Something I realized about M3

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First of all, hi, I am new.

So, I bought and watched the Animatrix. Then I saw the JB Scriptment. I noticed that the kid takes over as the architecht. Then I realized how the kid may just be The One (also in the script at the end morph tells niobe that he was sure he found the one, then niobe says he did, indirectly).

okay all I know about the kid is that he got himself out. with no help from neo, trinity, or morph. Neo even says that in M2 and by the way he said "kid I didn't help you" makes it sound to me that neo is bothered by the fact. Morph and trinity had to find neo and get him out. but the kid believed enough to break free on his own. The kid beleives that neo helped him out b/c he communicated w/ the kid just the same trinity did with neo in M1.
Okay that's all I have to say for now.

So what your saying is that Neo may not be the one but that the kid (that frees himself) is? As a possibility. Its a cool theory, and not that farfetched stick out tongue


hmmm interesting smile

o ya wilkommen lolololol

So did the black dude who broke the running record. He freed himself while he was running and the agents had to stop him. But still he is not the one.

i think it's safe to say another integral(!) anomoly (that being The One) can only occur after the Matrix has been reloaded.

i think that neo is the one,
now this kid freed himself,
but maybe he was supposed to be the first part of the next the one,
maybe he just got freed to soon???
Maybe in the next movie they will have to "The One's" fighting?
I dont no....

It would be impossible to have 2 "The Ones" because that goes against the name itself smile Not to mention from the Architect's speech, there is only ONE Anomaly during every Reload.

I think he/she means Neo isn't the one!

Ahhhh but he is. Straight from the Oracle's mouth, Architect & Merovingian - oh and the Agents etc etc. smile

They could be lying.

Neo HAS to be THE ONE!!! That mutha fizza got shot like 30 times, then he got up and destroyed an agent! He fought a hundred Smith Viruses, engaged and defeated a dozen monsters in hand to hand combat, can fly, ressurerect people, and now what your tellin me is all that doesn't mean anything!?!

Cool wink


i dont think that the kid is the one, cause the oracle told morpheus that he would find the one. but neo found the kid, not morpheus

Hm.. so Michael (the kid in Kid's Story) is meant to be the same boy that appears in Reloaded? Ah... I see now. Neo is The One, and I don't think he's particularly important... self-substantiation is rare, but as in the case with Dan from World Record, it's just that - rare. Nothing particularly special... in my opinion, anyways.


Morpheous is the cap of the ship so he found him. Neo is just the one that talks to him, like Trinity was the one talking to Neo.

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