There is only one Matrix people........

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Evil Dead
you guys are confusing as hell............there is only one Matrix program. it is the program that humans are supposedly "jacked" into to keep their minds fooled into thinking they are in the real world and have choice. That is the only Matrix, by defenition given by Morpheus in the first movie.

The "real world" is another computer program. It is either another program running parallel to the Matrix or a larger computer program that the Matrix is actually running inside of (much like your web browser is a smaller program running inside of your Microsoft Windows program).

I'm trying to read some people's posts and they have Matrix as every other word and it's kind of hard to understand exactly what they are saying.

Zion is a program

Evil Dead
I disagree..........I believe Zion is part of the same "real world" program which includes the fields of humans being grown, the power supply towers, and the sewage tunnels that lead everywhere........and to Zion. If Zion were it's own program they could not just fly through the tunnels into it, they would have to access it somehow.........much like they have to jack in to access the Matrix program.

So basacly what you are saying is that you belive zion isn't real?!

Evil Dead
It isn't real..................nothing in either movie so far is real.

If Zion is real, Smith would not have been able to replicate himself into a human then exit the Matrix via hardline and attempt to kill Neo (with Knife before the Kid interrupts him)......Smith is a computer program......he is code........all he is is a bunch of ones and zeros......this would have no affect on a person outside of a computer program, so he couldn't control him.

zion isn't real because Neo's powers worked against the robots at the end and agent Smith somehow got into Zion. It is impossible for Neo to use his powers unless he is still in another matrix. And it is impossible for a program (smith) to leave the Matrix and enter Zion unless Zion is another Matrix

Well my theory is that Smith downloaded himself just like they download the kung fu program.

Evil Dead
I too argued the point that Neo used his powers to disable the sentinals at the end of the movie..........but I kept hearing people say that he actually did nothing, the approaching ship used it's emp to disable them.......I still believe Neo did it but we really don't know for sure so I don't use that reason anymore.

The Smith reason however is irrefutable.........a program (Smith) can only exist inside of a computer program.........since Smith existed in the "real world" we know for sure that the "real world" is just another computer program.

Well Neo said that he felt the machines coming, so his powers work in the real world.

'Know for sure'.You are my new hero!
My friend you dont know nothing until you see the next movie.
the wash. bros can do whatever they want. its a movie.

Evil Dead are proving my point.......those downloads only work inside of computer programs.........the construct, the Matrix, training programs, etc...............if you notice when Neo said, "I know Kung Fu" and Morpheus said, "show me", the fought inside of a program.......not right there on the ship. Neo only knows Kung Fu inside of computer programs because the information is a code inside of his brain...just ones and zeros my must be inside of a computer program to apply computer code. I can get the code for Microsoft windows and say it outloud or memorize it, I still can't turn my room into Microsoft Windows........I must use a machine (computer) that decyphers the code and displays it.......

Evil Dead
Based on both the rules of reality.......and the rules preordained in both Matrix movies I can say with confidence that the "real world" is a computer program........for sure. Ones and Zeros can not magically float through the air taking on the appearance of a can only be done inside of a computer program which decyphers the code for the ones and zeros to appear as a man.

Yes but dont you see, all the slaved people who were at one time within the Matrix has Port holes over the entire Body. Those alone ALLREADY make them Part Machine!

Those holes allow them to Connect to Machines. Those Port holes allowed Smith to attach himself to Bane. No Rocket science Needed. Every Matrix born Person will Allways have an attachment to the Matrix.

They're allready Part Machine!

So in actuality there's no reason why Somone as powerful as Neo, Would NOT be able to be as powerful in the the Matrix AND out. But he is the one, so there's your answer.

They fight inside that program cause thats where he can bend the rules. thats where it matters!
Besides he knows the moves and stuff but only in the matrix would is body be strong enough.

you cant compare real life to a movie.

Please tell my why it isn't possible for a program (actually, he aint a program, he is a virus) ( very important reference: First Film, Smith Conversation with Captured Morpheus...listen to what Smith say's) to be uploaded to a Human Mind. If you remember what Neo says about what he felt when Smith was trying to change him.

Trinity: What was he doing?
Neo: I don't know, but I know what it felt like. It felt like I was back in that hallway. It felt like dying.

So this way Smith could kill the mind of the person while taking over it and using the body as a Shell. That brings me to my next point:

Watch Ghost in the Shell (movie) & Cowboy BeBop (series). Both Anime.

