I don't like Harry Potter

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i think a lot of things in it are copied from LOTR... like that retarded dobby creature... the spiders... the trolls...

Uhmmm, if that was the case, than you must hate a lot of other books that used those examples.

I agree. Some characters are really copied, for example, dementors.
They are very similar to Nazguls.
but you can't blame writters for others trolls, spiders...
Lot of books is full of these characters. rolling on floor laughing rolling on floor laughing rolling on floor laughing

Well if you dont like harry potter you must be dumb.The Films and books are wicked. Maybe you think some cretures are copyied but who cares wat yah think. BUt i like yah opinion.

Ummm...isnt LotR the base of all fantasy books?

It was the first, the last, the one.

I agree. Lord of the Rings are the best books in the world, next comes harry potter and finally Georgia Nicolson (first book is called Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging) I find that a lot of my favourite books are from Britain. Woohoo! Go BRITISH AUTHORS!!big grin

Really, a lot of the fantasies around come from much much earlier.... Greco-Roman mythology, anyone?

Mythology? Well I guess some might come from it. But LOTR is still better than any mythology I've studied. Wow! I just figured out what I'm goin to read over the summer
1. The Fellowship of the Rings
2. The Two Towers
3. The Return of the King
4. Harry Potter and the Philosipher's Stone
5. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (ugh..)
6. Harry Potter and the Prisonor of Askaban (I can't spell..lmao!)
7. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (YEAH!)
8. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (again!)
9. Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging)
10. Same as above, (I'm not the Girlfriend of a Sex God or...Okay so I'm wearing really big Knickers ...i think)
11. Same as above (Knocked out by my Nunga Nunga's!)
12. The 4th one...(i forget)

i think harry potter might be gay...

I don't think so.
Why do you think so?

i dont think so by the way sum of tha things may be copied but u noe u who cares

Just one thing, really: If you don't like Harry Potter, pray tell us what you're doing in a Harry Potter message board? Not that we mind the sporadic word of dissent...

If you don't like the Harry Potter books then get the hell out of here! Nuff said.

its a bit silly coming here when you hate harry potter.

I don't think that JK copied LotR...

the only reason people say that JK Rowling copied LotR is coz the films came out at the same time,if LotR wasnt made into a film i bet no1 wud have sed that she copied JRR Tolkien,plus LotR is the base for almost all fantasy books

u r SOOO righ bout dat one! <LOTR WAS THE FIRST THE LAST N THE ONE!>

wheres my pizzasmile im so hungry

I find people who call people gay, often are. And people wh use it as an insult are homophobic(one of my ICT teachers is racist, sexist and homophobic. Hes a good teacher though)

LOTR=Most in-depth fantasy

I like the books about Belgarath and Garion. If anyone's read them? By the Eddings? or Raymond E Feist. They are bothe xceptionally good books. I also like Tom Clancy, but hes not the fantasy genre.

i would i read the books ages before the films, alot of the stuff is her own but aragog, dementors, dobby, voldemort (dark lord, a shadow of fear bodyless)

some woman took jk to court, she stole muggle apparently

Some woman took her to court because Harry Potter is like Barry Potter, or something. Harry's called Barry Trotter in 'Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody'. That is very funny

I wont pretend to be a genius like all those critics - I dont get LOTR - the film has a great message, but the lavishness & grandeur of the production drowned it out!

its like what they say of the wedding dress of Princess Diana (may her soul RIP, sorry).. a simple one would have highlighted her beauty, but the one she wore drowned it out.

Its only message is - the power to save the world / conquer evil is not in the hands of great wizards & warriors, but in the lowly hobbits who have nothing but purity of heart - that being the very reason why the ring of power (almost) has no effect on them.

and thats it?! thats what all that big fuss is about?

Harry Potter is deep material pretending to be light (intentionally) in order to get its message across EFFECTIVELY to its target audience. LOTR on the other hand is a shallow material pretending to be deep/heavy. And what audience is LOTR targeting - not children? all ages then? anything definite?

i know someone who has read the books & said its a boring read - that the film was more interesting.

But the film was reduced to nothing but a highly entertaining movie - its beautiful message hidden under tons of special effects - mysterious to a bedazzled audience.

i liken Tolkien to the master of a genie in a bottle - the LOTR story is that genie. The all-powerful genie can do anything, but it does only what its master commands it to do - Tolkien refused to set his genie free.

