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!!!Herald Tourney!!! Philosophia vs. MrMind
Started by: Galan007

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|Quantum Observer|

Gender: Male
Location: Mars, 1985

!!!Herald Tourney!!! Philosophia vs. MrMind

  • Philosophia: O.M.A.C. and Dr. Polaris
  • MrMind: Supreme (original) and Drax The Destroyer

  • Three posts (1 opener, 1 rebuttal, and 1 final.)
  • Fight takes place on an indestructible Earth.
  • Prep-time is limited solely to creating shields.
  • Starting distance is 0.5km.
  • No BFR.
  • Judges tbd.


"I am tired of Earth. These people.
I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives."

Old Post Jul 11th, 2020 12:32 PM
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|Quantum Observer|

Gender: Male
Location: Mars, 1985

MrMind's OP:

Classic Drax has the physical stats of a Mid-High Herald, the only reason he is a low herald is because he is dumber than carver. But that’s ok, he’s not leading the fight here, all he needs is be the enforcer. And he is extremely effective in that regard. He is basically a Hulk who can fly at super speed and has energy projection.

Drax obliterated a world, then ripped apart a sun, in the previous issue he destroyed a planetoid with one punch.

A planet was destroyed as a side effect of his fight with Thanos, even though he was weakened by the planetary explosion, and defeated by Thanos. The feat is not to be degraded. After all he was facing the mad titan and planetary just doesn’t do it. But not the case here, he’s facing foes magnitudes weaker.

So if you think Doctor Polaris’ little shield can protect them from getting their jaws shattered into pieces by Supreme and Drax’s punches. You got another thing coming. The overwhelming strength is just too much

Let’s be honest, Drax can survive planetary and sun explosions. None of the magnetic, electricity or biological manipulation from Dr Polaris is gonna even tickle Drax. OMAC is even more sad here…a large part of his power is technopathy, which is pretty much useless here. Conventional power houses of a higher weight class always trump people with little special abilities here and there, Just how the comics work.

Classic Drax was a planet/star destroyer. He actually did it with sheer strength, not energy projection. he was crazy strong. OMAC and Dr Polaris don’t have the durability to survive the output of his strength. While Dr Polaris and OMAC have decent reaction speed, meaning like most comic book characters, they can tag people faster than them. (like superman, flash, green lantern)
But they themselves are not speedsters. It would be hard to argue they can dodge all Drax’s attack when Surfer, Thanos, Mar-Vell, Thor and many others have been hit by Drax before.
Before you say OMAC has taken hits from the likes of Powergirl, Green Lantern or Superman. So have the likes of lower level metas. Remember this is an all out fight here. Unless OMAC has shown planetary or star level durability, he’s screwed.

This is a prime feat to show Drax’s reaction and strength. Silver Surfer went to absorb energy from an entire sun, then a super amped surfer charged towards Drax with the sun’s energy at super speed. So Drax punched and redirected surfer like a pinball. It’s worth noting even Hulk was afraid to face such amped surfer head on like Drax did. The redirection was so powerful it destroyed a moon on it’s projection, and knocked out surfer. Drax shown his superiority over Surfer and Hulk while demonstrating ftl level reaction and planetary strength feats in one scene, nice.

Drax one shotted an amped surfer’s blitz, what chance does Dr Polaris and OMAC in the speed department? None.

in this scene it depict perfectly how effective Drax is, he shoots energy beam, then grab mar-vell’s leg, swings him around like a baseball bat hitting asteroids until mar-vell is unconscious.

By looking at these feats, you probably think, Drax can take on both Dr P and OMAC by himself.

Well you better strap in and get a hold of this guy, who is at least twice as powerful as Drax.

He has the strength to throw a large spaceship from earth to mars with ftl speed

He slams Gladiator so hard the shockwave was registered in outerspace by shi’ar spaceships far far away.

or casually destroy a meteor that was about to poison the water supply of a planet

Supreme has a lot of fight experience. He has fought side by side with some of the “most powerful beings in the universe and beyond”. The emphasis here is beyond. It’s entirely possible Supreme has fought with some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.

He has great combat speed, and he is ruthless. He destroyed all the Darius Dax and his counterparts by blitzing, which other past supremes couldn’t.

These are the same Daxes who are able to use weapons specifically tailored to kill all the other Supremes, the Daxes were massacring them. They got the weapons from Supremacy’s armory. These retired Supremes have class 100 strength, super speed, the whole nine yards. Kinda like Image version of Kryptonians. Yet they were getting slaughtered. Safe to say Mean Supremes>Daxes>all other supremes.

Moore’s Supreme and all the other badass Supremes have to free Mean Supreme to kill Darius Dax and his crew. Moore Supreme alone has feats that can rival the likes of Marvel and DC top heralds. Planetary, massively ftl, tears hole in reality and crush coals into diamonds, etc etc. Mean Supreme was a superior version of Moore’s Supreme. Mean Supreme is godlike, he is one of the most powerful being in the universe.

Mean Supreme was an angel of vengeance, he defeated Thor and took his Mjolnir

More important than his ftl travel speed, he can punch faster than light. The faster the punch the harder it hit. The power packed of the punch is beyond measurable. And we all know Supreme has planetary strength feats. Phil’s team does not have the durability or the reaction speed to take those punches. Their shields gonna get shattered very quickly.

Solar can oneshot the moon

Solar was fighting Doctor Eclipse for hours and couldn’t hurt him. Supreme hurt him with one punch. What a beast

destroy Khromium planet by flying through it then throws Khromium II into the sun, It’s amazing how he performs planetary feats so casually.

