The Matrix prequel????

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I have been hearing rumors about the Wachowski Bros. are making a prequel to The Matrix movies. Have you heard anything about that? If so or if not, what do you think would be a really good plot if there would be a prequel?

.... what its prequel?? embarrasment

it's a sequel whose time frame takes place before the original.

see also star wars: episode 1, the phantom menace.

hodgie: guessing by the smilie in your post, i take it you're not open to the idea of a prequel? personally, i don't think there's a need for one. seems like a lot of money thrown into a pointless project. i have, though, heard rumors about comic books, novels, etc. that would expand on the matrix movies. just like all that star wars fiction we've got out there. although it would be pretty hard to get matrix-effect action sequences into books, a comic series could do it nicely. and for a lot less than a movie.

yea they made a prequel, its the second reneissance

Alias Neo
a prequel would be cool, see how trinity and morpheus get unplugged from the matix, the second reneissance isn't a prequel , its the story of how the matrix was created.

Stovenutts, for the love of God, try to be reasonable.

Yea nick, i have heard about the novels and comic books as well. Now tell me, IF they were to make a prequel.. what do you think it would be about? The past Ones? Morpheus? Neo as a teenager and him cooping with how he feels about how something is wrong with the world? Or something completly different. Tell me what you think.

Alias Neo
i think it should be called the matrix restarted

My name is Neo
imo if revolutions ain't good, the whole trilogy will be considered bad, you gotta start good and end good. There is no point to make a prequel if you can't get it right the first time, i won't even watch it if revolutions is bad.

I think that really, Sec Ren is bascially the prequel to the whole Matrix world... though perhaps a more in-depth-and-more-personal-to-the-main-character prequel, or anime, would be alright...


Evil Dead
I believe there will definetly be more Matrix movies.........with or without the Wachowski Bros. involved.........

Warner Bros. made something stupid like $400 million dollars profit from the first movie.............Reloaded and Revolutions were shot together with one budget, Reloaded alone has already made over $400 million dollars profit........and Revolutions hasn't even come out yet.....every dime Revolutions makes will be profit.

Those profit figures are only the box office takes world wide.........that's not even counting the after market profits they recieved from video, dvd, t shirts, posters, action figures, etc..........

Warner Bros. will surpass 1 billion dollars profit from the matrix quite easily..........if Revolutions does the same numbers Reloaded did then it will be closer to 1.5 Billion dollars profit.........

I think that pretty much makes it a no brainer that there will be more Matrix movies..........even if the Wachowski bros. are not involved......Warner Bros. owns the rights to the series and name and they are a company who's sole purpose is to make money. They will keep making Matrix movies untill it is no longer profitable.

that said.......

I think a couple good movies (prequels) would be..........

Second the story from the beginning of the war....B166ER's trial.....the machines attempt at peace.....and finally the war.........all without the narration by the Zion computer ofcourse......

Trinity.......we know how Neo was freed.......they could go back and give Trinity's story.......

I can see that it might be good, but I'm not quite sure how well the Matrix genre would go without the Wachowski driving force and isnpiration behind it, sadly.


PS. Bring on the action figures, yeah!

ohh more films woho!!

I don't think there is any need for a prequel, I think they just wanna milk the cow completely. But, it would be cool to see a prequel. I think a cool plot would be a movie about Morpheus' earlier years.

milk the cow..well put Llaughing out loudL

in all likelihood, any movies after revolutions would probably not have any of the core actors in it (fishburne, moss, reeves). maybe fishburne and moss, but hasn't reeves said revolutions is it for him? i coulda sworn i've read that somewhere. so, most likely, a prequel movie wouldn't follow any of the pasts of our main three unless warner bros wanted to risk using other actors for the role. and that would be risky. of course, if they waved enough cash at them i'm sure they could entice fishburne and moss back. so who knows?

i'd like to see their stories. but i'd be more interested in seeing, say, other versions of the matrix. previous ones. they'll need lots of action to draw in wary fans, so i don't think they'd focus on thomas anderson's life.

just my two cents.

happy kine
if they make a prequel it will not be as good as the original... that being said it would still make oodles of cash. and thats what really matters! just ask george lucas.


