The reason why some people dislike Reloaded

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Matrix Reloaded is a film that you have to get into. You have to see it at least twice to get all the elements all the facts, all the reasons and all the things that make the story.
For example, X-men 2 is different. X2 is film that comes to you.
Reloaded is different. You can't watch it as you would watch Star Wars or any other blockbuster.
This film is part of an entire universe. If you want to love it, you have to understand that :

- it is the first part of an entire film made of M2 and M3,
- it is the transition between M1 and M3,
- it had to describe the Matrix Universe much more deeply than in M1

So, for me, the people who didn't like M2 did not understand it.
i'm sorry, I don't want to be rude or to hurt.
I just give an example :

One of my friend told me : that film sucks, the screenplay is bad.
I told him 'Oh, didn't you love the fact that Smith could infect a human brain and get out of the Matrix in Bane's Body. That's a great element of screenplay'.
And my friend said 'What ??? I didn't get that ....'
Then I said 'Didn't you love the fact that The Oracle is a program with her own mind who decided to help human. She made the choice to fight side by side with human. It's a good element of the screenplay ?'
And my friend said 'Well, I didn't get that too'
And so on ...
He said to me that he's going to watch it again because he felt like he had missed something.
I told him that if he wants to love the film he had to focus on these facts :

- Programs have their own mind because the evolution of AI made them like human spirit : some are linked to the matrix, some not, others are Pirats (like Merovingian)

- Smith wants more than being a program, he found the way to become a human. Why ? because, in M1, his goal was to find the access code to zion.
In M2, ha ahs no more goal, so he wants another one.

- To control human beings, the machines have to give them the choice of their lives, even at an unconscious level. That's why Neo, with the others 'Ones' where element of control.

SO If you want to love this film, you have to get into and understand him deeply.

See ya

Evil Dead
Actually the oracle was not helping the human race...........she was helping Neo.......helping/guiding him to fullfill his purpose.......she cares not about the human race, she was there to befriend Neo and make sure he kept on the right path, the path that would take him to the source where he could meet the architect and then enter the mainframe........which ofcourse would put the humans back at square one when Neo chose 23 people and set out rebuilding Zion from scratch......the oracle and the architect are partners, he built the matrix and she helped him improve it by realizing that humans needed to believe they had choice (which ofcourse they don't......they are still being controlled by the Matrix as Merovingen proves when he sends that cake to the blonde).

OK for me Evil dead. By learning this, I love M2 much more by now.
Thanks wink

Evil Dead
1. I agree 100%..........everytime I've heard, "Reloaded wasn't good at all" it has been directly followed by, "I didn't understand any of it"..........people really have no right to comment positively or negatively on a subject they themselves have admitted that they didn't understand. It's not the Wachowski Bros. fault that some people are a bit on the slow side and can't comprehend the story...........

2. One thing I don't buy in the movie is the explanation of rogue programs that no longer work for the system, they were to be deleted but fled into the matrix (Smith, the twins, Merovingen, etc.)..........I don't buy this for the simple fact that one of the most important characters (the oracle) said, "there is no coincidence inside the Matrix, everything has a purpose" these programs really aren't rogue, they are still fullfilling the purpose they were created for when they interact with Neo. Ofcourse they told us in the first movie that Neo was "the one" who would free all mankind by entering the mainframe (actually they added that last part in subtley in Reloaded) and find out that the prophecy is not true.........that it was all a lie put in place by the architect to try to get Neo to enter the mainframe.

3. another oracle side note...........I already mentioned how Merovingen controlled the blonde woman by sending her a piece of cake that was laced with a computer code that caused her to do a specific action........ever notice that both times Neo talks to the Oracle she gives him food (cookie in first movie, candy in Reloaded).......could she not only be giving him advice which keeps him on his path but also be controlling him to ensure he stays on the right path?

I also agree 100% bogmac. It is a VERY, very in-depth complicated film. I watched the Matrix (original) last night and it is literally unbelievable the amount of detail and hardwork that has gone into the story line and the script.

Sorry to say it Evil Dead...but you're wrong about the Oracle.

