'Fly Boy'

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OMG! This is the most disturbing thing I have ever read!sick

Tuesday June 24, 12:35 PM

'Fly boy' continues to suffer as doctors struggle
By Indo-Asian News Service

Kolkata, June 24 (IANS) A 13-year-old boy whose bizarre ailment has a fly-like insect emerging out of him is far from being cured as doctors struggle to detect the source of the parasite.

The fully-grown flies, as doctors described the parasites, have been emerging out of Chandan Goswami's genitals and flying off for more than two weeks now.

Chandan, now receiving treatment at a state-run hospital in West Bengal's Burdwan district, is said to be suffering from a condition called myiasis, a disease seen mostly in Central and Latin America.

In myiasis, the larvae of a type of fly invade a human or animal body, dead or alive. The deposited eggs can then enter the body through pores, the mucous membrane or even the mouth. The hatched larvae then emerge out the host's skin and pupate.

However, in Chandan's case, whole flies complete with wings are emerging out of his body and flying off.

"This is very, very rare. We are trying to find out how the fly entered the boy's body," says Sudhansu Pan, the surgeon attending Chandan.

Doctors carried out a cystoscopy to clear the boy's urinary tract, but the treatment has failed because two more flies emerged out of his penis on Monday.

Doctors admitted they have not been able to identify where the parasite deposit lay inside Chandan's body.

Health authorities have formed a medical board of seven doctors to treat Chandan. Doctors were also "coordinating" with physicians abroad who have experience in dealing with myiasis.

In myiasis, the maggots usually are found underneath the skin and are removed by minor surgery. But whole flies emerging out of a human body is rare, doctors said.

Chandan told doctors he first felt pain in his abdomen almost a month ago. And then he saw the flies intermittently coming out of his penis.

He told his parents, but they didn't initially believe him. Earlier this month, they saw the strange occurrence and took their son to Burdwan hospital, where doctors too were stunned to see the rare case.

Here's the link http://in.news.yahoo.com/030624/43/25eim.html

OH....I'm speechless....good thing I'm typing

Um, that's a little...different, and weird, and strange....and I can't think of anything else at the moment

Aww poor thing!!
That must be awful to go through...sad

omg...that horrible

sounds like the flies might have settles in his kidneys or bladder

damn, that truely sucks. i hope it doesn do any serious permanent damage.

dont the larvae have to feed on some thing in order to be able to grow in to full sised adults....what are they feeding on? blink

They are probably feeding on your insides. I had my cousin freak me out on time, she said the larve were going to eat me alive....I was 6 at the time. Stupid B*tch

supper is in 20 minutes, i don't think i'll be able to eat. besides the fact that we're having gross hotdish anyway

That's why you have to cook pork or the worms eggs in it might hatch and slowly eat your muscles.

um...okay....glad I already ate

Pork? Why pork?

oh..Jesus Christ! That's horrible.
Technicly...it shouldn't be that difficult to treat. Chemo would work, i think...as a last resort

aww poor thing maybe if he drank pepsi he would probably be cured lol

i love pepsi dont you

quit talking about pepsi. it sucks. all u do is talk about pepsi

Pepsi doesn't suck, an' sides this is about fly boy Stove

pigs are a common host to trichenella spiralis which causes trichinosis, a parasitic infestation of the muscles eek!

Where did ya learn all this ChinaNiki?

that one's from microbiology

did i mention i was a memeber of major of the week at college?

Nope, but that explains it!

read the post above mine! smile

trichinosis would be too damn simple to diagnostic...and i don't recall any grown flies flying out of your penis as a simptom wink

I didn't say it was trichinosis, but probably something that operates in a similar fashion because they both feed on the internal. After all, one is worms and one is flies.wink

somehow, i doubt it's because of something he ate. It sounds like an external infestation. Who knows what beast lurks in those realms stick out tongue

Captain REX
That's unhealthy. And it's gotta sting like hell having flies fly out of your dick. sick

That's worse than that pic of the Recluse spider bite that Kes posted. sick sick sick

Hahahaha I brought this gem of texs back from the grave...tis sweet no?

....mother of god

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