LOTR is too stiff! OVER-RATED. Tolkien doesnt know how to lighten up. Chill out Tolkien! And the same goes out to all the movie/literary critics who think they're wiser than everyone else.

you come across as one of those peopleyes
maybe you don't intend to but you do.

you are sayin lotr is shallow and harry potter is deep, what the **** seriously im not sure why im even replying to this it is SO ridiculous

lord of the rings is not just about the smallest of people shaping the fortune of all

it is a love story- aragorn must defeat sauron in order to become king of gondor and arnor, only then may he marry arwen

lotr is a VERY deep work it has background books history and everything

harry potter is a book basically for kids, HOW is it deep, its a different story every book, just with this snake man git stood in the background looking and sounding menacing sayin "oooh im he who must not be named, but i cant kill a 14 year old boy ohhhhh"

i'm just very opinionated evil face

its just that i feel like the LOTR franchise & the movie critics are forming some kind of mafia to OVER-HYPE the trilogy - to make more money & win more awards for the film/franchise.

I dont see anything that big about it really. Its big alright, but not that big.

plus, why do they have to lambast the Harry Potter books? if LOTR is so much more better, they shouldnt even compare it. what are the LOTR fans so insecure about in the Potter books?

just read the title of this thread if you cant get it - and to top that, its in the Harry Potter boards!

we're not!!!but there are always exceptions to the rule!!!
i for one LOVE BOTH of the series!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are bth deep, but HP is an easier read fo rkids. HP's story is pretty basic though
Every year new DADA teacher, somehow related wth the problem, either hates Harry or likes him(exception being Lockhart). A fight at the end between Harry and Voldy, or his follwers. Oh and the plot is, voldemort had found a new way of gaining power, but Harry finds out, and they have a duel to stop Voldy. Still the pplot has lots of sub-plots, unlike LOTR which is based around three plots, Frodo+Sam, Pippin+Merry, Aragorn, Legolas+Gimli.

I enjoyed them both, but I loved the attention to detail that Tolkien included, and Tom Bombadil's character is one of the best ever created.

we are insecure because no matter how much better lotr is potter is written lightly more kids read it than do lotr, so eventually potter will be seen as the best, even though, it is just not, i like potter books, but nowhere near as good as lotr

how is lotr shallow?
how is potter deep

^answer tham two for me plase^

the books are ok but the films dont really do it for me

if you hvta compare it's OBVIOUS that HP is the shallow one...

like i said, the Potter books is deep & multi-layered in the sense that it touches on sensitive issues such as racism, the government's interference in the educational system - but it is done so wittingly.

the messages can be viewed in 2 perspectives - a child's & an adult's - yet the messages directed for children do not lose significance when viewed from an adult's perspective.

it is said that sometimes when you want to find the answers to some of the world's most difficult questions - you must ask a child & you'll be surprised that a child can give you a more matured answer than most other adults.

where is racism in hp covered

and you still have not said how lotr is shallow

The undertones of racism can be seen in the discrimination between muggles & the members of the wizarding world - also within the wizarding world between pure-bloods & half-bloods.

about LOTR being shallow, well, i dont want to delve into specifics, i havent read the books, but have watched the 3 films - i dont see anything so amazing about it.

exactly youv seen the films, you HAVENT read the books, if i were to judge hp by the movies i wouldnt even be here, your not delving into specifics because you HAVE NONE

before you crap on lotr read the damn books

He's right the HP films are not so good.

no one has any right to say anyth abt lotr until the've read the booksyes
that's the essenceyes

well, i'm sorry sauron but i'm not interested..

i saw the 2 Harry Potter films first & they made me interested to read all the 5 books.

i've seen the 3 films - it should have gotten me interested in reading the books - but it didnt *shrug*

dont know about the others..

i dont see how you can say lotr is shallow if you havent read the books, what a fool stick out tongue

the HP films are just totally bad, i mean i could film better with my camcorder, but i dont condemn them because the booksa re worth a read, but you on the other hand....well....

he's talked so much abt lotr bein shallow and all and in the end we find out - HE'S NOT EVEN READ THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolley
ive wasted my time here......

wow, listen to all of you.. you've read the books which makes you think you're the authority. its the same as admitting that the film is spectacular, but didnt capture the depth of the books! roll eyes (sarcastic)

the flm is great but it didnt catch the greatness of the books

im only saying you do not have the right to call lotr shallow if you have not read the books, its a well known fact the films can NEVER be as good as the books

the lotr book and HP books are both masterpieces. though there are ALOT of similarities, however I don't think that JKR INTENDED for things to be so similiar.

