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Superman - Crisis to Crisis [revamped]
Started by: Philosophía

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Superman - Crisis to Crisis [revamped]

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Welcome to the respect thread of the original and best superhero of all. Throughout the publishing history after the line-wide reboot that was Crisis on Infinite Earths, the character has gone through various changes, from background, characterization to abilities.
As a consequence, this thread will be split into 3 distinct periods:
I. The Reborn era (John Byrne, Dan Jurgens and various)
II. The Evolution era (Jeph Loeb, Joe Casey and various)
III. The Hero era (Geoff Johns, Kurt Busiek, Grant Morrison and various)

With that said, let’s get started.


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Following the Multiverse shattering crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, John Byrne was handled revamping Superman for a new generation. Besides big changes in characterization and mythology, there came a dramatic depowerment of Superman. Despite the fact that Superman has surpassed the original limitations imposed upon him by Byrne even during that period as things advanced (for example, when he first absorbed Rampage’s energy and his power increased he states that he is so speed up that he can now see lightning moving in slow motion – but a later story showed him as capable of seeing it that way at his normal powerlevel. Byrne had him knocked out by a 40 megaton bomb for 30 minutes – later story arcs showed him as capable of surviving much bigger explosions) , the original intentions was that:
I. This version of Superman was not faster than, or even at lightspeed.
II. His invulnerability was drastically reduced to the point where a big enough explosion, like a 40 megaton one, is capable of knocking him out for extended periods of times.
III. He was nowhere near strong enough to move celestial bodies.
IV. He isn’t capable of breathing in space, and the distances he can travel are very limited.
With that said, let’s take a look at some of his achievements and demonstrated capabilities during this period:


Absorbs the knowledge of the entire kryptonian culture inside his head – from literature, to art, languages to religion.

Studies and absorbs a different culture for an extended period of time in his early days:
Interprets a crime scene better than the actual police:

Reads the patterns of fire-bursts from ships and deducts that those are actually morse code signals, and reads them:

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Note: John Byrne tried to introduce the concept that while flying, the weight of the object Superman is carrying gets nullified, and is only moving it through sheer force of will, the same way he is flying. This didn’t stick and was ignored even during this same era, by pretty much every other writer. Unless it’s specifically stated to be in effect, it’s safe to say that it’s his muscle power at work and not what Byrne was trying to implement. With that said, feats from issues written by Byrne that involve flying will not be posted – and those that are, will be mentioned to be written by him.

Physically destroy Cyborg. Manhandles Wondergirl.

Lifts a mountain that can “crush Metropolis with one step” from a standing position and then flys it into space.

Proves physically superior to Etrigan as he shatters a stone imprisonment that by Morgan La Fey’s statement “no force in the world could break it”.

Lifts a battleship and slams it into another.

Redirects a ship’s altered trajectory and flies it from inside of it.

Plows through a telekinetic assault and delivers a blow that “no force in the universe can stop”.


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Tows a massive ship using chains.

Throws the Daily Globe into space.

Throws a small ship into orbit around a sun from another planet.

Hits a large mutated creature hard enough to shake the whole land.

Stops a submarine from sinking.

Knocks Maxima into unconsciousness with a backhand, after plowing through her attacks.

Superman’s steps produce massive seismic activities that the scientists think a baby nuke went off – from hundreds of miles away.

Throws the Eradicator into the sun.

Transports half of the statue of liberty back from the moon – it was teleported in a battle.

Stops an airplane from crashing in short distance.

Alongside Lar-Gand, through a nuclear reactor from Earth into the Sun.

Blaze tries to trap him inside a cocoon – but breaks free from it by pure force.

Throws a ship more than a mile long out of Earth’s gravity.

He leaps hard enough to break free of Mercury’s gravity.

Collapses against supergirl, it being felt like an earthquake from 20 miles out.

Shatters Kalibak’s Beta-Club, something that Kalibak finds incredible, mentioning that Orion has shattered it.

Drags a huge creature into space – commenting on its weight and inertia.

Eclipso Superman breaks Guy’s construct and then one-shots him away.

Casually catches Maxima’s punch.

Punches Henshaw’s jaw off, after a collaborative attack with Eradicator on him, when Supes only has a pale trace of his former powers.

Lifts a huge rock, even weakened.

Easily catches Etrigan’s punch mid-strike.

Year one Superman one-shots a magical creature with the strength of a planet.


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Young Superman catches projectiles fast enough not to be seen.

And is fast enough to use a wide-range heat vision to vaporize bullets.

A young Clark, before he became Superman, catches bullets and speedblitzes an army.

Year one Superman likely breaks lightspeed – on his first experience out of Earth nonetheless, when he desperatley plunges twoards a near solar system to a planet with atmosphere, as the narration says he “forces himself forward with a speed the gods would envy”.

Tells Batman he can have him behind bars before he even knew he moved – which he acknowledges.

Easily catches bullets with his fingers.

Outraces bullets again.

Young Superman creates a vortex to suck away a gas that would kill the Forever People in seconds.

And is faster than the speed of an explosion.

Busts out of Wonder Girl’s lasso and physically handles her before Cyborg can even see him move.

Outraces Darkseid (Desaad unde his guise)’s Omega Beams back to him.

