Running Free

Starring: Lukas Haas, Arie Verveen, Chase Moore, Lukas Haas, Maria Geelbooi, Jan Decleir, Macho, Noodle, Fat Albert, Kateefa

Release Date: June 2nd, 2000
MPAA Rating: G
Studio: Columbia TriStar Films

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Synopsis: Turn of the century tale which follows a young colt, born to be used as a workhorse in African mining sites, who triumphs over the calamities of war, harsh desert climates, and abandonment and grows into a heroic stallion. Brought by streamer to be a workhorse, Lucky is adopted by an orphaned stable boy in a mining town but is abandoned as war encroaches. Rescued by a young Bushman girl, he learns how to survive in the harsh untamed wilderness before returning to the mining town and to Beauty, the foal he loves.

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