But another point:

It's possible to let your mind be downloaded into the matrix, but you can't upload a mind from it? It seems entirely plausible to me.

And another thing, how do you know that Neo ONLY knows Kung Fu inside the Matrix? There is no situation he has been in to prove otherwise.

Also, it is not that his powers work in the real world (I think). It is due to his mind being trapped between the Matrix and the Real world. This is found out in the game smile Also in the 2nd film in a sense:

"Although this process has altered your remain irrevocably human"

The Omega

Agree!big grin So Zion is real!smile


Evil Dead
I'll try to answer these in order:

1. Your mind can enter the Matrix because the Matrix is simply computer code that is transmitted through the ports in the person's body into electrical impulses......electrical impulses are the signals sent to our brain which controls the way we percieve reality. This allows the electrical impulses sent into the brain from the Matrix to fool the brain into thinking they are naturally occuring electrical impluses that we use everyday to see, hear, feel, etc.

This cannot be done in reverse as the human body has no program inside of it to decode a computer program and transform it into electrical impulses. The Smith program could not invade a human's body because the human body does not have software to read the code....a computer program is needed to decypher the code (like the decyphers the code when a person is jacked into it).

I'm sure you've all played ROMs on your computer with an emulator......why won't roms work without an emulator?.....the code is there for the why won't it just play? It won't because you need the program installed on your computer that decyphers this code...this program is called an emulator.

An easy analogy: Smith is a Rom.......the Matrix is an emulator.....Smith can exist in the Matrix because it decyphers the code for his program. He however can not exist in a real world because the human body does not have an emulator program to decypher his has no programs at has only a brain and nerves in which information travels throughout the body.

2. We still don't know if Neo actually stopped the could have been the aproaching ships e.m.p. ................if he did, it is just as plausable that he realized that he was still inside of a computer program and used his powers to stop the sentinals as your explanation was.

3. Why do the agents want the codes for Zion in the first movie? Because that is their the Reloaded the architect tells us that Zion must be destroyed as it has the previous 5 times.......the agents are programmed to try to get the codes so this can happen......


The agents only function (as seen in the movies and the Animatrix shorts) is to stop people from waking up and realizing they are in a program (think of the Animatrix short "world record"wink........if they destroy Zion, there will be no more rebels hacking into the Matrix to free people's minds. There job will have been done................what makes you think that an agent program would even know that Zion was another program in the first place? Wouldn't they be more efficient if they thought Zion was real........that there was a real threat?.....programs only know what their function is.......they do not know what other programs in the same system's function solitaire program on my computer has no clue what the function of my Adobe photoshop program is...........if solitaire was programmed to try to stop me from opening Adobe Photoshop, it would try to do just that. Every program in the Matrix is a piece of a puzzle..........none know what the other's function's are (and they all have one as the Oracle says, "nothing is coincidence....everything serves a purpose"wink the only ones who can put the puzzle together are the audience.......we can because we see each program functioning and can realize their purposes........I'm sure the agents don't even know what Persephone's or the Oracle's functions are inside of the Matrix, but we do.

!st its a movie, anything can happen and be done so that Smith is code bla bla really means nothing.
2nd they are A.I. , they learn. There is no reason why the agents wouldn't know what is real or not.
3rd still didn't explain why they need the codes. its not real they could just pretende they learned inset of looking for them!

Evil Dead
1. The Wachowski Bros. put alot of effort into making these movies seem as though they could really happen.........they have not broken one law of physics yet so I highly doubt they are going to break one just so Kes' theory of Reloaded/Revolutions will make sense. It is a movie.......a movie based on what could really happen......not some stupid movie like Stargate which is pure fantasy where a stone circle can open a gateway to another world. The movies are based on physical laws of the real all content in sed movies also adhere to the physical laws of the real world.

2. The Agents are not A.I..........they are only programs.......the system is A.I.........a program only does what it has been programmed to do, in the agent's case this is to stop people from waking up and realizing they are inside of the Matrix. They have no more intelligence than any character on a video game that is the referee on Madden 2002.........they only do what they are programmed to do.

3. The agents want the codes to Zion so they can destroy it.......this prevents rebels like Neo and Morpheus from entering the Matrix and freeing minds..............this is what the agents were programmed to do, to stop people from having their minds freed. They do what they are programmed to do.