Creates a partial vacuum.

An exhausted Superman outraces a particle enhanced bolt of lightning.

Builts a circular wall to contain a large amount of people in moments with his bare hands.

Clark, before he even became Superman, was fast enough that a dozen reactions sprang through his head in less than a microsecond.

Circles the globe in moments.

Intercepts and tanks lightning with a smile on his face for fun.

Speedblitzes Man Bat before he even knows he’s moved, while he is dying from kryptonite radiation.

Borrows a trick from Flash and runs on water at superspeed.

Builds a massive cell block at superspeed from debris.

Uses his superspeed to generate a powerfull field of static electricity to contain Swamp Thing.

Circles a star to gain momentum and escape its gravity.

Flies through the whole solar system to get back home.

Spars with Starman and his moves are so fast Starman can’t even see him make them.

At his speed, lightning is travelling in slow motion.

Race Flash across the world on foot, running at several times the speed of sound, and going even faster, barely losing – in this same race Flash is portrayed as fast enough to throw several hundred thousand punches – in the second scan.

Uses his superspeed to rebuild the statue of his parents destroyed.

Chases Henshaw from Earth’s orbit to near Saturn in a few moments.

Intercepts eye-beams and speedblitzes energy beings.

Escapes the Sun’s gravity and blitz’slams Eradicator into Mercury. Following the fight, he is thrown into the sun again so he escapes its gravity for the second time, circles Mercury to gain momentum and speeds twoards Earth, in a matter of moments – after being beat up and having almost no oxygen left.

Superman frequently goes sub-orbital in order to get from one place in the world to another faster.

Moves through the office at superspeed invisible to the others while to copier moved only a sixteenth of an inch.

Changes his clothes in the middle of a crowd faster than the eye can see.

Superman says Flash is the only man on Earth faster than him.

Can perceive individual nanoseconds.

Eclipso Superman speedblitz punches Lobo down.

He’s nothing more than a blur to Jackal, who thinks it’s the Flash.

His body is so speeded up that he can casually interact in a fraction of a nanosecond, an instant
suspended between „eternities of past and future” – a time suspension.


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Overcomes a mind/soul attack from Thahn, an immensely powerfull magical creature. Immediatley afterwards he plows through the guy’s magical attacks—and takes him down with his own power—insane. (Year One)

A young Superman – it was the first time he left Earth – escapes an artificial miniature Black Hole.

A few moments afterwards, survives a massive explosion that knocks him out of the solar system.

Inhales acid that destroys everything it touches.

Shaves his ‘super tough beard’ using heat vision.

Has an explosion that can level a whole block take place in his palm, unharmed. Tanks the explosion of an entire facility.

He withstands and plows through Darkseid (Dessaad)’s energy attack attuned to his exact molecular structure while pointing out that it’s a walk in the park compared to kryptonite.

Is hurled four hundred thousand light years from Earth, unsconscious, by being caught in the overlapping starships hyperdrives and being caught in the space-warp journey through hyperspace.

Tanks an electricity assault easily. Earlier that day the same guy caught him off-guard with a ‘zillion watts’

Takes a thermonuclear bomb of 40 megatons at point-blank, strong enough to destroy Metropolis, and is knocked out for about 30 minutes.

Travells through hyperspace unprotected but withstands it and stays conscious. Pushes a ship anchoring Earth and the Moon through hyperspace withstanding it again for 10 minutes.

Overcomes a telekinesis heart-attack and then plows through an assault to deliver a blow that ‘no force in the universe can stop’.

Intercepts and tanks a lightning for the sake of doing it.

Goes up against one of the Pocket Universe kryptonians – who were essentially pre-Crisis ones, the same as Superboy, and manages to stay in the fight long enough to use gold kryptonite.

Stays conscious after a trip through hyperspace, eventough he is weakened.

Wades through Matrix Supergirl’s Psi Bolts unharmed.

Tanks a big explosion when he ignites the large amounts of methane within an massive creature.

Takes an explosion that would have leveled Metropolis.

Plows through Maxima’s full power unharmed and knocks her out with a backhand.

No-sells Dreadnaught’s attacks.

Takes a bath in lava from Netherworld – Blaze’s realm – after she attacks him, and is unharmed.

Fights off magical transmutation and possession.

Tanks an impressive explosion unharmed.

Tanks a baby nuke point blank and he is only concerned with dusting off his clothes.

A sun-eater explosion sends him back through time and across light-years of distance back to Earth.

A weakened Superman is tossed into the sun but survives and escapes.

Outraces and takes a significant part of Circe’s magic blast that was about to destroy the whole island, saving everybody.


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Tanks Kalibak’s Theta-Club, a nerve-beam forged in the fire pits of Apocalypse.

Tanks an attack from Monarch and then physically manhandles him.

Palms Brainiac’s laser-like particle beam and then punches it away.

Withstands a mind-controlled Kilowog’s assault.

Flies through the ‘cosmic sterilization tool’ which literally eats every living bio organism on planetary scales.

Casually plows through molecular distruptors.

Tanks a massive explosion unharmed.

Takes an exploding missle that could have destroyed Metropolis while in a very weakened state.

Survives bathing in lava,casually.