Suprema can lift the snowglobe that contain the entire freaking universe. That’s some silver age level shit.

And Supreme beats the shit out of Suprema

Or when they fly ftl and survive a black hole pull, mean Supreme has survived black holes multiple times. He can fly faster than light so that’s a given.

Gladiator has to play dead because their fight would’ve destroyed worlds. (plural) that means it’s solar system level fight.

This is the whole fight as many of you have already seen, Supreme was shown as slightly superior, but they were mostly pretty even. We all know how OP gladiator can be. (planetary strength, can wrestle blackhole, massive ftl speed, fought galactus etc)

Supreme’s body can adapt and evolve to almost any threats, so say no to whatever shenanigan Phil’s team gonna pull. Like OMAC try to control Supreme’s body or any kind of manipulating/hacking. I guess Supreme just have to pull a Doomday.

This fight is pretty straight forward. Our team will wait for them to set up shields, While Supreme use his micro vision to analyze his opponents’ weakness. Then share that information with his teammates. When the bell rings, They smash the shields of Phil’s team. Unless Phil’s team has proofs of shields withstanding Planetary/Star level strikes. Their shields are not gonna withstand it long enough for them to find a way to victory.

When the shields are down, we just blitz and gets physical, use energy projection or heat vision here and there if they try to run away. The fight is an easy wrap.

Really, strategies are overrated when you outstats your opponents physically by that much. Phil can try to outhax his way out. But I doubt it works.


"I am tired of Earth. These people.
I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives."

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Old Post Jul 11th, 2020 12:32 PM
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|Quantum Observer|

Gender: Male
Location: Mars, 1985

Phil's OP:

Hello everybody!

Dear judges, I can't fault you for simplifying this to Magneto/Hulk vs Superman/Drax

It's only natural when you read lesser known characters to associate it with more known ones.

Polaris..the Magneto rip-off? [Polaris was actually created before Magneto!]
OMAC..the robotic Hulk? ['re not far off!]
Supreme...the Superman rip-off #434? [only in description, certainly not in application..]

But...this match isn't what it seems. As MMA fans will tell you, styles make fights!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Ready, set..

(please log in to view the image)

We can make shields before the match starts.
Polaris proceeds to make multiple magnetic ones around us. Some examples [oh, more will come!]:
His magnetic shield easily holds Power Girl immobilized for hours, until she is rescued by his split-good-personality took control [...long story, but basically the excuse for why Polaris ever loses]. She hurts herself punching his shield.

Casually restrains both her and Starman afterwards:

His magnetic shields are something neither Hal nor multiple lanterns can break through:

His magnetic shields hold off against Maxima and Power Girl simultaneously:
(please log in to view the image)
(please log in to view the image)


And, since I don't want to make life easy, I want him to use his tracking abilities to waste some time, so when I make the shields they're also invisible as I deflect all light:


Match starts. BOOM! I Instantly teleport to the South Pole, courtesy of O.M.A.C.'s AI:

Why? Because I wanna play God. An example of what happened the last time he went there, absorbed its power and went up against the Justice League:

"He can shift the Earth's axis [...] with each step he takes the Earth's axis follows".

And now, with all the power at my disposal I begin to create other shields. Those shields above? They're obviously enough, but I want to go overboard.

I will call these shields "Good luck!":
(please log in to view the image)
(please log in to view the image)

They're self explanatory. I can make them again and again, concentrically, and play checkers with OMAC while they struggle to pass through.

And now, the best part..

Styles make fights

I said that this isn't what it seems.

Well, that's team is tailor made for them.

I know, I know, you hear that a lot. But...and I want to make this sentence crystal clear:

Supreme faced a Magneto rip-off in his own comic book, and got depowered for the rest of his own series

And by Magneto rip-off, I mean everything -- up to the point where he tries to protect his species, the "U-genes".

I know, this sounds like a joke. Supreme literally had to switch minds with an alternate version of himself in order to regain his the end of his series (40 issues) and he got depowered at issue #11. He spend the rest of his time doing super-heroics using Thor's hammer, or was replaced by alternate characters posing as him [it's...very weird]. That's how bad it was.

(please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image)

Polaris? He has a career of doing this. Drains the Rey:


Polaris has control over the entire EM Spectrum:

"With a wave of his hand"

I can also make everything drain him:

And here's the absolute insanity! Polaris has drained a Controller [you know -- the Guardians of the Universe equals] of his power, from around the globe, and kept him as his pet in a shield to feed him power, just as Polaris woke from a coma.

(please log in to view the image)


So...yeah. More attacks will be extrapolated later on.

Now, let's move on to Drax.

He is instantly blind. Superman, with probably the best eye vision in comics was:

Both him and Supreme [who at this point is depowered in a bubble. Most likely decapitated but...just in case]

Dear judges, close your eyes and imagine fighting an opponent whose eyes are not closed, when the battlefield is the entire Earth.

OMAC, who has enough strength to overpower make Superman think he may be stronger than him... the utter shit out of blind Drax.

He also blasts him with eye-beams that have one-shotted Power Girl:

He then starts getting creative and, again, using teleportation...

Starts dismembering Drax limb by limb, as he did to Frankenstein:
(please log in to view the image)

Nightcrawler on steroids!

Of course, both Polaris and OMAC will do much more, but it will be elaborated in my subsequent posts.

Good luck!


"I am tired of Earth. These people.
I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives."