Thay need them to take the minds that are not sure of whats going on. That feel that the world is not real.
As for the law of the movie.The plug in the back of the had is enough! Thats si-fi!
(Theres actually an explanation as to how the stargate works)
Have you seen the animatrix renacience (sp)?There are all this robots and they all have a.i. A program can have it because it is a program in itself. Are you saying that the system is the only A.I. around?what happen to the rest? If that were true than they were doing the exact same thing the humans did.

Evil Dead,

Although I agree with you that Zion is part of the Matrix, I do not agree with your logic in this arguement. (If you re-read your agrument closely, you've actually contradicted yourself) The movie has already demonstrated that "programs" can be downloaded into the human brain (Neo "learns" Kung Fu, and Trinity "learns" to fly a chopper). Therefore, it is a logical progression to assume that therefore ANY "program" can be downloaded into the mind. In this case, the program happens to be Smith, not Kung Fu. The Smith/Bane issue was a major problem for me, until I thought about it this way.

However, there are still many other unexplained clues as to why I think Zion is part of the Matrix.

Laws of physics!!! What about a Hovercraft? Do we even know if they are possible. This film is Science-FICTION.

The Agents are not AI WHAT???? Are you mad?

The Agents are a sentient program that can take over the body of anyone still hardwired to the Matrix. Sentient = Aware. So if they are aware, they are intelligent as they have to be to do the things they do. It is ARTIFICIAL Intelligence. Your explanation of them unable to take over the human mind is both non-sensical and wrong as it explains otherwise in both movies.

Madden 2002 or whatever, NPCs are all AI. They only do what they are meant to do, but they learn what you're GOING to do and how you're going to do it within the confines of the game. Smith is now free...but not free. He was compelled to stay and compelled to disobey...FREE WILL!!! Not to mention he also uses the word "aware" smile

The system isn't AI. It is thousands upon thousands of programs built upon each other which is built upon a substructure. How is that AI?

2nd: The Architect say's to Neo: To disseminate the CODE you carry...

Well if his mind is carrying code, why again isn't it possible for other code (ie Smith - Virus) to take over the mind of somebody in the real world?

3rd: I will say it again, Smith is a Virus!!!

He spreads, he multiplies, he infects and he destroys. Watch the first film and the conversation that Smith has with the captured Morpheus as I said in my previous post.

4th: Smith in the first film showed that he wanted to get out of "this place" cause he hated the smell smile Well he has infact done that by uploading himself to Bane's Body. One of the reasons he was cutting himself was to feel pain for the first time.

The Agents want the codes to Zion so they don't have to be there. It is all a charade created by the machines to make them believe they are doing something different. That is why what Neo believes in fundamentally different from anything the machines have encoutered before. They make them believe they are doing something which will save Zion when in fact they are just "Following Orders" and "Doing as they are told". Neo realised this unlike the OTHER "Ones", he truly IS "The One".

I'm sorry Evil Dead, you're trying to contradict other people's posts when yours don't make any sense.

Evil Dead
Actually I did not contradict myself............we covered this yesterday. If you notice.......all programs that are downloaded (Trinity flying chopper, Neo doing Kung Fu) take place INSIDE of a computer program. Trinity flies the chopper in the Matrix........Neo does Kung Fu inside of a training construct program............hmmmm......'tis because the human brain does not have software to decypher binary code, but computer programs do (see my ROM/emulator analogy again). The brain can remember what the code is........but the code itself can only be decyphered by a computer program which has the software to to apply the code to produce the intended results. We have never.....I stress NEVER seen anybody use information that was downloaded into them inside of the "real world".........they can't do it because even if they know the binary code for the program, the human body has no .exe programs to decypher the code and execute them, all it has is a brain and some nerves to transmit electrical impulses.

The reason why you die when you die in the matrix is because it destroys your mind. Like Morpheous said "Your mind makes it real."So if Smith copied himself onto bane. Banes mind would have made it real and he took smiths concoius to the real world. The real world is real too.If you want to hear a good thery look for posts from matrixknower.

Tomkat it's not, it's actually been done.

Go to

and read the essay.

In it you will read...'s not as "sci-fi" as you think it is!