Yes, I would agree that most fantasy/adventure books are based on LOTR. And the movies are just AWESOME.........the HP movies are on the shallow side....they could have been ALOT better than they actually were. The books are great though.

Trickster: Yes Tom Bombil(sp) his char. rocked! smile Don't mess with him!

my point exactlyyesyes
there's only so much you can do in filmsyes


this is tiring.. i'm just gonna say this to whoever started this thread - I DONT LIKE LORD OF THE RINGS - but i'm not opening a thread saying that in the LOTR boards.

i rest my case Phoenix! whistle

yeah you dont like lotr fair enough thats a shame, really is sad

but you cant say its shallow just from the films, you HAVE to read the books too before you critisize

it's no use tryin to change their minds - people are usually very stubborn abt their own opinionsyes

hmm whats a book?

laughinglaughing out loud


What's Harry Potter about?


I don't like HP either...JK based some of her stuff after actually witch practices...and frankly, I have no desire to read any of that (though I have read the first one, but only for a debate, and I didn't like it) They're not even written well!! Why people like them I reallydon't know...the kids aren't even good examples...LOTR written better, has more thought put into it (the books mind you), and is just over all better....think about it, it's been around for about 30 years...somehow I doubt HP will last that long, I mean, look at Pokemon....it was this huge thing for about 2 years, and then it totally died...can't wait till that happens with HP...but frankly, it won't happen with LOTR, because it's a classic! Ah, feels good to say that smile

Yeah, but at least you've read em both! stick out tongue

Please, of course that Harry Potter is NOT A COPY OF LOTR!!! the fact is they are both BRITISH FICTION as a matter of fact in many fan fics. from Great Britain is usual to have got similar characters, like wizards, elphes, trolls....etc.
Both movies are distinctive from one another, there are no comparrasing between to say that are copies of one another.

so your trying to tell me dementors arent based on nazgul...or aragog on shelob

of course she copied, she copied loads, serioulsy i like the potter books ok they are worth a read but anyone who says its better/ in the same league as lotr is clinically insane and should be locked in a padded room, the lotr books are better so are the films, get over it, god just cos hp is the new book on the scene you all say its going to challenge lotr...erm no...remember pokemon oohh this is going to challenge the simpsons, and now it utterly DIED as will hp die beofre lotr

Tolkiens books are the inspiration of alot of fatasy-fiction books and movies i think it would be pretty damn hard not to slightly copy lotr. alien

This is very immature of you to just flow into the HP thread and say something like that. They're both respectable books and movies. I'm a major fan of LotR but I'm also a fan of HP too.

Rowling herself based many of her material from Tolkien's great writing, which does not mean she copied. She is a well respected writers and I think that all her books and works should be respected as we respect LotR and Tolkien.

If you do not likee HP than DON'T come into this thread. You don't see HP fans come into them LotR thread saying things like this, so DON'T do it to them.

This thread will be closed in a few days.

Dangit guys, give them their rights! Good lord, you cannot just come in here and just bash HP like that, Rowlings did NOT copy do you hear me? She based her material on Tolkien's inventions, BASED AND COPIED ARE TWO DIFFERENT TERMS. Learn them, and grow up.

In this day and age it is very rare to find something that is totally original and is not based on a already laid out platform. Tolkien laid out the platform of good vs. evil on the biggest table of all time. He is the master of it. I think that it is a credit to his work that other wonderful authors ( I really like Rowling and think she is a wonderful author) are basing there theories around ones he wrote long ago. I think that basing a book on something is great but to say that she ripped of or copied somehting is wrong. I can see the similairity between the books but more so in the HP movies. I think that LOTR is a completly diff. story and while HP might have barrowed idea's they did not copy them. does that make any sense or am i just talking a circle.

Complete Sense Aurora, and I hope our lectures went through their big heads

Hum Kit I do think that they should listen to us. We are smart you know!

Oh yeah! *high fives Aurora*

*highfives back* woohoo

i love the lotr books and films wheras with harry potter the books are good (just underneath lotrs) but the films are crap!

and i heard a rumpour from 'member' dat jk rowling woz on drugs but i meself cant see that

I really enjoied the movies, I didn't read the HP at first because I thought that they were children's books. After watching the first movie I decided to read the books and I really loved them. The movies are great, although I wish they would put more of the books into the movies, but I guess they can't all be as long as the LOTR movies are.

Alright, first of all...

Spiders had existed before Tolkien, in fact, giant spiders were well featured in Germanic fables.

Trolls were scantily found in Celtic stories, but featured predominantly in Stories from the Middle Ages.