Old Post Jul 11th, 2020 12:33 PM
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Senior Member

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Scatman

I’d like to let my team’s feats speak for itself instead of trying to outmaneuvering and think creative strategies hoping to flip the script. Supreme is the most powerful being on image earth, which includes super teams like youngblood, wildcats, stormwatch, and crazy powerful freaks like Spawn etc. Supreme is above them all. Drax is a star ripping planetary monster that has speed and energy projection, the only downside is he is stupid but CIS is completely off here. Drax can keep up with Surfer in space, he is a light speedster

from moon to Saturn in a short amount of time

Style makes fight, except when it’s in different weight class, no amount of improvising gameplan is gonna help the cause.

Match starts, Supreme and Drax bull rush so hard, they destroy the shields and their opponents at the same time. Doesn’t matter if the shields are invisible or not, unless they can make themselves invisible they are getting blitzed. Shields are not gonna save them when Supreme can do this
or this

And now, with all the power at my disposal I begin to create other shields. Those shields above? They're obviously enough, but I want to go overboard.
I will call these shields "Good luck!":

and how many shields are you plan on making? am I suppose to sit there and wait for you to make 1000 shields like an invincible fortress around your team before I get to attack? The shield stipulation is only there so weak slow people don’t get instantly incinerated by blitz. It’s not there for you to build an entire defense system.

Your initial shields will get shattered instantly, so no to whatever comes afterwards.

when their shields get destroyed and they are getting blitzed and the living crap beaten out of them, all the plans are out of window. So no to whatever Phil’s plan of teleporting Polaris to another location.

Keep in mind, That count as a self bfr. Polaris would be disqualified.

Supreme faced a Magneto rip-off in his own comic book, and got depowered for the rest of his own series.

Nah nah nah you got it all wrong buddy, Quantum might be a magneto rip off. But he is far more powerful. He’s like magneto on steroids while Polaris is like magneto on soybased diet. He literally took down youngblood, newmen, brigade and bloodstrike. That’s how overpowered he is. He literally took down the majority of image earth superheroes. That’s like magneto got amped and took down avengers, fantastic four and x-men all by himself.

his ability to control electro-magnetic energy was at it’s peak since his appearance, no power on earth can withstand him, “absorbing earth’s electro-magnetic radiation at an alarming rate.” Key word “radiation”

he is the most powerful on image earth at that time! “of all my time on earth I’ve never encountered anyone of his power level”. Has Polaris ever come close to the most powerful on dc earth, everrrr?

Guys, read bloodstrike 9-10, brigade 8-9 and Team youngblood 7-8 if you don’t believe me. They literally spend like 8 issues altogether wanking the shit out of this new villain. He came out like Graviton and just straight up owning everyone.
He also took battlestone and cabbot prisoner.

Quantum is the most powerful of nu-gene, and he’s constantly absorbing electro magnetic energy throughout his arc leading up to Supreme’s fight. He basically gets more powerful when he’s angry. And stronger than ever before

Supreme was weakened by electromagnetic radiation, effect of electrical energy, and it’s poisoning effect. He was weakened by radiation poisoning.

Quantum absorbed so much electro magnetic energy from the earth there’s a shortage

1. Phil has shown no evidence of Polaris using electro magnetic radiation, which is Quantum’s power source
2. Polaris has no time absorbing all of earth’s electro magnetic energy, when they are getting blitzed and mauled to death in the first couple seconds
3. If Polaris decides to cheat and leave the battlefield so he can amp himself with earth magnetic energy in north pole, that counts as self BFR. Polaris is out of the game

So yeah plan thwarted.


I love how you just posted a pic of OMAC getting destroyed by heat vision,
guess who else has heat vision?
Thanks for adding one more way of your team getting owned thumb up

Starts dismembering Drax limb by limb, as he did to Frankenstein:

He is not teleporting anyone’s arms away let’s be honest, homie fights like a slow brute. The only reason he can do that to Frankenstein was because Frankenstein is also a slow moving idiot. I suggest you guys to read OMAC issue 5 and see how a slow hitting brick has no chance of coming near Supreme.


This is the same storyline where Polaris is beating the crap out of himself because he has multiple personality’s disorder and superman was trying to help him snap out of it for 2 straight issues, not going all out fighting him.
And Polaris got knocked silly by Jimmy Olsen’s wooden bat in the same arc,

Polaris is a jobber with tons of low showings of highest degree. When he was fighting blue beetle, he was not able to dodge his daughter who is normal human stabbing him in the back with a wooden stick. If sharp wood can pierce through his skin, one punch from Drax can take his head clean off. Phil hasn’t shown any durability or reaction feats of Polaris. Polaris is screwed fighting two people at once

or bunch of random dudes jacked up on drugs were able to cause him trouble

Or when energy blast takes care of him, blue beetle’s blast can capture him
getting taken down by Green Lantern’s energy projection
again getting hit by the ray with energy projection
once the ray gets serious, the fight was over real quick
Polaris’ force fields are not impenetrable, there are gaps to explore, seems like energy beams are polaris’ kryptonite

imagine what drax can do with his blast that can cause cosmic inferno, with the light of a thousand blazing sun
or a blast that can shakes the foundation of the moon Titan
or a blast that take down Thor, granted thor was saving someone else but still pretty impressive

It’s been established earlier Phil’s shields won’t hold, so it’s inevitable Polaris will get hit. There’s no reason he won’t, every fight he’s been in he’s been tagged before.

Getting tagged by a nobody in a flying armor
He gets tagged all the time, He couldn’t take down Steel, someone who is made out of metal.
Even Parasite was able to tag him

Now let’s talk about OMAC, he is very hittable as well. I can’t stress the term slow brute enough, when Captain Boomerang can hit him with a boomerang, then knock him over with a fly kick. He is not so invincible, not at all.

