Julia Ormond To Play 'Superman' Mother

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Julia Ormond is the choice to play Supermanís Kryptonian mother in Warnersí Man of Steel, the new Superman movie being directed by Zack Snyder.

With Ormond boarding to play Lara, the lineup of Supermanís parents, both alien and human, will be complete. Russell Crowe is playing Supermanís Kryptonian father Jor-el, with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane set to play Jonathan and Martha Kent.

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zykpau A big thank you for your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Great.
I agree with the General. The worst part of Superman Returns was the story. Another story with Lex Luthor trying to arqciue real estate??? There wasn't enough action. The connection with Superman I & II wasn't solid. Although I thought Brandon Routh was perfect as Clark/Supes, Lois Lane was miscast. Kevin Spacey was worse than Gene Hackman as Luthor. I don't know who was the bigger ham. Since when is Lex Luthor a comedic villain?Introducing a alien hybrid child was absolutely the wrong thing to do. The Wachowski Brothers did an excellent job with the first Matrix. Maybe that was a fluke because the two Matrix sequels were convoluted and lame. I skipped the third one until DVD and it was almost unwatchable. I couldn't even watch Speed Racer all the way through on DVD.For Superman to be as 'realistic' and powerful as the new Batman films, they would have to definitely do something about the costume. How could anybody be taken seriously wearing red speedos over a blue unitard, red boots and a red cape? But if the costume were to be changed, people would cry blasphemy and reject it. Even though Superman is an alien, he's NOT a boy scout. He can't be THAT good. He was raised on Earth and he's seen how it is and how people are. What makes him so above it all? He would need to grow some cajones. They did have cajones on Krypton, didn't they?
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