Whats "the second reneissance " a book film or what?

Alias Neo
the second reneissance is a story on The Animatrix-a load of short storys based on the matrix

... and its rubbish.

Alias Neo
it is not!!!!, actually yes it is, ffoto, program,sr and kid's story are good though

the w. bros. wrote it so it cant be too much rubbish

i doubt there will be a prequel..but if it is and follows the 'second renaissance' plot..i'm better off without seing it.

stovenutts, that second quote was mine . . . just pointing that out.

Stovenutts needs to bet a brain.

woah now hodgie . . . that came out of left field.

I've never heard thathuh.....I do know the "brothers" said they were done w this story....that's why they allowed the "animatrix " to be done..

haha yes it dure did nick.

lets not talk about if there is going to be one or isn't. lets talk about, if the brothers did make one. what would be the coolest plot line.

Wait a sec, I want to know why certain people here dont like "the second renaissance"?

I loved it and was completly intrigued.

I liked it better than reloaded.

It totally shows that MAN created his own demise, and at one point the machines were the slaves. The whole thing is quite amazing.

The only reason I can think someone would'nt like this story, is if they were so compelled with M1 that after seeing 2nd renaissance, learning that man is actually guilty, and there is some innocence in the machines.

Other than that, M1 allready hinted at some of the happenings in the film short.

enslaving humanity is hardly innocence, but that's a moot point.

the topic isn't about second renaissance. find the animatrix threads, and take it there.

as for hodgie's question (btw hodgie it wasn't a compliment -- you flamed the guy for no apparent reason) . . .
maybe the beginning of the sixth matrix. like right after the reboot, so we can see how the fifth one dealt with it all, and how he kept his mouth shut, and all that. some cool action sequences. then it could all end with him dying and the oracle making her prophecy. and we could have the merovingian in it, too, cuz we know he's met the other ones.

as for acting . . . i'm trying to think of who would make a good one. although if you had told me keanu would be playing that kind of role six years ago, i would've thought of "bill & ted" and laughed. so i guess it could be almost anyone.

i dont think they will make it even though movie sites are saying they might but they wont cuz i have a feeling the wac brother that are people that want to go out on top

Hey!!!...What's wrong w Bill and Ted!!!!...I love those guys!!!smile

nothing is wrong with them. they are most excellent dudes. wyld stallions for life!

anyway, i was just saying you don't expect someone like that to eventually play neo.

I guess so!! laughing out loud wink...Party on!! rock

Evil Dead
"i dont think they will make it even though movie sites are saying they might but they wont cuz i have a feeling the wac brother that are people that want to go out on top"

The Wachowski Bros. have no say in the matter........they own nothing. Warner Bros. owns the copyrights and trademarks for The Matrix and all characters portrayed in sed movie........

It's happened before and it will surely happen in this you think Wes Craven wanted New Line Cinema to make sequels to A Nightmare on Elm Street that were not nearly par with the original? No.....but he had no say....he sold his script to New Line to get the movie made.......

Don't u think the brothers r a little more over protective of their baby though?? Why do u think they r so recluse? They don't want anyone messing w their creation, and I think that's something they've looked out for from the very beginning!! Otherwise, how do u think they managed to make them hold off on making the sequels to Matrix?.....bcuz the brothers wanted to see ppl's reaction to the movie!!!!

i don't think you understand the legal workings in our country, ver.

warner bros. OWNS the matrix movies. regardless of how protective the wachowski's are of it.

Well if that's case....I wouldn't be one to watch any Matrix sequels or prequels w out the Wachowski's behind it!!!!...To tell u the truth...I've never understood anything about legal systems anywhere!!!...and I don't particularly care to...bcuz they suck regardless!!!...Then again that's just MY opinion...

why do legal systems suck? they keep the country running and they keep you safe. but ok.

nick- i wasn't taking your opinion as a compliment.

and anyway guys.. this thread isn't about legal sytems and why the suck or don't suck, so i would apreciate it if we could get off that subject.