Contains a grenade in the palms of his hands. Twice.

No-sells Doomsday’s first attack then takes another hit that, by his own admission, he doesn’t know if he’s ever been hit that hard.

Survives being bombarded with the destructive force of a nova by Starbreaker.

He then gets thrown into Almerac’s core, and survives that too.

No-sells Guy’s yellow ring amped punches, catches his strike, then leaves. 

Tanks a blast that knocks him at least 3 miles away.

Heat Vision

(please log in to view the image)

Makes a wide field with his Heat Vision in order to vaporize bullets.

Beats a magical creature that Dr Occult had problems against with his HV. (Year One)

Scrambles Bloodsport’s teleportation by ionizing the air around him with HV.

Heat vision is described as telekinetic agitation of molecules by Salakk.

Ionizes the air around Gunge so that he won’t receive any more energy (life force) from the exterior.

Uses his HV to precisley split in two anti-energy constructions.

At full intensity, heat vision can blow even through his invulnerability.

A very weakened Superman’s heat vision is so intense that, by Mongul’s own admission, it can cripple him.

HV is called a concentrated beam of extreme heat.

Disharms Metallo.

Matches heat vision with Eradicator.

His heat vision affects the intangible Weird due to working at a molecular level.


(please log in to view the image)

Using his super vision, can detect whether or not what he sees is an illusion. (Year one)

His microscopic vision can detect chemical changes. (Year One)

Scans everything within a hundred mile radius with his telescopic and X-ray vision. (Year One)

Uses his Infra Red Vision to track the residual heat energy of Bloodsport.

Uses his microscopic vision to study Chemo’s DNA.

He can track by smell.

Detects Lana’s perfume in the air, deducting that she’s been there within the last 8 hours.

He can see his house from the moon using telescopic vision.

Analyzes Swam Thing’s electromagnetic make-up.

His X-Ray vision is powerful enough to wreck havoc with any magnetic field.

Parasite after absorbing his power: The sounds..the colors… I can see beyond the spectrum!

He can uses his super-hearing to filter sounds and find what he wants.

His senses can detect radiation in a creature’s cells mid-battle.

He uses his super-hearing to detect a frequency that jams communications.

Tracks down Silver Banshee by listening to the frequency she operates on.

He can hear a remote-control’s detonation frequency.

Listens to conversations from the outer atmosphere.

Scans the entire planet with his telescopic vision.


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Once he stops holding back, he destroys a Bizarro clone who was for all intense and purposes his equal.

A Darkseid mind-wiped Superman fights Orion.

Fights Dessaad disguised as Darkseid and beats him.

Fights the Union – the collective psychic energy and knowledge of thousands of races from the Universe, and once he gets serious, knocks it out easily.

Fights Draaga, while weakened and having flashbacks to krypton mid-battle. (I cut off the flashback sequences, suffice to say he’s getting pounded during them)

A Superman drained after weeks of space travel and fights in the arena knocks Mongul out.

Fends off an attack from Lobo and Lar-Gand by slamming their heads.

Defeats Kalibak.

Fights a horde of heroes – including Guy Gardner, Mon-El and others, while holding back a lot and does quite well.

Fights the Weird, who had team-wrecked the JLA (Dr Fate, J’onn, Captain Atom etc.) easily, and even he remarks that Superman is not as easy to beat as his friends. He is obviously physically superior to J’onn and Captain Atom – who got easily disposed.

Beats Etrigan into unconsciousness.


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Eclipso Superman goes up against Captain Marvel. The latter ends up beaten so bad he can’t fight anymore in subsequent issues.

On the other hand, following this fight, Eclipso Superman beats Lobo, breaks Guy’s construct and dismisses him, then beats Lobo again, while its being commented on the fact that Lobo has rarely been beaten like that and that he’s barely breathing.

It’s Superman’s turn to confront an Eclipso possessed hero. And that hero is Lar Gand, a daxamite who has been touted as being more powerful than even Superman during this same arc. Superman beats him while suffocating. 

Superman vs Doomsday. THE big one. A few very important things to note here. Doomsday was consistently handling him throughout the arc, and Superman alongside teams of heroes who at one point even unloaded on him with everything they had failed to hurt him:

Superman has also said that Doomsday’s brute strength is the biggest he’s ever witnessed, saying that the likes of Lobo don’t even begin to compare to him.

Why is this relevant? Because Superman beats him to death when he starts unleashing his power at the end of the fight. The Death of Superman novelization specifically states Superman’s powers surging (a term Loeb directly referenced when Superman trains with Mongul – later on that) and that he uses blows he has never used on any other living being (again, something that Loeb references when Superman directly states that he has only punched somebody as hard as he could at the end of his fight with DoomsdayDoomsday) when they both punch themselves to death. In short, the reserves of power Superman is holding back allow him to go from not even being able to hurt him with the help of other various powerful characters, to beating the same enemy to death within moments. We see something similar to this in Our Worlds at War aswell, with the Imperiex Probes.

A link to the novelization:

And now, the final fight:

It is later revealed that when Doomsday first tried to free himself, he was punching so hard, seismic activity was registered all over the country.

The force of their blows shattered windows from Metropolis to Gotham. Buildings and homes shifted on their foundations.

