far, It's decent so far.

gonna watch in the ex week or two

I didn't pay enough attention to it the first time, but here Claire's not even tied down to the chair she was stuck in. She could've just gotten up and kicked his ass. lmao

Apart from doing her dirty with little screen time and made a damsel in distress, it's hard not to see this movie (which it was, the chopped episodes do not fool) as a China propaganda piece because of the timing. I guess in the Resident Evil universe based on Infinite Darkness, even saying covid came from China would be treated as a conspiracy. Is no wonder Capcom wanted reviewers to be tight lipped on the politics because of the subject matter.

Nemesis X
Code Veronica Claire:


Infinite Darkness Claire:

Within Resident Evil's timeline, Code Veronica is 5 years before the events of Infinite Darkness so Claire should've been capable of more than stupidly getting caught by the two agents like she did but the writers I guess never saw her outside RE2. This is embarassing.

This series sucks, the story in Vendetta was better, as was the action.

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