Apollo hurts him with a blast then draws blood from him with a punch, imagine what Supreme can do

dude is literally like a budget version of the hulk, where the hulk go “Hulk smash!” OMAC go “I am OMAC!”…

He gets tko’d by the combination of Robotman, Steel, cosmic rod and machine gun

metal men can draw blood from him with….get this….metal hammer….

When we see Phil’s team getting tagged, hurt by people much slower and weaker than my team. You wonder what will my team do to his team? The answer is total annihilation! My team has planetary feats, can fly ftl, has amazing combat reaction, has extraordinary strength and durability. And just outclass his team so much on stats, his hax and extra abilities here and there is insignificant. All he can is holding on for life. Before I claim him.


Old Post Jul 15th, 2020 03:04 AM
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"The devil made me do it"

Gender: Male
Location: Void

Hmm. How should I say this.

Judges, Mr Mind doesn't...

(please log in to view the image)

...he...doesn't know my team or his team.

This is a legit clusterfuk of wrong characters[literally]/history.

My team

He uses scans that is not....the Dr. Polaris I am using laughing out loud

The 'blue bettle'? The "dudes jacked up on drugs"? "His daughter" etc. That's John, a completely different guy.

I'm Neal. He has split personality -- a Jekyll and Hyde type. His power fluctates based on how much either one in control and almost all of his losses are attributed to people utilizing the struggle between them.

Example: The scan where Kyle "beats" him? The personalities were fighting each other, the blast brought out Neal:

Later in fact, since Kyle and Ray cannot overpower him, they use this: [album]

The fact that he loses due to CIS is not a factor in this fight. I'm not fighting my 3rd personality AND Superman while Jimmy comes behind me with a baseball bat.

I'm in control of how Polaris uses his powers.

His team

Holy shit.

You notice that Supreme's feats are mostly unimpressive -- a meteor! a ship! god moves through me and he's faster than light!. Statements and small-level stuff. Its so desperate, that he resorts to shit like this:
"It’s entirely possible Supreme has fought with some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse."

So he tries using Suprema.
The problem? Not reading the comics.
The Supreme that fought Suprema, is not only not his Supreme, but it's also not the same Suprema.
Why? This is a long explanation -- but for time's sake, every time there's a revision of the Universe, the old versions of Supreme are saved in Limbo and a NEW version of Supreme takes its place. This was elaborated in Alan Moore's run:

And IN THE SAME ARC as all of the feats he uses for Supreme [i.e. the planet busting, beating Suprema, outperforming the other Supremes], it's clear that the Universe has been REVISED:

In essence -- Supreme, Suprema, all the other Supremes are NEW version as soon as the Universe was revised (/rebooted/reset).

In the same arc, OmniMan [i.e. a guy who's nowhere near silver age] stalemated this NEW Supreme, and even arguably won by waking up before him:

To top it all off, he uses a non-canon Gladiator crossover. Ffs.


He doesn't distinguish between normal Drax and the one with the Power Gem no expression

When he punched Surfer away -- he had the Power Gem.
Also, Surfer blew up the moon due to the energy he had after absorbing the sun...not due to Drax redirecting him.
Also, he failed to mention that Hulk also redirects him by...throwing a rock, lol:
This is just ONE post with 3 mis-interpretations/omissions. I don't have the physical space for all of them.

I'd also like to add that this Mr. Mind, without any self-awareness, literally posts this in this same thread:
While Dr Polaris and OMAC have decent reaction speed, meaning like most comic book characters, they can tag people faster than them. (like superman, flash, green lantern)


What's that, having your cake and eating it, too? Well, bon apetit.

Dr. Polaris' physical stats are all enhanced by magnetism [similar to Magneto smile]:

How enhanced? He INSTANTLY created a magnetism black hole to drain the Ray moving at lightspeed:
[bonus! Polaris is powerful enough to create black holes]

Catches Wally in a magnetic shield as he's speeding:

Restrains Johnny Fox speeding:


But, let's see how fast Drax is.

Captain Mar-Vell [original, for reference vs the Thing] not only reacts to Dumb Drax trying to bullrush him [and his punch only managing to break his breathing aparatus!], but Drax gets thoroughly outsped and flash KOd physically:

Gamora dances around him for an extended period of time:

Drax is barely able to keep up with ships moving on a planet:


He's also distracting you with fireworks of Drax against planetoids and small suns' core -- but the same Drax admitted that Classic She-Hulk is stronger than him:

Meanwhile, OMAC overpowers Superman [a.k.a. bench the Earth for 5 days, chill in black holes]

No-sells then overpowers Power Girl [a kryptonian equal to Wonder Woman and Supergirl] casually:

So many bad arguments. "Superman damaged OMAC with HV, well guess what Supreme has HV"!

Superman shit all over Supreme's best feats -- HV included, by orders of magnitude. None of what he does is equivalent.

Third of all, and the one that legit made me laugh out loud, him calling the Magneto rip off a "magneto on steroids" must genuinely be an attempt at trolling.

First of all, wrong facts [as always]:
he’s constantly absorbing electro magnetic energy throughout his arc leading up to Supreme’s fight.

Incorrect. He fought Supreme literally at the beginning of the arc, and he got even more powerful later on.
Supreme was the Martian Manhunter of the arc.

