Captain jack sparrow's accent

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..It sounds kind of british but there is something else to it. does anybody know what kind of accent it is? And has anybody found the script online to pirates of the caribbean? Thanks a ton ;D

It's acting

Yeah, I know its acting but, I was wondering what kind of accent johnny depp was trying to put on.. it sounds a bit british and something else.

i think the other part is drunk

even if he wasn't actually drunk

that's how he sounded

wutever it is, it's sexy . love

When I first saw the friend and I were like...huh...she thought he was fruity...but after 20 minutes...the thought of him sounding diffrent sounding sounds so cool!....and it's kinda easy to immitate. *sigh* big grin

hmmm... it was a very unique accent,
exactly what a drunk-like fruity pirate like jack should have... smile
gotta love it

captain's fancy
It's his own concoction of an accent... he was inspired and wanted to add his own charm and skill to the roll, so, he created an accent, some lines, some esemble, truly, he is the epitome of Captain Jack Sparrow, in the flesh! Complete with real tattoos.

OMG i love that movie... Johnny is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is Orlando... but anyways back to Johnny....... this is one of my fav. lines....

inless the person telling the truth thought the person he was telling the truth wouldn't beleive the truth id\f he told him the truth anyway... that part was sooo cool and funny...

i also liked the part where Orli said....

is that the reason for all the...... :moves hands and head as if crazy:

made in nyc British, and, specifically, it's a Cockney accent.

thats so cool i loved the accent love part of the package *drool* my favourite part was when jack is like but u have heard of me big grin and the same orlando one as cap.jacksparrowlaughing

Captain Jack's accent is british/drunk. my best friend and i are now obsessed with the movie :~ and would like to audition for the next ones. so if any one has any info about auditions....please share. we've seen it 5 times going on 6. big grin and if ANY one disses on ANYthing about PotC.............well go walk off a plank!!! PIRATES RULE!!!! big grin pirate

i so agree *sigh* love

I love the the accent even more. It's just something to him that makes him your not-average pirate! eek!

I loved that movie!! And I totally agree! I think his accent is a kind of brittish/pirate accent. It seemed to fit the character anyway. I've seen the movie 6 times as well. Capt. Sparrow is my fave character by far. I found a version of the script that someone put together...but it's not totally acurate. I can give out the site if you want though.

I saw this film last night and LOVED it. Johnny depp is great as jack, if i was allowwed i nominate him for an oscar.
The accent is british/drunk and i am know doing it 24 7.
My favoriote parts is where he gets slapped and to find out if he decived that one. Jake thinks he only decieved 3 out of 4
Im seeing it again sometime next week.

Johnny Depp is known to be a big fan of British COmedy, his favorite show being The Fast Show (or Brilliant as it is known in the US).
The accent that he is using is a straight take off of a British comedian known as Tommy Cooper, known for his deep voice and slightly slurred drunk accent :-)

OH MY GOD! WOW!!! i was totally blown away when i saw pirates of the caribbean today. johnny as CAPTAIN jack sparrow made me laugh so much!!!! johnny plays the character soooo well and he looks great as a pirate! REAL HOTT!! smile i loved the movie and cant wait til it comes on on dvd so i can watch it all the time! jack's accent is really cool! i dunno exactly what it is but its wicked!! and orlando is hotttt!!!!! i hope pirates of the caribbean goes ahead! that would be wicked! p.s JOHNNY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, Another ravenous fan are we?

hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol dont u just love captain jack sparrow?!?!?! and the movie, of course!

lol, certainly! (hint: Look at the sn, avatar, etc. lol) I could keep seeing it forever. I'm trying to learn the lines.

lol!! he looks so good as a pirate winkand the things he says in the movie made me laugh so much. like when elizabeth blew up the rum and he was like "whys the rum gone?" and she explained, then he goes "so whys the rum gone?" and wen he got slapped like 4 times! does anyone know anything about pirates of the caribbean 2??? it would be great if they did make it!

Yeah, I know. There are so many great lines of his in that movie. I've almost got his beginning lines memorized, I think. I've heard they're making a sequel, supposedly set on The Black Pearl after the movie...haven't heard too much about it though.

