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Make your Own Symbiote
Started by: Spideys Sister

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Gender: Unspecified
Location: That place in Aus

My symbiote:

Host: Kennedy Linx
Colour(s): Black and red body, white eyes
Powers: Same as Carnage except 50 time stronger

Story: Kennedy Linx was sitting in his prison cell when the prison set on fire. He escaped but without Kennedy knowing the night before a meteor had crashed just outside his prison cell. A symbiote had emerged and followed Kennedy. Kennedy heard a voice in his head "join with me, you will be strong and powerful." Kenedy screamed as a mixture of black and red goo jumped at him.

A policeman shouts "Are you in their Kennedy?" "No, there is no Kennedy, no Symbiote, only the us, Huntsman." eek!

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My Symbiote:

Host:sean littlewood
Colors: Dark Blue Veins(showing) And Dark Red skin.Silver/White Eyes
Powers:Giving Enemies Illusions
so he can take advantage.
making you relive your most agonizing moment
over and over.
Features:Two Joined Eyes. Suprisingly Tall

Sean was a ticking time bomb, he wanted power and people to fear him. A victim to rape at a young age, he tracked down other Symbiotes, waiting for them to reproduce. when one did he didn't have to force it on, his madness and massive hatred lured the alien substance onto him.
"There Is ONLY Illusion"

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The Spider

Gender: Male

Name: Blanket
Host: Michael Jackson
Colors: Black and White

Just kidding.

Here is my real symbiote.
Name: Tarnish
Host: John Jameson
Powers: Strength of Spiderman, Venom, Carnage, and Toxin combines. Super speed, agility.

Also has ability to create weapons from his skin like Carnage, equilibrium, can neutralize Spiderman's spider-sense, can neutralize the parent's natural ability to track it's offspring, but it has to feed off people regularly or it will die.


Sig and Avatar made by Steverules_2 (Thank you!)

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Location: United States

this is alexis! daughter of toxin!

