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Yeah, sorry if this has been talked about already, but I have talked to a lot of people about Reloaded and they said it sucked...IT DOESNT SUCK!! it wasnt anything extrodinary like it should have been, and wasnt better than the first movie..but it was still a good had its cool parts..I think once Revolutions comes out it will actually become a better movie due to it only being half of one at the moment..anybody here think it sucked??

Well what do you call extrodinary? are the effects not enough? when the twins are passing cars by ghostingor when Neo does his superman thing is not special? what exactly did you think Reloaded is gonna make newer? and by the way even the plot got a whole more interesting!

true....but you know the way the original matrix just blew you away the first time you saw it..i thought this one would do the same thing..i mean granted it had scenes which were amazing...but as a whole I just kinda expected more..still a good movie though..

Well i think that some people said that it sucked is because of the boring parts in the beginning of the movie. My firends tell me that there were too many slow motions in the fights. And some of my other firends found it confusing (but then my friends are very stupid)

It did not suck at all!Even though so many people have been so negative about it I absolutely adored it-I mean it was pretty amazing.

I think that people expected the wrongs things from this movie.. it has soo many ground-breaking special effects it', crazy. I also think the problem is that 2nd movies in trilogies are generally the worst( w/ the exception of the two towers) because it expands of the characters but doesn't offer and conlusions on what it introduces.. people just need to be more open minded :P

You forgot one...Empire is a second movie in a trilogy and it is the best one out of the three

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