Can Zion be save?

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If Neo choose to destroy the Matrix, won't the machines destroy Zion anyway? Is there anyway to save Zion?

The machines are controlled by the Matrix so I would think they could be stopped if the Matrix was destoyed or at least controlled.

They aren't controlled by the Matrix, they recieve their power from it.

I thought the control is the Matrix and that uses machines to generate power etc so they are contolled by the Matrix, otherwise what is controlling the machines?

yes, ZION can be saved.

dude, power is control

it will be saved, what kind of movie would it be if it was destroyed haha

Personnally, I find that if Zion is saved, it will be another one of thoes american endings, where all ends well and the guy gets the girl. (no offence to my Southern neighbours) I hate thoes endings. What would make it interesting, is that the "REAL" world is only another matrix, which is porbably what it is.

I don't think it would be interesting at all if it was another Matrix. I think it would be quite boring to be honest. I have faith in the brothers making an ending which none of us have guessed. The brothers don't particularly like American Style Endings or should I say Hollywood style endings (I have nothing against Americans), instead they prefer Japanese style stories (of which the Matrix style is without doubt). It's gonna be twisty, it's not gonna be easy to understand, which means it aint gonna be handed to us on a plate.

Let's supposed Zion is saved. And The Matrix is not destroy.
How do guys think they will handle all the people plug to the matrix?
Must of them are not ready to be unplug, do you think they will do it gradually? or they just will be in control instead of the machines? Or maybe they will explain the people in the matrix the option to choose between the matrix and the real world.
Maybe they will just create a program that will place a movie call "The Matrix" inside the matrix and that will help people to accept the possibility that they are slaves and someone will rescue them. big grin

This may be very very very very imaginary but if Zion is saved and they must unplug the people from the MAtrix, but here is my idea of how they can unplug everyone:

Since Neo can manipulate the Matrix, i think he should create a ginat meteor that will come to destroy the earth in the matrix. All the people plugged in the MAtrix will be so scared that they will do anything to be saved. This is a perfect time to unplug everyone since they have lost all hope. When they are unplugged, they see a new world. Everyone will think that this is the after life and will act normal. The people who are unpluged will then be transported to Zion Where they are revealed te truth and then will try to rebuild the world.

This is a really stupid idea, but it might work......i think.

There are 2 ways to lead people, fear and respect.

Make what you want of it folks.

Oooooh I like that fear idea nothin to inspire leadership like some good ol fashioned terror

corran: the machines are not controlled by the matrix, because they are not in it. they created it. the machines aren't controlled by anything.

i personally don't think zion will be destroyed, but i don't necessarily think the humans will "win," either, because i agree that they can't just shut down the matrix without a catastrophic loss of life.

and, btw, a TRUE american ending would be if john wayne came back and kicked some machine ass, squinty-eyed and in bullet time.
and why NOT the hollywood ending? the first matrix certainly ended that way.

True, True. What I mean by "American" is "Hollywood" and by that, "And they all live happly aver after" and the guy gets the girl. I hate that. Their are too much of them. (No offence is meant by what I just posted)

offense to whom? movies? i don't think they'll mind.

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