Religulous Reviews

Religulous Review
by Jerry Saravia
Bill Maher is a radical leftist comedian who has taken his radical political views quite far on his vastly entertaining show, "Real Time with Bill Maher." Religion is a hot-button issue for him, mainly because he thinks it is silly for people to believe...more

Religulous Review
by Zoe Blade
After watching a few clips of Real Time with Bill Maher, I was looking forward to Religulous, hoping it would provide an insightful, thought provoking look at religion from a more rational perspective. more

Religulous Review
by Mark R. Leeper
CAPSULE: Humorist Bill Maher's look at the irrationality that is the basis of most religions may not have a lot that people will find new and surprising, but at least Mr. Maher's arguments against religious irrationality seem to...more