Who else here thinks Star Trek : Enterprise is crap?

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Star Trek : Enterprise must the the worst TV show of the last decade.
Boring, boring, boring.

I am a Trekker of sorts, a Roddenberry Trekker... but not these past
few Trek series run by the megolamaniacs of Berman and Braga. Ever
since Paramount decided to let these two run around with full control
of the Trek franchise, its been spiraling down to the wasteland it is
now. First they brought about the outrageously self-righteous pile of
garbage of Voyager, and now this so-called "down to earth" series of
Enterprise. What's so down to earth? Is it because Archer loves to
use the word "ass"... Or maybe the breast-enhancing bodysuit they've
cleverly put together for T'Pol? And dont get me started on the not
so subtle stereotypes and cliches GALORE: Mayweather, the African-
American (who seem to have good xeno knowledge despite the series
proclaiming that they are the FIRST to hit deep space and the FIRST
to contact aliens) loves to hang? What the heck?

The acting has been atrocious, and the scripts are completely
ridiculous and dim-witted. Good example, Hoshi's amazing ability to
master an alien language with just a snap of a finger... linguists

Phlox is a recycled Neelix... Trip and Reed are both big giant
stereotypes... T'Pol is a Vulcan version of Jeri Ryan... and Archer,
well, he's like this grinning doofus who likes to contradict himself
constantly and can't seem to make decisions in clutch situations
without the aid of his staff. Great captain!

So what have I learned from watching this show? Well for one, Trek
isn't Trek anymore... and two, it's amazing how many different ways
you can give your loyal fans the mighty shaft.


I agree. I'm a bit of a Trekkie myself, but my favorites were the original series with Captain Kirk. I watch TNG too, but it didn't have the same dynamic. From there Trek's just gone downhill. The character mean less and less and have less depth, and it's become way too blast the effects foucused. Flashy and trashy, I say. There's so many things wrong with them, because people just don't take time to pay attention to the same standard of quality anymore.

Think i've seen 2 episodes. Nuff said then!

the only thing i like on enterprise is the beagle. i like the original series and next generation, and, yes, i like voyager. a lot. but not enterprise. was sadly disappointed!!!!

I hate Star Trek all together


to boldly go!

I loathed Voyager with a passion, but I think Enterprise is much better.

neah...i'm not really a trekkie. I remember i watched (end anjoyed) the original series when i was little...i like them even now if i catch them stick out tongue

Voyager was watchable, Deep Space 9 was total crap! I hated that damn show.

I grew up on Enterprise, I loved that show you bastardsmad

i was a star trek fan when next generation was around, and i like some of the original i never watched an episode of voyager or deep sapce 9, and i think the enterprise is a trevesty of star trek. It feels like the whole star trek essence is gone it doesnt feel like star trek, and that was the goal of the writers and directors, i mean its a good concept for a star trek show but it just doesnt seem to be put together like star trek should be and thats a shame because i think bakula could be a good captain

and i wandered if any of you who liked star trek liked any of the next generation movies? i mean every tekkie ive spoken with thought they were horrible let downs, which i have to agree especially insurection and nemises , in insurection the actors were so out of shape they were bustin out of there outfits followed with a horrible script and what the hell was nemises it felt like a joke to all star trek fans saying" yeah we just wanted to piss all you trekkies off by giving you this peice of crap as the last installment of star trek movies and shatter your hopes of ever seeing another good star trek movies" i mean the next generation had good stories in the episodes but the movies were so ridiculous

Yeah Roddenberry is definitely not being done the justice he deserves. Battlefield Earth anyone?

Rogue Jedi
all star trek is crap.....

Star Trek "Insurrection" was the worst NExtGen movie, "Nemesis" wasnt much better.

On the other hand I really liked "First Contact" it had a cool story and lots of action.

yeah i thought first contact was ok it did have nice atmosphere but it just diddnt feel to much like star trek to me

shameless bump

i've liked most of the trek movies - even the next generation ones. but nemesis was one of the biggest let-downs ever!!!!! i was sooo disappointed in it!!

I find it hard to believe that no one has mentioned that atrocious theme song! Sure, the show sucks....but I expected it to. (as does anything that involves Scott Bakula...and his "I really have to go to the bathroom NOW! looking face) The theme song, however, caught me totally off guard...it adds a whole new level of sucktasticness to it

Actually Nemesis was pretty good. Insurrectionwas the turd of the series... and Generations as well...

star trek sucks more than paris hilton taking it in the mouth from rick solomon. it's CHEAP

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