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Marvel vs Capcom 3
Started by: Phanteros

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Location: United States

All I will say is that I was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY THAT THEY BROUGHT ZERO INTO IT. He's my most favorite character in the video game world alongside Goku, who is my most favorite character in the anime world!

Old Post Nov 21st, 2012 01:34 PM
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Saraya-Jade Maniac

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I know this topic is old, and not sure if I commented(too many pages here)but I will say if I have not already said, I agree that at least ONE member of the Fantastic Four should have made it. Anyone of the Fab Four in my opinion could have been used. It puzzled me why would they have other character's in FF in MvC 3 then the main founders?

There's Galactus, Super Skrull, and Dr. Doom...though Doom is another story since he has basically taken on most of the Marvel heroes. It would have been interesting to see Mr Fantastic or Human Torch in the game.

Not really sure about Capcom's side, but here is what I think would be interesting on Marvel's side in my opinion.

The Silver Surfer




The Punisher

Mr Sinister


In my opinion ofcourse big grin

Think AGAIN!

Old Post Dec 1st, 2012 06:23 PM
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Just got the ultimate edition, and played online a little. Against one player, my supers kept getting stuffed.. By Hulks. Usually, I'd get the startup animation, then Hulk would start his, and I'd be the one getting the short end.

Is that a normal way to counter supers, with another super, or is this a property specific to Hulks?

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Old Post Dec 5th, 2012 03:37 AM
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Zack Fair

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The later. Hulk's super where he jumps at you has a shitload of invulnerability frames. Also a lot of shit can stuff supers. Even jabs.


Many thanks to Rao Kal-EL Da Man

Old Post Dec 5th, 2012 04:00 AM
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As much as I despise how this game play likes, the crappy X-Factor and all that goes with it. I do however love, Love the hype that the players surround this game with.

All of the trash talking, all of the bashing, all of the salty rants that gets thrown around in this game really makes it enjoyable to watch.

Chris G has my utmost respect right now, considering he's dominating a heavily rushdown oriented game w/ a strong zoning and positioning team for MorriDoom. Now before anyone starts to cry/complain that Morrigan/Doom is cheap and lame.

I ask one thing? Do you know what zoning and positioning is? If you answer No, then I can only say "Improve your gameplay and your knowledge". For I'm not going to rewrite articles again of why the strategy Chris G deploys is just that amazing.

He's also non-typical from the other Morrigan users in that he just doesn't use Astral Vision as simply just a means sitting back and throwing projectiles, because if you watch his gameplay you'll notice how he'll use the diagonal projectiles as a buffer to get in with rushdown tactics, which is similar to how Gouki uses his projectile as a buffer to get in as well.

It's really amazing to watch, when you really know what concepts behind it. Again, it's not as brain dead as some people like to claim because if that was the case, then their should be More Morrigan players dominating.

However Chris G is the only Morrigan player doing so. Outside of that, I love Justin Wongs team of Wolverine/Storm/Gouki, because of the potential 1 character kill with just two bars with duo-supers of Wolvie+Storm.

Yipes also has my vote, and so does PR Balrog. Those 4 really come to mind, and I feel that when Evolution 2k13 finally comes around that it's going to be one of these 4 that'll take 1st place imo.

However knowing how random UMvC3 can get, almost anything can and will happen.

Old Post Feb 19th, 2013 10:33 PM
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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Lek Kuen
X-23 has claws on her feet and wrists, making her much more kick based and acrobatic in combat then Wolverine. Deathstrike has longer version of saberttoths basically. Her and wolverine are characteres that fight alot more similar to each other then X does.

Deathstrike doesn't have to play like Sabretooth. There's many ways to make a moveset for someone with claws.


Old Post Oct 15th, 2013 02:59 PM
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Love this game! I play with ryu, morrigan, and Dante, but I'm testing out ryu, chun li, and Spiderman too.

With ryu zoning against characters like doom becomes higher with a power bar, you can focus on setting doom up with a shinku hadoken without needing an assist. Ryu fights well against anyone up close, he has great speed, quick recovery with light hurricane kick (which goes through normals) that it gives you time to block, and all his combos are damaging. You can kind of confuse your opponent with an air light hurricane kick when they block, because ryu can continue to attack instead of bringing it back neutral, so feel free to throw them if you can.

Morrigan have a good zoning game too with her flight ability, but you have to know how to use it. In the air throw a fireball down at the opponent then fly, shoot one or two more then unfly. They'll probably jump in after the first or second fireball. With astral vision this move becomes more effective, but make sure to fight up close with, her pressure game is better.Morrigan have quick normals, but if you don't know how to use her dash, it could put you in trouble. The best way to get around the air dash while she's flying, is to attack early and she'll stop flying and land, this is good because now you've become closer to the opponent without having to attack in fear that they'll attack you.

With Dante I If you want to air combo off of hard attack away from the corner, then don't use medium attack during your combo strings, you're better off using light attack, hard attack, then launcher. I use this combo a lot and with Air trick, you can do crouch and light attack to heavy attack then launcher. I like to use Dante's Million dollar after I air combo and hit them down with Killer bee, which makes them bounce off of the ground for a juggle. Try using devil trigger with the combo. Air trick after scat shot, it works, but you have to be quick to attack once he reappears, so attack with light attack until he lands then attack when he's grounded. Hopefully your opponent won't have good reflexes. Doing a simple crouching light attack normally puts your opponents guard down so you can do Reverb shock or revolver. There's a lot of ways to get you with Dante but ill end it here. Stinger is pretty useful to have around too!

Chun li has her quick and useful stand heavy attack and you can pressure them with crouching attack to medium into lightning leg. Use spinning bird kick with her crouching light attack to medium attack and she'll recover off of the light attack version. Chun li is fast, and with her light attack kikoken you can setup to come in close where her strength is. Air dash plus heavy attack can lead to you setting up plenty of combos if connected.

And finally Spider-Man Web glide is very useful on the ground. You can swing to them and if you hit them, go right into comboing them. Web glide is good for escaping too. A good combo with him is a jump in with the special button, then don't add heavy attack to your light attack to medium attack then launcher because Spiderman hits them to far back and you won't be able to air combo them. Take them in the air with that attack and end it with a web ball light attack to maxium spider. Doing a light attack web swing can lead you to still being able to attack in the air if he misses. Sometimes I miss the web swing on purpose to get in closer, they'll get hit by the web swing if they try to attack. And lastly standing heavy attack has good range and is good mixups, don't make obvious that you're trying to combo them off of light attacks.

I know this thread is old, but I had to give my opinion on why I love this game. I've been playing the versus series for years and this is one of my favorites!


Made by DW

Old Post Jul 2nd, 2021 07:24 PM
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