The Matrix Revolutions Review

by Joe Lopez (Joemovie AT aol DOT com)
January 21st, 2004

The Matrix Revolutions

** (out of 4)

Review by Joseph Lopez

In the long tradition of "Alien 3," "Rocky V," and any Star Wars sequel/prequel not named "The Empire Strikes Back," comes The Matrix Revolutions, a disappointing chapter to a franchise that started with a classic. In 1999, "The Matrix" hit theaters and did what few films can. It changed the way movies would be made forever. "The Matrix" created new standards in special effects, ushering Hollywood into the next millennium. Fast forward five years to 2003, as audiences are treated to two sequels in a six month period, one pretty good and the other an utter letdown.

Since you've likely seen the first two Matrix movies (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this), I can summarize the plot pretty quickly. Remember when "Reloaded" suddenly ended with a simple promise that it would be concluded? Well this is the conclusion. Everything you would expect to happen does. Unless of course you were expecting to leave the theater satisfied. "Revolutions" is the weakest of the three films, mainly because it focuses on Zion instead of the Matrix. The best parts of the first two films took place within the anything can happen world of the Matrix. Most of "Revolutions" is spent showing the war between Zion and the machines. These scenes fail to deliver in every way. First, they focus on characters we hardly know, and thus aren't emotionally invested in. Second, the violence is far more realistic then in the first two films, leaving us cringing instead of thinking "whoa, cool."

The major problem with "Revolutions" is it feels like one big ending. I know that sounds like a strange complaint since it is the final chapter of the series, but it's fair if you look at the movie by itself. The great thing about "The Matrix" is it stood out on it's own. There was a beginning, middle, and end to that film. Even "Reloaded" unfolded it's own full story, though the ending was questionable. "Revolutions" doesn't have a beginning or middle. It's just an end.

Don't get me wrong, there is some good in this movie. Specifically, the battles between Neo and Agent Smith. But even those scenes fail in comparison to past fights between the two. Overall, "Revolutions" simply doesn't deliver. The disappointing thing is how far the francise has fallen. The first film perfectly mixed an amazing plot with astonishing special effects. The second movie, while the plot plodded along, gave us unforgettable action sequences that went even further then the original. But with this, the third film, the plot has reduced to mere strings of connection, and the special effects hardly compare to any movie, let alone the Matrix films. With "Revolutions," the trilogy ends not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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