The Magneto rip-off at his absolute peak (far after the fight with Supreme), with power that was consuming him, did a bit of damage to Earth's EM field and beat on a bunch of mid-metas that are 3rd rate x-men rip-offs. This is like bragging you're the most powerful among 3 year olds. Magneto would solo simultaneously not only him, but also everybody who he has ever fought while playing chess with X. He's not only a Magneto rip-off, but a climate change rip-off, too.
A chick who controls water one-shotted him at the peak of his power:
Meanwhile, Polaris: "He can shift the Earth's axis [...] with each step he takes the Earth's axis follows" and solos the JLA:

Other what the fuks:
Doesn’t matter if the shields are invisible or not, unless they can make themselves invisible they are getting blitzed.

If the shields stop can't see what's inside the shields. lol

Drax literally wouldn't see what to hit. And by the time Supreme potentially could, I'll be long gone. Even if I decide to stay, to give him the finger, my shield have withstood characters far superior [heh] to Drax and Superior.

My shields have held off the Justice League. Multiple Green Lanterns, including Hal who was rendedered useless. Maxima and Power Girl simultaneously. Power Girl for hours.

I could stay there while Drax flies around uselessly and Supreme punches it to no avail.

But, I don't -- I instantly teleport to the South Pole.

Shields having weaknesses? That's no longer the case. Polaris has gotten multiple upgrades of power since then [see Underworld Unleashed, for one, and he has increased his power multiple times by absorbing EM energy from the poles] and they're as formidable as any shield in comics - see Superman [best senses], Green Lantern [high-end ring scanning] and Flash [frequency and speed god] struggle with just one:
Ray and Green Lantern weren't able to next time they met:
Bonus: Firestorm

Yet another what the fuk:
Phil has shown no evidence of Polaris using electro magnetic radiation

"Does the master of electromagnetic spectrum use electromagnetic spectrum radiation? I think not"
(please log in to view the image)

If nothing else, I'm having a laugh reading all of this.


Meanwhile, let's use tactics and show more ways I win:
Drax needs to breathe.

BONUS: Dr. Polaris' power is infinite as he draws it from Earth's core.

With a stare I could put him unconscious:

I cut his blood flow and put him to sleep -- just in case the Martian Manhunter scan was not enough:

thumb down consciousness.

Classic, brain shutdown. Polaris can electromagnetically manipulate the brain:
Drax is vulnerable to have his synapses trashed [he literally died here lol]:
Supreme is susceptible to having his synapses and his brain's electrical trashed:

thumb down brain.


“Perhaps this is the ultimate freedom. The freedom to leave.”

Old Post Jul 15th, 2020 11:22 PM
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|Quantum Observer|

Gender: Male
Location: Mars, 1985

MrMind's Final Post (1/2):

When Phil wants shields on before the match, I said ok, so he doesn’t get instantly blitz into pieces
When Phil wants CIS off, I said ok, so Polaris won’t be going schizo fighting himself, OMAC won’t be going full brick mode
When Phil picks pre52 Polaris and New52 OMAC, I said ok, He can pick whatever versions he wants, which ever era and continuities he likes, even choose composite versions.
Then Phil’s: “I want to build enough shields until I feel safe you can’t blitz through them, I want to send Polaris to another location just to amp himself, despite it being self bfr.”
Like a good father, I accommodate all his request with my heart of gold.
But judges, please ask yourself, how many handicap stips does he need so he has a chance?

First let’s get the shields bullshit out of the way

All of Phil’s fancy tactics is useless. Like turning off brain, invisible shields, im too lazy to even read through them, I literally don’t care. He has not shown one evidence that his shields can withstand power on the level of Supreme or Drax. What come after is null

When supreme was trapped in “A multi-dimensional phase shifter capable of warping your molecules across sixteen dimensions”
He used his dna recombining in an effort to match the phase frequencies, he breaks through the shield and ripped his opponent’s arm off
CASE CLOSED, no shields of his is doing anything

When supreme has shown his blitz is 10 times more powerful than Tsar Bomba- the most powerful nuclear bomb of mankind. 500 megatons, that’s 38000 hiroshimas

Regarding version of polaris
That's John, a completely different guy

honest mistake. I told you I was ok with you using composite versions in the bz discussion thread. You were ok with it. If I only knew you were using Neal, this would never came up. And it was such a small part of my post, nitpicking…

Mentioning She-Hulk stronger than Drax is stupid. She-Hulk went toe to toe with Immortal Hulk. She shown superior strength in arm wrestling match with Hercules, Hercules has held up heaven by the way. She strike down a Celestial recently. She is far stronger than either OMAC and Polaris

Yes it was Drax with Power Gem, sorry I can’t mention every single details of every feats there’s. I brought it up as a reaction combat speed feat. He can react to an amped blitzing surfer. Last I checked power gem does not amp your speed.

And planetary feats are not fireworks. Space cheese is the best way to determine intercompany fights. Who beats who only goes so far. Not a good measuring stick for different universes. But A moon is always a moon, a planet is always a planet, a star is always a star, doesn’t matter what universe you are in.

The Supreme that fought Suprema, is not only not his Supreme.

Phil, before accusing anyone of not knowing their characters, you gotta get it right yourself. You can’t come out with your dick swinging arrogant like that and be WRONG.

Liefield Supreme is Larsen Supreme is Mean Supreme. Same freaking characer

If you want me to only use Liefield Supreme, I will only have 15 issues limited to full power Supreme. Again if you want handicap should’ve let me know beforehand.

Image universe does not have a well defined and maintained continuity. So some instances do not align with Supreme’s standard timeline, but they should still be treated as canon to the same character. In short continuity is a mess. Mean Supreme was affected by a reality revision. He was locked away in supremacy for a decade and the revision gave him knowledge of events and characters of this new world.
look, it’s hard to explain every detail, its a 10 pages essay.