Their final blows shook the planet to its core.


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Telepathy resistence

(please log in to view the image)

Martian Manhunter says that a kryptonian mind is different from a human one, and if Clark is focused on not being found, he could not find him by his thoughts.

Shruggs off Dr Occult’s magical mental ‘whammy’.

Overcomes a mind/soul attack from Thahn, an immensely powerfull magical creature.

Telepaths attempt to reach the mind of an unsuspecting Superman and after repeated attempts, one dies and the other one is unconscious.

Overpowers Brainiac’s attempted mind-control and forces his own powers back.

Brainiac goes cataonic when he tries to breach Gangbuster’s mind, who is Superman in disguise, while commenting on his mind being too strong.

Resists a reborn, amped Brainiac’s attempted mind-attack again.

Resists Eradicator’s mind-control while remembering other times he’s done so against powerful opponents.

Blocks Dreadnaught’s psionic-power-block attack once he is focused on doing it, eventough in the first encounter he easily succumbed to the power, along with other heroes like Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel and more.

Resists Brainiac’s mental assault again, several upgrades including him being being amped by Warworld.
You might notice a pattern here. laughing out loud

Shruggs off Eclipso’s posession attack just to prove himself that he can though he is weakened afterwards – later mentioning that he has experience with mind-control games and that he has developed a resistence to it.

Fighting skill

(please log in to view the image)

Shows agility and skill as he fights parademons, eventough his mind is muddled.

As he fights a thangarian army alongside Orion, it’s pointed out that while Superman was not born a warrior, fights have honed his skill to a fine edge.

Shows off some agility as Gangbuster.

Talks about his wrestling training from high school and the things he picked up from covering boxing matches and proceeds to show Starman a few tricks in combat.


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(please log in to view the image)

Gets hit with an EM pulse rifle and gets magnetized.

He can’t get dirty due to the aura surrounding his body and protecting his costume.

Can forcefully absorb other beings’ bio-energy/converted solar energy and amp himself.

Superman’s body processes 100% of the food he eats.

Says it would take days of complete darkness for his powers to even begin to fade.

Uses his super-breath to throw Chemo’s chemical components into the upper atmosphere.

Super-hard fingernails.

Mentions his kryptonian cells absorb and burn the energy of the sun, thus not needing to eat.

Absorbs a room full of Joker’s laughing gas.

Uses his super-breath on Swamp Thing.

Superman is the healthiest child krypton has ever known, due to Jor El and Lara’s genetic pattern being deemed the two strongest on Krypton.

“Perfect kryptonian form” – Eradicator.

Uses his super-breath on Maxima.

Uses his super-breath to draw a large creature out of the city.

His super-breath is strong enough to send cars flying.

Kismet shows him a possible future, and it shows that if he embraces his kryptonian heritage, he destroys all the heroes (Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Hal, Flash) and remakes the world in his image.

The bio-converted energy in Superman’s body is enough to power Eradicator, eventough this reserves were nearly extinguished in the battle with Doomsday.

Eradicator himself confirms the nearly extinguished store of solar energy.

“Posesses power, intellect and determination that cannot be measured on any scale. “

Waverider wonder who could have killed all of Earth’s heroes, it not Superman.


(please log in to view the image)

Abin Sur’s ring first chose Superman as a Green Lantern, but not being native of Earth, he wasn’t eventually selected.

His strength of will is in almost infinite amounts.

While he wades through magical attacks, Doctor Occult remarks that his willpower is even bigger than his muscle one.

Adds his willpower to 4 other lanterns including Hal, increasing the output with 20% in order to move a planetoid.

Superman lends his willpower to Hal/Guy to recover stolen GL energy

In a potential future (that at the time was the future, but Superman being exposed to it changed it) he plows through Guy’s attack and outwills him for control of the ring.

Holding back
See the Doomsday example in the fights section

His power is dependent on his brain – which is why when he he robbed of his memories, he is depowered. Once Darkseid tells him he is his son, and his powers – he suddenly regains them. The mother box fully heals him and he is back in full force.

There’s also examples of him consciously pulling his punches, even against powerful opponents, but those are well known. Either way, as an example:
He can’t help but pull his punches even against somebody as powerfull as Gunge.


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Death of Superman - Upgrade

When Eradicator repowers Superman by modifying Cyborg Superman’s energy attack in the climax of the arc, there is a change in Superman’s sunlight absorbtion, his body absorbing solar energy at a much faster rate and resulting with his powers spinning out of control. This problem is eventually solved after a confrontation with Parasite but, the important part is that Superman doesn’t go back to his powerlevel prior to him dying – but to the powerlevel just before his power started spinning out of control:
With that said, let’s move on to feats from this period.


(please log in to view the image)

Superman has spent years wandering the globe and learning the ways, languages and customs of all its people.

Improvizes in order to defeat future Solaris virus taking over the fortress - Ressurection Man 1Mil says that his mind was always his most powerful weapon.

His experience as an energy being helps him find over 19 sophisticated ways he can breach an advanced, alien forcefield.

Builds satelites inside the fortress of solitude to scan the entire earth and see everything at once.

Takes over the world using robots created in the fortress.

