Seed of Chucky Reviews

Seed of Chucky Review
by Jerry Saravia
I argued briefly with a friend of mine that the "Lethal Weapon" films got progressively worse after number 2 and became comedies. My friend felt that the third entry was the best because of the humor. So it goes with sequels. The original...more

Seed of Chucky Review
by Susan Granger (Rating: 1/10)
Susan Granger's review of "Seed of Chucky" (Rogue Pictures/Focus Features) Remember the two-foot-tall, serial-killing doll? Chucky first waddled onto the big screen in "Child's Play" (1998) in which a toy doll's spirit was overtaken by the evil,...more

Seed of Chucky Review
by Johnny Betts (Rating: 2/5)
The lifeless doll bodies of Chucky and his bride Tiffany are being used in a movie based on what is thought to be the "urban legend" of the two dolls' killing spree. It turns out they have a son (who looks eerily similar to Clay Aiken) who is desperately...more