Sam Raimi Talks 'Spider-Man 4'

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Filmmaker Sam Raimi told reporters that he's met with Spider-Man producers about a new direction for the series, leaving open the possibility he'll helm a fourth installment.

Although Raimi is not contracted to direct Spider-Man 4, he has been meeting with producers Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin and Sony studio head Amy Pascale about finding a new direction for the series. "Right now, Sony is meeting with different writers to try and bring a fresh, new story and approach to the Spider-Man franchise," Raimi said at a press conference on Oct. 17 to promote the upcoming horror film 30 Days of Night, which he produced under his Ghost House Pictures banner. "Different writers have been coming in and spinning different tales of where Spider-Man could go from here."

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Greg P.
If they were smart they would bring the character "Carnage" into the mix. Would defintely be a darker Spiderman with that character, and imo...better than the crap they put out for the 3rd movie
kRaZy J
As long as the writers stick to the comic books, and don'y make up new shit that was never in a comic book, video game or cartoon, then bring on as much of the movies as you can.
gotta agree with greg carnage would definitley be a good installment for the next one to rebound for their crappy interpretation of venom
Yeah. Carnage is the smartest way to go from there, after you've introduced Venom and stuff, and maybe throw in Toxin. What concerns me though is that the symbiote was fried up in the 3rd movie, it better not be gone for good.
If there is going to be a new Spider Man movie, I think they should focus on bringing Spidey's deadliest nemesis - Venom - back from the dead. Staying true to the comics is a good starting point. Maybe the producers could introduce other Spider Man allies such as the Black Cat or even they powerful mystic Madam Web into the mix.
Brad huckstep
i like all spider-man movies alot and i would like to meet spider-man
some day my name is brad huckstep and i would like to see the spider-man four in newspapers gallery whole page please
Brad husktep
you would do for me to take pictures for me spider-man and vaillins please because it's my favorite
Harold Mabin
you definitly need to bring carnage into the mix because you cant forgget that dr. conners still has a piece of the symbiote that peter gave to him and you guys really have to make up for that piece of shit rip off of venom i mean he is my favorite character and you guys just ruined his looked in the 3rd film
My name is not
First of all Vimmy.Ott, have you ever considered the little piece of symbiote that Dr. Conners was studying, it never was desroyed. And also, not many people know who Toxin is. Hey I know alot of people who like spiderman at least a little and they don't even know who Carnage is.

Carnage is literally stronger than Spiderman and Venom combined
sup people you're right they should bring carnage
also lizard cause they've had conners for quite some time now.
i agree that carnage should be in the 4th movie but it has to be more deadlier more psychotic and more sadistic than ever and they better make venom look like the original venom because the venom in th 3rd movie looks thin and not so mean
and i dont know if jim carrey will fit to play carnage in the movie and topher grace honestly doesnt fit to play venom
It would b great if they threw in Peters teacher, tha lizard guy along with carnage.
Sam is a Moron cause he wants it his way but he should know it's what the fans want not him he needs to have carnage cause he may not like him but he needs to know that's what the fans want
Spidey 1 fan
I agree carnage is what the fans want and raimi needs to listen to the fans not him
why does every one think that spiderman3 is shit
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I considered wiinrtg the whole thing for you, but wilkipedia had it organized perfectly, so I copied the info that was relevant to your question below. I hope it helps you understand a bit more about Venom from the comic books anyway. __________________________________________________
While embroiled in a minor storyline fighting the Secret Wars on an alien planet, Spider-Man had to give up his web shooters to help the heroes escape being crushed by a mountain (dropped on them by the Molecule Man). Needing to find equipment to replace his web shooters, Spider-Man was informed by other heroes of a machine in a nearby lab that could repair his suit. Spidey went searching, but unwittingly activated the wrong machine, freeing from imprisonment a sentient alien symbiote. As Spider-Man touched the black blob, it flowed over his body, forming a new costume which he soon discovered responded to his thoughts, was able to mimic street clothes and seemed to provide an inexhaustible supply of webbing. Once back on Earth, Spider-Man learned the true nature of the costume, and discovered that the symbiote desired to fuse permanently with him, enveloping him at night as he slept, using his unconscious body to go out and fight crime. With the aid of Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man removed the costume by using sonic waves, to which it was vulnerable, but it broke free from the Fantastic Four's custody, and attempted to bond itself to Spider-Man in a church tower. The clanging of the church bells, coupled with Spidey's forced rejection of the symbiote, weakened the alien, and it slithered away, seemingly to die.Meanwhile, reporter Eddie Brock had been penning a number of articles in The Daily Globe on the recent Sin-Eater case, a storyline that ran in Amazing Spider-Man’s sister title, The Spectacular Spider-Man. Following a false lead, he proceeded to write a series of columns identifying Emil Gregg as the perpetrator of the crimes. When Spider-Man caught the real criminal, policeman Stan Carter, Emil Gregg was discovered to be a compulsive confessor. The Globe became a laughing stock, Brock was fired, shunned by his peers, and forced to write scathing celebrity expose9s and alien abduction drivel for the scandal rags. Brock took up weight lifting in the hopes of reducing his stress, but was unsuccessful in alleviating his obsessive hatred of Spider-Man. Planning to kill himself, Eddie went to a church to apologize to God for not being strong enough to handle life. There, Eddie was discovered by the alien costume, which bonded to him. Because of the symbiote's previous connection with Peter Parker, Brock was now aware of Spider-Man's secret identity. This increased Brock's hatred for both Parker and Spider-Man, leading Venom to become one of Spider-Man's most dangerous rogues. __________________________________________________
_Just to add a couple of things about Venom: Venom knows that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. The alien symbiote told Eddie Brock. Venom does NOT trigger Spider-Man's spidey sense. Because of this, Venom is one of the few villians that can attempt an ambush on Spidey, and succeed.
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