The robots in action against the Justice League:

Masters the consciousness-control ancient kryptonian warrior tehnique in minutes, when it supposedly takes the kryptonian warriors years.


(please log in to view the image)

Casually catches and supports a gondola in the air.

Punches Lobo into the planet’s orbit.

Throws a ship the size of a small moon from Earth’s solar system to another– noticing his increased strength.

Casually one-punch destroys an asteroid that could have demolished the Earth.

Once motivated enough, breaks chains that he wasn’t able to while he was powered-up by the sun.

Arm wrestles Captain Marvel to a stalemate, for hours, in order to raise funds.

Lifts a whole city block.

Creates enough pressure to turn coal into diamond.

His punch rocks Dominus. This is the same guy who physically manhandled DC’s Eternity equivalent, Kismet.

Alongside J’onn, Diana, Kara, Captain Marvel Jr. and Kyle physically keeps the oversized moon in orbit.

Takes a big chunk of Luthor’s skyscrapper and casually drags it into space.

Destroys Kyle’s construct in one punch. Tosses Wonder Woman around while being entrapped in her lasso.

Rocks Dominus in a single strike once back from the phantom zone, in which he also sends him.

Hits Doomday hard enough to draw blood (Doomsday Wars version of the character). In this same series he was no selling – literally- attacks from the likes of Wonder Woman, J’onn and Orion, only to trash them all.

Picks a massive ship and throws it into space.

Stalemates Captain Marvel while the latter draws from the power of Heracless and Atlas combined. (Atlas is for staming under normal circumstances) – Marvel loses due to his power being cut off by Freddy/Mary.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon


(please log in to view the image)

Vibrates his arm at an incredible rate and shatters a weakened Cyborg Superman to pieces.

Negates the effects of a temporal modulation field by speeding up geometrically and catching up in real time.

Outraces an explosion from a standing position.

Paints an entire room mid-sentence.

Sees kryptonite radiation blast coming and evades it with superspeed.

Types a thousand combination alarms in a matter of seconds.

Keeps up with a rocket that’s flying through hyperspace to Krypton’s remains at speeds he has never gone before.

Outraces Impulse to a bomb.

Flies so fast he generates a wind that blows a tornado away from its set direction. Then spins so fast he creates a downdraft and shuts off the tornado.

Arranges an entire apartment in moments.

Uses his superspeed to shield a person so fast that nobody sees it, except Matrix Supergirl.

Coordonates in nanosecond time alongside KG Superman.

He goes to another country, gets a bottle of wine, pays, gets back into the house, changes into Clark in time time it takes for Lois to say goodbye.

Catches a bullet after it riochets off of him.

Says he could have counted millions of people with a glance if he still had his powers.

Timing it to the milisecond, he moves faster than a lightning bolt in order to intercept it.

„I can measure the time between nanoseconds, so believe me when I say no sudden moves..”

Moves “faster than thought”.

In the blink of an eye zips through pages of statistics and reports.

Outraces two hundred bullets from twenty assault rifles and saves a crowd of people.

Vibrates so fast he changes the frequency he operates on so that the hallucinogenic pulses don’t touch him.

In three minutes he speed reads 27343 letters.

Attains a speed of 245,921 km/h in a sentence’s time, in a small space.

Circles the globe in moments.

Calculates Flash’s average stride speed and intercepts Walter West. He the starts matching him on-foot. Then they, along with Wonder Woman, scor the globe at speeds only they can reach, invisible.

Reacts and moves within a microsecond.

He moves o fast from Earth to the moon that „even Lightray would have been left behind”.

Melts a bullet mid-air.

Casually outspeeds Impulse.

While he discusses with him, he leaves to help other heroes in locations around the world.

He is live in two separate towns fighting crime and even has time to hear Superboy/Impulse talking and stopping by fast.

“Speedspeaks” with Flash.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon


(please log in to view the image)

Completly no-sells a force twelve desintegration beam from an alien spaceship.

Survives passing through a wormhole.

Survives a force equal to one million nuclear blasts while almost unconscious.

Saves Henshaw’s life by taking an energy surge that would have killed him, by his own admission, if not for Superman.

Once his powers are back, he stands completely unaffected inside the Sun’s core.

Plows through force-beams that hammer solid matter into molecules.

Takes Dominus’s eye blast and is thrown into Earth from outer space.

Takes an out for the kill attack from Kingdom Gog but survives it and stays conscious.

Withstands Dominus trying to uncreate him, though he is knocked unconscious by Lois intervening.

Is point blank in the fortress exploding after being hit by a projectile that contained kryptonite. He soon shrugs it off and goes on to fight Domius, while still under the effects of kryptonite. For comparison, Wonder Woman is still unconscious from the explosion while she wasn’t even at the center of it, issues later.

The explosion is revealed later to have been so powerful it created a kryptonian ‘Ghost world’ as kryptonian quantum physics call it.

Bathes in acid like it’s water.

Survives Cythonna, the kryptonian goddess’ attack.„Instant conversion from energy to matter with a thermodynamic twist. Interesting, but hardly lethal in my case.”

Direct contact with sunlight out of Earth’s atmosphere reverses Superman having his whole DNA changed by the morphic field being affected and turning into a Gorilla.