When Larsen takes over, He continues where Moore leaves off, gives us a story of the "Daxes", Darius Dax and alt versions of himself attacking and bringing down Supreme's citadel. they uses supremium to destroy the Supremacy.
in Moore's stories, Original Supreme is not Liefeld’s mean Supreme, he was basically the first Supreme to come into existence. Moore's Supreme is lead by the Original Supreme. to a prison of sorts, and they free the Liefeld Supreme. Reality revisions happened, Moore's Supreme was not just a changed version of the Liefeld Supreme, they are two separate entities, the supremes in the Supremacy locked Liefeld Supreme away for over a decade. So they free him and Liefeld Supreme kills all of the invading Daxes, then uses supremium, to de-powers all of the surviving Supremes that were stranded from the Supremacy, becoming the only Supreme besides Suprema.

What makes these 2 feats impressive

is that Alan Moore’s Supreme and Suprema are literally silver age superman level characters. And when Larsen continued he painted Mean Supreme the most powerful Supreme of them all. He destroyed all the Daxes which Moore’s Supreme couldn’t. He beat the shit out of Suprema. He so fast Moore Supreme and Original Supreme couldn’t register. It took every Supremes in the Supremacy to trap him. Imagine someone so powerful it took the entire kryptonians army to contain him. A dozen Kryptonians killed a doomsday. There are thousands of Supremes in Supremacy!

HE ABSOLUTELY SCALES TO MOORE SUPREME AND SUPREMA!!!! How many times do I have to repeat this

let’s recap, Suprema lifted a snowglobe contain a universe
she survived a place where sun freeze and die, where lightning froze up in shape lmao

Moore’s Supreme flies to Betelgeuse to retrieve his dog, which is 645 lightyears away, he did a round trip (1290 lightyears) in like a couple seconds
he can split the atom of a meteor with a baseball bat
crush coals into diamonds
entering black hole, ftl speed, etc etc
ftl speed

And if you don’t believe Supremes is on the level of Kryptonians in every aspect I suggest you read the supreme comics.

fought Supreme literally at the beginning of the arc

quantum has already took down youngblood, newmen, brigade and bloodstrike before fighting supreme. If you want to accuse someone of being wrong all the time, at least get your own facts straight.

he is fast enough to create after image where he appears at two places at once

So once the shields is shattered, there is no where fast enough for them to run.

he can absorb heat and redirect energy


"I am tired of Earth. These people.
I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives."

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MrMind's Final Post (2/2):

Phil likes to talk shit about Supreme’s heat vision, well it is powerful enough to destroy large space station. And so precise it can kill cancer cells in human. I still chuckle at the notion supreme’s hv cannot match noob n52 superman.
goodbye Omac

he has sun level durability, not that it’s ever needed in this battle, since his opponents are no where near able to harm him, on top of that he also has healing factor.

when they were in the process of creating Supreme, they killed him over and over, but he came back to life, stronger and more resilient each and every time

"He becomes invulnerable -- or as invulnerable as he needs to be to conquer the particular danger at hand."
Sounds familiar? He is basically Superman+Doomsday. He is such a combat veteran he can alter his tactic on the fly during mid combat, by analyzing his opponent’s molecular structures, change his defense system and alters his eye beams to firing beta-vision, cutting off his opponent’s biological energy network. He uses it to separate opponent from his weapon

A depowered Supreme who lost his adaptability went toe to toe with image super powerhouse union. Union went toe to toe with freaking mister majestic.

there is no evidence the supreme/gladiator crossover is non canon at all, it’s written by Keith Giffen, a guy who is super familiar with both characters. And he wrote their combat capped at planetary/solar system level.

Let’s take a look at Supreme’s combat speed again, killed 200 men spread out across an entire airport, in….less than 4 seconds. That’s legit speedster

OMAC and Polaris has street leveler’s speed, how are they gonna avoid getting fisted.

And the Polaris depower tactic is so lol
1. quantum was charging the air around supreme with massive doses of electronic magnetic radiation. It was a blast that was draining him. It was electrical energy. HAS POLARIS EVER SHOWN A TACTIC EVEN SILIMAR TO THAT? You can’t say he control magnets so he can do the same
2. Polaris is a slow dumbass just like omac, I have shown mountains of evidence their shields gonna get destroyed, they have no speed or durability, no counter for the blitz blitz blitz. He can’t even touch any of my people before getting rip to pieces.
3. You already self bfr Polaris by teleporting him to north pole as your stradegy lol. This match is basically supreme and drax vs omac. Polaris is disqualified. All of this is just me entertaining you to make it somewhat not a spite.
4. The “magneto on steroids” comment was obviously a trollish joke. But let’s be honest as a one time villain quantum shown to be more powerful than your average magneto. When magneto by his normal level is not planetary.

Anyway not enough space to address drax, but supreme solos. Deal with it.
Unrelated, supreme can time travel to the future by breaking the time barrier, this happened when he was fighting norse god

still can’t believe Supreme is only mid herald level when he should be at least high herald.

Thanks Phil for give me this amazing opportunity for bz. I enjoyed every minute of it.


"I am tired of Earth. These people.
I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives."

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Phil's Final Post:

Starting tactics

This was quite a bit weird.
As he himself will proudly [?!] say, he has none.
To be honest, he could have spared himself some time [and mine] by simply sending the respect threads and saying "I strong. I punch you."

To recap:

Zero anticipation.

Judges, please take a look at his initial post.