P.S. nick- i didnt "flame" the guy for no apparent reason. we were in an argument in another thread.

well keep it in that thread, if you really wanna keep things on-topic as you claim.

and anyway, i gave my two cents on what a prequel should be about.

I saw Revolutions yesterday, and it left me feeling there was a definite prequel in the Wachowski's minds. My biggest concerns were with the questions left open in Revolutions - who is Seraph, Merovingian, Persephone, etc and why is Seraph 'his little Judas' (yet more biblical references from someone who's name hints at Aarian beliefs of christian descendants). Also, I always felt it odd that Revolutions would end the wait so soon and that they were throwing no budget at marketing. It really felt like they were just getting the Neo story tidied up and out of the way so that a 'proper' matrix movie with strong themes, plot and a touch of philosophy can be made about the program characters in a prequel. I mean, the introduction of 'program characters' REALLY seems like the sort of thing the Wachowskis would explore in far more depth than they have already, and a prequel would give them the chance to do that because it gives the unique angle of knowing the outcome of 'choices' made without using up screen time.

If they do intend to make such a movie, it will be a blinder. There will be no onus to throw in tonnes of CGI action, because Revolutions DEFINITELY satisfied anyone's thirst for that. Also, if Reloaded and Revolutions make the profits they are expected to make, then the Wachoweskis won't be pressurised by Warner to make a popular blockbuster.

Anyway, we live in hope.

i dont know about a prequal, but i can gaurentee you if revolutions does aswell as reloaded. There will deffaintly be another sequal

i think that if they were to make a prequal they should not base it on morpheus or any of the characters from the trilogy (except for some of the programs like the oracle and the merovingian) and they should tell the story of the first "one" and how he was the firt freed from the matrix and how he was the first person to be able to leave the matrix and go to the real world (go back and forth) this would be cool and then how at the end he chooses to relaod the matrix (which is the oposate of what neo does) this would allow us to see what the architect was talking about (even though we know it would allow for a more detailed look at the whole procees of "the function of the one" as the machienes ment it to be...... that would be cool

this would meant that keanu and carrie-ann and laurance and hugo might not be in it but hay it would still be cool.....

I agree with that! I would like to see how the first one realized that the matrix wasn't real, and what s/he did from there! I think it would be awesome, no oracle, no prophecies, just pure determined human spirit, baby!! YEAH! Then we see his/her struggles with freeing others, and what it did once it freed itself... Like how did it get out of the pod, get out of the drain system? Somehow it did, and there must have been others on the surface, that already built a Zion, the first one, made it's way to Zion, and told them what was up! And the creation of hovercrafts, the first ones ability to go in and out of the matrix at will! I think it would make for a great story!!!

Oh no, no no no.
No prequels, no sequels, please.
Lets just keep it as a trilogy.
But i have a gut feeling that thats a fat chance.

MC Mike
some money hooligans will come along eventually...

The One Himself
Matrix prequels? Come on! Who's gonna be de director? John Woo? Joel Schummacher? A ha hah laughing

awww baby!! *drools* keep posting these pictures..its bliss!!

i think a couple of the animatrix shorts are prequels(2nd renessance, that thing in black and white) and then some are between M1 and M2 (Osiros, Kid Story)

The one thing I would love to see in a prequel is the first version of the Matrix and its utter failure. I'm not saying that it should be a film, a shor animation would be fine.

The none
The utter failure of the first Matrix was stated quite clearly by Smitty when he interrogated Morphy in M1, that human lived in a perfect world, but we refused to live in such world due to our imperfection, we simply can not to live in a perfectly harmonized world (heaven?!).

That why the complete crop died out according to Smitty. Quite ironic if u asked me.


The none
Oh btw, if the prequel is about Seraph n Merv, I'll definitely go n see the flicks.

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