Ian McKellan Talks 'The Hobbit'

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Ian McKellan told reporters that he was to dine with The Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro on Thursday to discuss reprising his Lord of the Rings role of Gandalf the wizard in the prequel, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's book.

"I'm having supper with Guillermo del Toro this evening," McKellan said in a group interview on Jan. 8 in Universal City, Calif. "You're asking me about 12 hours too early."

Preproduction on The Hobbit is underway. "I've been promised I am [going to be involved]," McKellan said while promoting his upcoming AMC miniseries The Prisoner. "And as Guillermo del Toro's directing it, I should be so lucky. And in New Zealand, a place I love, so it's almost an ideal job for me."

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No one else could be Gandalf. Hoepfully all recurring characters are cast with the same actors. Except for Bilbo of course. They'd need someone much younger to play him.
Why the hell is Liv Tyler in this film
Jack London
I Love!, The Lord of The Rings, I think im a fan.We have all the Movies Sinseriosly!, Patrick Boyer not! Jack London.Also all the Books too!
With Guillermo Del Toro on the helm things are gonna go Kaboom! I loved his Pan's Labyrinth! I am just yearning to see how the dragon will look like in the movie.
Lord Fan
I cant wait,to see this movie and im so glad its coming out next year.I wonder who will play Bilbos part,maybe Elijah Wood,but he already had his part in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy,hmm maybe they will choose somebody else for the part?
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