Gollum was originally (in the first Hobbit, not the re-edited one) based of the Slavonic "Leshy", both in appearence and behaviour.

In fact, Tolkien didn't make up any of the Human names.

i have grown up, im quite tall il have you know

kit did you even read the previous pages......i started off sayin hp was quite good i just didnt like the movies, then someone started saying lotr is shallow and hp is deep which i disagreed with, he then proceeded to say he hasnt read the books, which angers me slightyly....them someone else comes along and starts bashing lotr aswell, i mean come on im not stening for that......plus its an argument, i HAVE to be involved stick out tongue

I think that they are both imaginative books for two different kinds of audience - and I love them both!

Anyway, if they are so similar, then why the hige divide?


you may remember that to preven a war in 1918 europe split into two major halves, therfore there couldnt be a war, unfortunatly that plan was bollocks, all it needed was a small pebble to fall and it would cause an avanche, in other words one small misunderstanig boom ww1

we are quite peaceful at times, but all we need is one lotr member to say something bad about hp, or vice versa and boom argument breaks out

Ohhh I seem, I'm sowwy sauron,

its ok, even though you made me DIE ! sad

I wanted the thread to die, not you, silly sauron

I would have been more amused if it was Frodo who fell into that pit with the ring instead of gollum!

Once again, pathetically PREDICTABLE!

Sauron: I got it, let's distract the eye!

Gandalf: Oh yeah, why didnt I think of that! Awesome plan dude!

Legolas: Yeah, and i'll perform my amazing archery skills, that'l get him!

*Gandalf does the air-guitar - Legolas & Sauron joins in* laughing

very impressive guys! clap-clap-clap!!!
oh hail, high halleluiahs for LOTR woohoo!!! <-- critical acclaim

Notice that Legolas came out of the battle without a speck of dirt in his face? yeah, very realistic guys!

LOTR franchise: Orlando Bloom should always look pretty & air-brushed or the fans will get mad..

oh yeah, this movie is pure perfection - bravo guys!

That wont stop the Academy from giving the Best Picture award to LOTR-ROTK --> coz the critics says so! roll eyes (sarcastic)

sorry guys, but with no codes to break, no mysteries to unravel, no clues and hints to discover -- everything in LOTR is served on a silver platter & spoon-fed to the audience -- i find it rather shallow indeed -- not to mention BORING! evil face

well, you were asking for it.. Christina Aguilera says "if you can dish it out, you gotta learn to take it back!" Happy Dance

Argh......I tried I honestly did! But they just won't GROW up dammit!

I understnad if you're upset about chica just comin' in a voicing out that HP is stupid but can't ANYONE be mature and ignore this childish act!?

My god...

Exactly! You cannot class them in the same catagory because they are two completely different books despite the fact that they are both fantasy. JK Rowling has based her writings on a lot of mythology, Greek and otherwise. Additionally Tolkien is not the first person to come up with trolls and I seriously doubt that he'll be the last. JK's books are wonderful and imaginative. She created an entire world based on magic; even the games are magic e.g. Quidditich. Sure OotP was a bit repetitive of the previous four but it was still well done in my opinion. Both the LOTR and HP books are great in their own rights. I thoroughly enjoy reading HP and personally I can't wait for the PoA movie which is my favourite of all the books thus far.

Agrees with Kitoky. The fact remains that people have different tastes and people should learn to respect that. Additionally the edit button exists specifically so that you don't have to triple post to get your point across.

well Kitoky, you see now what usually happens when you give people a dose of their own medicine! laughing

i dont usually do this - first time in fact - but i gotta tell ya, i didnt know how much fun it is, til now, to mirror/imitate some people to make them realize how childish they are! stick out tongue Happy Dance woohoo!

woops, i think i'm overdoing it!

Giving a dose of their own medicine deosn't solve anything, it's better if all of us just didn't reply to this thread and let it die and wait until Phoenix closed it. Arguing will only make matters worse.




disapparate! *crack*

First of all I just want to say thank you because there for a while I din't think that anyone could totally leave me flabbergasted with their stupidity. Congradulations on a job well done. First of all you obviously haven't read the books and for that I can't blame you because your small mind probally couldn't grasp the brilliance of it. Yes in ways it is totally predictable, but oh wait that is because so much has been based on it!!!! READ THE FRIGGIN BOOKS MORON AND GET A CLUE!! Yeah we can dish it out, but we can take it too so don't worry sweetheart we have alot to say too.