That doesn't mean they don't still possess that information in their brains. Morpheus tested Neo's knowledge of Kung Fu in the training program, because he was trying to teach Neo how to bend the rules of the Matrix. Neo still may (and probably does) know Kung Fu, when he's not "plugged in," he just has never been in a situation where he needs to use it. Otherwise, (since you like analogies) Neo would have to have the Kung Fu program downloaded each time he needed Kung Fu, just like you have to run Microsoft Word each time you want to create a word document.

They have no reason to use it outside the Matrix o those programs. But when Neo says 'I know Kung Fu' he is very much awake. He just has that think stuck in is brain. Is not in any program.
As for the essay I know what you are talking about. But thats a big jump. I know most times reality follows si-fi. But we are not there yet.

I'll end this. ZION IS in the real world. NEOs powers flow in and out of the Matrix. Remember what Morpheus said" the one has the power to move in and out of the matrix." Now NEO was hit by an EMP like Bane was, but that is another story right now. Go to my post at Is There More Than One Matrix and Read.

Errr where in ANY of the films have we seen them have NEED to use the programs which they have learned. Why do they have memories of all the things that happened in the Matrix if the brain can't decode it without being in there? As one of you said and Neo so adequetly put it:

"I know Kun-Fu" This was OUTSIDE the Matrix.

I don't usually say it this direct most of the time, but you ARE wrong!

Oh and you say all it has is a brain? ALL IT HAS IS A BRAIN?

Hrmmm, you need to do some research if you think the brain is something small and insignificant.

Read what I write please.

I wasnt responding to you Kes, so you should read what I have written...LOL...I was replying to Evil Dead


An easy way to avoid these misunderstandings is to quote the message you are replying to smile But I'm sure you know that. big grin

I do, but I couldnt be arsed...LOL

yeh i realised that after i pressed the button.



I wish I was "jacked in" this thread earlier, all I wanted to say has been said. So there is really no point in this message unless something comes up.

My theory goes like this, follow it or no:

Smith is a program. Though, he gains HUMANITY while he is getting part of Neo. That means that he could be jacked out aswell as all other humans can be jacked out. He is FREE FROM THE PROGRAM (MATRIX), so thats why he can be in the real world. If smith enter Bane, then Bane's mind is SMITHS! The only reason that Smith didnt jack out before he captured bane, is becourse HE NEEDED A BODY! While he has bane', he can be jacked out aswell as everybody can be jacked out. Thats also the reason that Neo could stop the sentinels in the real world. Neo is a part of the matrix now, and a part of the real world. Smith was ONLY a part of the matrix, but is now also a part of the real world. Its like full control of the world.

Its like Neo and Smith exchanged powers ...

Read this site

It explains everything with the most compelling arguements and evidence I have read so far.

'The simplest explanations are the correct ones.'

No, just says the same old tired stuff all over again., Nothing new. Totally unconvincing.

It has SOME truth, but most of it is repitition of what COULD be true. Thought they are verry interessting and convincing. Before I beleived in MWAM then I didn't, then I did, then not. Now I just don' tknow for sure.

the real world is just another matrix and that is how neo was able 2 use his powers 2 stop the sentinals

Korri you dont know for sure if it was Neo that stoped the sentinels. Plus that whole: 'is mind is still connected to the Matrix and stuff'.

yeah gd point

I know big grin

lol fair enuff

As I said. It is the Hammer. Neo got zapped because his hand was raised.

i c smile

The One explained:
The One is a program, but has to be attached to someone in the
Matrix. So Mr. Anderson got it in the 6th version of the Matrix. Then
The One program's purpose is to allow Zion to be destroyed then to
rebuild it. The reason for this is because of anomalies - the 1% of
humans that don't accept the Matrix. These are all brought out of the
Matrix program and into the Zion program by the Morpheus program and
other similar ship captain programs.

Then once all the anomalies are out of the Matrix (and in Zion), that
is the time for Zion to be destroyed, thus killing all the anomalies
off. The Matrix is then upgraded, thus creating the next version of
the Matrix, but Zion must be rebuilt so that the next lot of anomalies
can be brought out again so that they can be destroyed. This is the
feedback loop, and is the reason to retain a handful of people so that
Zion can be rebuilt.

So this is why Neo said the prophecy was a lie - the One's purpose was
not to end the war as the prophecy stated.

Unfortunately, The One program must be re-used each time, or copied,
so it can be attached to a new anomaly inside the Matrix.