He doesn't seem to understand that prep is not used to scan the area and look for me, or have whispering session with Drax. Prep is used ONLY for shields.
He starts the match with having no idea where I am. He didn't even think that I'd be invisible so Drax is essentially useless and he never used Supreme's senses to try and detect me. He used microvision to look at the micro-scale, when he should have scanned the macro-scale since doesn't even know where to direct it towards. Even if he does detect me [scans of Supreme detecting something outside the visible electromagnetic spectrum not even being posted!], Drax would still be useless since he wouldn't even know what to hit. So that leaves Supreme...and his plan is to punch [remember this!] my shields, hope for the best, only for me to teleport away and get even more powerful.

You know what's absolutely hilarious? Supreme trying to bullrush somebody almost always ended in him KOing himself [and my shields have hurt PG trying to breach them].



This sounds like I'm taking the piss, but it's literally it. To quote Mr "Art of War" Mind:
Really, strategies are overrated

(please log in to view the image)

My plan:
Before the fight:
I make multiple shields around me. Only one of my opponents has tracking capabilities [Supreme, that he doesn't even use, lol], so my shields are up stopping all light from getting through []
As the fight starts:
* I instantly teleport to the South Pole using OMAC's A.I. I'm now at the peak of my powers, constantly absorbing all that energy, and I start to make multiple Justice League-stopping shields []
Btw, the Earth IS the battlefield, so I can't BFR myself when I'm still on the battlefield. lol
* By the time they get there [again, he didn't even bother to use Supreme to track me EVEN NOW], they're fuked. No way to get through and then...
* Supreme is depowered using the electromagnetic spectrum I have total control of. To reiterate: he got blasted with electromagnetic energy and drained completely of his powers 11 issues into his series for the remainder of his entire run by a Polaris/Mags rip-off.
As I've shown before, Dr. Polaris has magnetic black holes that instantly drain Ray. But, the most ridiculous part and one want to put an emphasis on, is the Controller he drained and took control over his power, and he did so from AROUND THE GLOBE the moment he detected him tapping into Earth's Magnetic Field as Polaris literally woke up from a coma []. Good thing Supreme is connected to Earth's EM field, too:
And this is not the first time he got shitfaced by electromagnetic energy, he almost died in a nuclear reactor:
Remember that I also make electromagnetic tornados that drain the Ray in moments: [ ,]
- Drax and Supreme are blind courtesy of Polaris who blinded Superman [>>>>>> Supreme]. Drax is useless from the beginning to the end of this fight.
- OMAC also:
- teleports out with Drax's limbs/head
- hits them with energy projection that has one-shotted Power Girl
- beats the utter shit out of him since he's BLIND.
Drax is KOd unconscious from me flooding his insides/lungs with particles, as well as controlling his blood and cutting it off from his brain for the KOd.
Both Drax and Supreme get their brain wrecked by electromagnetic manipulation.
Hell, after he leaves Drax as a floating torso, OMAC could grab Supreme and do the same -- unfortunatelly, Polaris would have already depowered and turned him into a vegetable.

The characters
I ran out of space in my last post due to mis-interpretations but...
Holy shit, and I do mean holy shit -- the Supreme scan he used for the black hole feat is not HIS Supreme -- it's Alan Moore's Supreme, another version of Supreme. He is a separate character. It's from Supreme #46 [Moore rebooted the entire continuity in #41] for who wants to actually check. What the ... ? Galan was right there in the PMs, you could have went "Galan, can I use this? I saw it in your respect thread" and he'd tell you to stop using just his respect thread and read the comics themselves. Also Solar was weakened in the fight with Dr. Eclipse and roflstomped him at full strength. Your Supreme has like 50 issues of appearances, I shouldn't be the one who has to know your 2 characters better than you.

Judges, look back on HIS version of Supreme. What valid feats has he posted, once you remove all the fluff I had to get through [I, unforunately for my time, made more research for Supreme than a simple respect thread -- I can't say the same in reverse]. Strength? Going thorugh a planet - that's revisioned Supreme. He has no black hole escaping [Alan Moore's Supreme]. He has no fight with Gladiator [revisioned Supreme AND non-canon]. So, he destroyed a meteor? He threw a ship? He flew fast through space? Green Lanterns do that, too. It's all easy in space once you have time and distance. How fast can he accelerate? Why do you think you see NO reaction time feats? No ACTUAL speed feats? It's because he has none that matter -- he resorts to Supreme speaking in hyperbole when he's up against a random space samurai "God runs through me and he's faster than light!". He resorts to "He may have fought the most powerful beings!". He is running on fumes. At least I actually posted lightspeed reaction time and attack from Polaris, lol.

At least, for all his faults...


...HAS feats. But, in terms of actual tangible strength, the SAME Drax who destroys planetoids and rips small suns core, is getting shitbagged by She-Hulk and he resorts to a sucker punch.

In terms of combat performances, Drax is capable of going up against Thor and Prof. Hulk .... with the power gem.

Normal Thor overpowers Drax like he's a lightweight:

Normal Thor KOs Drax with a single lightning strike that Iron Man even absorbed much of the power of:

B&T Thor one-shotted him while Drax had the PG, even with a surprise attack:



...does not need the Power Gem to:
- arguably overpower and have comparable strength to Superman [who puts all of Drax and Supreme's 'sparkly' feats to shame].
- overpower Power Girl and treating her like she's not the one equal to WW/SG [see scans in my previous posts]
But, here we go with cementing him treating her [and Steel] like nothing:
One shot the Olympian [out of space -- but essentially a male WW]
Kills a Firestorm by ripping his head off and tanks his explosion which not even Guy Gardner's shield could:
Solos the JLI:

Speaking peaking of team-busters:


Besides the fact that he didn't even know the character I was using, he seems to forget that we're not here to compare records. Doctor Polaris, yes, eventually loses. Doctor Polaris, yes, sometimes forgets to use his power. Doctor Polaris yes, absolute lunatic whose character is LITERALLY weakened by CIS due to his warring spit personalities.