ANYWAY< I wasn't bashing LOTR, I was just making a point. I love both LOTR and HP, they're both great,. they're both deep, and although there a character similarities, the plot and storylines are completely different.

oh no, i'm sorry.. that wasnt me.. that was my evil twin up there..

dont know what made me do it erm *in gollum's voice* shifty

its the ring! the ring made me do it! wacko


Dude you really think you're funny don't you?

What? No smart comment back to me? I feel upset, really your sarcasm hits me hard.roll eyes (sarcastic) I'm not sure what my purpose is anymore. Oh Kit what are we to do now? He has killed our arguements with his wonderful humor! OH NOO confused

A.D. Skinner
Joy2dWorld - LOTR predictable ? You must not have read the books, and if you have, then obviously you have a short term memory ( Dory ). Is HP predictable too ? I read the books, and you know what, I know exactly what is going to happen in the next movie, and I haven't even seen it yet.

I do so enjoy the opinions of those that are not entirely educated on the subjects they discuss.

so you dont like lotr yet you imitate gollum, gollum is far better than you, now im sorry but now im downright angry so here we go

lotr is not shallow how about you **** off read the damn books while eating your own shit for a while THEN come back and tell me its shallow and unsurprising...your trying to tell me you KNEW gollum was going to destroy the ring even though you havent read the damn books you are such a lying shit, also you say your not trying to be immature erm...ok so whats the "i hate lotr i hate lotr i hate lotr crack disapperates" in aid of, oh yeah to get us angry..dont worry i was angry with you far earlier....legolas doesnt get dirty maybe because hes an elf hes supposed to stay clean and all you know youcant have an elf with dandruff and greasy hair, no matter how much you wish them to be like you. if lotr is so bad how come pj managed to get 300 million to make it.....alo to end this post which im sure wont be my last in this thread LOTR is NOT boring, it may have no car chases graphic sex scenes one man killing one thousand ppl with a pistol without re-loading once or anything else you find attractive in a moive, thats because it doesnt need it its an immortal story of good against evil, not some craze about a pubesent boy who is 16 years old and has only had on girlfriend fighting some ***** who looks like a snake and cant even kill a baby

*gives joy2dworld the two fingered salute*


saruon I just want to say I am glad u are around!! Don't ever leave LOL!!!! Hehehe cool cool cool

i nearly actually had to leave for good yoiu know sad

Sauron I was on your side, until that. Man both of you are immature. I think Joy is a lot more though. Come on! You were being serious, and whe npeople people(kit smile) start laying into you for it, you suddenly say you were only joking. Are you that shallow that you have to change as soon as someone who you think is better disagrees with you. At least stand by what you said.

Sauron, JKR did NOT copy Tolkien, unless you think that because of trolls, dementors etc? If you do I say Tolkien copied the people who FIRST wrote about trolls.

Harry Potter is in the same league as LOTR, simply because there are, on average the same amount of people on each side on this debate. It doesn't matter about your personal opinions(no offence, I don't mean it badly), but about the amount of people like it.

Okay Joy, you're a sad [email protected], get a life.

i have never said i wasnt joking

i wasnt exacttly TOO bothered about it but they just take it too far..i mean when i first came in it was just a discussion between me and joy2dworld but seriously I DONT LIKE LORD OF THE RINGS!



disapparate! *crack*

really is inappropriate,

also the sorry guys, but with no codes to break, no mysteries to unravel, no clues and hints to discover -- everything in LOTR is served on a silver platter & spoon-fed to the audience -- i find it rather shallow indeed -- not to mention BORING!

well, you were asking for it.. Christina Aguilera says "if you can dish it out, you gotta learn to take it back!"

theres just no need, i get angry at times stick out tongue and he pushed me...far

and i hope that my one post of immature name calling brought on by sudden rucsh of anger will not harm any friendship?

Not with me. But I know neither of you were joking. Actually I saw someone's signature elsewhere that describes this situation. No offence to anyone, and although I am gunna say it, I think the opposite is true...

Arguing on the internet is liek running in the special olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded!

sad one i dont think im a retard and im sure some would agree with me sad

and two thats disrespectful to athletes

Of course you are not a retard! I actually like having forum fights sometimes does that make me a retard? I think that it sharpens your mind to be put on the spot. LOL

Yeah and I didn't really like that qoute either. I'm sure a bettter one can be found, one that isn't offesive.

plus its highly offending to mentally ill people stick out tongue

Can we just shut up and let this worthless thread die?

No. Plus we aren't talking about stupid Joy2DWorld anymore. If you can't join in the fun, stop complaining.