Takes an extended beating from Doomsday Wars DD, until he is finally unconscious and the baby is taken away from him.

Even more insane is later when he willingly takes an enormous beating from Doomsday , who makes it clear he wants to kill him, along with every weapon in the coluan city focused on him. He stays conscious and outsmarts Doomsday.

Plows through Disciple’s attack, practically a skyfather by this point having received the primordial gods’ power, while all the rest of the Justice League is devolved, and defeats him.

Fights off Darkseid’s Omega Beams, something that not even Orion has been able to do.

Heat Vision

(please log in to view the image)

His HV hurts H/P Doomsday.

Shoots HV from the Earth to the moon.

Uses his HV, along with Barda’s rod-attack, to breach an advanced alien forcefield.

His Heat Vision cancels out the absolut zero temperatures of Captain Cold’s gun.

His HV matches Dominus’ chest-energy blast.

Uses his HV to destroy an immense ship in one shot.

His HV matches Hal’s power ring output.

Closes a wound in reality with his heat vision.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon


(please log in to view the image)

Uses his senses to home in on everything going on to pinpoint a single person.

His X-rays are not like the Earthly ones.

Scans Metropolis from the upper atmosphere.

Brainiac in Superman’s body uses his super smell.

He can tune in his hearing on certain types of sounds, like fire-alarms, sirens and the like.

Hears a discussion from the Ionosphere.

His super-hearing can detect activity on the wavelength the human brain functions, effectivly „hearing mind control”.

His super-hearing can hear alarm bells from all over the world.

His senses allow him to detect delta Brainwaves across the globe.

Tracks by smell.

He’s able to perceive all the available wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, and he’s bombarded with assault on each of them.

He casually scans the ultramarines genetic structures and notices they’re all dying.

Can see Supergirl even when she is invisible.

Can locate the exact location of objects from the ionosphere by hearing alone.

Uses his telescopic vision to see to the bottom of the ocean.


(please log in to view the image)

Vs Warrior (Guy) – who he says hits maybe harder than Doomsday..shortly before he punches him out.

Fights Cyborg Superman connected to the techno-planet, and after shrugging off a few attacks, disconnects Cyborg Superman from the planet and superspeed blitz-punches him into unconsciousness.

Vs Protex

After being weakened by non-exposure to sunlight while in Kandor, when he comes into direct contact with the sun for the first time, Superman is recharged and beats Cyborg Superman in a few blows.

Slightly sun-amped Superman fights the JLA consisting of Orion, MM, Wonder Woman, Kyle, Flash, Steel, as Superman and Orion hit eachother around the globe. He is seen dominating Orion in the actual punch-out panels before the JLA catch up to them. Martian Manhunter says that without the element of surprise they wouldn’t stand a chance against him.WW says that even all of them together can’t restrain him for long.

Beats all of the Superman robots simultaneously (the same ones giving huge problems to the JLA). He also makes note that he is still weakened by the kryptonite the JLA used on him.

Fights Dominus after mastering the Theta state – transforming into Kingdom Come Superman and Superman 1Mil mid-fight - the fight taking place in a psychic realm created by Superman.

Cythonna, the kryptonian godess – Superman says that she has strength beyond anything he has ever encountered, and that her casual backhand easily matched any attack from the Pre-Crisis Kryptonian criminals he was forced to execute. She was also shown fighting and losing to Rao only after many lifetimes of struggle.
Superman flies to the sun and, at the surface of it, just after a few moments of sun-dipping, manages to match her blow for blow.

Fights Hal Jordan who was Parallax at the time, but may have just used the ring’s power. Eventough he is defeated, he has him at a disadvantage at the end, but he held back and it cost him.

Fights S’ivaa alongside Orion, a being capable of destroying the whole existence, and they eventually beat him by Superman using his speed and Orion blasting it into the source wall.

Goes up against Black Adam and then Captain Marvel in quick succession.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon

Fighting skill

(please log in to view the image)

Won a tri-country wrestling championship.

Superman pulls a Captain America impersonation while depowered.

Beats Kobra in Batman’s body, who mentions he is a master practitioner of every martial art known to man, while he is in Kobra’s body. Superman points out how his experience with different foes have helped his battle prowess, and the type of pain he experiences is nothing compared to kryptonite.

Telepathy resistence

(please log in to view the image)

Resists Cythonna’s control through pure willpower.

Resists body possession.

Resists Tolos’ mystical essence trying to posess his body.

Once he realizes the kryptonite isn’t real, easily breaks out of Protex’s mind-control.


(please log in to view the image)

In moments of direct exposure to the sun, he renerates from being being completly powerless/drained by Parasite back to almost full power.

Throws a car-sized piece of robot so precise it destroys Killgrave’s flying aparatus, while he is in the air at cloud-level.

Uses his super-breath to create ultra-high pressure inside of a tornado and blows it out.

Clark knows a technique to control his body to the point where he can stop his pulse/respiration/heart and fool people into thinking he’s dead.

The training in Buthran also helped him focus, find his center and become material after changing into energy.

Brainiac, from the 31st century, says that Superman’s fortress is the greatest computer equipment he’s ever seen.

Superman is alive in 85721.. inside the sun, and he’s the founder of the dynasty of Supermen.

