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Happy Dance In this question, u may think of a lot of scenes. There were more then I was expecting. What is the best "scene" overall in The Matrix Reloaded. This could be any scene; Fight, philisophical, sex, etc...
laughing out loud

none man....neo vs. seraph

To me the best scene is the whole Trinity scene from tha bike jump to her falling of the building!
From the 1st movie too, the scene from the beginning with Trinity and the cops all the way to the phone booth!

hmm, Neo vs. Seraph to me looked to coreographed, like it was improvical dancing. Like Seraph was saying "Ok u put ur arm there and Ill move u over here and then I run away becus ud kik my ass!"

I like the scenes where the twins fight Morpheus. It was short, but still a good fight.

true thumb up

ALL the fights within the matrix are like that. BUT neo vs seraph looks better than all of the others because the guy playing seraph actually knows something about fighting.

Although I liked it, many of the people I talked to did not like the Neo vs 100 Smiths. I personally found it exciting to think of one man fighting all of those computer programs. However, many people found it to be rather boring and irrelevant to the movie.

The problem to me was that the scene was to long. right before all those smiths show up i was like : 'ok people move along!'
than it got funny again.

HOw can you call yourselves fans of the movie at all.

1. No fight scene in the movie was to long.
2. No fight scene in the movie was boring.
3. Only a flaming idiot would want a fight scene to "move along" so the movie could get funny again.

The best fight scene in the movie was then Neo and the 5 Vampires went at it. The part where Neo stopped the sword with his hand was the best.

1) I like the movie. Cant say I'm a FAN.
2)The scene is long, because it is punch,kick, punch...sorry to me that gets boring.The fights are not the movie.
3) When I say move along I ment get on with the movie, not get funny again.
What I said was that it was starting to get boring but when, for example Neo picks up Smith and uses him against the others thats funny, if its funny its not boring anymore.
There are a lot of boring scenes like the diologue with the french dude. Its necessary but still boring. So boring that it maneges to have 2 funny scenes in it like the swearing and the cake scene!
And dont call me names!

All of the Neo Vs. ..... scenes were the best

Neo vs. 100 Smiths.

My best scenes are

1)trinity dieing
2)neo vs 1000 smiths
3)neo vs vampires
4)all of the freeway chase
5)sex scene
6)neo vs 3 agents
7)neo stops machines

it's hard 4 me 2 pick just 1n cause the whole movie was incredible lol but my favs were the 100 agent smith fight, when neo sparred with the keymaker, the freeway sequence, the fight in the mansion, and the conversation with the oracle....

Considering yourself a 'fan' you'll most likely eat up everything the movie offers and convince yourself that you like it.
The neo vs 100 agents shot was indeed too long, CONSIDERING it's quiality. I bet it was really expensive to make but the whole thing looks somewhat superficial compard to the others. There are moments when you really can't tell neo from the agents and don't know who to follow with your eyes. And that bowling sound at the end.....DREADFULL!

Ofcourse..i can't say the same thing about the other fights, still the best one to me is neo vs. seraph

Freeway Chace. ROCKED in IMAX.

Oh Dexx your so smart, I am surprised the Wachowski brothers didn't get your 2 cents on the movie when they made it.

The fight scene with the 100 agents was full of special effects.

Does that mean it is bad? No.

What movie had better special effects? None.

Did the special effects take away from the fight scene. No.

Do some jealous star wars fans like to pretend they can identify a boaring fight scene and bad special effects? Yes.

The fight scene with agent smiths had as much to do with showing how smith was getting out of control in the matrix as it did showing smith and neo fighting.

You would not have understood how powerfull smith was if Neo had fought 5 agent smiths and killed them quickly. Did I dumb it down enough for you? Happy Dance

my favorite scene was when neo really wants to use his power of flight well and tries to get trinity before she hits the ground and neo is flying and all of the cars and shit r following him becasue he is flying so fast. i bet in the matrix three he will be able to know that he can do anything wont even have to fly and just teleport every where lol hope not though

ditto. i loved it in imax. ooooh. i just love those twins, too!!!

you're hilarious man. Does it make it good, instead?? NO!

you're just confirming what i said. You drull over some cgis.
They're good, but that doesn't necessarily make all of the scenes good.

Crappybob they could have shown how strong he was without the scene taking so long! thats the problem. They just take to long from the beginning of the fight to when the other smiths arrive. Its all punch, kick,bla bla!
If you are a big fan and dont like seeing the movie you love being trashed (wich is to strong a word!) you're in the wrong place!

I hoped so much it would be a fantasic movie, that I was very disappointed. All I've seen is a movie pledged to Special effects and fight scenes (whatever their reason was...). K. Reeves & H.Weaver haven't even played the fight scene against the 100 agents... It was just stuntmen changed in Neo & Smith by computer. sad

well..they do need them for two movies afterall. It would be a shame to break them from the first shootings wink stick out tongue

Yeah, i love that part. The thing that pisses me off is that the music being played in the movie is different than what I was informed what it was. Dread Rock by Paul Oakenfold. It sounds different in the movie, the fight scene part with MOrph and the twins. I want the theme that plays in that scene.

i think dred rock is part of what is played during the freeway scene. i'm not sure what's playing during the fight w/morpheus. just another reason to go see it again, i guess! wink

Jesus christ, make sure you dont watch any Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee films then.

I like Jackie Chan movie. The fighting there is very different and its what his movies are about. But here its different, the fighting is not what the matrix is about. besides the fighting in jackie chan movies is never that long!

And (cant believe I forgot!) the freeway scene specially the bike part!

hee hee - love jackie chan!! (just had to throw that in before we moved too far away from it)

bruce lee actually knew somethign about fighting does jackie chan. the fights DO look different

you guys squabble like kiddies....anyway I liked pretty much every fight scene that Neo was in. How you said that it wasn't Keanu it was all computer animated...the begining of the smiths/neo fight was keanu if you just watch him fight it awesome, watch his moves. They brought in the computer when he went flying and took out that kick ass pole.

sex!! sex!! sex!!

embarrasment sorry

lol, Korri, i know u wish u were in Trinity's spot. stick out tongue

dont i just angel

u didnt vote for 'trinity dies' ??

no comment

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