I am sorry about that. I just found it as I had 2 windows open, and decided it was kinda approiate. I do/did not intend for anyone to take offense, and as it was a quote, noone should take it out on me, but on the person who made it in the first place.

John Bull
Attorey At Law

stick out tongue


Alright Kit, you got me reading this so now you know I gotta reply to these crack headed people stick out tongue First of all, sauron, I bow to you. Where would we be without you?? However, I dissagree about how JKR copied Tolkien. She had her own ideas, but she did base a few things on LOTR. Please don't get mad at me or anything sauron, I'm just stating my opinion. I, personally, like both HP and LOTR, however I like LOTR much better. No offense to HP fans or anything. JKR wrote wonderful and imaginative books, but I think they are meant mostly for children. I'm not saying the HP books are bad, because I like them very much. I'm just saying that LOTR books and movies are more mature and mainly not for little kids. And, Joy, I don't think you should even have replied to this thread. You have no right to talk about how bad LOTR is because you have not even read the frickin books! Go read the trilogy and THEN tell me what you think about LOTR. I still don't see how you thought LOTR was predictable! If someone read the books, I could understand that. But you have not read the books, so tell me, how could you have known, as sauron said, that Gollum was going to destroy the ring? Or that Frodo left the Shire with Bilbo and Gandalf and the Elves to go to Valinor(sp?)? I bet you didn't even know where he was going til I just now told you. And how could you have known that Sam married Rose? Sure, he talked about it, but how could you have known that he would actually do it? And how could you have known that King Theoden dies? Or Aragorn marries Arwen? Or Arwen doesn't go to the Grey Havens, but stays to marry Aragorn? Or Denethor tried to murder Faramir and himself? Or that any of them would even survive? Tell me how you could have known that? Huh? I don't see why the person who started this thread even posted here, in the HP forum!, that s/he hated HP...I wonder if s/he didn't even expect for everyone to jump on her/him. This exact same thing happened in the LOTR forum and it was not pretty. Believe me. Also, Joy, I don't get why the movies didn't make you want to read the books? I didn't even know what LOTR was until the first movie came out. I then fell in love with it and bought the books and have read them many times now. It was the movie that made me want to read the books. For the HP series, however, I read the books before the movie. I think that the books were much better, in my opinion. The movies could have been a whole lot better if they tried. But they didn't so it could never match up to the wonderous story of LOTR. Tolkien is a magnifiscent(sp?) author of fiction and I think he did a brilliant job. LOTR is a classic and it will never die. Like sauron said, HP will eventually die, no matter what diehard HP fans say (and nothing against HP fans), but LOTR never will. Many things like Pokemon began and everyone thought that it was going to be around for ages and ever. But look at it now. No one watches Pokemon anymore. I'm not sure anyone even remembers Pokemon. The same will happen with HP. It's just a phase and it will pass. However, LOTR is no phase and it will be cherished and loved for ever and anon. LOTR is a work of a pure genius and no one will ever match up to the works of Tolkien no matter how hard s/he tries. JKR is a very talented author, I have to admit, and I adore the HP books, but LOTR is so much more interesting and enchanting, I think. I love HP, of course, though. I love the books, but no so much the movies. However, I loved the LOTR books AND the movies. No books that get turned into movies will ever be as wonderful and great as LOTR. The HP movies have almost everything EXACTLY the same as the books and I find that boring. I would rather read the books than watch a movie that has the same thing in it. There's no difference except for the fact that it's on a screen. But the LOTR movies made some changes from the books. I would have loved to see Tom Bombadil on screen, though, but it was amazing all the same. If it was the exact same thing with the exact same words, it would be the same as HP. But they took out a few things and changed around some things (ex. when Eowyn took Merry up on her horse, he realized it was her from the start. But in the books, she went by a different name and Merry didn't realize it was her til later. Also, Gollum didn't poison Frodo against Sam in the books. So many other things happened, too.) so it made it, not better, but still an awesome movie. I am, however, glad that PJ kept some lines from the movie the same as in the books. I found that very enjoyable. Unlike HP where everything was so similar that it became boring and useless. They might as well not have made a movie of HP. You could just read the books and it would be the same thing. But for LOTR, you can read the books and watch the movies and you'll still be entertained. The movies did not copy every single thing in the books, which is a good thing. If they did, there would be no use to the films, just like the HP films. Alright, my fingers hurt now haha. I think I've made my point stick out tongue And if I haven't, I'll post more and convince all you anti-LOTR people that LOTR is better than HP. I'm not saying HP sucks, because it doesn't. I like HP very much. I just happen to like LOTR much better. Forgive me for making this so long, but I had to get my point across hehe.