The Oracle is now in Exile. I will explain why:

Starting with the first film. She states that she hates giving good people bad news. When it comes to examining Neo she does so as if it is a routine, done before, and she can't be ****ed with it which is backed up by "Well...let's get this over with" and "And I say...hrrrrmmmm and You say"..."I'm not the one"...the conversation goes on. Her acting shows, she can't be bothered doing it anymore, she has done it before, over and over...she is bored.

Then she says "I'm gonna let you in a little secret..." The thing she tells him is in fact a secret as it can be plainly seen from the expression on her face.

Now we get onto the real evidence smile

In the 2nd film when Neo is doing his Superman thing he lands on a building and goes inside and say's "Where are you?". This room is the same as in the first when he goes to see the Oracle. Why isn't she there?

Then when he gets a message from the Oracle, he goes to see her and she is being protected by another program, Seraph. Why does she need protection? From what? From who?

When Neo finally gets to her what the **** is she doing in the middle of a park or whatever u wanna call it. Why does she tell Neo about the Exile program's, she doesn't have to, she is trying to prove a point...

How can Neo trust her...well she is trying to show Neo that she herself is in fact an exile.

Another piece of evidence is the fact of the Architect "scoffing" at the name "The Oracle" when mentioned. This could show malcontent towards her etc.

If you want a more detailed explanation...then ask, and I will smile

Not to mention, there is in fact more evidence pointing towards that she is an exile, but I have to go out now, so I aint putting it here...yet.

Put it plain and simple; If they didnt show such a detailed preview of it, the movie would hav been much more exciting. Just think wut u would hav thought of the 40 agent explosion if u hadnt seen it ever before?!?!

You guys all get into such detail. I'll just put it this way: Reloaded was truly the best movie I have ever seen. It had the right amount of action and the right amount of romance and a good story line to make it an excellent film. I liked it way better then the first one and I understood Reloaded much better then the first as well. I wouldn't change a thing about the movies or the previews or anything else. It was great.~

too much love. Everything else was good. It would be the best if Trinity dies becus Neo will probly get pissed and kill everything. Sounds good to me.

I did think that the part of the movie where he brought her back to life was pretty corny. I think that once someone dies, they die. They shouldn't be brought back to life, but at the same time, I think it would be very sad if she died, so I wouldn't want that. no

true. that would be sad.

The Omega

Hey Omega, great name! You trying to move in on my territory?(ha ha)

The Omega

princess leia
i think pll dont like it cos of that too. and all the new characters. in m1 there was just the main ppl and not much else, u know? now they introduced a whoe city and all new characters and plces.

i disagree....hatred or anger wouldn't solve anything, but his love could push him to do things that he has never done before or thought to be possible i.e. bring Trinity back to life.

and i agree that the Oracle is in exile now...

this film is brilliant

princess leia
anger, hatred...they are of the dark side.
but, blow up everything would be interesting...
but neither neo or trinity can die.

Most people did not like it because they were just seeing it to be cool. While I was waiting in line the second time to see it, there was a punk ass kid who was talking to his friend asking him about the first Matrix movie because he had never seen it. I told him he better not be talking and asking questions during the movie or I will show him some real buttet time. Me punching him in the f'ing face.

HAHAHA, that is so true, I wouldn't deal with that shit either. If you haven't seen the first movie, you defnitely shouldn't be going to see Reloaded, what a dumb ass.~

princess leia..i agree with youintroducing new elements in the movie really feels awkward. i still prefer the first one as simple as it is. the brothers probably wanted to do something that'll appeal to todays world but i kinda prefer the first one in its simple plain feel. it's like, upgrading from classic windows to xp laughing

i think it wasnt that good to handle the boys to much money. now they could make whatever they want to in their movie (in reloaded). and i think they overload it a little. if they hadnt that much money thy had that much actionscene... maybe that much but not that long..

its all about special effects and the crazy story. I understand it, so it was good to me. Anybody else who complains about it doesnt understand it. smile

The majority of people will go into the film knowing they won't understand it, this is the reason they don't understand it, because they don't think they can. If you know what I mean big grin

Evil Dead

Ive seen the film a few times now, and I understand it, but it doesnt make it any more intresting, it still feels like a 'filler' film that had to last 2 hours and half. Lets add some action (which i liked), some cheesey speeches, and 10 minutes of plot. And still people read so much into it, its a film, not reality, which some people in this forum haven't really understood yet.

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