His brain is again shown to be different than a human’s when the frequency set to make all people fall asleep doesn’t affect him at all.

Superman is one of the last beings in the Universe to feel pain.

Uses an intense sub-sonic burst that numbs the likes of MM or Diana.

Puts himself into a meditative state so that Dominus can’t plug thoughts to reshape reality, saying he learned it from Batman.

He can tell a person’s lying by looking at things like perspiration and blinking rate.

Superman is Rao’ direct and last descendent.

In a kryptonian technology stimulated alternate reality, Supermen became the greatest GL. He retains the memory of this experience.

Holding back

Goes up against a guy who appears to be giving him a hard time, but after once he goes into “playtime is over” mode, he knocks him out with one punch.


Cythonna compliments him on his willpower, stronger than any other kryptonian, and also Lex’s who scummbed under her control earlier.

Superman’s will vs Dominus’s power – Superman wins.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon


(please log in to view the image)


This is the point where Superman’s power skyrockets, both in magnitude and applicability. It is revealed that Superman’s mental blocks are immense, and that he has energy reserves not even he knows of. He trains under the guise of Mongul and gets more skilled and powerful to combat a future thread – Imperiex, against which he has to be at the top of his game – which he eventually is, saving the DCU.


(please log in to view the image)

Able to read one of the Metal Men’s eyes flashing in Morse Code.

In one of the best tactical showings ever, he outsmarts both Brainiac 13 and Luthor, defeating them using smarts and kryptonian technology.

Rewrites one of Brainiac’s force-fields to emit a counter-frequency, a white noise, to a wave that messes up the language centers of the brain… on the fly.

Calculates on the fly how much pressure Plastic Man’s auditory nerves can withstand.

He can date things by looking at their cellular structure.
„I am a scientist’s son of the House of El. And I am a reporter. Given time, I can fiind my way into any story.”

„I’ve read Einstein – all of Einstein. Repeatedly.”

He’s figured out the technology of the vanishing and improved it. “There’s only one mind on Earth capable of creating it”.

Which is only natural – because he’s the one he build the pocket universe within the phantom zone, using his father’s technology, including its robotic inhabitants, before erasing it from his mind through meditation.

He instantly calculates longitude, latitude and range to find out Jimmy’s location.

Calculates a villain’s melting point on the fly.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon


(please log in to view the image)
Superman and Kyle hold the moon, and switch places on who to do so, for an extended period of time.

Holds and throws a ridiculously large shaceship, casually, in one hand.

Superman pulls the “endless wheels” of the immense, primordial annihilator, Maggeddon.

Casually carries an ocean liner with one hand.

He has forged diamonds by hand for Lois as presents.

Kryptonite poisoned Superman pounds on the moon and if he would have kept it up for another 15 minutes, he would have knocked it out of orbit.

Casually picks up and throws a masssive creature in the distance.

Splits one of Saturn’s moons in half.

He moves Krypton under a red sun, with the help of engines powered by his heat vision. Jor-El says that the powerlevels he displayed when doing so was on a scale he couldn’t imagine.

Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern move the moon into Earth’s atmosphere and then right back into its place.

Hits Black Racer so hard he cracks the moon.

Easily restrains Ultraman.

Casually carries what is basically a mountain.

Superman, Diana and J’onn hold the waterless Earth from spinning into the sun.

Catches Bizzarro’s punch with one hand.

States he has pushed a planet out of orbit.

Contains a miniature BlackHole in his palm.

For all intents and purposes, he and Wonder Woman hold an infinite amount of weight – Spectre’s consciousness, which contains Eternity, as they are called one of the two mightiest beings in all of creation.

Casually lifts an ocean liner.

Stops Mongul’s punch with one hand.

Casually catches Captain Marvel’s punch mid-air.

Shatters diamond in his palm.

Stop a skyscrapper sized object from crashing.

In a future created by altering the time-stream, kills Uncle Sam w/Green Lantern ring in one punch, once Bruce is hurt.

Creates diamond with his bare hands.

Throws a drop of his own blood hard enough to crack Wonder Woman’s sceptre. Casually stops Diana’s punch and restrains her.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon

Eclipso posessed Superman punches Captain Marvel across the globe, creating sonic booms.

Throws an ocean-liner a huge distance.

Frees Darkseid from the source wall with pure strength.

Destroys John’s shield in one punch – his strength pitted against Johns’s will, knocking John out aswell.

Manhandles Diana to the sun. One-shot punches her unconscious back to Earth. Snaps her wrist.

Throws a punch at Adam that by his own admission would have split the moon in half.

Stops Diana’s sword mid-strike.

Him and E2 Superman punch eachother so hard they shatter the world and time/space, aswell as send eachother into the others’ life. „The struggle between us has shattered the boundaries of space/time.” .. „So it continues..with a blow that shatters the world.”

Captain Atom on Majestic: “This guy is strong – not quite Superman strong, but strong enough”.

By Wonder Woman’s own admission, a bloodlusted Superman would have killed her in two more blows and her bracelets would have been broken – bracelets that have withstood the gods patheon. He dislocates her shoulder and hurts her wrist and forearm. He’s close to snapping both her arms until he is interrupted.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon


(please log in to view the image)

Speedblitzes Mongul.

