Clerks II

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Starring: Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Jake Richardson, Kevin Smith, Rachel Larratt, Ethan Suplee, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Shannon Larratt, Sarah Ault, Ben Affleck, Trevor Fehrman, Lalida Sujjavasin, Bruce Macintosh

Director: Kevin Smith
Release Date: July 21st, 2006
Studio: Miramax
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Box Office Total: $24,138,847
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Synopsis: A calamity at Dante and Randall's shops sends them looking for new horizons - but they ultimately settle at Mooby's, a fictional Disney-McDonald's-style fast-food empire.

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Kevin Smith To Make 'Clerks' Sequel

Monday, August 30th, 2004

With the original stars...