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Create Your Own Superhero..
Started by: IAmGreatness

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Junior Member

Location: United States

Real Name: Jarred

Superhero Name: None

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: human (mutant)

Origin of powers: at age thirteen, came into contact with an energized crystalline fragment broken off from an asteroid originating from the destruction of the planet "Aor".

Powers: Powers vary- because of the origination of the crystalline fragment, Jarred's DNA shifted to join with segments of DNA trapped within the crystal. Thus giving him two forms

"Demonic" form- Jarred turns a dark blue color, sprouts dragon-like wings, is reduced to having four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot, one on the back area of the foot. Jarred also forms a thin tail and his irises turn a yellow tinge, along with his hair turning black. At will, he can protrude crystalline claws from his fists which are for the most part stronger than all Earth-like alloys (although composed of crystal, they appear to be metallic). In this form, Jared is extremely quick, agile, and strong- and can even manipulate some of the energy around him to a lesser extent, hurling blue-looking, blasts of manipulated energy.

Human form: Jared appears to be normal with no physical mutations. In this form, he can manipulate energy to a much greater extent- but is much weaker physically.
Basic Human Form Powers:
-ability to convert himself into a trail of a blue smoke-like substance, traveling at extremely fast speeds, and moving swiftly through tiny spaces.
-Ability to blast enemies with energy
-ability to open small wormholes and teleport at will, which takes much concentration on his part.
-various other energy related attacks

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Location: United Kingdom


i wouldn't really be a hero. i'd be one of those who only wants personal gain but accidentally saves the world. i would be a vampire (not one of the gay twilight ones) called seducer who walks in the daylight and is irresistable to girls.

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Location: Norfolk, VA

Hero Name: Brent Boyd

Powers: Uncanny ability to do powerful magic including: hypnotism, weather and nature manipulation, hex bolts (devastating bolts of magenta electricity capable of completely destroying objects and fatally injuring humans), reality shifting, great materialization.
He has self-proppeled flight. Eyes glow while using his powers.

Weaknesses: During his childhood he dealt with an extremely low self exteem and doubted himself often. It has cleared up well but it still affects him while using his powers.
No objects can bind him for long. He has a powerful field around his body that protects him from harm. But if you can get him to not focus on defending himself, a small amount of pain could render him unconscious.

Costume: violet collared shirt, black sweater, black pants, black shoes.

Appearance: Medium brown skin. Brown wavy hair. Violet Eyes.


Real Name: Brenton Boyd

Biography: Life Growing up in the city of Norfolk was hard for Brenton. He dealt with constant bullyingfrom certain individuals at his public school. His parents weren't rich but they weren't poor either. At an early age they noticed great talent in Brenton for writing and acting. So they gathered up money and soon, Brenton left for New York to attend a school for the arts and get away from the namecalling at his school. At his new school he made many friends and was very popular from day one. But with fresh fruit comes one bad seed. One day while he was by the school pool writing a poem when suddenly he heard, "Fagget!" A sudden burst of power exploded from deep inside Brent. And instantaniously, all the lights shattered and the thuggish boys completely desintegrated in a detonation of magenta electricity. That whole night he sat in the corner of the pool room crying, scared, and confused. Two women known as Zatanna Zatara and Ororo Munroe appeared with a man named Stephen Strange. They taught him together in the mystic arts and came to the conclusion that Brenton would be the most powerful magic wielder ever to walk upon the earth.

Common Enemies: Vain
Powers: Control of fire and is able to influence thoughts making others feel oppressed

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Static Stance

Gender: Male
Location: Your mom...

Villain Name-Amun Sul
Alias-Anubis, Amun Ra, Horace, Apophis, Imhotep.

Real Name- Unknown

Age-6000 yrs

Appearance-5'8-145lbs-Dark Skin-Black Hair long-Yellow/Gold eyes-Athletic body

Race-Unknown-Thought to be from the underworld

Abilities- Able to control all senses through hypnosis.

Known weaknesses-Anyone who has the telepathic/telekinetic rating of P-12 or higher, though few exist.

Amun Sul first awoke in the Egyptian desert 6000years ago, and was taken in by the desert people. After discovering that he could control others, he left for the Kingdom of early Egypt, and placed himself near the Kings court. He eventually ruled in Egypt for 300 years, before being deposed. Last known appearance was in Germany in 1936.


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