Three words...Mmm mmm good!! love

lol, i think everyone who has seen the movie thinks its great!! have u seen the "fav summer movies" dicussion?? nearly every posting is pirates of the caribbean! see, the movie just rules!! or maybe its because johnny and orlando are just so hott in it?! wink

I think it's because it's a well done movie. Any hottness is just an added benefit.

Girls this is about the characters accent not the movie.

True, true...forgive us, we lost our focus.

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i love that boromir avatar, hekka hilarious! oh darn, i was trying to attach some jack pictures but sadly they didn't work. oh well. potc pixtures are so hard to find!

lol how can we focus on jack's accent when hes looking soooooooooooo hott????

Then just go to the other tons of threads either about POTC, POTC2, johnny Depp or Oralndo Bloom or Johnny Depp threads!
Those anyone has anything to say about the accent?

Well, the accent went perfect with his character!! I don't think it would have been the same without the constant mumbling. wink

Never thought drunk would constitute an accent blink

Dammit!!!! Captain jack sparrow is so ****ing awsome. I guess hes like my role model now cause hes just so crazy. oh yea! im gonna go be a pirate and i need a crew and a ship but the crew all have to be as crazy as captain jack sparrow. also, i already have a first mate so dont think about it. AND IT IS A BRITISH ACCENT! I agree that hes sorta drunk duh but that is one of the things that makes him so awsome.
"You'll always remember this as the time that u almost caught captain jack sparrow" zorro pirate

does anyone know where i can get the script to the movie? i have to be exactly the same as captain jack sparrow.

have you tried searching for the script on the net?
jacks accent is british but johnny depp is american and you can kinnda hear it in the accent. i love jack sparrow!!! love love love pirate

yep. i know. go to google. type in "Pirates of the Caribbean script" then click the third link.

Captain Jack Sparrow's accent is like part Pirate, part British, part American and part drunk lol

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I just read an old issue of Poeple Magazine at Jiffy Lube with Reese Whitherspoon on the cover. Depp talks about 'Pirates' a few weeks before it was released and he states that pirates were the rock stars of the 1800's and he basically wanted to talk like the coolest rock star alive which he felt was Keith Richards of the Stones. So, Depp did have a little something to work with in creating his character.

johnnys#1 fan

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Thanks, everyone says I look just like him.

johnnys#1 fan
his name should be cambals because hes mmm mmm good!!! hee hee

haha roby it's sarah. i was on this board and saw your message.... that was so funny i'm like whoa it's my roby. i wanna be in your crew. gimme. let's make a movie ok? ok. jack sparrow is a genius. so is johnny depp. brilliant.

oh and yes, it's british, and not exactly cockney slang either. cockney is more choppy, his was very smooth.

yeah johnny and jack sparrow are the best! so great!! theres a pirates of the caribbean role play that people are starting under the role play forum!

Sparrows Angel
its just british i saw this film on opening say and 5 times after that i love it so much its coming out on videa and DVD in late november

What that's to far away

love The Man's a Sex God!! He's too beautiful to be real!!!

anyone know when its coming out on dvd in england??? what date did it come out in theatres in america????

how do u know when the video and dvd comes out?? i cant wait fer it teh come out!

I agree with u. Jack is totaly cute!!!!!! After the movie I was sooooooooooo board over the summer until I saw PotC.

Jack Sparrow rocks!!!!!!!!!!! rock

I LOOOOVE Johnny Depp, especially as Jack Sparrow.
He based his character of Jack Sparrow on Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. I don't know if that accounts for the accent but apparently it does account for the excentric behaviour. big grin
Love that Johnny.

yeah he so great! i love him so much!!!! great actor and so sexy!! love love

cr33pycat, did you get the script if not go to

G'arrrr me hearties! I've just signed up 'cause I love POTC so damn much. I've seen it three times so far and I can't wait till it's out on DVD/VHS... Then my life will be complete! Was anyone else dissapointed with Orlando Bloom's acting in the film? <3 Em

i actually thought orlando's acting was quite good!

Compared to the other films Ive seen him in I thought his acting was quite poor. I definatly thought Johnny Depp was the stronger acting part in the film, together with that guy who plays Captain He's pretty look at though and he looks a little like my boyfriend so ahhhhhhhhh. Nice pics big grin

Ok this thread stoped being about Sparrows accent a long time ago.
Ppl say its british and drunk so question answered.

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