Speedblitzes the first Imperiex Probe and then its massive ship.

He says he could fly to Japan, scoop Black Pearls from the ocean, wrap them in a present and give them to Lois before she finishes her next sentence.

„Superman can race a speeding photon to its target.”

In mid-discussion flies far enough to see a structure resembling a DNA-shaped chain of planets.

Can see photons collapsing and synapases moving.

Catches machine-gun bullets as the bounce off his chest.

Goes to the moon and back before spectators have time to finish a sentence.

Speedblitzes Maxima.

Even after her Clayface upgrade, Diana is fast, but she is “no speeding bullet”.

Casually vibrates to and matches the hypersonic speed of Mercury.

Breaks the speed of sound at 10 years old.

Goes from Earth to Saturn in 4 minutes thus breaking the speed of light.

Casually keeps up with Wally as they speed on foot across many cities.

Gets teleported to Saturn, circles it in moments and speeds back to Earth.

Vibrates his body at a rate of oscilation that keeps him invisible.

Speedblitzes Coldcast in space at Mach Seven.

Intercepts an energy blast after it’s clearly fired, and he’s at a noticeable distance. It is confirmed that the weapons are beta-ray positron techonology and its blasts travel near-lightspeed.

Goes intangible as Mongul and Mongal’s energy blast goes through him.

Moves in the middle of the daily planet so fast he’s invisible to everybody.

Uses a multitude of abilities as he speedblitz destroys an Imperiex Probe.

Uses his superspeed to literally drill through a probe.

Vibrates intangible through Doomsday’s attacks.

Rome to Metropolis in moments.

Catches a bullet after it has been fired inches away from the victim.

Speedblitz destroys the engines of a ship that was travelling at „extra saturated lightspeed”.

Speedblitzes a japanese warrior.

Fights so fast he sets off sonic booms.

He is capable of moving between one nanosecond and the next.

Can see and count a surface flickering 512 times a second.

Speedblitzes Baal, a primordial, evil god.

Uses his speed to repair a baseball court instantly.

Fights an ancient warrior so fast, they are all across the globe.

Speedblitz and beats down Bizarro and Mongul simultaneously.

Contains a nuclear explosion with speed.

He can read every word ever written on Superman’s death in about 3 minutes.

Using his speed, generates static electricity in enormous amounts, capable of containing a miniature Black Hole.

Outruns the Entropy Aegis’ energy attack, after it’s fired.

Speedblitzes so fast it looks like he’s coming from multiple directions.

Outspeeds the Omega Effect back to Darkseid.

Reaches lightspeed twice inside a blackhole.

Matches the vibrational frequency of a ghost Earth and then reverses that, saving the Omniverse.


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Gender: Male
Location: Avalon

He „leaves behind his earthly perceptions” as „space bends around him” and „at this velocity times slow down”. „This is superspeed”.

Shoots twoard a guy and then catches the bullet.

Speedblitz owns the Apokolips army, rounding them all up in a ball and shoving them down the boomtube, along with Darkseid.

Fights J’onn disguised as WW at superspeed.

A very drained Superman goes halfway around the world in under 4 seconds, catching Lois before she hits the ground.

Goes to another solar system and back to save Kyle in one night. Searches “everywhere” for Lois . Twice.

Speedblitzes Equus.

Diana tries a speedblitz, Superman stops it. He initiates a speedblitz and slaps her away.

Superman goes to take a sundip and Batman says he’ll be back in less than a minute.

Eclipso makes it clear that within Superman’s body he is considerably faster than Captain Marvel. „In the blink of even your eye, I can be in the center of Metropolis”.

Gets from Smallville to the moon in an instant, even having time to change.

Calculates latitude, longitude and range in the time it takes a bullet to reach its target and in that time he also gets cotton in Lois’ hears, before saving Jimmy.

Fights Diana to the sun and back in less than 2 minutes, including their fight on Earth, thus faster than light.

Easily outspeeds Superboy.

Fast enough to get behind Lois and Jimmy as Clark Kent before the image of him flying away as Superman fades from their eyes.

Races across town in the time it takes a bullet to reach Lois and catches it in his hand.

Even after being almost completely drained by Ruin, he gets to the other side of Metropolis in the time it takes a bullet to travel a small distance.

Takes down Ruin’s armor and flies it to the sky at superspeed.

Fast enough to go, along E2 Superman and Prime, to Krypton, lightyears away from Earth.

Barry Allen makes a refference to a race they’ve had – a stalemate, in which he felt Superman held back. This angers him, as he wanted to know who was truly faster and didn’t want Superman to hold back on him. Yes, there was a time before Geoff Johns got his hand on the Barry/Superman race.

Has an extended speedblitz against Bizarro. It’ dubious whether this arc is in continuity.

Races Jay Garrick, the original Flash, and seems to have a slight edge until Jay pulls the speed-steal trick.

Races the Flash, Wally. They’re moving at over 2000 miles/second as a starting speed. “The power of his muscles snaps the laws of physics and gravity in half.” Flash outraces Clark’s HV, but Clark still manages to catch up to him.

Gets in front of Booster Gold’s light attack at superspeed.


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