*claps* Okie now so you little kiddies would be smart, not respond anymore to this thread and let it die, or let phoenix close it.

*claps* No, it's too fun. Bloody hell, Pippin's just Sauron with a different name! stick out tongue

heehe I think she will be happy to be known in that way!

i read one tenth of that...

i read it all and pippin im not mad at you big grin in fact im totally blown away by it WELL DONE love

OMG you people who think LOTR is shallow or dumb or a copy of somesort... YOu don't know what you are saying... you claim to not have read the books, well quess what, that is what counts...the books, cause the books are what the movies are based on and the movies are not always the same, so dont' go critisizing LOTR when you dont' know shyt!!!! YOu say hp is so great, i like it, but omg it's not deep,it's very simple,it's directed towards CHILDREN, not adults,like LOTR, so please watch what you say, cause let me tell you we have alot to say to stupid people LIKE YOU

leglas is my man has continued the blown away feeling im having love

WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I say now we go to the LOTR forum and say we don't like LOTR!!!!!

erm if you do that you will never return we can turn violent in there lol and i can get worse than you saw me earlier stick out tongue

i wouldnt argue with you but others would

hehehe it has been a while since we had a good fight in the LOTR forum tho. it might be fun.

Now all I need is a goodbattallion of HP supporters! Although I think LOTR is better...



i love lotr but i only like harry potter

harry potter gves you headaches if you read along time you know lotr doesnt

jk rowling is part of a conspiracy stick out tongue

Wil you join me?

Just to start an arguemetnt mind...

me? im sorry but i could not possibly talk trash about lotr

sad it just wouldnt be me big grin sad

No i don't think I could see sauron against LOTR, It just wouldn't work! LOL

would get people very angry though big grin

but NO im afraid i cant do such a thing, but maybe someday we will fight together for a different cause? (I:E the matriz hehehe)

Anyone else?

Yeah, if you go to the LOTR fourm,and start a hate thread, omg you won't be commin back in one piece....we are a violent sort,if you can't tell, so please don't make us get violentl.....were not afraid to mind you that.... But trust me , it wouldn't be a wise idea....just forwarning you!!!!

Aw cumon, it would be fun! I do actually like the LOTR books loads, btut it would be funny.

im sure it would, but alot of people would fall out with me big grin and i couldnt have anyone from the lotr board hating me

Ahhh wimp! stick out tongue

can you blame me big grin ive SEEN what happens to these people stick out tongue in lotr forum tonight we are having forum party big grin so invite some of your mates along big grin

Ok... I saw the LOTR movies and I liked them.. I also saw HP and read HP and I like them too (perhaps a bit more).. I have few points:

1. Tolkin doesn't have monopoly oved the platform of good and evil
2. TOlkin didn't invented the creatures they have been exisiting for 1000 years in diferent folclors, mithologies and so... Tolkin doesn't have monopoly over that too
3. PPl think that Tolkin is a better writer then JK because he is dead ... is always like that good clasick = dead clasic

So read HP and enjoy (althoug I guess LOTR is good also)
But i have already seen the movies

harry potter is great
lord of the rings is unbelievable,awesome,cool:the greatest movies of all time

You're entitled to your own opinion...it's not exactly smart to say that in the HP forum though...

I also don't like HP very much...(please, don't kill me!) Well...I like it...but after I've read all this, I'm disliking it more....and also...


mad And yes, we do get very violent. I suggest not to mess with the LOTR ppl...big grin

Ooh...now that I've made my bad first impression the the HP forum, I think I'll scatter! big grin

i can go on about how JK copied off lotr, cuz i love hp but i lose respect for someone when they plagaurize and in a way, that's what JK did.
I love lotr and tolkien, and i'm just guessing there would be no hp if tolkien hadn't written lotr

neways, and JK's always saying she was sitting in a train when the idea for hp first came to her, but i can bet she was in that train, reading lotr at the time the idea hit her, i'm almost sure

lol, ying, we better go big grin

P.S. i forgot to mention i do love HP big grin big grin

Hehe...I'm going! *runs away*

Alright why is a hate bit on HP Forum? Go back to your own forum if all you are goin to do is pick at JKR and HP!

I think LoTR Movies are boring and I watched about 20 mins of 1, 2 and 3! Also I have read the books and they are good!