k everyone i have an awesome symbiote 4 ya
oh and if u don't know who deadpool is FIND OUT! NOW! hes very important in the explanation of this symby. man i wish someone who actually worked in marvel comics could read this cause i might really have something here, at least in the basic concept of the character.
in the future(say about 4 years from now) deadpool accidentally goes on an inter-dimensional trip he ends up accidentally bringing a 15 year old girl back with him, eventually she becomes his sidekick, sporting an outfit very similar to deadpools but with the colors reversed so shes black with red markings instead of red with black markings and with a ponytail (deadpools idea after his encounter with lady deadpool). she develops this goal of getting all the superheros, and any supervillan she can's autograph. on an excursion to get spider-mans autograph they just so happen to arive when toxin is about to give birth and venoms trying another attempt to take the newborn as an ally. in the protection of toxin she gets the symbiote and the first thing it feels is the strong protective instinct she was felling at the time. venoms defeated by deadpool and, uugh the storylines too long look bottom line she has deadpools markings with the colors reversed, a weird ponytail like thing that sprouts from the back of her skull where deadpool has the little fold of cloth, and the most expressionate face of all the symbiotes. she is the first symbiote pair to readily use weapons, using as much of deadpools arsenal as she can and using the symbiotes dimensional aperture to its maximum extent for holding weapons, most often times explosives and her dual pistols. what she cant store in her dimensional aperture she stores the old fashioned way on belts and the straps of her teleportation device, when alexis is removed from her host all items stored in the dimensional aperture are replaced on the belt/sash. she has all of her ancestors abilitys ( webs, sticking to walls,toxins bloodhound-like sense of smell,immunity to spidermans spider sense, and all that jazz) and has made a few of her own. she can expertly control tendrils that the symbiote makes, for instance her most regular uses of them is making 2 thick tendrils from her wrists and having them grab her katanas to be used in a very god of war type fashion and uesing them insted of webbing when shes carrying or throwing something particularly heavy. alexis also has the abillity to quickly gain some of the powers or skills of those she attatches to, for instance after a short period attatched to bullseye alexis and her host became better marksmen and attaching herself to deadpool and then (after a bit of begging from her host and alexis) haveing deadpool severly injure himself in a mulitude of ways(lighting himself on fire, sliced up by katanas,beat with clubs, injuected with poison, electrocution, dislocateing bones, and pretty much every kind of injury they could think of at the time) with alexis closely observeing how he healed helped make her the fastest healer of all the symbiotes. together they are an adept field medic, being able to do everything from close and bandage wounds with special disinfectant webbing to reaching inside the injured person to set bones, control internal bleeding, keep heart pumping, remove tumors or bullets, ect. by far her coolest ability however is is the ability to enter a berserker rage which after a short time attached to wolverine became what could best be described as "a living mini-tornado filled with every sharp object she could get her hands, i mean tentacles on". because of the first thing alexis ever felt being a protective instinct and her host encouraging her to do so she is very protective of those shes close to, and anyone who threatens them is in big, BIG trouble hence her name alexis which means protector (although often times shes more of an avenger since she avenges the deaths or injurys of those under her protection, though she does try to protect them when the opportunity arises).for instance i made this scenario where she and deadpool were hired to assassinate a member of the mob and she bring finds an orphan and puts it under her protection. the head of the mob kills the orphan in front of her and she unleashes the fury, long tendrils form on everywhere but her thighs, hands, face, and chest and these tendrils will grab any sharp object they can get as well at the items already in her possession (and if she cant get enough sharp objects she'll create her own from her hosts bones) and then flail about dangerously. she'll essentially puddingise anyone that gets in her way, for instance the mob boss i mentioned earlier, the biggest piece left of him was a bone shard the size of your thumb. deadpool also had the misfortune of standing a little too close so the part of him that was facing alexis was stripped of flesh and most of the bones that were exposed had deep cuts in them, so half skeleton half bloodstained deadpool was essentially what happened to him. she cant kill or severely hurt anyone under her protection with the exception of deadpool but she will drop the protection of a person if she felt she truly had to and is not above fighting those under her protection if she knows they can take it.
she also has the ability to partially merge with others though still connected to a host to do things like have private conversations or if their large enough, like say the juggernaut she can fully merge to him while still being merged with her host. alexis will also completely detach with her host to scout out places. she will often detach from her host when their not on a mission, insted attaching herself to a guide dog deadpool owns. she has learned to better control the limited telepathic ability's all symbiotes have with the help of proffesor xaviier of the x-men and this gives her more control of other symbiotes. for instance if she goes into a berserker rage and there is a simbiote, or symbiotes nearby (even anti-venom) they too will go into a berserker rage and attempt to kill whoever threatened or killed someone under her protection, if shes really happy then the other symbiotes will be a bit happier the closer they get to her. also people who have symbiote residue from being merged (for instance spiderman) will feel the effects but not nearly as strongly. she takes pills with the chemical symbiotes crave in brains so you'll never hear her say i want to eat your brain unless shes trying to freak you out, and once a month she teleports to a chicken farm, or dairy, or whatever farm and eats a couple animals or if their to large to eat like a cow alexis will attach herself to the cow and suck it dry , though shes perfectly happy with taking chunks out of her enemy's in battle, but she'll never eat any deadpool since he tastes nasty. she is the most mentally sound of all the symbiotes an is highly resistant to sonic's, though shes still a bit iffy with extreme heat.

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Name:Conflict. Host:Artyom Kepelov. AbilitiessadSame as Venom, and Hybrid). Bio:More to come, Kindeve A new char so I'm still thinking

Old Post Sep 13th, 2011 04:09 AM
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This is my symbiote
Host:Tony Sloan
Colors:Red and White
Origon:Tony Sloan son of Walker Sloan was working on converting energy from the forth diemension(Edge of Time)like his father.While opening the portal a symbiote comes through and bonds with Tony.After the incident a guard walked in and said ''Tony you okay'' ''There is no Tony only Jackass'' then the guard goes''What the **** What the **** what the ****'' .
Other host:Miguel O,Hara

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Name: We Are Many

Host: Many different people

Colors: Black and green

Powers: Can absorb thousands of people at once including villians and super powers and gains there powers if someone with powers are absorbed

Origin: Son of Toxin and has an endless hunger for power

Old Post Jun 23rd, 2012 08:00 PM
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