NONE of that matters, because I'M Polaris here. I control what he does. And I use his abilities as efficiently and as deadly as I want. I use his shields, I use his electromagnetism, I use EVERYTHING. Showing him fighting inefficiently doesn't change any of it -- I could have said the same for Drax, but that's not understanding a fundamental rule of tourneys - CIS is off. I make the strongest shields [the likes of which the JLA, Hal Jordan, hald a dozen GLs, Firestorm, Maxima, Power Girl [HOURS!] and more can't get through. He is here for ABILITIES not CHARACTER. I collapse lungs, I shut down brains, I DRAIN, I BLIND -- all of this I do because I have his feats, not his personalit(ies). And I win.

I should banter a bit and scale Polaris off of beating a Supes that fists blackholes/Kyle containing the Big Bang/etc..

Final thoughts

Judges, don't get lost in the fog of "I am strong! No, I am strong!". I entertained his "Drax is so strong and Supreme is so strong omg look at this scans I found in the RT" because I had nothing to fill my posts with since there was no strategy to go back and forth against. While OMAC IS stronger than Drax and he'd beat the shit out of, there's no need to do so when my strategy of teleporting his limbs/head, while the latter is blinded, suffocated and lobotomized. There's no need to test my shield for hours against Supreme, when I can teleport, amp, drain through multiple means [direct projection, through the Earth's magnetic field, through electromagnetic storms surrounding me], control the brain and more.

This is not a power contest.

That's what strategies are for smile


"I am tired of Earth. These people.
I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives."

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Pr's verdict:
First of all... k-pop... That's nice, I guess. Second... I'm really glad this fight has so many characters I know ****-all about. Polaris is the only one I know even a little well, so it's nice to not have that playing on my mind too much.

I liked how Mr. Mind started out. Very strong, very straightforward. Then Philo came in and honestly, it did look like he had anticipated Mind's main strategy, and had come up with an effective counter. I didn't believe the shields would be strong enough at first, but Polaris's amp and how it was explained eventually changed my mind. Then you add in things like blinding, or draining Mr. Mind's powers.

Mind's attempt to convince me that a bullrush would break through those shields... it just wasn't a strong enough argument for me. I know nothing about Drax, so the onus was on Mr. Mind to make me believe he could do it. He didn't, sadly. What hurt him, to me, was him not rating Polaris as highly as he perhaps should have. I do know a reasonable amount about Polaris as it is, but even if I didn't, Mr. Mind just didn't make the case strongly enough that I should believe the shields would be so easily destroyed. And, telling people to "go read Image comics if you don't believe me" isn't helpful. It isn't up to me to convince myself that Quantum is on that level. It's yours, as the person debating.

And that weird tangent about what electomagnetic radiation is, kind of had me scratching my head a little.

When it came down to it, at the start, I wanted to side with Mr. Mind. I love me some "straightforward character kicks the shit out of versatile esoteric guy". And after reading that first post, I was on the Mr. Mind train big time. But as I read more posts, the argument just wasn't strong enough for me, and went places I honestly found myself not able to agree with. Even with Phil doing a bit of lowballing too, it still didn't do enough to redress the balance. And, Philo just straight up accounted for more variation than Mind did.

So, with that in mind (pun unintended), I vote for Phil. I always dread doing these when it comes down to it, but once I start reading, you guys definitely entertained.


Smurph's verdict:
I vote for Phil

This match was a bit of a mess. The different character versions, yeesh. I never want to think about the word ‘supreme’ again. For future tourneys, if you happen to have a character with a confusing history, and you’re going to cite feats for more than one version, it would help to set out your argument for how the versions should be viewed right at the beginning. Too much post space was wasted going back and forth about this.

That said, I think both posters are a bit off base. On the one hand, Mr. Mind shouldn’t be using speed feats from Moore’s Supreme or Drax w/ the power gem – on the latter issue, Mr. Mind says that the power gem wouldn’t amp speed, but we don’t really know that for a fact.

On the other hand, I think Phil’s wrong to distinguish between Liefield’s Supreme and the Supreme that fought Omni-Man and Suprema. I’m no expert on the subject, which is why it was a headache to catch myself up enough to judge this match, so I respect that Phil disagrees with me here. Ultimately though, the Omni-Man fight was considered canon to the version of Supreme being placed in the tiers thread, which is the same version that Mr. Mind drafted. For reference, see the discussion on Supreme’s placement here:

So I agree with Mr. Mind that “Liefield Supreme is Larsen Supreme is Mean Supreme”, at least for the purposes of this match, but it didn’t make the difference for my vote. Phil’s plan was straightforward and I believed that his team could successfully get to the south pole unless Supreme and Drax could one-shot his shield and KO them right out of the gate. Phil posted strong enough shield feats to cast doubt on that. Phil persuasively argued that by teleporting away, his team could reach the south pole and turn this into a 2-on-1 match by tactically picking off Drax while keeping Supreme at bay.

Supreme was clearly the most powerful character in the match (in the tourney?), but he needed a stronger strategy to take down a CIS-less Polaris/OMAC channelling the south pole.

Winner: Phil.


"I am tired of Earth. These people.
I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives."

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honestly my best performance was in this match but i came up short


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