Is That Smith?

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At the end of the matrix Revolutions trailer we see smith(?) flying through a hole in the wall and neo jumps over his head. how can smith fly? is it that he has become as powerful as Neo?

Probably...because Smith can kick Neo's ass and he always has ^_^

Perhaps, and this is just a big perhaps, it was a really super powerful jump. I bet you're saying "hmmm how does he know all this?" Well I don't know, however I came to this conclusion because neo has to do all that "charging" before he flies so how can Smith, in the middle of this heated fight with Neo, just up and fly at him out of no where without Neo runnin in and kickin' his arse.

No wait! I have a better theory! I think one of the other Agent Smithees threw Smith at Neo and then scurried out of the way of the camera really quickly so that it would appear that Smith flies at him.

It's a jump stovenuttsacs


can you guys just stop *****-fighting for half a second?

If you're going to have a petty little squabble, do it in PM for crying out loud. Nobody wants to hear it, so grow up.

And I'm sure you don't want a 14-year-old telling you how to behave, so please act on it for great justice.


It doesn't look to me like he's coming tru the wall. I just looks like he jumps agaisnt the wall, making that kinda dent or hole, to do something similar to the subway fight (in m1, that mini flyght they both do fireing the guns?) it looks like is flying but all he got was a 'punch from' the wall.)
Do you understand?

my opinion is also that he's not flying. He might have just pushed himself against a wall and launced himself at neo, that's it.
But for all i know he might even be able to fly. More of a qestion about smith's new power is that scene where they both kick one another in the face and are both thrown away.

Yeh I agree with Dexx.That was what I was trying to say stick out tongue


yeah i agree wae u guys

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