So what happens to the old The One program ? It faces deletion, and
as the Oracle explained, it goes into exile instead, just like the
French bloke (the Merovingian) did. He was the first One (probably
from the second version of the Matrix), and once he fulfilled his
duty, he became an exile program and abdicated his Oneness by
choosing Persephone and power. This is evident in the bogs when
Persephone asks Neo to kiss her. She says she wants him to kiss her so
she can feel what it is like again to be kissed by something close to
human, just like the Merovingian used to be. Then she says to Trinity
that she envies her, but that these things are not meant to last. So
the Merovingian used to be just like Neo, a One, thus proving further
the feedback-loop explained earlier.

The correct door in the Architect's room:
Now there are two possibilities here:

1. All the previous One's chose the right door allowing a temporary
dissemination" of their code into the Matrix (i.e., the code they
carry, thus indicating Neo is indeed human), then he must select
(unplug) 23 people from the Matrix to rebuild Zion. This takes away
the possibility that stories from previous rebuilds of Zion will be
carried through. But Morpheus indicated in the first Matrix that this
is the case anyway. He said, There was a man born inside, able to
change things, it was he who freed the first of us, - basically the
One previous to Neo. And this proves that the previous One chose the
right door also. Neo's purpose is also to choose the right door, but
he does not because he faces deletion afterwards and has the choice of
going into exile - programs choosing to go into exile is the one thing
that can't be accounted for in program parameters. Thus, he chooses
the left door instead this time. How was Neo able to choose the other
door? Because of his extreme willpower? - Even the Architect indicated
that he'd noticed this - Interesting. That was quicker than the
others. Or more likely, because the Oracle upgraded his coding with
the candy on the park bench. The candy/cookie was a method to change
the One's program. She said he has made a believer out of her - this
is quite human like and perhaps the previous One's didn't accept the
upgrade candy, now she has hope... hope that Neo will finally choose
the other door.

2. All the previous One's chose the left door, saving Trinity and
letting Zion fall. So this time is no different. But the Architect
does say, You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed. Its
every living inhabitant terminated, its entire existence eradicated,
and also, this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it, and we
have become exceedingly efficient at it - assuming the Architect
isn't lying, then they have already destroyed Zion (i.e., Zion has
fallen) five times - i.e., the result of going through the left door.

Morpheus and Trinity are programs:
Morpheus's purpose was to find the One and deliver him to the
Architect. Trinity's purpose is to control the One by getting in love
with him. Trinity is supposed to be the mother of the new One every
time the Matrix is Reloaded. That's why the sex scene was so important
and why she was named Trinity.

The Architect says, She is going to die, and there is nothing that
you can do to stop it. He was correct though because she did die just
like Neo did in the first Matrix (Oracle said he or Morpheus would,
and she didn't lie, but he came back to life). Trinity dies, but comes
back to life (we are using medical definition of death in all this of

The Architect has already laid down an ultimatum for Neo choosing the
left door:
The Architect - Failure to comply with this process will result in a
cataclysmic system crash killing everyone connected to the matrix,
which coupled with the extermination of Zion will ultimately result in
the extinction of the entire human race.
Neo - You won't let it happen, you can't. You need human beings to
The Architect - There are levels of survival we are prepared to
accept. However, the relevant issue is whether or not you are ready to
accept the responsibility for the death of every human being in this

Looking at this further, the Architect does say coupled with the
extermination of Zion will the human race be exterminated. So he says
everyone connected to the Matrix will die, but if Zion is not
exterminated, the human race will not necessarily die. Also, there is
likely to be a time-window between not going through the right door,
and the cataclysmic crash, thus allowing Neo to unplug as many as
possible from the Matrix, then those people won't die. This will be
the start of the next Zion. As for the Matrix, a cataclysmic crash
doesn't mean the end of the Matrix - just needs rebooting or