I also think the HP movies arent great but the books SOOOOOOO make up for that! Whoever said the books where for kids, you are correct in a way cause in the first and second they were designed for kids but you tell me what young kid reads a 700+ book? NOT A KID mad


Oh by the way I have only recently joined and if I offended anyone I didn mean to (hides in the corner whimpering for forgiveness) confused

To the original poster - if you don't like HP, you shouldn't be on this forum.

To all in general - Tolkein copied an awful lot of material from old stories and poems like Beowulf etc. JKR relies more on old mediterranean stuff than Saxon and Nordic classics though. Really in the fantasy genre the same material will recurr time and again. Alot of points in common could be found for Tolkein in any fantasy work.

And in response to an earlier post on this thread, the Dementors are not really like the Nazgul. The came across as really filthy. JKR said that they are "depression personified" and as such, they are depicted well.

Now this is to all you HP dislikers and the people who keep comin on here to say how 'great' LoTR is just go to your own forum and say how great it is there cause we don't wanna hear how JKR stole ideas (which she did not) (for more info refer to last post from shaber) and how HP is shallow!

Well guess what your talkin rubbish and it isnt somethin HP fans care about so just take your opinions to a different forum cause they are destroyin the good chat people have about HP and JKR! evil face


cheeky munkey
i agree!!!!!
harry potter is great, and if you dont like it, well thats tough.... go and talk about something else!"!!!!
Stumister is right... what is the point in being on a HP forum if you dont like it?! miffed

Thanks for the support cheeky munkey big grin

Now we dont want to stoop to your level of going on to a forum we dont like and saying bad things but im sure this 'violent behaviour' laughing we would get from the LoTR forum would be quick fun actually!


I know i promised someone that I wont go back here.. I apologize but I have to express my all-out support for STUMISTER, SHABER & CHEEKY MUNKEY - bravo to you guys! Its about time, where have you been all my life!

I did a full attack on the LotR movie - but I never got personal - but some LotR fans here have called me "stupid" "moron" "sad bastard" - told me to get a life & even gave me a 2-fingered salute - I was appalled at the extent of what they would resort to (name calling) just to protect a mere movie.

As for those who want me to read the book, let me tell you this.. I was told that the undertones of JRR Tolkien's book is pro-war (JK Rowling's is anti-racism, anti-genocide) - these are the subliminal messages that enter the subconscious mind when reading the book & affects the person's attitude - the level of effect varies from person to person, and sometimes has very little or no effect on others - I didnt believe until I witnessed the violent nature of some LotR fans - so now, I'm more convinced not to read the LotR book anymore.

Although - and I stress this - I'm not generalizing - not all LotR fans are violent - I especially express my deep respect to all LotR fans who appreciate HP.

In ending, I want to share with you this link re Monsignor Peter Fleetwood of St. Paul, Minnesota who made headlines around the world when he appeared to give the Vatican's official blessing to the Harry Potter series (dated March 16, 2003):

I've said it b4 & I'll say it again, I'm proud of all HP fans like me bcoz we dont do stuff like the original poster of this thread did.

Ahh someone dug this thread up again.

And no one thanked ME for support? *sobs*

How can I forget you Kitoky - I was so angry about this thread & it was Kitoky who brought me back to my senses by giving me her matured views - I remember my promise to Kitoky - thank you Kit! notworthy

hey i love both of them.they're great in they're own ways,and different ppl hv different tastes....
so can we stop the comparison?plz?

i don't understand why ppl hvta compare movies,books and people even...each to her ownyes there are pros and cons to everyth,why can't we just see the good?

i agree. i mean, if you argue about it, in the end no one's going to win and it would just be a waste of time.

big grinbig grin high five girl!!Happy Dance

eek! kit you have me on ur sig!!i never noticed!!!happy
that has made my dayhappy

W-wait her? I'm a guy confused...

Think she was talking 'bout Georgina, but I could be wrong...I usually am...

oh god, we're going into the kit's a he thing again??

and um, just to make sure that none of those earlier comments were directed to me, i really do like hp, i just felt like jk took some stuff from lotr, but other than that i really don't know what i'd do sometimes if i didn't have my hp bks around

Yes, I do like it too, I was just...disappointed...in the way that they called LOTR "shallow". But hey, that's their business, not mine.

And btw, there are hate LOTR threads on LOTR forum, so don't hurt me for my opinion. And whoever wants forgiveness gets it, besides, it's pretty hard to make me angry! smile

yeah, only saying certain things get me angry depending on who u are

Me and you chica16, me and you both...