Les Miserables Reviews

Les Miserables Review
by Tim Skirvin
Hollywood actors are not necessarily good stage actors, nor vice versa. This simple observation is the heart of the problems with the flawed film adaptation of _Les Miserables_, itself a Broadway adaptation of Victor Hugo's 19th century novel. No...more

Les Miserables Review
by Stephen Bourne
Hugh Jackman stars as embittered parole-breaking 19th century French ex-convict Jean Valjean turned benevolent factory owner and wealthy town mayor Monsieur Madeleine, adopting and raising a child from the slums of Paris while evading re-imprisonment...more

Les Miserables Review
by Mark R. Leeper
CAPSULE: Tom Hooper takes the now classic stage musical and makes of it a film even more spectacular, sweeping, and poignant. It covers nearly the entire emotional spectrum possible. LES MISERABLES is a moving film experience...more