the phone line

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princess leia
i was wondering...
why do they need a phone line to exit the matrix?
i mean, if its a program, then the phone line doesnt really exist anyway...they may as well use...oh, i dont know...a baileys vat.
is there a reason i am overlooking?

there must be a way to get out of the matrix. and this exits are covered with a phone. like the agents, also programs are "dressed" as dim-witted agents. it would be very strange if theres a door with a sign at the top of it "exit the matrix". laughing

******* smiley, i know. its not that funny. but i couldnt refuse.

They can only use Hard Lines due to them being static as every system is built upon another system. So a Hard Lined phone line is one of the few things that can provide permanent availability...if you know what I mean.

no, i don't..bloody phone companies crashing all the times stick out tongue

If you listen to M1, Morpheous says that they rise to broadcast depth and hack into the Matrix.

The explanation is that the phone line is like a modem connection to the internet. So to get in to the matrix you need a phone line. The same is needed to exit. Its what is used to connect into and out of the matrix.

In M2 when trinity's heart stops the screen says 'lost carrier signal' This is usually what a modem says when it loses its connection to a host.

Yes, the Matrix is not just VR, it is a bit more cerebral than that. Your mind has to LITERALLY enter and exit the Matrix and it can only do this at the relevant point inside the programme (the parts that link to the outside world comm lines), which manifest as the telephones.

princess leia
oh so is that why they cant just go out of any phone line?
so its not actually the phone line...its just a point where the mind will allow itself to be taken out of the matrix. ok smile

Its like waking from a dream.

you know?

if you are sleep walking and someone wakes you up, you could die of a heart attack because your brain has to withstand a sudden change in reality.
as for the phone...
maybe they couldnt find a baileys vat. laughing out loud

Nopy explained it perfectly, there are few places they can escape for example in M2 they have to travel all the way across the freeway to get to's a lot more complicated then it seems.

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