Girl 6

Starring: Richard Belzer, Halle Berry, Gretchen Mol, John Cameron Mitchell, Ron Silver, Peter Berg, Joie Lee, Spike Lee, Michael Imperioli, Jenifer Lewis

Director: Spike Lee
Release Date: March 22nd, 1996
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Fox

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Synopsis: Girl 6 is a young actress trying to make it in New York. When money and work are scarce, she becomes a phone sex operator to make ends meet, and embarks on a fantastic, roller-coaster journey of self-discovery. Originally seduced by the cash and free time the job provides, Girl 6 rapidly discovers the allure of living with one foot in the world of fantasy. Suddenly allowed to create a wide range of alter-egos as a phone sex operator, she applies the experiences to her acting; and a whole new world of characters, emotions and scenes opens itself up to Girl 6, the aspiring film star. Fantasy can be addictive. As Girl 6 walks the sometimes wild line between fantasy and reality, she is kept in check by Lil, her maternal boss, and her co-worker Girl 39, although neither truly understands her fascination with her new world. Only Girl 6's lovable next door neighbor Jimmy, a fellow dreamer, can identify with her drive to learn more, experience more, and do more to pursue her dream of being an actress.

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