Agent Smith explained:
Agent Smith is the only human in this world. He's the one spreading
himself like a virus replicating himself over and over until the
Matrix will finally get overloaded and fail. Smith is the one who
wants to get out of the Matrix for good. He said so in the first
Matrix, I must get out of here, I must get free. And in this mind, is
the key, squeezing Morpheus's temples, My key. Once Zion is
destroyed, there is no need for me to be here. Smith knows that by
killing Neo he can escape the Matrix because Neo is the key to
resetting the Matrix, or to shut it off. It was originally killing Neo
(in the first Matrix) that allowed Smith to become powerful (cloning
ability) - so killing Neo again will allow him to gain Neo's powers
completely, and thus gain the power to shut down the Matrix. So where
the hell did Smith come from if he wants to destroy the Matrix? He's
obviously not meant to be there - he's a computer virus as he has
every characteristic of a virus - he multiplies and spreads and
infects (and emulates) other programs like one. He is exactly as he
described humans at the end of the first Matrix - "You move to an area
and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed
and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There
is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do
you know what it is? A virus." But who put him there? This will only
be revealed in Revolutions (Revelations?) I guess - but I'm betting on
humans in the real real world, i.e., outside of Zion and the Matrix.
They're at war with the machines and trying to destroy them by
infecting them with this virus - Agent Smith. So the irony with this
theory is that Agent Smith represents the human race !! Neo represents
the machines !!! Agent Smith says to Neo just after he's seen the
Oracle that he became free when Neo destroyed him in the first Matrix
(remember when Neo entered his body and exploded him from inside out)
- as a virus, Smith has the ability to inherit other programs'
abilities and thus inherited some of Neo's.

The anomaly explained:
The anomaly is all the humans that do not accept the Matrix. The
Architect says Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced
equation inherent to the programming of the matrix. You are the
eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have
been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of
mathematical precision. While it remains a burden to sedulously avoid
it, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control.
This includes Neo, but Neo's Matrix avatar is attached with the One
program so that he can follow his purpose as explained earlier under
The One explained. However, he is also supposed to protect himself
and destroy anything that gets in his way - i.e., Agent Smith - so
that he may fulfil his purpose. Further proving Neo - and other
non-accepters of the Matrix - are the anomaly, the Architect says,
Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation
inherent to the programming of the matrix.

The clue here is Neo's program name - The One. Take one-third for
example. 1 over 3 is 0.33333 recurring. A computer cannot deal with
recurring numbers, so must accept a limit, let's say 0.33333 for
argument's sake. Multiply by 3, you get 0.99999 - never 1.00000, where
has the remainder" 0.00001 (One) gone ? This is the limitation of
computers, this is the mathematical imprecision inherent in
programming (of the Matrix) and the eventuality of the One anomaly
unable to be eliminated.

What is the equation then?

Not sure, but it definitely involves pi. The Keymaker refers to the
window of time to open the door to the mainframe as 314 seconds. 3.14
is pi to three significant figsures, or the number of radians in half
a circle. Half a circle is like the cross-section of a womb, similar
to the alcove of Neo and Trinity's love scene - conceiving the next
One? NEO, incidently, is an anagram of ONE. Trinity and Neo - one
on one, a choice - one or one. Leads us to 101. 101 is mentioned
numerous times in Matrix 1 and Reloaded. Neo's room at the beginning,
Merovingian is on the 101st floor, the 101 freeway of the car chase in
Reloaded, then when Trinity is hacking into the power plant system,
she resets the password to Z10N0101. Freaky. Indicates that she is a
program because that's not some random password she's put in. 101 is
binary for 5, which in zero-based binary counting: 000 is 1, 001, is
2, 010 is 3, 011 is  4, 100 is 5, 101 is 6 - And this is the 6th
version of the Matrix !!! Then there's 303. 303 is the room Neo got
shot in Matrix 1, the Oracle lives in room 303, it's also the hotel
room number Trinity is in in Matrix 1 and it's seen at the end when
Neo fights the Agents and Smith and begins to literally see the code
that makes up the Matrix. 101 x 3 = 303, a trilogy, 3 + 0 + 3 = 6 =
the 6th Matrix. Trinity means 3.

Who is the mother that the Architect refers to?
The Architect says, Please, in an almost disapproving sense when Neo
suggests the Oracle, but does not reveal who it really is or even
directly that Neo is wrong. The architect was the one who created the
Matrix, the co-creator is neither Persephone nor the Oracle. Both of
them are only programs that have a purpose in the matrix, just like
the rest. The Architect is in charge of the Matrix world and the
co-creator is in charge of Zion. She has almost the same age as the
Architect. Therefore, that woman is the Head Counsellor, the only
woman of importance that lives in Zion and the one who asked for the
two captains to volunteer at the council meeting. She's the one who
knew all along about the Matrix. She was the one who told Zion's
Defence Minister to cool off and to let Morpheus do his work so things
could go as planned.

