Catherine Hardwicke Directs 'Twilight'

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Summit Entertainment has set Catherine Hardwicke to direct "Twilight," an adaptation of the novel that hatched Stephenie Meyer's bestselling young adult fantasy series.

Melissa Rosenberg ("Step Up") will write the script. Maverick Films' Mark Morgan will produce with Greg Mooradian.

"Twilight" tells the story of 17-year-old Bella, who moves to a small town to live with her father, and is drawn to a pale mysterious classmate who comes from a family of vampires.

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Lin Marie
This should never have even been considered to be made into a movie. It will not work out unless they can get the right director.
I agree with that. Right now, I'm worried about what actors they'll take on, and exactly what scenes they're going to cut out of the movie. I mean, face it: they're not going to fit the whole novel satisfactorily into one movie. One scene They'd BETTER not cut out is the meadow scene. Of course, unless they want to get bombarded by Twilight fans.
What scenes will they take otu??? They aren't going to get the right actors and actresses to fit everyones taste on how they saw Edward Bella etc. this movie shouldn't come out because if its not to all the twilight fans standards theres going to be a lot of disappointment!
If Edward doesn't look right, I'll sue the company. (PLease let him look good)
i agree if its not directed by the right person, and if the actors that play them in the movie arent portrayed by the right actors as how we see them in the book, its going to be really bad for the director
i think its an awesome idea to make the movie. Yea, everything may not be the way the twilight fans imagine it but its still something that would be worth watching!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
Aubrey {{I'm a
I think this movie will be amazing!! But if they go too far off the book it is going to turn out like 'Blood and Chocolate' and that is going to be a major disappointment to many fans. I am a very big fan of the series and am presently awaiting the next book. I am also awwaiting the movie.
I am absolutely falling in love with this series. I think this is the best series since harry potter. this book has passion and suspense. And Edward and Bella are the best couple ever written about. in the book they talk about the books she reads, all about romeo and juliet, and Elizabeth bennett and Mr Darcy. this ranks with those books that will be talked about for years
I agree with Tina Twilight is the best series since Harry Potter and a little bit hotter. No offense but i would take Edward over Harry any day. No offense Daniel, he's cuter
Superb information here, ol'e chap; keep bnuring the midnight oil.

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