Anyone have a gut feeling when you saw the 1st Matrix

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Right after the 1st matrix ended and i was standing up out of my seat in the Theater, I had this weird feeling that what I just saw, could have actually happened. Like right now we are inside a matrix. It only lasted a few seconds, but every now and then I get this feeling that we are inside a matrix and things are not as they seem. And like the kid in Kid's Story, my dreams often seem more real than when I am awake. I don't know, maybe I'm looking for something, my next life maybe? i don't know. LOL ... okay well please reply, maybe I have watched the matrix and animatrix too many times!! who knows right?

There is some truth in your fiction
and some fiction in your truth......

Ahhh.. man! don't freak me out like that!! i must say that was pretty weird seeing this new name on there and that is all you said. So did you feel the same way? hit me back

wait... I think i was supposed to type:

who are you?
Am I alone?

Darth Vicious
The MAtrix Has You!!!!!!!!

Maybe Vim is in a reality TV show a-la the trueman show

seriously... this discussion should not be even happening...
Vim.. or whatever your name is....
stop staying up late..watching the animatrix... thinking your on to something the rest of us ppl aren't.

There is no matrix....

of course.. i could be an agent

seriously tho...
stop freaking urself out. (and us)

Ah c'mon, i'm a regular guy, i'm just here at work, boring myself... lol ... i do like to think about being inside the matrix though, and then being able to be freed from it... That's just when I'm really bored! seriously did anyone have a 'splinter in their mind', after watching the first one, like there really is something else?

The Gryphon
It gives me hope to think that the scourge of humans could finally be stopped by the machines... but at what price. I guess since in Matrix continuity we already did our damage to earth so I guess it doesn't matter what the machines do at this point...

I was watching a show on TV and it was about cancer patients that actually removed their tumors by just thinkng about it through deep meditation sessions. They just imagine that it is gone and they are cured from it. Its almost like the Matrix when we believe we can do something, than we can do it.

And also the appearnces of ghost's, aliens, etc. IT is all explamed i the matrix reloaded that they are just programs.

metroplex, i could make a movie explaining that ghosts and aliens are all reflections of light that play tricks on the eye. but that doesn't make it true. you can't go and believe a movie just because it SEEMS like it could happen.

anyone who believes in a real matrix believes it for two reasons: there is no way to prove one DOESN'T exist, and they desperately want one to.

but neither of those facts make it so. vim, you're normal. you feel at odds with the world and whatnot. welcome to life. you've got a lot of it ahead of you, so don't go worrying about things like this.

the matrix DOESN'T have you.

this is my entertainment

In a couple of threads I posted to NOT watch "Kid's Story" for the sake of your own health. Well I am tired of people actually thinking that they ARE in the Matrix, so I found a way to get ride of them (sorry for the term) without doing anything, it will also test to see how mush you are willing to believe.

So, jump off the building, it is the only way to be sure. LOL.

No offence what-so-ever, I am not responsible for your own actions, do no be influenced in anyway by what I just said.

Good idea. But as i said, there are people who actually removed cancerous tumors by using only their mind. I don;t actually beleive that we live in a matrix, but there are things that happen in the world that makes it look as if we do live in the matrix. Ex: Why do cats land on there feet when they fall off buildings. Whenevre we have "deja vus"


I would like to add to the cat thing. If they fall like 2 to three stories, they have chances of getting more harmed then if they fall like 10 stories. The reason for this is that they have more time to get themselves in an optimal position. (I watch nature of things tooo much)

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