Or alternatively, it could indeed be the Oracle. She is the only
program that truly wants humans to have a free choice... at the same
time, she sees the future, because she knows the program code - she is
like God - which is why Seraph protects her - see Who is Seraph?

What's so special about Neo's avatar?
Neo is a skilled hacker, and his avatar in the Matrix is based on the
person that founded the AI of the original machines that eventually
took over the world... How? Take a look at the disc he gave to the
bloke at the door at the beginning of Matrix 1. It said DISC AI on
it. The hollowed book Neo takes the disc out of is Simulacra and
Simulation - a collection of essays by the French postmodernist
philosopher Jean Baudrillard. He opens it to the section on Nihilism
(meaning nothing is truly known, etc.). Baudrillard's concept of
simulation is the creation of the real through conceptual or
mythological models which have no connection or origin in reality.
The model becomes the determinant of our perception of reality - the
real. And Morpheus says, "Welcome to the desert of the real, in
Matrix 1. I'd say this book describes The Matrix to a tee. So this
disc contains the key to the AI, and thus how to destroy the machines,
so I think they'll use this info in Revolutions to ultimately destroy
the machines, which means he'll have to go back to the nightclub and
find the guy he gave it to.

Who is Seraph?
The reason Seraph (the *beep* guy Neo meets before meeting the Oracle)
had golden code and was so spectacular is that he came from the first
incarnation of the matrix, which was heaven. Seraph is singular for
the plural seraphim. The seraphim are the highest choir of angels
and included amongst others: Lucifer, Gabriele, Raziel and Malaciah,
and they sit on the 8th level of Heaven just one below God. So Seraph
will obviously have a big part in Revolutions, but whose side will he
be on - the machines or the humans ??? That is the question.

The Twins explained:
They are exiled programs that emulate the human myth of ghosts as the
Oracle explained. They are programs behaving badly. Persephone killed
one of the Merovingian's bodyguards with a silver bullet because he
was emulating a werewolf. So if the Twins could phase into ghost form,
why didn't he when his arm was trapped in the door of the garage? Was
it because he was wounded or because he can't phase when his arm is
trapped? No of course not. The doors of that building, when shut,
always led somewhere else (usually in the mountains) when opened again
without the Keymaker's key. So if it were slammed shut due to the Twin
phasing into ghost form, the Twin's arm would've ended up god knows
where, but certainly not attached to the Twin's body.

very interesting.. i found almost the same exact text on another site. do you think you would like to maybe give credit to the person that orginally analyzed the mathematics of the movie and decyphering....just thought i would ask since the person that wrote it can not be here to defend their work. smokin'

Errr what the hell is he going on about the Head Counciller for. The Architect states:

"An intuitive PROGRAM initially created to investiage certain aspects of the human psyche"

Now please explain how the woman on the council has anything to do with being Intuitive or investigating the Human Psyche. Rubbish!

That is very simple. Women are more intuitive in nature due to their maternal instincts, thus one would assume A female would be a wise one to listen to in times where intuition is needed.. Rubbish.. maybe so.. or perhaps its just a matter of faith.

Also how does the password she enters "Z10N0101" indicate in any way that Trinity is a program. She hacks it and RESETs the password and enters in a new one.

Also Agent Smith DIDN'T get his abilities from Neo when he killed him. It was when Neo Killed Smith that he gained his new found abilities as "something got copied, overwritten, what matters is..."

The heart decieves sifer, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Trinity could very well be the mask over neo's and everybody elses eyes. why could she not be a program.. if you wanted a spy.. what better than the girl of the person they call the One. Plus if you remember it is nothing more than a setup from the begining.

But where in hell did he get the idea that she is a program? There isn't any form of indication anywhere that they are.

Referring to both Trinity and the woman on the council.

Agent smith is nothing more than a virus now. Replicates at a fast rate. Can use other computer programs at its will. That is how a virus works. It takes what you computer already has and uses it against you. Sound like Agent Smith when he was to be Deleted?

Brb gone to smoke.. 20 min..

Smoke what my young Padawan smile Hehe

Also, I already knew about Smith being a virus as he describes it in the 1st movie - Subliminal Messages smile

smoking a Cig, I only use the other for spiritual purposes

In the first movie the Smith describes the Human race as a Virus. Now if you think about it..Why would he dislike so called other programs in the Matrix?

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